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Burn the whole world down

The God of the Sun was much more patient than his shorter kin. He had not raced off into the Rift like they had, nor would he rush to return. He had taken his time and made clear judgments. And so, as the Halycon Flats in all of their shining glory were brought within the folds of Helovia's borders, there was no ominous smoke, no un-penetrable shadows, and no lingering sense of darkness or ill-will. 

The sun bathed the entirety of the mirror-like Flats. The entire area had a dome-like quality, as if some unseen barrier held in and redirected the pools of light that constantly shifted and melded with the clouds overhead. Beautiful patterns danced and arranged themselves around the God's cloven hooves as he stepped out of what appeared to be nothing more than a beam of light. His wings dripped molten fire, which fell soundlessly into the salty basin below. With a regal pause, he surveyed the land that he had chosen. It would suit the Helovian's well. It was a timeless beauty, just like he - ever-changing, yet somehow always eternal. 

Rather than escaping through some slip of time, or hiding in shadows like his kin, the God had instead opened a fiery portal out of nothing but sunlight and pure energy. Those that would follow him through would have nothing to fear - would be running from nothing. 

"Welcome to Helovia." He said to them, ushering them through with a gentle and warm sweep of his fiery wings. Once all had come through, the portal noiselessly closed behind him. The waters softly stirred as the heated air moved over them, and seemed to retain the gentle oranges and yellows of the portals reflection for longer than they ought to have - lending to the magical and mirror-like sheen of the Flats. 


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Hold me 'cause I'm sure I'm hated
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Leaving the Falls behind had been a difficult decision, but with rumor of the strange, other-worldly Gods entering the land and attacking all, curiosity finally got the best of me. No longer could I stand idly by, and with the promise of a safe and quick return, I'd set off.

What it was that drew me here, to this place much further south than I could recall Helovia ever stretching, I didn't know. But there was no denying that there was something, and just as I began to survey this strange, new, desert-like land, a portal was ripped open, and from it, stepped the God of the Sun.

Unknowingly I'd held my breath, until recognition took over and I exhaled heavily.

The God had seemed almost impatient when I'd met him previously, which now, felt like so long ago. I had yet to finish the quest he'd tasked me with, and mentally I kicked myself; I had all that I needed save for the metal brackets of my armor, and needed only to seek out a forger of the Dragon's Throat to craft them before I sought the God out.

... For armor, at least. 'Just another mortal' I might be, but I couldn't help but wonder, what on earth was going on?

I had to ask.

Calmly I approached, Suli and Merlin flanking me as they looked on at the God with wide, wondrous gazes. Neither of them had ever been in the presence of a deity, and although cautious, both seemed incredibly curious and interested in the flaming patron of the Throat. Could they, too, feel the intensity of his power? Of his presence alone?

Coming to a halt, I dipped my head, and bent a single knee before him. "My Lord," I spoke softly as I straightened once more, lifting my eyes to the God's own. A warrior of the Falls I might be, but I would always be a servant to the Sun. For as old as I was, I felt completely awkward here and now, standing before him -- how was I to act? Would the things I thought were respectful be taken as annoying, or even profane?

"What is this place?" I continued boldly, and hoped that he might not smite me where I stood.

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With fire to keep us warm, and tools we made from rocks and bones

On his own flaming wings, Gaucho descended down towards the prismatic salty waters below.

Ever since the God of the Spark and the Goddess of the Moon had returned, Gaucho had been widening his patrols. The Wildfire knew that it was only a matter of time before his trusted deity returned. Given that the other two Gods appeared in a wholly new place, Gaucho decided to extend where he thought the boundaries of Helovia lay, to see if he couldn't be there when the Sun God finally arrived home.   

The hardness that had befallen Gaucho's heart eased when he saw his flaming leader standing, as regal and strong as ever. All suddenly felt light and easy in the world - no longer was Gaucho a solitary flame in the darkness. The Sun God had returned.

Landing, attempting a gentle touch-down in the waters, Gaucho humbly approached his flaming lord, antlered skull bowed. Both Mara and Vorsa said their own hello's - a trill and a hiss - as Gaucho raised his brow. Still, the primitive dun remained silent. What could he say that the God didn't already know? That he was glad to see him? That he always knew he'd return? What for? Others would surely say those words, and Gaucho knew that the shining deity before him already knew his heart. 

Still, Gaucho was not completely relaxed. He had been there when wolves (and then when even smaller wolves) had attacked, and had heard reports of a similar scenario happening when the Spark God returned. If anything was to threaten his new found peace, or his God, he would surely be there to stop it. 

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The Rift was a fickle place. Its volatile nature left it unpredictable. In turn this made the unstable and corrupt land even more deadly. The only constant were the threats that lurked in the shadows. Around any corner Death could be awaiting with his scythe in hand. It was a chilling fact that sent waves of shivers along countless spines. Always having to look behind your shoulder - once, twice, thrice - was unnerving. This was the reason why I couldn't lie to Cora.

And this reason was soon justified.

Thump, thump. To an unsteady drum my heart now beat, falling out of sync from its regular cadence. The air was being torn apart. Its very essence was being torn apart particle by particle. A flaming halo had formed. Like water it cast a reflection of the Halcyon Flats. But perhaps that was a lie. No, surely it had to be the Flats. The layout was the same, the scenery familiar. But it looked so alive.. so healthy.

I wanted to run. I wanted to flee and never look back. My instincts and brain were all driving me away from this. The need to get away was so strong yet everything that was happening now was going against my very character. Perhaps I had finally reached my breaking point - maybe my brain and sense were deteriorating. In a place like this is was easy to lose your mind. Yet at the same time something felt.. something felt..

Like it was pulling me in.

The fire was not searing hot. Instead it was warm and comfortable. It made me feel safe. When was the last time I had experienced such a thing? I glanced to Cora. Was she feeling the same way I was? Tentatively, quietly, I asked, "What is..?" My words trailed as I cut myself off. Most likely the mare knew nothing more than I did. "It looks like the Flats.. A rejuvenated version.. One that hasn't been touched by the corrupted gods with their vile, tainted hands."

Two steps forward, one step back. Three steps forward, two steps back. The progress was that of a snail. As I stepped closer, memorized by the dancing flames, a gentle heat warmed the cold that had overwhelmed my heart. "Temptation is naught but an evil snake: luring you in with its charming words before striking you down with poison." My body was contradicting everything I said. A sense of hope had been rekindled and my soul was desperately latching to it. "I suppose I am the fool in this story."

Before I could turn around, before reason won out, I stepped through the portal. Hopefully this was not where the story ended for the court jester.

All around me there was life. I couldn't help but gasp, my eyes large. I went to see if Cora followed me, but my gaze was captivated by too many sights. "A mirage.. Surely this has to be. No land has ever painted such beauty." It was a masterpiece. This couldn't possibly be the Flats.. but the salt water that gently caressed my hooves said otherwise.

A magnificent beast bearing the same flames stood with regal grace. He stood on an imaginary pedestal, high above the rest. Power radiated from him. Was he, was he the one who transported me to this world? "Have I died? 'Fore this land is even more luscious than my wildest dreams." By now I was mostly muttering to myself.

I gravitated carefully towards the holy stallion. I knew I should not be taking any steps closer, but something inside of me wanted to be close to him - to feel his embrace. My body trembled. So many emotions, so many thoughts. I fell to my knees, my head bowed. "A blemish, a mere speck of debris. 'Tis what I have always been. I should not be in thy's present, nor addressing thine savior in such a manner. I do not wish to dirty this land with my presence."

Still I rested on my knees, bowing before the familiar presence of a god. "But like all living entities I am selfish. Ruler of Flame, purifier of these lands - may I be allowed to stay in this wonderland.. this Helovia?" If this was a dream please don't wake me up. If this was the afterlife.. then I wish I had mustered up enough courage ages ago to depart from the land of the living so that I may walk on this glorious land.

Though I had to wonder.. did I deserve such a thing? And then there was the matter of this glorious deities. Past interactions had left mentally sharp cuts that would probably never heal.


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Escape the wrath of the wasteland, save the girl, find his redemption; it was all his heart yearned for and it was a plan– the plan, the only plan. It seemed a simple task, but escaping the crimson eyed glare of the crocodile had proved to be rather difficult to say the least. The shifting sands had tried to swallow both the Oasis Goddess and himself as if it had a hunger for their flesh. Eventually he had been able to free himself, quickly making an attempt to rescue his talkative, dual winged Goddess.

It was then that the portal had appeared, cracking apart reality, illuminating the world. A figure had appeared in the haze of light, beckoning them forward. Had he been redeemed by the Gods at last? For all but a moment he had been struck speechless and had paused, frozen, dumbstruck and partially blinded by the bright light that had mysteriously taken shape before them.

Was this the way out of Purgatory? The gateway to his freedom? He couldn’t be sure, but whatever lay upon the other side of that portal was bound to be far better than this insufferable salt pan. So casting a quick glance over his shoulder to see if his pretty Oasis Goddess was going to follow he sprang forward, lifting himself into the air. Wings beating he soared through the doorway into another dimension.

What he found on the other side caused his heart to sink and rage to bubble in his blood.

Another seemingly endless stretch of salt and water. Was this some kind of joke? His hooves met the ground with a thud and a splash that sent ripples across the smooth, glistening surface as he tucked his wings up against his sides. A voice called out in greeting and he turned to face the one who had spoken. It was the figure he had seen on the other side of the portal whom stood before him and a handful of others who had poured from the gateway of light and fire, welcoming them to ‘Helovia’.  He snorted, skeptical of this fiery demon who spoke, Helovia? More like Hel. Perhaps the horned beast had saved them from limbo but the immortal wasn’t ready to trust the word of the golden devil just yet.

Just as he went to question the intention of the creature, that unbeknownst to him was a God, a cold hand grasped his beating heart, squeezing the vital organ. The Goddess where was she?! He spun about frantically, ears flickering every which way, eyes wide in search of his damsel in distress. Through the growing crowd of unfamiliar faces, he could not yet see her. “M’Lady!” He called out, scouring the sea of bodies. Desperately he clung to the hope that he had simply skipped over her in his anxious search. His mind began to race with endless possibilities as to what could have become of her. What if she had not made it through the portal? What if he had accidentally abandoned her? Or what if a fate worse than anything he could fathom had fallen upon the glamorous girl?

It was then that he fixed his cold, blue eyes upon the one who had called them forth through the portal, brow furrowed his teeth began to grind together as the knot in his stomach tightened. That damned demon had better hope that his Oasis Goddess had made it through the portal. Or he would make him pay, the only way he knew how; with blood. 


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Out of all the wondrous places she had seen until now, this was the most peculiar. Curious, breathless, awed and delighted she stepped into the shallow waters and watched the sky ripple and contort around the feet. The horizon was no more, swallowed by this hazy world where up was down and left no different from right. Fascinated the child set off in graceful leaps and bounds, the vigorous display of life and youth rupturing the seams of the world. Gathered into glittering, shimmering droplets of light it rose and fell and shattered against the shifting sands below to reform the perfect balance once more.

After a minute she was dizzy, and in a heartbeat she was thoroughly lost. Yet she could not find it in her to be concerned or frightened, because the beauty of the vast panes were graceful and eternal, and she was no longer in pain. Dark winds had dried out the infection in her left eye so that it no longer oozed and throbbed. What few issues that had remained after her encounter with Bear and Wolf were gone as well, and fatigue had been left behind along with the boring, constantly grazing mother. The only thing left to disturb her now was the ink-like substance that leaked from orifices, dribbling and smudging the white of her frame until her appearance became like that of an angel fallen, her pure light dimmed by infinite darkness...

It sullied the perfection of child and world as it dripped into the clear waters and expanded. The magic of the shimmering illusion became disrupted, fading at the presence of midnight tears which marked the path of the winter child. Yet... surely this marvelous place was less fragile than it seemed. A polished steel plate rather than fragile glass, supple water over shattering crystal. How could ever such a small, frail existence as this passing dove forever destroy the face of such wordless beauty. Come a quiet springtime rain and the trace of small feet upon the sand would disappear, gone in a fairy sight.

Yet, even this peaceful, tranquil world was to be torn asunder by pain, sorrow and all the evils of war. She knew it as soon as the mirage of horses appeared before her, and the child felt unease clasp tightly around the porcelain heart, threatening to break it. Would no place be spared the madness, the chaos? A full season had almost passed and yet she had already seen more war and brutality than many adults. There was a pain and a knowing in her eyes that did not belong to one so young, and as the moon-blessed girl stopped to watch the gathering from afar it was with resentment and judgment.

How was that regal, blazing furnace of a stallion any different from his siblings? The flavor of his presence was that of divinity, and the air around him filled with the same fluttering, dancing, swarming black butterflies she had begun to see once the mucus rose in her eyes. A side effect from being exposed to such extreme levels of magic perhaps, or maybe no more than the awakening of an innate ability... Then again, Erthë might just be going crazy. They did not appear everywhere after all, only here and there and around random horses. A few kept fluttering around her own feet, and around Father and Vlasi, and in this empty land of revolving sky they drifted back and forth on the lazy breeze as if they belonged there.

Oh, they seemed to very much like the strangers that followed the God through the flaming portal as well. The air was thick with black, swirling flapping fluttering black, in such quantities that she found the beauty of them faded, a touch of nightmares and wolf breath setting her on edge while chills crawled up and down the spine.

Carnage would stain these fair lands... could she find it in her to participate again? The black fang resting against the thin chest seemed to growl to her, reminding of the prize for peace and health.

Would she have to pay again today?

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I should, likely, be avoiding these strange lands, summoned from whatever far place this Rift was – and yet, they call to my young heart, its sense of youthful abandon, and I cannot help but find myself taking one step after another over the rippling, mirror face that edges the sea, blinking black tears of slime down my face as I look ponderously at the strange sand covered in a fine veneer of water.

The trees, blessedly, have been retired of whatever devil possessed them, and yet I now find the world without a single smell, sounds rippling and muted as if passing through great leagues of water, or fabric. From their travels come small wakes of disturbance in the transparent air, a unique thing to see – for it is unseeable, and yet shimmers like spider’s gauze on the wind. Part of me wonders, as I look from the maddening sheet of rainbow across the world to the ripples of voices that reach through the air sea, if all of this is not some consequence of whatever illness befouls me.

I cough, my sides shaking violently.

If it’s in my head then fuck it, I think, because there is a chance it isn’t, and I refuse to not know. Taking a few strong steps forward as if to convince otherwise that little voice that chirps and sings that I’m sick, I should stay home, I should stay out of here, this place where Gods battle and the mortals all suffer for whatever is gained by the divines.

Maybe my sister is there, or Erebos; and another voice, excited, jumps about in wonder of which Gods we will get to stand among this time, rattling my bones and jarring my senses so that I occasionally pause to shake my head vigorously, as if it is some small man clinging to my mane I might dislodge, send skittering across the strangely shimmering earth.

Some distance within I find a gathering as I had expected, part feared to not exist. The world behind me is a closed circle of the gleaming illusion, and I quickly look back towards the Golden God and those who stand about him to avoid the strange flipping tugs that assault my belly at the sight, nodding in reverence as I approach.

There is no warping darkness, no sense of illness or decay about this land as there were the others, though I still feel the anxious rise of my heart and the tensing of my figure in preparation for a fight - a slow wheeze escaping my lungs for all my ferocity. Slowly, I regard the strange God among them all, his horns so oddly familiar, something in his lines tugging at my heart in the gentlest of pulls… but I chase the thought away, instead taking in the sight of what, surely, is the Lord of the Sun, for he radiates light and drips fire, and through the hazy black film of my vision, I try to admire the aura of power that rises from him as it does his brother, his gloriously beautiful sister.

Instead, I cannot help but note that unicorns are few in this assemblage, nearly all baring wings – and rather than gathering among them as I had in other meetings, I stand in the rear, not wanting to be so close to so many I’d rather not touch or associate with (there is even some weird bitch with wings behind her ears! – though I seem to recall another glimpsed briefly in prior Godly encounters of this season, hard to really remember anyone I hadn’t got a good look at as I’d showed up in all that chaos).

As I see Erthe, I snort, spraying black film all across the ground in agitation, my ears laying flat upon my head in annoyance that she’s everywhere I am (even though she hasn’t been).

I especially don’t want to be anywhere near that heinous little bitch of a child. Somehow I think Gods frown upon beating children in front of them, I think, a chuckle immediately resounding into a cough.

[ Is experiencing sound as silvery distortions and has no sense of smell currently. :3 He is standing in the back (as far away from Erthe as he can manage xD).

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But it's so hard to. 

Whatever the fuck I had, it was kicking my ass.

But it had to be from something in the labyrinth. A tickle in my throat causes a cough, sputtering the black goo onto the ground. This was miserable, not to mention painful. Coughs rack my body, spraying black goop on everything.

How do I cure it? Is there even a way? Or would I just die?

My body feels heavy, like my limbs have begun to fail to work. And honestly, I realize that I can't feel them. I look down, and they aren't there. But  I don't panic. It's fine... Right? I snort, goo oosing from my nostrils. This isn't so bad. I was floating slowly further forward. Wherever I was going, it was bright. So bright. But then I stop, looking out at the equine gathered. So many. Oh look... a glowy one. 

Hey isn't that the sun god? Or something like that? 

Wait, what if he is a monster. Like the wolf we had to fight in the labyrinth. What if he was an impostor.  

"It's not him... he's lying... he is an impostor..."

A shaky laugh bursts through my mouth, before I am returned to cough and hacking up the black ooze, as it leaked from my mouth, eyes, and nose. I was delusional, but I didn't know that. In my mind I thought I was perfectly fine... At least right now. 

Soon, I would learn that I was wrong. Sunny here wasn't an impostor. I would soon see. Soon, soon...

And I say, Hey, hey hey hey, Living like we're renegades

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Notes: He is currently hallucinating that he has no legs and is floating. He is also delusional from fever and thinks that Sunny here is an impostor god.

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The elephant breeches the large saltwater flats, the reflection beneath him doubling his already considerable bulk. Azure gaze watches the God of the Sun. He approved of his blinding light, his thought out and clean absorption of this new land. Burning out the disease, offering refuge. Yes, Tembovu approved of this god— this was one he could support, possibly even worship.

A ripple ran through him as surveyed those Helovians infected with black lung of the labyrinth. He had been lucky to avoid such a disease, as had his herd-mates. These equines were so sick, they would be a danger to themselves and the newcomers.

So warily he takes further steps into the flats. They had their own kind of foreboding beauty, one could get lost out here. And with the added unique and strange outsiders, it was quite a scene to behold.

His hooves carry him towards the flaming god. Deeply he nods his great head, the largest sign of respect he had yet to pay towards any deity in Helovia. Head swivels, for the winged man he is next to is angrily grinding his teeth.

A wry smile crosses his face, “Hello, welcome to Helovia,” he pauses, assessing the agitated man, “Most from the Rift are generally happier to have come here.” His deep voice is rumbling with faint amusement as he addresses the maneless, cream pegasus.

Though he does not relax as he normally does when meeting newcomers. His eyes shift restlessly over the endless horizon, awaiting for an attack from the wronged Rift God. He stiffens his back, “How worried should we be about your god attacking?” There is dry humor in his rumbling voice, the question spoken to @Boy, but addressed to all the Riftians coming through.
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I'm tired of Gods.

I'm tired of disease.

The ice queen hitched himself across flats, flakes of frost floating for a moment in the shallow water before melting. He was tired of it, but it was about the only interesting thing going on—there had been a long time since there had been anything but shams for wars, the political board in some kind of eternal, mutual check-mate, and.. and while he yearned for some kind of peace, and contentment, he also knew that peace was boring and so he came here anyway, to the lands where his Gods tore open time-streams and healed lands and.. well. Fought other Gods.

His owl had nearly died. He'd been yelled at. He'd watched Roskuld flung aside; he'd watched Tembovu swarmed by wolves. And Aviya...

Mauja ground his teeth together as he ambled along in the wake of his Glazier. So here he was again, to witness tragedy, or try to prevent it, or anything. If two out of two times had led to wrath and ruin, why would the third time not be the same?

So it was with a reluctant wariness he came upon the scene. This time it was the flaming Sun who had brought these lands into the Helovian fold, and Mauja found it oddly fitting. Something about the light-setting and the way his fiery self reflected in the mirror-like surface made the God seem even more powerful; even more regal.

"Sól," he breathed, coming up next to Tembovu. Then, he raised his voice and head to the Rifters, hoping he did not seem too haggard there in the shadow of the Sun. Still, his voice was clear and light when he spoke. "Newcomers, if you find yourself lost and in need of family, know that you will be welcome at the World's Edge."

He had meant to do it after the other two battles as well—extend what he hospitality he could to these outlandish strangers, but in the midst of all the grief and fear and worry.. there simply hadn't been time.

So this time, he would deal with it before some vindictive asshole of a God showed up to try and ruin their day.

[ Mentions Tembovu and Sun God. Extends an offer to come live at the Edge to all Rifters. ]
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He walks on ground that reflects his titanic frame back at him; it feels odd beneath his feet, so eerily flat that surely it cannot be real. And, damn, the sound of his hooves on the sand - if that's what it is - is torture to his overly sensitive ears, and he can smell every salty whiff rising from the furthest reaches of infinity. His thick neck is arched, ears flattened in the vain hope that will prevent him having to hear everything. Black slime loops from his nostrils and lips, and his obsidian face is stained even deeper by the tear-like black droplets that ooze from his eyes. At least the fucking boils did not affect his senses, and turn him into some all-hearing, all-smelling beast.

This land's patron God is one the giant has never seen before - sun-coloured, powerful. So far, the only God not to show up is Volterra's personal favourite, the deity of the Earth - the king of the Gods, in the earth-crushers opinion. Not just because he sired Isopia, but because he radiates everything the yearling believes in. Strength, power, earth magic. Perhaps there will be another fight, with dear Earthy leading the forces - if so, Volterra will fight harder than ever before, a willing soldier to the man who gave him magic and amulet alike.

For now, he probably has another battle to get through here, another God to fell with the brawn of his body. His dragon sits sprawled across his back, twiddling a bone between his forepaws. The crimson king's tail thrashes idly behind him, his spines erected in preparation for the fight that will most probably come. After all, these new lands seem to be signified by demonic Gods who need bringing down. ""

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Einarr moved with a surprising grace. His eyes were wide with wonder and curiosity, but his body was tight with a trained suspicion. This place was new to Helovia, which meant there would be a fight here. If what his herdmates had said was true, that is, and he believed Megaera to be truthful--to him, at least. Whether or not she told Cathun--the leaopard spotted warrior--lies was inconsequential. He cared not for how she communicated with others as Sultana (for surely she had a reason), but merely cared for how she communicated with him. He had no reason not to trust the bay--she was the mother to his daughter, after all, granted by the power of Father Earth. Mulling over his thoughts, the darkling warrior nearly missed the glorious display of the Sun God.


Stopping in his tracks, Einarr watched the Throat's patron with awe behind his scarred frame. Carefully, the warrior tilted his head in greeting to the deity, respect lacing his words. "Oh Great Sun, glory be to you." It as almost a memorized recitation of the phrase, but within the guardian's breast he meant the words. His daughter had helped him piece together the string of words to make sense in the common Helovian tongue after he had spoken the phrase to her in their rough dothraki tone. Lifting from his brow, Einarr gave a nod towards his Khal. Shifting his eyes, he sought the black and blue mare--and it seemed, he was here first. A flame of pride flicked inside of his ribcage, knowing he had one-upped the fiery bitch. 

"Oh Sun, what this place have to teach us?" Einarr asked, cloven hooves reaching to take a hesitant step towards the golden god.

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[Speaks to the God and nods to Gaucho.]

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Deimos the Reaper

Gone from the melting pockets of snow and the cavernous ruins of his brooding discord, the Reaper maneuvered across vast, open lands, rolling fibers and sinew and coiled muscles through rapacious annals and callous canals, catching only the schism of inquiry as he motioned along the constant abyss. Had his eyes not been set upon a wandering sojourn towards the Deep Forest and all its viperous, monstrous allure, he may not have even noted the peculiar range of light and incandescence; but his gaze spotted the fragments, the beams, the strange blaze, and followed, just as pulled and tied and tethered to flame as the rest of the moths. His movements slowed, particular, finite, speculative and scrutinizing, as he witnessed the bursting edges of the Sun God rise against the unfamiliar land, the intriguing stretch of land he’d never sought: like little indents of sea and surf, sprawled across rocks and tapestries, canvases of ancient empires and enigmas. Attracted to the ocean and its calling gulls, its serene backdrop, its sousing, drowning vestiges, enticed by the infernal simmer of fire, an avaricious gleam stole along his mind, just for a moment, just for a snippet, wondering and pondering before he noticed others joining amongst an unwinding mass, some familiar and well-known, others jutting out in strange figures and delving into deeper folds of mysteries. Perhaps the largest, however, was the existence of this newfound world and all the secrets captured, locked, and bottled within it. Was this what the Spark God had spewed when his frustrations conquered the mirrors’ reflections? Had the Gods discovered something else, something more, something unwinding: a perilous venue, a glorious artifice? And if so – just what was inside that made it worth the gathering troupes and the approach of deities? Conniving and calculating, the winter Lord festered near the outskirts, not quite enthralled into the passions of the throng, embodying one of his talents (silence, scrutiny, slithering), curving along the outer wake, dabbling his hooves into puddles and beams of fire – relishing for a taste, an opportunity, of the labyrinth’s twine to unroll.

[Hangs out on the outskirts of the crowd.] 

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Intrigue was a beautiful harpoon, curiosity a wondrous escapade, mysteries a passionate canvas. Rather than wander the ancient, yet familiar, arts of spring and its dewy serenity, rather than cast away stones and delve deeper into the folds of a forest, the fairies serpentined their way amidst cataclysms and collisions, disrepair and devastation. As they danced, as they swept, as they chided scorn and derision, as they sang and chirped and crooned along the heights of iron and the pinnacles of sorrow, the elegant sway hastened them into bewitching, entrapping veils. Where they once pranced into shadow, the twists, the turns, became light, and where they basked in the warmth of Birdsong puddles, they felt the hiss of fire – and their gaze lanced immediately to the swarm of infernos and luminescence, blinded by the brilliance, by the entanglement of the Sun God. They’d been awed by his magnificence too many times before, had earned sweet, mellifluous chords, and bright, blistering, treacherous chords from his blessings. They paid their respects, an ivory kitsune, a nettled nymph, to his opus, to his patronage, in fine bows and deep reverence, a kind, enveloping smile, a genuine, winsome grin – but failed to voice the many questions swarming their minds. What was his purpose here? To extend more bestowals? To hinder the might of some other dominion? To fracture and sever some barbaric constraints? This wasn’t a world she was familiar with – but known particles and presences reached the Songbird’s heart like a proud dove: the icy convictions of Mauja, World’s Edge King all over again, Lord Deimos woven amongst the outer edge, children of the Basin suddenly becoming older, wiser beasts – and then a notion, a memory, a horror stirred against her chest (the massive beast, hovering, unwinding, full of hate and malice and fire), and she instantly preferred to break amongst the folds of others, daring to delve into the crowd, amass a smile back along her face, even if it didn’t impact her heart. The Mender’s focus reeled upon the warmth of the luminous deity, and prayed for salvation instead of sacrilege. 

[Imogen and Lena pay respect to the Sun God. On seeing Gaucho, they both hover deeper into the crowd.]

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Megaera was drawn to the power of her God like a honeybee to a bright flower. Though this new land was strange and seemingly endless it was wondrous to behold. The glassy waters reflected the light of her beloved sun, like walking in the sky instead of flying. And there he was, the great golden god with his eternal halo of fire. He is here! Perhaps her had heard her prayers after all, and come to answer in his own good time, she should never have doubted that he would. If his return meant another monster, so be it, they would fight and they would win.

Cantering over the glassy surface, the Sunspear raced to meet her god and see who had gathered around him. She came unadorned to this meeting, though she would have liked to keep her leathers around her, they had been cleaned and left in the oasis to dry. The wolf mask, too, had been left behind, for she had yet to trust the Moon’s gift. She wore only her scars, each one a lesson, and moved like a glossy dark streak in the bright landscape, with another dark speck drifting high above her where Gwaihir kept his watch.

Slowing when she approached the group, Megaera weaved through the bodies. As she passed him, she extended a wing to touch a feather of hers to Gaucho’s, but where she might have once chosen to stand at his side, it was now another stallion that the mare gravitated towards. It was done almost without her notice, as her gaze was still fixed on the Sun, but when she came to a stop and bowed her head to the deity, it was standing with Einarr on her right. When he spoke to the God, however, he pulled her dark eyes from the light and she considered the space between them. A few feet, which was all at once too close and yet seemed so terribly terribly far. Again, she felt that weight in her stomach, the one that had flared so recently to a rage at the meeting when he had whispered to the seafoam mare but now it only pulled in her insides, trying to move her closer to him.

[ooc// Mentions the Sun God, Gaucho, and Einarr]

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Erebos wore confidence like most cretins wore treachery: full of conviction, prospering with determination. The world often set him aside, usually informed he was no more powerful of a being than the next blistering beast, but the feverish tenor of his mind refused to part with the notions contorted within: he’d survived a fight with a God. He hadn’t been alone in the fray, he hadn’t been the only one combatting the strange, unwinding forces at work, but he’d also walked away – with mere burns splashed across his chest – surely that had to mean something? That he was potent? That he was lethal? That somehow, someway, he’d be worth all the might, all the dominance, all the supremacy stirring along his veins and mustering past the webs of his deceit? Or was it a case of normalcy; the right place, the right time, bearing witness to another rite of calamity, another spark of disdain and discord and disrepair, juncture and splintered towards each and every soul in the chosen land? He was naught special, a prince by name and not by action? The latter left him frowning even as he followed the wayward scent of Rikyn, spied him along the outcrops of another world left untouched, his pondering anointing and consecrating him only to the ruin of queries and iniquities: what would it take to become great?
He maneuvered slowly amidst the mass, minded the raw wounds still blistering and scorching along his skin, and nearly jumped at the image of the grand Sun God, master of flames, patron of infernos. The bestial lad’s own ruminations of fire, of sparks, of barbaric interludes crossed amongst his mind, and Orsino basked in the glory of it all, cackling across their connection, pressing and entangling his wicked delusions into mystical speculations: neither fiend knew why the deity was here, glowing and welcoming creatures to Helovia (but then he remembered the prior incident, and glanced for newcomers, for others so unlike any he’d ever seen before). The boy didn’t bother to mask his acclaim for the celestial being, managing a billowing bow, a notch to his chest, an extended grin to his father veiled along the outer wall, before maneuvering closer to Rikyn, tumbling about his menacing, mischievous grin, and ceasing entirely at the rumbling, hackling sound emanating from his friend. Yards away, his head tilted, ears pricking at the din of illness, at the hollowed swell of crackling lungs. Orsino refused to budge – diving between their connections with growing alarm. No go! No go! Sick sick sick! Erebos, for all his greed, for all his avarice, couldn’t bellow impudence, loathing, and insurrection while his friend remained indisposed. “What happened to you?” he whispered along the mist, through the abyss, not realizing how much he’d missed from prior incidents. 

[Bows to Sun God. Stands yards away from Rikyn.] 

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I seemed to get that anxious feeling within my stomach as I travelled this time. It reminded me much of the feeling I had gotten from the Labyrinth where the wolves had appeared. I really didn’t want to go to where my feeling guided me, but I knew I needed to go just on the off chance that Tembovu would end up there again. God, could he not stay away from anything? I was absolutely terrified seeing what had happened to him under the Wolf God. Though I knew that I needed to go see what was happening in order to be sure that nothing would happen to him again. I knew deep down in my mind that he could take care of himself. He was big AND old enough after all, but that didn’t stop me from worrying.
Sighing to myself, I continued on my adventure until I came across a land I hadn’t experienced anything like. It seemed all so strange; but changing like the labyrinth had been. Something so well known slowly shifting into something completely foreign. And with that, I didn’t know what exactly was going on with it. However, I did see a group forming. Everything was blurry from a distance, but as I grew closer everything seemed so much like the fight I had participated in before. Eyes darting around to the equines as I approached. Many of them containing the illness from the Wolf God. I noticed the little filly from before. What did she say her name was again? Ere? Yeah that sounded right to me. She seemed a little better, the boils on her had been healed and it was a bit of a relief.
I hung on the outskirts for a few moments taking slow glances at faces in the crowd. Some seemed more bewildered than frightened. Some had very strange markings and bodies. Then, I spotted two familiar beings in the mix. The spotted ‘Queen’ and that damn behemoth. How did I know he would be here? Shaking my head to myself, I made my way to them. Golden pelt serene and flawless as I made my way to the side of Tembovu. I had been lucky not to suffer any injuries in the previous fight, however the feeling of having such a porcelain pelt made me feel almost vulnerable. Especially standing beside the scarred and beaten creatures here. Turning my head to Tembovu I offered him a gentle smile.  Then turning my head further to hopefully catch the eye of Mauja, I smiled to the stag as well. "Hello again, Mauja." I spoke to him quietly before turning my blues up to Temb with a small happy flicker within them. I wasn’t sure if Mauja knew anything about the two of us. I wasn’t sure if he wanted the spotted stag to know, so I stayed indifferent yet close to Temb. Acknowledging him by just a nod and a smile and happy just to be by his side before anything started. Perhaps I’d have a chance to protect him now. Or maybe he’d end up being the one to protect me.
Eyes scanned the creatures before us in a curious manner rather than scrutinizing. Dipping my head to each of them gently before my eyes were dragged away by a creature that almost seemed too pure and too holy to be anything here. Was he another one of those gods I hadn’t ever seen before? I hadn’t heard anything about this one. So maybe he was kinder toward us. Or maybe he kept to himself mostly. I couldn’t be too sure.
Say it’s me.
But that wasn’t true... Was it?

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As my friend did, I could not believe the new world that we found ourselves in. Where we had been standing in shadow and death, in a land sick and tortured, some sort of magic had washed over the land and purified it. And it was beautiful once it had been. I started to feel okay, not better by any means but a little safer. A little less like my entire world was crashing down on me.

But the feeling didn’t last long. Evaneska was speaking but I barely caught the words - I was focusing too much on the portal that had opened - sunlight and warmth calling me. As though summer itself was beckoning. I was still trying to decide whether to trust it when the mare by my side moved. “Evaneska!” I whispered in a frightened strangle of a voice when my friend, my only friend, stepped through the portal and disappeared. But I was more afraid of being alone than I was of whatever may lay on the other side so I followed soon after, keeping as close to her dappled side as she would allow. My eyes landed immediately on the stallion - if such a simple term could be given to the golden creature that had greeted us. He seemed to be so much more, more than any mere mortal could be. I felt plain, insignificant even, in his presence. My coat pulsed dully, twice quickly and then another pulse a little while later, but it was nothing compared to the fierce power that radiated from the one that greeted us.

“Thank you, sir, for saving us.” I manage to whisper, though I am certain that he won’t hear me. There are others, and I shy away from them all - wanting to either sink into the side of Evaneska or of the great golden god - though I wasn’t near close enough to him to do so. So I try to move closer to her, golden eyes wide as they take in the crowd of those that did not come through the portal that were just here. One of them asks us about our god, about whether they will attack, but our gods were not here. And they did not attack, at least not anyone that did not deserve to be attacked.

Surely it would be the same here.
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