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I'm late, but fashionably so. My herbs are tucked primed and ready in my halter, whilst my face is set into a mask of steely determination that I don't usually possess. Up yours, sinister Gods, I've got herbs and I'm not afraid to use them. Suffice to say the two previous battles have helped to harden me, to shed some layers of my cowardice away and reveal a better man beneath. I am feeling good with life at the moment; I have a herd I like, I have discovered my calling in healing, and I have discovered that fear can be a malleable thing, forced aside if enough determination is applied.

I like this new me. So, when I enter the third new land, I'm not quivering with terror like the last two times. I am still scared, of course - only a robot wouldn't be - but it does not consume me as it once did. I am here to help. But it quickly becomes apparent from the departures of some of the milling crowd that the expected battle has not materalised. I sag with relief, unlike most of the brawny bastards here who are clearly spoiling for some Godly ass to kick. I am not as barbaric - read: primitive and stupid - as them, perhaps due to the lack of testosterone to drive me to make a tit of myself by fighting anything that stands still long enough. I am able to appreciate the simple beauty of the land, especially the hundreds of new colours that are available to my eyes since this disease began.

This damn disease. In my wonderment at this new land, I'd almost forgotten about the hideous black ooze that pours from every orifice of my face, clogging my lungs and throat and making me weep ebony tears. Enchanced eyesight is a welcome surprise, but I would exhange it for good health in a heartbeat. It's perhaps a bit embarassing that me, a healer, cannot heal a disease, which is surely the whole point. But, in my defense, it's a magical disease. Cuts, bruises and even the occasional painful labour can be cured with herbs. Magical sense-heightening black ick? Not so much.

I zone in on a horned, winged beast of a man who seems to be getting reverence from a lot of the gathered Helovians. He certainly exudes power, and I hear others addressing him as the God of the Sun. God-ness is pretty up there, right? Tentatively I approach, my head held low in respect and submission, my ears slightly down to signal my subservience. Look at me - a few months ago I didn't know magic existed, now I'm about to speak to a God! This must be the man Laedere spoke about with such reverence when we first met. "Uhm, Mister Sun God?" I say, my voice quivering slightly. Addressing people in positions of authority always brings me out in a cold sweat, and this man could probably set me on fire in a blink of an eye. "I'm Badger, a healer of the Dragon's Throat. I was just wondering, Your Sunnyness, if you have any advice on how to cure this disease that has affected so many of us? I've tried a plentitude of herbs, but nothing seems to work." I frown slightly. At least my fellow Throatians know I'm dedicated to my duties, if I'm willing to ask a damn God for help in order to cure their ills.

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Cora's soft voice floated on the air like a sweet lullaby sang by a mare to her darling newborn. Suddenly I felt a weight threaten to crush my chest. She had followed me. I certainly hadn't expected her to do such a thing. I was being an ignorant fool yet here she was standing beside me. Her well-being fell on my shoulders. The beautiful mare's safety was my responsibility. If she got hurt because of me. If such a lovely princess suffered because of me.. "Cora.." A nervous step forward brought my body closer to hers. "I-"

"EVANESKA!" That voice. Could it be? No, surely it wasn't. It couldn't be a possibility. He was surely dead - left to crumble with the rest of Urd. My mind was playing ill tricks on me. I had been a hindrance to him during the rebellion and it was due to my pure useless nature that the mighty beast fell.

Flickering embers, red scales. I felt my knees go weak. Was this really him..? Was he real? "Th-Thantos..?" I was trapped in a vortex of emotions: pain, guilt, excitement, hope, joy. The wicked tornado in my mind wouldn't stop long enough for me to process all of these feelings that ran through my veins. Instead I limply fell to the ground by its brutal force. "Thantos.." My voice came out strangled, choked by a lump that was forming in my throat.

His words were urgent but my brain felt like a slug and far too slow to comprehend any of it. "Danger?" All I could do was repeat his desperate pleas like a parrot. "Please, Thantos, protect Cora. It's all my fault she's her. If she gets hurt.." I glanced briefly at her but my gaze couldn't stay glued to her for long.

There were so many things I wanted to say and wanted to ask. Each time I opened my mouth, however, nothing came out.

Pure shock struck my body, sending numerous shivers along my spine, as the mighty god spoke to me. He.. he had addressed someone like me? His words rang clearly and I found myself an even more debt. I bowed my head lower, wishing there was a way to express my gratitude, "Then I owe you my life, my savior."

Home. I kept musing over the simple word. Could I trust it?

My pondering was cut short as a familiar stallion - one whose body mimicked the ocean - caught my eyes. "Euphrates!" He was okay.. The broken stallion whom had begged me to kill him was standing there in the dazzling light of the flats.

"Everyone.." Eyes burned and threatened to spill liquid on my already dirty form. My body quivered as forces collided against my hide. It was in this moment, this moment where it began to become hard to breathe, that I saw her. An angel.. With wings like that of my old herd. Like staring in a mirror, at a glorious version of myself. Although it was a bit much to compare myself to her. She was everything I wasn't. If she was an angel, then I was surely a demon. Her eyes drilled into me and my anxiety peaked.

Before I realized what I was doing I was already near running away, "I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. Thantos.. Please, please look after Cora and Euphrates. I have to - I need some space." This reunion was abruptly cut short by my need to get away from the thick crowd.

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like the ocean kissed the sky,
at the most beautiful place under the sun
“I have not brought evil here. Only safety. There shall be no bloodshed on this day.”
Had…had she heard him correctly?
There shall be no bloodshed on this day.
“Oh…” Tiamat breathes, releasing a gasping, shuddering sigh of relief. Suddenly, the ocean mare feels a weight rise from her shoulders and she feels weak, weak with the overwhelming sense of release that lifts her body until she hardly feels connected to herself at all. As though she could fly. The tightness of worry that had clenched her chest releases, giving way to her chiming laughter that bubbles from her lips, and she doesn’t try to contain it. Tiamat had known that if she kept her faith kindling among the shadows, that if she believed strong enough despite all of the hate, that goodness would ultimately come to bless them.
Oh, truly, what a joyous and wonderful day this is!
Her white eyes turning upwards to the flaming deity—the Sun God, she now knows—Tiamat cannot help the pure radiance of gratitude and elation that brightens her features, brightens her entire being. Truthfully, words cannot express the amount of relief and appreciation that she feels for his ability to bring this new realm to them so peacefully, without the cruelty of the others—but surely few words need to be said with the lucidity of emotion shining through her eyes. “Thank you, God of the Sun,” she whispers in fervent, reverent gratitude, “Thank you.” And she bows her head to him, low and respectful, a smile wide on her lips when she straightens.
The mare’s gaze follows the Sun God as he wanders off, in awe of his collection—comfortable now, to release her guards and enjoy the beauty of this place—the light of her contentment seeming to glow in every corner of her body. “How blessed we are to be spared of more hate today,” she breathes with a happy sigh, turning her attention to her dear friend at her side. Another chime of laughter peals from her lips, rushing through the air as if to fall on the ocean like rain, like and airy in the buoyancy of her delight. So much lately she has felt bogged down and disheartened by the wars that have annihilated their people, that the relief of today makes her feel giddy. Oh, how she could sing!

notes; Is indescribably grateful that there will be no war; expresses this to both the Sun God and Ashamin.
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He grins at Mauja as he speaks to the masses, knowing full well that he owes his leader— his friend — his life. Despite the burns that had melted his skin, the flaming phenixes had saved him from being ripped apart by wolves. And the Moon Goddess had healed them all in the end, so just patches of bare skin decorated his hide. The bare black gleaming in the glory of the Sun God.

The wound on his withers was scabbed. So really, he had gotten off rather easily. The he realizes, in hindsight, that Mau was right to extend a home to these Riftians. Why hadn’t they done this before? Raging bears and melting wolves could be a little distracting. “Good thinking, my Que—” his humorous words are cut off as Rexanna approaches his side.

Damn woman, did she need to be so close to all the action? A resigned sigh escapes him as her warmth brushes his hide— indeed he would not be attracted to a mare who didn’t want to be in the midst of things. He cocks his head slightly as she feigns indifference towards him with her words, yet her body suctions to him— body language shouting how connected they were. As she addresses his leader, am amused smile crosses his face. So that was her plan?

He foiled her indifference with a very public displace of affection, throwing his neck over hers and running his jowl along her crest. Then he disengaged from her, winking, “Hello, Rexanna. Can’t stay away from trouble, can you?” He rumbles, half amused and half irritated.

“There shall be no bloodshed on this day.”

The relief that releases the tightness in his chest surprises him. He hadn’t realized how wary he had been of another battle. Turning his eyes- that had inevitably snapped to the Lord of Sun during his speech, he looks first to Mau and then to Rex, giving a slightly lopsided smile, “Well, that’s a relief…”

His words trail of in shock as a black slime had started to drip from Rexanna’s nostrils. Blue eyes widen, as he wars with himself. To touch her and risk infection or keep a distance and not? He would be of no use to her infected, as all these poor souls around them were. He glances around, then at the Sun God.
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for you I am blinded.
I smiled at his touch. So much for being incognito. Eyes dashed to Mauja momentarily before replying back to my elephant. “Where's the fun in that?” I winked to him, enjoying the company of being with those I wasn’t afraid of offending. A gentle sigh was emitted in his general direction of pure content. Then, I heard the God of the Sun speak and a ripple of happiness waved over my chest. Thank the gods. It was about time. Finally, nothing would happen here. I glanced around the lands for a moment, taking in their beauty before offering a gentle bow toward the God of the Sun. Both, acknowledging his existence and thanking him for the kindness he showed toward these new creatures that had ventured into our lands.

Right when I was about to turn my head back to Tembovu, I caught a glimpse of Eden approaching. I sent a gentle nicker toward her direction. A simple hello to her. That is, until I noticed her appearance. She looked like hell had ripped open from her insides. Blackness oozing from her orifices. I tried to not let the concern wash over my face, but I had no luck with it. I wanted to keep my distance from her, best I could. However, I couldn’t keep from curiously gazing at her now and then with a slight hint of sadness that hit my heart. The illnesses that travelled around were growing darker and darker with each and every rift opening. I was thankful this one was different.

Again, my attention was caught as Ilios stumbled over to us, hacking and coughing all over. He too, showed a resemblance of the blackness that engulfed one’s insides. I began to grow slightly frightened for both myself and Temb. I hoped it wasn’t contagious. I smiled at him, half heartedly. Worried about his wellness as he slurred my name in a strange sort of twist of the words. I glanced over to Temb before taking a step away from him – reluctantly, but necessary. I smiled to the two and began to walk to the left of the crowd, still within a leg reach of the elephant I had stood beside.

Care to join me and explore a little?” I questioned, gently and calmly. A slight twitch in my throat to cough began to grow and I thought perhaps it was due to the dryer air. However, with the strange feeling in my throat also grew with a strange hint of a runny nose. I sniffed to myself, unsure what exactly was going on. Perhaps I was allergic to something here. I had already completely forgotten about the illnesses I had seen Eden and Ilios succumb to as I began to step away. Unknowingly of the blackness that began to seep from my nose. A dark hint of color against my creamy maw. The same stark contrast that my face markings held, only this spot held a more sinister sight.

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Sticking to his place amongst the others the golden stag lets his mind entertain him while he continues to try and make sense of it all. Only as more pegasus, unicorns and equine continue to pour in does he lift his bi-coloured optics to pay closer attention to those arriving. When compared to the inhabitants back home there were definitely some strange ones in the bunch that either looked the part or acted it. Half seemed to be spewing the black goo from their noses and everywhere else making him feel a little uncomfortable standing in such close proximity to all the sick creatures. Had no one heard about staying home when they were sick? If he looked like that he sure as hell was not planning to go to a party and ruin his ever so perfect figure. As a white mare stumbled up to the flats he perked his ears forward recognizing her as the one he had attempted to help. Eden was her name he he recalled correctly and to his disappointment she still had the black crap coming out everywhere. At least he had tried to help unlike some of the bystanders around here who would rather keep their distance than risk their ass to help another. Then again he really couldn't figure out why he had tried to help that girl in the first place not that it would change anything. Things happened and he reacted that was the simplest answer of them all. 

A new voice joined the chorus of hushed talking booming above the rest successfully silencing the chatter with the exception of the few he addressed personally. So this was another of their God's, what made him so different than all the rest that had brought evil and destruction? How could he just sit back and watch his subjects? Perhaps subjects wasn't the right word...citizens maybe.. but how could he just watch as all this plague spread throughout the population? Was there no cure? Who had brought this on, one of them? Could he be trusted? Could anyone? Confusion spread through his features just watching the reactions this God received. Some seemed wary or distant while others were full out worshiping the stallion. There was such a mixed array that it was hard for him to pass judgement on something he did not know to be true.

Holding back for awhile longer until there seemed to be a break in the chit chat he stepped forward wanting to figure out this guy for himself. Approaching slowly he bowed his crown respectfully before the God not able to deny the respect that he demanded with his very presence for he felt it too. "If I may ask, why are you so willing to help us when everyone else turned their backs? What purpose do we have in your world if we are as you say from such a corrupted realm?" Pausing to form his words carefully not wanting to insult or offend such a higher God he continued. "What is this plague that seems to be affecting many and how do we cure it? Please, I only wish to understand as there is so much we do not know. " There were so many unanswered questions he wished to ask but he limited them to only these few not wanting to push his limits too far fearing how he would be received. Keeping his head bowed he only now returned his crown back to its rightful place watching the God and taking in everything but not retreating back to stand with the others. He was no chicken and he was used to sticking his neck out where others would cower. He needed to make sense of this Helovia and why they had been brought here.

•• MENTIONS: Eden, Sun God
 •• SUMMARY: Kalona observes the other's reactions before choosing to make his own decision. Boldly yet respectfully approaches the Sun God to ask why they were brought here and to what purpose. ••

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Watching from the shadows it takes a long while for anything to happen as only more people flood here like cattle to a watering hole. Pathetic really but who was she to say considering she was among those who had showed up. Many seemed to address the Sun God but to what result it is still unclear for nothing has happened since the misfits showed up out of the blue. Where they now taking in the strays that other lands discarded? Great that meant another flood of morons for her to sift though and discover if any of them actually had a brain or if the corruption that their God talked about had turned it to mush long before they got here. Many draw her mild amusement as random blubbering and other interesting effects seem to accompany the sniffling and sneezing black crud everywhere. Actually come to think about it there are very few here that do not have whatever illness seems to be going around. Gazing around she begins to notice a trend between the sick and the healthy, why is it that none of the newbies were getting symptoms? Did they bring this here along with their people? If she was correct this was just turning into a big shit show that kept giving her new reasons not to like any of the strangers. First the boils now this? Somehow she doubted that she wanted to know what would be next, fugly tumors growing everywhere? This would be one rare time that she seriously hoped that she was wrong about something. 

A stallion from the portal drew her attention as he began wandering around staring at everyone calling out for god only knows who. Snickering quietly with mild humor as the expression on his face changes from confusion to what appeared to be borderline anger directed towards the Sun God. She can only hope that he completely loses it and tries to attack their God, that would be absolutely hilarious considering the potential. Either he gets his ass fried by the God himself or it turns into an all out brawl as the rest of the loyal worshipers turn their sights on him. She would be all game for that should it actually happen. The outcome of such would either leave him as a pile of ash or a pile of crumbled bones, either would be a satisfying outcome at least in her opinion. The next to catch her attention is a lone mare or pony considering her small size that comes tearing up to the God begging for him to not allow any bloodshed. Really that's what you are going to complain about? If there was blood, there was blood big deal. Accept the fact and move on to a bigger problem this world was not perfect and it sure wasn't a hippie congregation to protest peaceful interactions. That would just take the fun out of everything, boring. 

•• MENTIONS:•• Boy, Aisling, Sun God 
•• SUMMARY: Continues to keep her distance from the sick choosing to stick with the shadows and just be a keen observer/personal entertainer. ••

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A familiar voice draws my eyes from where they’d been watching the God, and those who gather to worship him.

What happened to you?

I don’t know, my first unspoken answer; instead, my lips curve down, my crown turning away from the Divine Light to look at my herd brother. The touch of the bear’s insidious blood still lingers on his features, which my aureate eyes cross swiftly, nostrils vainly dragging the air for the familiar smell of snow and stone, of kinship.

I am glad my wise friend stands so far away. He cannot see how much of the slime is lacquered to my features.

A cough, wet and horrid, breaks from my lungs.

"Something from the Labyrinth," I explain to the best of my knowledge, though I don’t even know that for sure – it does seem, however, that I hadn’t been ill at all until we’d fought the wolves.

I wonder if Aithniel and my father are okay, the concern a brief darkness which flashes in my gaze before I grunt and look back to the God; though my eyes turn away from Erebos, I still share with him what little I know, curious as well in what is to become of this meeting with a divine I had never seen.

"I think I cured a colt of another disease," I mention without having seen the same boy, not far away, and a thought strikes me – Erebos does not know I have magic yet! – I look back to him, excitement lighting my gaze as I barely sputter out my next words before another cough steals my breath, "with my magic. It might have been a coincidence."

But I don’t believe in them.

The words of the Sun God lure me away from my childhood companion – something of there being no disease, and no corruption to follow him in his return. My eyebrows rise.

Why had the others been unable to do so? Erebos had mentioned that the Moon had been banished, but the Lord Time was in his full power.

And yet, the thoughts are stolen as I watch him, looking to each who approach him, offering words and recognition, sometimes promises. He is gentle, even when annoyed, and it is in such harsh contrast to the rough demeanor of my native Spark that I find myself wondering what sort of divine the Sun is.

My mother tells tales of his razing Helovia with fire.

I find it hard to believe, if this is the same man.

And then he walks towards Aithniel, ignoring the rest who press to him in such contrast to the care he had offered before.

He shields her beneath his wing, in a bird’s embrace.

Even my dense head wonders why he cares so much for an orphan girl, and my heart tightens in envy that she is so loved by a God (my not so long ago earned praise from the Spark forgotten in my annoyed bewilderment).

More hacking erupts from my lungs, my eyes running across her boil ridden figure, her eyes weeping the same blackness; the worry for her paired with my confusion at the entire situation is too much for my aching head.

"What do you make of that?" I quietly wheeze to Erebos.

Because I certainly don’t know what to.

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Aithniel looks up, seeing her father's gaze fixed on her, and she smiled, one side of her mouth curling up in a happy smile. For a brief moment, her rage subsided to a soft whisper and a murmur of affection, and she picked apart the crowd to approach her father. Cloven hooves splashed through the water, the darkness of her pelt mixing colors with his golden hues in their reflections. Beneath his wing, she stood, looking up and letting his words give peace to her furious soul. The moment lasted for but a short time before the raged started to creep in again, turning the edges of her vision a bright and glorious red.

"I am glad to see you too," she replied honestly. "I've been battling at each location thusfar, and I knew you had to have something planned." She smiled broadly. "So far, this one is the best. It's bright, open, airy and actually pretty instead of scary or gross." Aithniel tried to hold back a cough of black goo, and she grimaced, hoping she didn't get any of the sickly slime onto the Sun God's body. "I could do without these illnesses though," she murmured.

In the crowd, she saw Rikyn, and she smiled weakly. His words carried, and she perked up. "Oh, shock me? Please?" she asked, wiggling her lion's tail. "I'll do just about anything to get rid of these illnesses." She refrained from saying 'they suck' in front of her father. She would have to find much more adult and appropriate language. Maybe, 'these illnesses are miserable and fucking stupid'. Probably not.

Aithniel turned back to the God of the Sun. "What do you need me to do to protect this land?" she asked honestly, prepared to throw her body into misery for the sake of the fight.

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The young scion remembered the waste laid to the earth, the rise and fall of the bear god, the thrashing, the crashing, the inexperience suddenly chiseled away and falling to splintered remains of innocence and devotion – and here, as his ears pricked, as his eyes dabbled from Rikyn to the Sun God in all his shining, magnificent glory, there was to be nothing. A strange uncertainty filled his chest and clawed at his insides, building a core of apprehension, of dread, of foreboding that probably should’ve been burned away by the deity’s promise. Naught coming from the shadows? Naught rising from the east, from the west, brandishing hostility, invigorating rage? Naught but hope, preservation, salvation?
He didn’t know what to make of it.
Instead, he smiled, charming and winsome, bowing towards the God, but not daring to speak, to offer anything, bestowing his gratitude through the folds of silence; even as others hastened their regards, their questions, he felt distinctly unworthy, too young, too foolish, too naïve to ask anything else of a celestial being – a prince by lineage, not by action. He would have liked to bask in the presence of the deity, to simply stare and be enraptured by his stature, by his regard, by any significant meaning, inquire over what the world had in store for him, but instead, his lanky, growing frame stayed nestled near Rikyn, watching, a lesson and measure in patience.
The sickness, some strange anomaly, clustered around the other’s lungs, a distinct crackle, a shambled roll of discordant cacophonies and ramshackle words, and his brow nettled into a dark, furrowed concern. While Orsino continued to balk, staying beneath his hind legs, shifting beneath a leonine tail and crying out his warnings, his whispers, his hisses, the Machiavellian fiend presided with an open air and a keen mind. Too much of his father’s calculating wiles had been passed along, too much of his mother’s gentle, caring guidance funneled through his veins, and the compassionate haze he held for his friends was beyond a labyrinthine abyss. If magic had cured another colt, could he do the same for Rikyn? Erebos held power: it thrummed, it hummed, it burned within him, brutal, conforming, twisting and turning, rampant and vibrant, pulsing; he wished it could be as alluring, as beguiling, as the Sun God’s. The lad extended his regards confidently, methodically, gesturing with the ghost of a grin. “I could try, if you’d like?”
Something else pulled Rikyn’s attention away from him though, and thereafter the colt followed the bay’s line of sight, tracing over the crowd, the legions, the throng, to find the riveting canvas glowing, presiding, luminescent. Aithniel: found again, more recently than ever in their first year of life, standing in front of the divine beast, then pressed, caressed, and stroked into his essence.
The boy simply stared and a feeling of complete, utter loss surrounded him. It hurt worse than the preceding days where he searched, where he sought, where he wandered, hoping for a sign of his friends and being given nothing in return, because something that was once so close suddenly felt alarmingly out of reach; intangible, unattainable. The sentiments were raw, bitter, and acrid across his tongue, and if the scene hadn’t mesmerized him, perhaps he may have frowned, grown petulant and sulky. Surely the girl was well beyond their reach now, christened and enfolded and anointed by a God, cherished and beloved by so many others - he and Rikyn mere, forgotten shambles of kinship and regard. Even as Rikyn croaked and coughed, the query heavy through his words, Erebos was quiet, biding and diving through the murk, the decree, and the strangeness. When his mouth finally managed to conjure any speech, they were still uncertain, deciphering, speculative. “Maybe she’s one of his favorites?”
But she heard the other boy, ignored Erebos altogether, asked to be cured, and even inquired towards the Sun God again, pondering over how she could help save, protect, and inspire salvation over the land. His eyes widened, and before he could cease the query, it kindled, flew, sparked across his tongue, a sense of daring, a trace of audacity, emboldened but not accusing, curious but not denouncing, wondering what on earth he’d been looking for when she disappeared from the mountains. “Are you one of them? The Gods?”


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The God stared blankly at the moniet-looking pegasus who addressed him with seeming shock. Although Ultima hadn't quite finished her sentence, leaving her query unspoken, he knew what she was going to say. "No one has died, save for the sickness. I will remain in these Flats for a time, to ensure there are no lingering maladies, however."

The God's pale nose swiveled towards Badger, his fiery gaze softening with something near amusement. "I'm sure your herbs wouldn't work, Badger. The disease that plagues you had come from the wickedness my sister used to call the Labyrinth into being. This supernatural affliction is not mine to cure - but if the disease began with the Moon Goddess, it is there that it shall end."

Looking towards Kalona, the God paused thoughtfully before answering. "My reasons are my own - but know this. I have willingly assumed this burden, and I shall forever carry it. I will not abandon you, or these lands, as your previous Gods have. Should you wish to make Helovia your home, know that we shall always reign with your best intentions at heart." Again the God shrugged, indicating that his response to Badger was the same as the one he could offer her. It started with the Moon. It would end there as well.

The God could not contain his patient and doting smile as Aithniel mentioned that she had been at each battle so far. "I am proud of you, and relieved to know that you were there. Many lives were likely saved because of your presence." As she mentioned the illness, the God grit his teeth, causing the muscles in his cheek to go rigid for a moment before relaxing. It frustrated and infuriated the God that his sister had penetrated so deeply into the lives of those he held dear. However before she ran off to try and cure herself, the God tensed the wing that fell around her youthful form. "It is not these lands that I need you to protect. I will remain in these lands for a time, to ensure that no wickedness has bled through. But instead -" His wing suddenly cupped, as if allowing something that was held within his downy feathers to suddenly roll forward. It was an egg - a good sized egg - with pale blossom-patterns of orange and gold. The shall was a pale ivory with the faintest specks of silver. "This Aithniel," He began, his voice thick with pride and love, "is for you."


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The God discusses with those that ask him whatever it is they wish. Logically, the illnesses are brought up, a section of conversation which I take an interest in, the rest sounding almost like duplications of what had been said by the other Gods in the lands wrested from the Rift so far. While the Sun did not bring with him dangers and diseases, I cannot help but smile still at how similar the strikingly different Gods have been.

I could try, if you’d like?

My ears lift, eyes glistening with a hopeful light as they return full focus to my dark brother – though from what I know of Erebos’ magic, this is going to hurt. The excitement flickers momentarily in dark wonder as to what exactly it’s going to feel like, but is reborn at the thought of fresh, crisp air, drug easily through clean lungs. The longing for air that smelled like something more than nothing, and a distinct lack of the other strange… symptoms of this plague born the Moon’s stolen land, it permeates any other worries I might have at the pain to be found in the touch of the Reaper’s son.

"It can’t hurt," I ironically say, a smile of knowing crossing my mouth at how very much it can.

And then we are both distracted by the God and Aithniel, who stand together amidst the throng of worshipers; even as Erebos answers my earlier inquiry (what do you make of that?) her voice calls out, a question, and I cannot help but find a laugh breaking from my lips, one that is swallowed by a cough.

"Why didn’t you ask sooner?" I answer, reaching over to nip in Erebos’ direction (maybe accidentally grabbing his skin in the motion), mostly trying to get him to follow me towards Aithniel and the powerful figure embracing her. I am as eager to be in proximity of the strange God as I am to be near Aithniel again, after our brief encounter before the Bear had attacked.

I wonder if she is still mad at me – if she is, it doesn’t seem to matter now that I have something to give her.


They are all the same, sisters or not.

But then Erebos asks a question of her that makes me stand still as stone, turning back to look at him with eyes wide at the idea that my little orphan sister is a Divine’s child. I look back to her, aureate gaze glistening with confusion and black goop, my tail (which had been curling, eager to be near her again) stilling behind me.

The egg rolling towards her across the earth, the tautness of his wing across her shoulders, their feathers blending, is like a strike in my face, the softness of his words somehow so very cold and ruthless to my ears. It holds me in place, the thought to fix her ailments distant under the weight of how very insignificant I must be to her now. That she hasn’t come to be with me as she had when we were very small is suddenly, painfully outlined to me; I am no longer needed, am I?

Not if… is she really the daughter of a God?

"You are, aren’t you?" I ask, voice so full of emotion that it quivers and crackles, even without the help of my slime laden vocal chords.

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She was torn in all directions, heart suspended somewhere between sinking and elation, and the tug of war was nauseating. Couple that with the physical toll her body was taking, and she suffered, dark tar leaking from her eyes in place of visible emotion. Before she could speak, she looked back to her father, stealing as much of his light as she could in this darkness. The love he displayed was what she craved, and she stepped forward, glad that he did not need her to do any protecting right now. That was... good. She wasn't exactly in a great spot.

Aithniel nodded, watching him when he curled his wing. She furrowed her brows, not understanding what he was doing until a perfect, beautiful egg dropped near her hooves. Her heart skipped a beat, and she blinked, looking up at the Sun God with wide, grateful eyes. The egg had a shimmer, almost and was curled with oranges and fabulous colors that she could see despite everything else being in black and white. Speechless, she ran forward, resting her check on the flat of his naturally arched neck.

Awkwardly, she stepped back and cleared her throat, stiffening her spine as she realized so many were watching her in her weakness. "Thank you," she whispered, clearing her throat again of the black phlegm. Aithniel carefully moved the egg and then turned to look at both Erebos and Rikyn, their voices and mistrust popping a bubble of happiness. At least Erebos seemed curious - as if the answer would be a reason for her leaving, but Rikyn appeared as if he was heart broken.

But why? He hadn't been here. He had left her with wolves and princes, and though she didn't hold him any ill will, he couldn't be a big brother if he was gone. "Uh yeah," she said quietly. "He's my dad. I still don't know who my mom is, and I really don't care. I found out when I started traveling south - when I left the Basin," she said honestly. "But... I am still your friend, right? This doesn't change anything? I still care about you both... you're my brothers."

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Well. So much for his offer—no one seemed to really have heard him, but.. what could he do about that, really? Shout again? Maybe they didn't want new homes—maybe they weren't ready, so suddenly torn from all they had known and loved, however corrupted it had been. And maybe, they would remember that voice in the back of their head when the time came that they felt the need for safety—family—love—and maybe, they would come to the Edge and seek it there.

Tembovu's praise of his rather ineffective action was silenced by the presence of another. At first Mauja didn't recognize her, but a second later it dawned on him who it was, and the clouds in his pale gaze scattered. "Ah," he simply said, something light in his voice. So... the pretty lady and his Glazier had found more time to spend with one another after their little meet'n'greet in the Threshold. There was an act of claiming in the way the great head ran over her slimmer back, and Mauja felt a slight smile curl his lips. He didn't know what it was or where it came from, but it was cute. "Rexanna." That was her name, right? Way to go if it wasn't—but he met so many all the time, all over the place, he couldn't keep track of them all.

And apparently, the cute little couple wanted some time alone, because she began to drew away, asking Tembovu to go with her. "I suppose I'll see you two around," he said with a slight wink, nudging Tembovu's shoulder with his own in passing, before moving away across the shimmering flats. If the God had promised peace one could only hope it would last. Mauja had long ago lost his faith but could it hurt to believe, just for once..?

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