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What you don't even know [Aithniel]

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She had been quietly watching the girl ever since the Whale had told her it was her daughter. She still didn't believe that was true, because, well for one a fucking whale told her in the Dragon's sea, which only happened because Ampere was affected by Mara's poison. Still, Ampere had seen the girl fighting the dragon alongside the other demi gods, and she had been present beside the Sun God during the murders. All signs suggested the girl was the Sun's daughter, which made it very likely that she was her daughter too.

Not for certain, Ampere stubbornly held onto. Assuming that egg she left in the sand had died (something she'd rather not consider), then the Sun surely had no problem finding another mare to breed with. Some things still seemed off, like how old the filly was given when Ampere birthed her, but then she also saw how fast Raven, the earth demi, had grown.

So Ampere arranged for one of the ways she felt confident she could finally decide - battle. Aithniel was surely untrained given her age and lack of parental guidance. Ampere had been similar at that many season, though she had had her grandsire to teach her a thing or two. Still, she supposed the girl might have certain traits that matched her own without any training or even realization. Time to learn Ampere thought as she swooped down on one of the metal tines that lined the Dragon's Throat arena. Perching precariously on the metal tree branches, Ampere watched for the arrival of Aithniel whom she'd summoned earlier for this. Even if Aithniel ended up not being her daughter, Ampere still needed to assess her capabilities - she'd been a warrior of hers for a while now but Ampere knew so little of her, and the child often skirted their meetings.

"You can start, or I can, but fight me with all you've got."

[Extended Timeline spar, Birdsong morning in the Dragon's Throat arena. Anything allowed.]
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Dark tar still dribbled from her nostrils and leaked down her eyes like mascara after a good cry. If not for the implications of a deadly illness, the look suited her decently well. However, with the boils also blotting her aching sides, she was in a fit of misery. Aithniel did not want to fight, but she knew it would be best if she did – especially since Ampere had yelled at all of them for being lazy. She couldn’t deny that she had avoided battle, so what better time to prove her determination than to fight when the world was in a black and white haze and she felt more dead than alive? Surely Ampere would see that as a sign of courage; at least, she hoped so.

With wings tucked to her side to hide some of the oozing boils, she stepped into the sandy arena, blinking her eyes a few times to adjust to the bright light off the ground. Fortunately, everything was in black and white for her as something about one of these diseases was messing with her mind. Ugh. Oh well. Cloven toes shoved into the sand, testing its depth and looseness so that she wouldn’t slip and fall on accident. Considering the ground was still somewhat damp beneath, the footing was decent, and she rolled her shoulders, stretching out and testing each of her wings. Ampere was surely powerful, just like Gaucho, so she knew she was about to get her royal, white ass handed to her.

But winning wasn’t the point – she reminded herself. Prove yourself. Aithniel avoided the meetings to avoid others and their scrutiny, but she could understand that it seemed she was not taking this job seriously.

A voice spoke from above, and her gaze snapped, seeing Ampere on a metal tree. Aithniel did not need to be told twice to give all that she had, but she was pleased with the permission to start. With a smirk, she narrowed her silver, molten eyes, opening her wings and feeling the breeze roll over the tops, giving her lift without much effort. The sun child took a deep breath, bounding into the air and circling, balancing her weight against the strength in her own wings. “You got it,” she replied, tucking her wings in and diving down toward Ampere. Aithniel did not hold back, but she also fought smart.

There was no point in hurting herself in the process of giving her all, and didn’t her all include brains? She assessed her opponent, finding that the shape of her own wings would give her more speed even though the shorter, dark mare would certainly have an advantage over a longer period of time. Untrained eyes could not determine who was stronger through, so she would just have to assume that it was Ampere so she could find that much harder. Aithniel snapped her wings open at the last second and lashed out with her hind hooves, twisting her body to give as much length as possible with the hope of grazing Ampere’s back or backside.

Using the metal as a spring board, she kicked off and shoved her wings down, straining to get air born again.

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- Aithniel swoops down and tries to kick Ampere's back/backside

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Ampere had to give the girl credit, she like her fire.

With little more than three words the steely demi-god was in the air and already edging in for an assault. Ampere waited, her gril wild as its stretched across the rough features of her face and scrunched up her already uneven marking. Wind pushed her hair erratically against her and she felt her pulse leap with that excitement that always rode in on a good fight- like a storm breaking on the horizon that promised rain for a tired earth.

Breathing as slow and cool as she could manage around the black tar inside her mouth, Ampere steadied herself on the metal, lingering in the hopes of drawing Aithniel in and using the arena's framework to her advantage. If Aithniel was wise, she would try to draw Ampere out - she had the fire magic to do it too, Ampere had seen it.

She didn't though.

In a way that was disappointing, but in other ways not. The bold and frontal attack Aithniel displayed was something Ampere was likely to do, her passion as evident as her reckless nature. Another sign chewing away at her doubt. Ampere snorted, unrelenting. Too soon to tell she thought as she launched herself into the skies with a mighty thrust of her coiled haunches. She had waited until she couldn't risk it any more, timing Aithniel's approach perfectly, or so she'd thought. Maybe her thoughts had distracted her, or maybe she'd misjudged Aithniel's superior speed, either way she didn't get away clean.

Hooves battered right about her tail dock as Ampere swept onto her wings beneath Aithniel, just catching that downward thrust of her hind hooves. The force knocked Ampere's ass a bit into the tree. Her tail feathers flared and her agility ultimately kept her on course, but the strong nudge none the less added a shallow line of red to her left cheek while bruises formed near her tail like a pretty little tramp stamp. Gritting her teeth, Ampere flew on, putting her momentum into her wings which she now used to climb up in the skies and head up above Aithniel.

As she went Ampere reached out with her magic, it's abilities in a way amplified by the infection that wracked her body into a cough even now. She could better sense the electrical pulses of creatures with this black tar, not that it was a benefit she wanted when it cost such a taxing on her body, but it was one she'd damn well use while she had it. So Ampere grabbed out with an invisible hand for Aithniel's electrical pathways, the ones that littered her body in a delicate network of control and communication. Ampere needed to slow the steel maiden down, so she tried to block off those impulses that connected her wings, to short circuit their function temporarily so Ampere could get ahead a bit more.

All the while the gladiator kept flying, and when she had the height she needed, she tilted sharply on her left wing, falling back down and back, aiming towards Aithniel. Her nares flared, trying to draw in the air whistling past her head, trying to breathe through the suffocating ailment. Airborne battles required precision and momentum, because the winds gave you no purchase but that which your wings claimed. It was a tiring ordeal, one which Ampere thought she could win with enough physical blows back and forth, expending Aithniel's energy especially with her hot head. With enough patience and stamina, maybe she could grab victory through a well timed siege. Would Aithniel catch on - would she care?

Show me how you fight.
Show me if you're mine.

Ampere smiled as she dove for the daughter of the Sun, front hooves extended before her as she targeted Aithniel's left shoulder. She hoped to slam into the girl, shoving down while her wings carried her above and on. It could risk an injured wing, but this was all out and wings were something precious which any intelligent opponent would go for. Ampere didn't want the wing, but she wanted Aithniel to guard it all the same and open up that shoulder. She wanted the fire to flare and the girl to fall, because maybe, just maybe if Ampere was able to pummel her appropriately, then she could rest easy that this was not her kin.

She figured if her blood beat in those veins, she'd see that spark too, and it'd bite her back. If not, then this flame burnt from another mare.

Wings flared at her sides, tail fanned as Ampere tried to pull up, hit or miss. As she moved she glanced at Aithniel, wondering if she'd rather the girl be her's or not.
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