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SWP :: What's mine is mine (Part I)

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"Mesec! Darling" The Goddess greeted her only child with genuine warmth in her velvety voice. A smile crested her lips as she turned fully towards her child - no longer a gangly boy - and beamed with pride. It was fitting that he would be here - first among them - to survey what she had accomplished. Sweeping her wing gracefully to the side as if to reveal what was before him, she paused dramatically."Welcome to the Green Labyrinth."

The Goddess flashed a smile towards Thranduil, her lilac lips tilting up even further as she cast an approving eye all around them. It was then that she noticed them - them - slipping through the last remnants of her fog. Her smile faltered for a second, but was quickly replaced. 

Why you do dis? What the hell happened? "I happened." She responded, answering both at once, and casting a slightly narrowed gaze towards Ophelia. "Cleansing them? No. I am not so naive or arrogant as to think I could do that. Why would I even want to? Cut off the leg to save the body I say. This - this maze of nature - was all that was worth salvaging."

The Goddess ignored those who arrived who chose to glare in her general direction. Their haughty looks meant little to her - especially when so many of those who poured from her smoke were clever enough to see the opportunity she presented to them, rather than to dwell in the past. She nodded appreciatively to Nuray, and shrugged emphatically towards Lace. The Goddess was about to respond to Ranjiri's comments, when she stiffened and abruptly spun as Aurelia raced towards her. The golden mare froze in mid-stride, her limbs painfully constricting as the Goddess' invisible magic forced her in place.  Slowly, all of the hair from Aurelia's tail began to dissolve away in multiple painful tendrils of black smoke that burned away the hair, until only her skin-covered tailbone remained. "You aren't even worth the trouble." She sneered, her pale eyes hard and unyielding. In an instant, Aurelia disappeared. The Goddess' magic flung her far, far away, into the icy expanses of the Steppe. However the trip was not quick, and it was far from painless. 

Next, she rounded on a dark midnight coloured steed, pale eyes flashing with amusement and hostility."Who are you, to give such advice? What do you know of her brother? Of her? Are you so naive as to think that after three seconds here, you are in a position to advise others to dare attack me? Allow me to show you the error of that line of thinking..." With unfettered speed, Kratos was thrust backwards - nearly flying directly into where Manhattan and Knox invisibly lingered. This, very likely was on purpose. 

As Hotaru reported that one of her brothers killed one of their Gods, the Goddess laughed."Is that so Hotaru? My, my, my..." She internally mused on how fickle this crowd could be - how narrow sighted and selfish. That they were okay with some murders but not others ... ahhh, but that was alright. She understood. However, as Sialia arrived and spoke up, the Goddess realized that they still didn't.

"You know what would be awfully careless of you?" She snapped, tail lashing against her hocks as she too received the same painful transportation to the Steppe as Aurelia had. "Being a bitch to me." She finished, spitting the words out under her breath as the mare disappeared.

Still, the Goddess looked relatively calm and relaxed, regardless of how many who surrounded her wanted her dead. She exuded a feminine power that seemed to drip from her every word and movement. Never arrogant - for she never overvalued her sense of worth - The Goddess gleamed like starlight as her smokey tendrils began to completely fade.

Except for...

It seemed that Manhattan and Knox weren't the only pair hiding in the shadows. Whispers began to purvey through this new paradise, infecting minds and causing ears to ring. Nothing was spoken out loud, and yet they all heard it. They all felt it. 

It was cold. It was dark. And it was hungry.

You dare think you can take from me? This whisper was different, more tangible somehow, and yet still unspoken. Only for a brief second did the Goddess's composure falter. Her ear briefly flickered backwards and her eyes narrowed, before a mask of confidence once again hardened her features. 

"Finders keepers." She snapped, not bothering to look around for the unseen voice, yet feeling around her with her magic. "And I already did, if you hadn't noticed. You just left this place, and its inhabitants, to waste away while you gorged yourself.  Those around me might fault me for my past actions, but at least I did something for them. For these lands. Unlike you. I saw how you treated them - the abandonment. The negligence. I might be hated. But you are a cancer. NOW SHOW YOURSELF."

As the words left her mouth, a massive wolf appeared seemingly from a puddle of shade. It was pitch black, with hungry, glowing golden eyes. Silvery saliva that seemed acidic dripped from its fangs as it took a menacing step forward. It was nearly the size of the Goddess herself, though she didn't shrivel from its advance. 

"Go back to your greed and gluttony. This land, and those who have decided to come through are under my protection now, dog. Now get."

Simultaneously the Goddess cast a massive black ball of dark black-purple swirling smoke towards the Wolf, who seemed to dissolve into a number of different, slightly smaller, smoke versions of itself. The real wolf evaded the attack by dodging to the left and rolling out from under the Goddess' magic. With a toothy snarl, it spat a ball of acidic slobber onto the ground, immediately wilting a flower.

THEY. ARE. MINE." The wolf roared viciously. 

With a snort, the Goddess shot a glance towards her assembled group of dissenters: Archibald, Gaucho, Kutlu, Ranjiri, and the rest. "This is part of Helovia now, and they are Helovian's. Think what you will of me, but this will not stand. If you are not with me, be with them. If not, you are against us." The Goddess didn't particularly care if she won over the affections of the glaring group - but she did want to kick this mutt's ass, and that would be accomplished easier with their aid. 

It was then, that the wolf and it's shadowy compatriots, lunged.


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@Aurelia has been transported to the Steppe! She will experience severe dizziness for the next few days, and has lost all the hair on her tail!

@Kratos has been thrown backwards about 20ft and almost hits Knox/Manhattan.

@Sialia has also been painfully transported to the Steppe! She too will experience severe dizziness.


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stars in your multitudes, scarce to be counted. filling the darkness with order and light.
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The Moon Goddess had a son? Nuray gazed upon the stallion that was truly blessed. Instinctively she bowed her head to the soon of the moon and stars.

A smile graced the silken maiden as the Goddess of her cherished treasure deemed her worthy enough to be acknowledged in any way. In one fluid, elegant motion her front legs crossed as she curtsied before the embodiment of night. Along her spine a shiver slowly crept as the Goddess addressed those around them. The cold touch of fear didn't come anywhere near the mare. Nothing but respect was shown.

Nuray remained poised and refined. Even when horses were punished for their insolence she did not cringe, she did not fear. To glare at one of such status was a crime and, if anything, she was glad the woman was keen on reminding them of their standings compared to hers. The moon was strong and unyielding: even when the sun tried to consume the world in its light the moon still watched overhead in the clear skies. A purr of content caused her muscles to relax. Those of foolish arrogance deserved to be punished. Some might protest, some might claim the Goddess was misusing her powers, but in the end they were misguided.

"May the moon and stars show them the right path." she murmured quietly, near inaudible, to herself.

Ears pricked as a voice was heard. However the words didn't echo through her eardrums. No. Instead they rang within her head. Nuray's nose twitched in irritation, eyes narrowing as her gaze searched through the crowd. How dare someone enter her mind without permission; how dare they infiltrate her defenses. The maiden threw up the gates in her mind once more, her posture guarded.

It was then that a monster of behemoth size entered the clearing. A wolf, if one could claim him to be such a thing. Nuray did not understand the exchange, did not know the full story behind these dealings. But she trusted in the Goddess and her heart. If the one blessed by the moon went on the offensive so would she. She would willingly sacrifice herself in the name of her holy faith.

"I stand by you, my Goddess." She made her allegiance clear and proud. There were horses here whom might turn on her for such an announcement but Nuray simply swept her tail as if flicking a small annoying flea off of it. "In thine's honor and name I pledge my allegiance. Let those whom stray from the moon's guidance be shown thou's true heavenly glory."

To say the wolf struck fear in her chest would be an understatement. Like any lady, though, she kept it to herself. Long limbs carried her swift as her head lowered, ears flattened against her bald head. Her legs carried her until she was on the wolf's right flank (or so she hoped). Dipping her crown lower, she charged forward. She tried to swoop down on the monster's underbelly, or as closed to the exposed body parts as possible. All the while she remained wary of the poisons he carried and his demon-like presence.

She prayed she was able to hinder his lunge that was aimed for the Goddess, or so she assumed. Please let my aim be true.

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Nuray attempts to flank the wolf from the right. As she charges forward she lowers her head and center of gravity in hopes of being able to slide her horn across his soft underbelly.

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Vitani the Reckless

In the short time since Momma had been killed, i've stayed away from the Falls. Part of me doesn't want to go back. I was to find my Daddy, and the siblings that Momma had spoken of. Sarabi has finally started speaking. Althought she can't speak very well. Then again she's about half my own age. With the arrival of BirdSong I have turned one year. So much had changed in that year. I've gone from being the daughter of the Earth Medic and General.... To just a filly lost in a herd that had been taken over... To just a wanderer that wasn't even sure if home was really home anymore.

Today as we wander, I'm in the Deep Forest. It was here along with Shida and Daddy that I discovered the egg that Sarabi eventually came out of. Born? I look to Sarabi as she moves along side me. No you weren't born until you hatched... I don't think. I can only guess that's what she means. I'm still getting used to her emotions becoming my own. Or even mine becoming her's. This bond thing is strange. But I guess Momma and Kerian had more time to get used to it than I have. More things they went though together. But instead of the forest I knew I find a dark mist. I don't like it, and Sarabi doesn't either.

As we walk together thought the mist, Sarabi picks up on the sound of voices. Voices that belonged to members of the Falls. At least we were not alone in this. I slip in quietly, not speaking a word. I fall into place near the stallion the Goddess had just called her son. I look at him, surprised to be standing so close to... Royalty I guess.

That is when the wolf arrived. Sarabi began to growl, not liking the feeling this Wolf God seemed to give off. I look to the Goddess, and then to her son. Without thinking, I seek comfort from him. I shift sideways to nervously press close without touching his side. After all, I don't know him well enough to actually touch him... Sarabi continues to growl, little flickers of fire falling lightly near the wolf. It was more of a threat and a reaction to her emotions than anything else. But it was clear what my little fireball had planned for the big bad wolf. My voice calls out without any thought behind it. "We stand with you, Goddess of the Moon. We stand with our home." I was not a helpless child anymore. I was a yearling, with magic and a bonded. I was strong. I close my eyes and call on the magic to make a small hurricane, aiming it right for where the wolf stood.

"speech here"

-Vitani and Sarabi arrive and stand near @Mesec. When the Wolf God arrives Vitani chooses to side with the MOON GODDESS and uses her magic aimed at the Wolf God

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After we arrive, so much happens. The crazy fire bitch who had attacked Kaluha and tried to take her title as Queen of the Edge away raced at the Moon Goddess. Bad move. Alanna hisses in my mind. It doesn't take long for the Goddess to prove exactly why most of us standing here together dislike her. It was obvious she stops her from whatever crazy plan she had this time and simply sends her away without a word. Another stallion she throws backward... And a second mare is given a snarky remark and poofed away as well.

I shift slightly, thinking of leaving but staying to support those I stood next to. That is when the atmosphere changed. Alanna whined uncomfortably. "You dare think you can take from me?" The voice wasn't familiar, but the tone clearly showed whatever it was was not happy. I watch as the Goddess's eyes narrow before she speaks to whatever it was. I watch their exchange and the failed attack by the Moon Goddess. Now was the time to decide. Helovia, and the Moon Goddess.... Or this sick God from another place..... Quickly I make my choice... It's obvious... Even if that means I'm taking the side of a murderous bitch. As a mare moves to attack and a filly calls out her choice, I join them both. "FOR HELOVIA!" I cry as Alanna and I surge forward to join the battle that was sure to come.

I lunge for the front of the wolf, prepared to take whatever damage and attack that was meant for the Moon Goddess. Alanna on the other hand leaps for the wolf's back to sink her teeth into the wolf's neck. For now we both hold back our magic. choosing to try and work as a team as the beginning of the filly's magic causes the winds around us to pick up.

Walking "Talking"

Aaron leaps at the wolf to take the attack that I assume is aimed for the Moon Goddess. Alanna leaps for the Wolf God's back to try and attack him from above.


TEAM HELOVIA! (Moon Goddess)

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My eyes land, at first, on my sire. With an equally manly emotional movement, I bid my enthusiastic hooves to remain in place instead of bouncily bounding over to him like the colt inside me wants to. I’ve already fought a God and walked a good chunk of Loorien, and it simply won’t do for a warrior such as myself to be seen prancing like a little boy – even if I don’t quite manage to keep the joyful writhing my tail steady and I do cast him a meaningful stare and smile.

He’s standing with Ophelia, who is covered also in the disease, and with the number of those who wear the marks only seeming to grow (almost as we sit here, even), I feel a stirring of worry that maybe I shouldn’t have been so eager to meet those of the Rift, that I should not have stayed in the Blood Falls any longer than necessary; my gaze carries onward, marking each figure in memory for when things break bad.

I can only expect them too. Even if no other God is showing up to fight her, the Goddess is earning enough snarls and hot looks (I even hear the murmurs of murder rise up among some) to illicit threat enough.

A pegasus woman, ivory and colored so much like my mother her appearance makes my stomach turn and my heart ache all at once, instantly banishes any semblance to my dam by charging the Goddess, her teeth seemingly outstretched towards the tail of the Moon; along her golden marked pelt are the same sores that are on everyone else, and I can’t help but feel that her ridiculous launch at the hind end of a divine being was some uncouth behavior that, she thought anyway, would heal her.

I guess I would be pretty insanely set on curing myself too, if I was in her hooves.

With a magical “pops” the crazy tail grabber (who is also, with a moderate chuckle resounding from me at the irony, loses her tail) and another who vocalized her wish to see the Goddess dead are banished from the clearing.

My muscles tremble in awe of that particular talent.

The beautiful woman of the Night paused in her words, long enough for me to tear my eyes away from her (it was very hard to not look at her, she was so beautiful, and her hair was like molten silver trailing along the curves of her perfect body) and get a good look around me.

Then I saw her. My heart ruptures, my head flies upwards and my insides do this insane backwards flip and twist with fire. It’s Aithniel, and she is there alongside the winged thing that had doused her flames in the last fight. She is there and she, too, is covered in the marks of the disease, and my heart aches and my pride rages against the boundaries of my soul that I have been replaced by such a charlatan, that she has wings and can go places with my sister that I will never go. That she is there and not here alongside me is the most painful of all.

Have I really hurt her so?

And then the aching embers of that guilty agony fall into the pitching, woozy sensation of utter darkness, of disorientation. Grunting in dislike of the situation I pinch my golden eyes shut for the briefest of moments, swallowing hard to dislodge the haze that floods my thoughts as a voice growls like the pull of the belly too long without grazing.

Images of predators flood my thoughts; massive, snarling cats and wild hounds braying for blood.

Even the Goddess turns an ear, but mine are back, even after I pull my eyes open and find myself moving slowly, anxiously, eyes roaming all about the group for the source of the beast.

From the ground it comes, from the Shadow, its body rising upwards from a pool that had been the delightful play of light upon matter until it was a warg, a massive black wolf with golden eyes that burned into my heart and stirred the most primitive of fears. The Bear never hunted our kind, my soul did not tremble in the face of the blue encrusted God so heavily, like rattling change in the bottom of a brass jar.

I suddenly, deeply, regret choosing to stand alone rather than with some of the faces I sort of know, or that I had maybe been more apologetic towards Aithniel already.

Fuck it, rumbles some voice deep within my body, as the first to move against the wolf (its snarling, snapping, reaching for the Queen of the Night) leap forward, some directly into the path of the massive hound.

I move with them, though I’m not even sure who I’m fighting for. I just know I have to go into the fight or somehow I’ll find my way directly out of it – mostly because I’m still magnanimously afraid of the wolf, afraid of him in ways I am not of the Goddess, though she is a murderess (I’ve heard it only moments before, as I heard tales of her wanton mistreatment of her people often from my dam), even though she tricks, and she lies.

And who can trust the Darkness?

My focus is drawn to the wolf’s right forepaw, a memory upon another upon another stirring me to test the spell that had won me second place in a race up a mountain as a goat, a spell that had earned me victory and which, once, had spared me a lot of pain. Its only the vaguest of notions, the belief that I can do it crackling and moving through me.

With a mental shove of my will, I bid that leg to stop.

[ OOC: Rikyn hesitates for a moment before moving forward; he then pauses and tries to use his magic on the wolf’s right paw, hoping to make it stop moving and stumble/still the appendage. The magic takes a good bit of his focus so he’s not doing much but standing there staring. xD
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The haruspex regarded the Moon Goddess' every word and movement like that of a gift. How was it that after so long of hearing and seeing nothing, he was now encountering everything? The Moon Goddess' poise was remarkable, her power so eagerly displayed in the face of those who disobeyed or spoke out against her. Though Ashamin had known so little about this Goddess, he knew then that she was not to be trifled with.

Then again, no such powerful forces were. And suddenly a darker voice came, then appeared, and proved the young haruspex's point.

No gods were to be underestimated. And when the wolf appeared, dark as pitch and a menacing statue, Ashamin froze in his tracks.

A wolf.

He felt his heart beating in his ears, louder than he had ever before heard it as if it were amplified. He stood still like a deer in headlights. He wanted to run for his last scrap of life and save himself. And perhaps he would have, too, if he had been able to move. Or perhaps he would have fallen to the earth and shook in the maze of bamboo, if it had not been for his companion.

Somehow, he could feel Lochan's heart like his own. And he knew this was more than just their bond. He could feel it like an electric pulse. He could feel snippets of others, too, about him. Terrified, fast beating hearts, brave ones charging forth.

This... was magic.

And though perhaps he was scared, Lochan was even more so. And he feared for the young cerndyr more than himself. And he knew, he knew he had to protect the young companion. He had to be brave, for Lochan's sake. So with swiftness he grabbed hold of Lochan by the scruff and ran him to the safe side of the clearing, watching him with concern. His companion was nothing but a shivering statue, now, too frightened to move. Ashamin would have to move for him.

Ashamin pressed his nose to the soft patch of fur between his companion's small buds of horns, and then he turned. With a tossing of his mane, a rising of the decorated tooth to blink beside his eyes, he was suddenly adorned in the mask of a dead god. With such a disguise, he could face anything. And with such a heart as his own beating in his breast, strong even though it wavered as he cast it forth into the breast and mind of the snarling wolf, he knew he had what he needed within him to fight.

And so he charged, ready to leap up and fight, to bite at the wolf's hind legs as he circled around, and to protect the small cerndyr in the maze of bright green.

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Ashamin freezes up at first but then feels Lochan's heartbeat for the first time and charges ahead. As he runs he puts on his mask and tries to send his own heartbeat into the wolf's to distract it and show that he is not scared (even though he def is.) He's vaguely trying to bite at the wolf's hind legs.

See Ashamin's profile for more information about Lochan, Rakt, and his various items.
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Your sweet memory

Unlike the other strange gathering, this one held my interest. It was not for the fools standing about hurling words about as if they'd never learned to control their tongues, but for the Goddess who gracefully destroyed each and every one of them with a look. I think she even destroyed me.

And when that wolf appeared, brought forth still by her command as if even it was beneath the magnificent scope of her power, it became clear to me that this situation was much like the other. There was something to fight for, here. And though I wasn't often one to charge ahead, having little inclination towards the fighting arts, I knew I had to do something, then.

I had to fight for her. I had watched her storm and rage about like a regular queen. She was magnificent. I either loved her or wanted to be her, but either way she was amazing.

You might never understand what it is to see such an inspiration as that. I had lived my whole life as a mare without power. She demanded it, she took it whether it was hers or belonged to someone else. She was everything I had wished I could have been as a younger thing.

Don't think I didn't want to have known you. I don't think this is true. But remember how much pain I was put through. Look now, at all the pain I still carry with me. I am writing to a child who... a memory! You were never even...


I didn't protect the Goddess because if nothing else, it was clear she could handle herself. She needed no protection. She didn't need me. But still I would fight for her right to rule, her sovereignty. I didn't have such power in me but clearly she did, and I had to respect that.

With long-legged deftness and grace, I then wove about the crowd, seeking not to attack the wolf so much as throw off any dissenters. Should there be any who made what was so clearly the wrong choice, here, I would be ready to knock them off their feet as best as I could.

Maybe I was getting on in years, but I was always a good distraction.

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Team Goddess

Lyn seeks out anyone fighting against the moon goddess and aims to attack them/serve to distract them.

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[Image: 544db86c3336b]

Aviya found herself in the forest, running, running, running towards the smoke. Every ounce of her being pressed forward senselessly, her muscles tingling with anticipation of gods know what. The dark femme had no idea what was waiting for her in the forest, but she followed the smoke and the scent of her father. Something within her dark breast, hidden away by the silver-gold armor that covered her, made her panic. Icy blue eyes narrowed, her breathing was jerky and crazed, and yet she pressed forward, until finally she burst into the scene.

Aviya entered just in time to see the black wolf, covered in and followed by smoke, lunge towards the Moon Goddess, and in turn, Mesec"FATHER!" Aviya screamed, turning rapidly around to search for the blood bay. Finding him, quicker than anticipated, she darted towards him. The snarling of the wolf, however, pulled her attention away. The feeling that bloomed within Aviya was foreign, but it was present. It was burning against her heart, and she could only place it as some sort of possessiveness. As much as she hated the demi-god for dirtying her family, their bloodlines, he was still her's to torture, to bully, to tear down, and no one else's"MESEC! MOVE!" Aviya screamed again, turning her panicked body, in a most ungraceful manner, to run between the wolf and the moon demi-god. 

A broken horn on her brow lowered, her body collected and tensed, and she barreled towards the smoke-creature. A furious fire raged behind her pale eyelids, her body already wet with the foaming sweat that poured from her panicked body. Aviya aimed to stab the wolf in its shoulder. Her foggy magic danced at her hooves before finally jutting out, trying to distract the wolf and have his focus turned away from Mesec, and in turn, the Moon Goddess.

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TEAM MOON GODDESS/MESEC. Aviya tries to run between the wolf and Moony/Mesec and stab it in its shoulder, while distracting it with her fog magic.

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I'm like a prayer you whisper from your window to the world

She had strayed from her mother's side, milled about the crowd with the intent of getting closer to the Goddess. Now she looked up from the conversation with the pretty, gold-bejeweled Rexanna, wide eyed and equally shocked and impressed at the swift and ruthless efficiency with which the Lady expedited troublemakers. A part of the girl wished that her latest idol wouldn't be so rough, but the other - a very secret and not so gentle side - all but quivered in satisfaction. Serve them right for being rude and troublesome! She would never have tried to rip out strands from the pretty tail, she had not been saying mean things to others or acted like a hippo with ingrown nails.

She, Erthë, was still there in the green labyrinth, surrounded by friends and strangers and in the close vicinity of the powerful, pretty god. Surely that had to mean that she was welcome?

Throwing a quick beaming smile at Rex the filly bounded away, fully intending to actually say something to the dark-wielder. But before she had a chance, a voice interrupted the silver-tonged queen and stopped her dead in her tracks. Quivering with fearful premonition Erthë listened to the conversation, torn between unease at the otherworldly threats and fierce pride as their protector refused to give in. The problem was that the foal had a nagging suspicion that she knew where this was going. She had seen it before, born witness to shared insults and the subsequent chaos that followed.

It would happen again, and this time she was just as unprepared, just as frightened. She threw a wild look around in search for her mother's dark shape, but before she had time to turn and make her way back a shape appeared among them, gigantic and imposing and more evil than anything the child had ever seen. The Bear had only seemed sick and wronged to her, but this one, this... Wolf seemed only bad to her. The child gave off a startled cry when it abruptly moved and multiplied to evade the Goddess' attack, she wanted to help and run back to mother and her legs were just frozen in place, quivering at the knees as she watched in horror as one of the wolves - or was it THE wolf? - lunged at her goddess.

"No!" she screamed, suddenly furious at the audacity of the giant beast. How dare he, the nerve of him! Small as she was her anger seemed too great to contain, she had to DO something. Buffeted hither and thither as the crowd suddenly began to move forward, towards the battle, Erthë stared around wildly for something, anything that could help her avenge this insult to her Lady. The one seeing eye caught sight of a broken splinter of the green treelike stalks that surrounded them, small and light but as sharp and hard as any steel. Picking it up in the coils of her tail the child then threw herself into the fray, deaf to the calls of her blackird mother.

She passed a bay unicorn colt that stood and seemed to be doing nothing, slipped behind a brave pinto stallion just as he made his charge and followed, like a pale shadow or glittering moon-beam in the wake of a white-faced young woman with broken horn as she charged the Wolf.

Erthë had no horns suited for attack. Her wings were not yet big enough to carry her through the sky, and with the frosty pale skin that almost glowed in the dark she could not be as stealthy and unseen as her mother. But she had learned to be quick, to be brave and light on her feet, and so she slipped in and tried to stab the bamboo splinter into the massive paw, like a crude dagger. Then she made to dart back, fearful of the gleaming eyes and the sizzling drool, terrified that the sharp teeth might reach back and close around her fragile form.

She could feel the familiar itch in the lungs that heralded a coughing fit, could feel the horrible pain as boils burst on the inside of her legs. Already she was in pain, but the filly couldn't bring herself to care about none of it, only the anger that burned blissfully in her gut.

So this was battle rage. How terrible and sweet - no wonder grown ups argued so much, if this was what they felt before throwing horrible words at each other.  

Lines by Darya87

Team Moon Goddess - Contest Winner

Summary; Erthë tries to stab a bamboo splinter into the left front paw of the wolf, then hopes to slip away before it can attack her.

Mentions; Rexanna, Rikyn, Aaron, Aviya, Shadow

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and who shall I say

is calling?

She was a shadow in the night, a drop of ink on a black paper, a ghost in the crowd. Right now she was also angry and frightened. Her daughter had slipped away again despite her attempts to keep the child in sight, and no matter where she looked she couldn't spot her. How could something so bright just vanish like this? Had the goddess sent her away from the site like she had with those others? But no, the blackbird didn't think so; her daughter would never be so rude as to invoke the fury of anyone. Or so she hoped, at least.

"Erthë! Where are you!?"

Her voice rang across the milling crowd, blind and deaf to anything but the search. She was taken completely aback when a huge, black wolf appeared before the Moon and not for the last time Shadow suppressed a shudder of horror. She hated wolves, and had ever since one of the drooling, snarling beasts took her mother away from her. It had been a long time since she lingered on that dreadful moment, but now the details came back to her more clearly than ever before.

Would she see it happen again? Another pale daughter of moonlight and stardust sacrificed to the jaws of a predator, blood staining pristine white skin as it splattered to the ground?

No. Not on her watch.

Calling out again and again for her daughter, the raven-winged pegasus finally caught sight of the girl and felt her heart almost stop; the silly girl was heading straight towards the wolf with only a ridiculous splinter of wood in her tail. A furious sigh that sounded more like a snarl erupted from her as she gathered speed and thrust herself into the air, wings beating hard to carry her up high above the Wolf. Shadow circled once to get her bearings straight, then brought the wings sharply to her sides.

Like a black arrow she plummeted down towards the beast, heart beating in in love and fear and eyes blazing. Her forelegs stretched out, aiming for the fur-clad spine as she tried to snap it like a twig in one strike.

She would end this before her child could be harmed. Even if she ended up dead herself, even if no one else was left standing; everything could be sacrificed as long as her pretty, vicious dove was allowed to live.

Wasn't that what mothers were for?

Team Goddess

Summary; Shadow flies above the wolf and dives down, trying to snap the spine with her front hooves. HP: 42

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What foul beastie will the Rift belch forth this time?

The answer is swift and resounding; a wolf. Immediately the giant's ears slick back, his colossal hooves stomping in eager anticipation. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the Moon Goddess fling a couple of dissenters to far off lands, and finds himself vaguely amused by such a putdown. But his main attention is on the wolf, the foe, another God for him to slay. Fuck, he loved every minute of the bear's decimation. Living it again will be a dream come true, a twisted nightmare made real for his pleasure.

But there is a debate in his mind as Helovians and Riftians alike dive into battle with the wolf. The colt flings back his head and tightens each muscle in his thick neck, releasing the battle cry of a stallion. But whose side to be on? The Goddess had killed Isopia's brother, and is certainly not well-liked. And yet...she is a God, and her purge was for the land's own good. She could grant the monolith powerful magic, if her wind-related antics are anything to go by. Plus, she is smoking hot - hot enough to send a testosterone-fuelled young beast like Volterra into overdrive. He is a shallow, greedy creature, and knows he will benefit more from helping the Moon Goddess and reaping the rewards of being Helovia's saviour again. The wolf is attacking his home, his people, and so it must die.

And the young warmonger is only too happy to swing the sword.

Summoning his magic, he bids the earth to erupt into a spike beneath the wolf, a spire of stone with a tip as sharp as a bear's tooth. He commands the very earth itself to turn against the wolf, and aims to force the spire into the creature's underbelly, to leak its innards out onto the ground. Simultaneously the leviathan charges forwards, aiming his chest for the wolf's right foreleg. His chest is still a bit tender from contact with the bear, but not tender enough to deter him - this attack had worked to great effect last time, as Volterra's bulk and colossal strength give him the battering force of a runaway freight train. ""




Vol uses his earth magic to erupt a spike of stone beneath the wolf, whilst trying to slam his chest into its right foreleg.

[ you can't stray from what you are, you're the closest thing to hell i've seen so far  ]
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Run away with me, Lost souls and reverie, Running wild and running free, Two kids, you and me

I am moving through the forest quickly, searching for somewhere to stay the night, preferably in the shadows, undisturbed. Alone, like usual. When I seem to come upon a new thing. And so many helovian's. I stop dead in my tracks, only catching the sight of some of the helovian's getting poofed away by the Moon Goddess. She is such a sensitive bitch. She deserved her criticism though. After what she did? 

I would be surprised if she where ever forgiven. 

Thoughts are not lingered on long however. For a malicious voice comes from the labyrinth within. Everything happens quickly, and suddenly a huge wolf is lunging from the shadows at the moon goddess. My head goes up, and I take off towards the scene. When what do my eyes behold. My sisters. I almost falter, but I keep going. I would keep a close eye on the two of them, should I need to do anything. Protect them or whatever. And the child Erthe as well. She shoots forward to try and stab the wolf in the paw. The wolf could easily take her out if she wasn't fast enough. And I couldn't stand the child getting hurt, even if it was a dumb idea. Someday I would have to realize I couldn't save everyone. But today wasn't that day, and I head towards her direction, horn down angled towards his left front leg. I just hope I can reach him in time to protect her from any damage. I would take it, instead of the child. 

I close my eyes and I wait for impact or pain.

And I say, Hey, hey hey hey, Living like we're renegades


Mentions: Ophelia, Ktulu, and Erthe

Soren comes in from the right, before changing to stab the wolf in the left front leg, on the inside with his horn, as well as to try and shield Erthe from damage.

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A familiar face joined my side, though I was surprised to see that she looked quite different from the last time we had interacted. Golden orbs studied the strange boils that had cursed Ranjiri's coat, my ears flicking back towards my horns with both sympathy and disgust. Why would she possibly come to this place with more strangers like myself, putting herself in danger once again after being grounded from her last encounter? She certainly was a glutton for punishment."Ranjiri, what are you doing here? What happened to you?" Before she had a chance to explain why she returned, or even why she chose to stand by me instead of those closer to her, she was pointing out the lilac colored mare and described her as the Goddess of the Moon.

It wasn't until she mentioned the murder of her brother did I unsure of what to do, dozens of questions buzzing through my mind in a whirlwind of confusion. That explained the number of glares and mutters that were directed towards the divine being. A stallion of various shades of blue approached with a pretentious attitude, though the Goddess quickly put an end to that. That was why the others did not attack, that was why they could only stand there with wishful death glares. Then it came...

A monstrous wolf, larger and heavier than any natural canine appeared from the shadows, snarling and spitting at the Goddess. Instinctively, I took a step forward with my wing stretching in front of Ranjiri to block her, guard her as the Goddess exchanged words with it. Suddenly, I felt a conflict of interests. To destroy the wolf and protect the Helovians from the horrible fate that my people had suffered for years, or to avenge the murder of Ranjiri's brother and any other souls lost to the Moon Goddess? With no choice but to make a split second decision, I decided that the best response would be to protect the current people from the monster of the Rift.

One of the shadow wolves were rushing for us, and immediately I stretched my massive wings to slap away at the dark creature. I wasn't sure if even fighting the shadow wolves would do us any good, but I did know that the Wolf God was controlling them. After pushing away the wolf, I lunged myself to the skies as I had with mighty bear, diving down in similar fashion. This time, with my powerful hind talons aimed at the wolf's spine, my primary goal was to knock him to the earth, or better yet, straight into one of the horns of the oncoming attackers.

OOC: TEAM MOON! Mentions @Ranjiri, attacks by flying into the air and diving down to grab at the wolf's spine with his dragon feet. His goal is to either shove the wolf into the ground or into the horns of one of the other attackers.

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That fucking bitch, the damned mare that I had tried so desperately to track down to no avail. I was so far done with her, so done with the pathetic game that I had been ensnared with that I actually found myself returning to the lands of Helovia. There were few interesting souls that resided here, but I felt they were worthy enough to track down again. This time, though, things would go my way. I completely passed through the Threshold with little interest in being found like a lost puppy, nor did I have any intentions of returning to the icy hell-hole called Aurora Basin. There was nothing about it or it's inhabitants that were worth returning too, nothing about it's leaders that made me fear being reprimanded, if they were even still there.

Almost a year had passed since my last days wandering through this world, which was why I was incredibly surprised to now be trekking through an unrecognizable land. Had I taken a wrong turn from the Threshold? Voices could be heard from a short distance as I weaved through the labyrinth of greenery, ears pinning back with frustration as I tried to pinpoint their exact locations. I broke through into the clearing just as a massive wolf appeared with an impressive crowd. There were some faces that I could recognize, but it was her delectable ass that held my attention. The Moon Goddess, the one divine being that held my respect and admiration. Oh what a sight for sore eyes she was, the mastermind behind the murder spree so many moons ago.

Just the memories of her killings brought a wicked smile to my mug, auds flicking back as I thought back to particularly twisted fantasies. But my distractions were short-lived as an all out battle broke out between the Goddess and the Wolf, and in doing so, Helovians and...others? Many of them reminded me of those of Aeon, when they had been pulled through a Rift much like I had. That was how I had earned the fiery horns that crowned my skull, where these mutants of the same? Not that it mattered, and my lips pulled back into a bitter snarl as I stared at these repulsive creatures that dared to fight against the Goddess. I wasn't particularly religious, nor did I really give a damn about what this Wolf did to the others, but I simply couldn't just stand by idly. It was this kind of action I was searching for! And this was my chance to impress a goddess of the night.

With my chin tucked towards my chest, deadly blood stained horns aimed true, I charged into the battle without warning. I didn't care who my first victim would be, enough were attacking the large wolf. Instead, I focused on guarding the goddess and plunging my horn through the necks of any that tried to attack her, be it shadow wolf, big wolf, or equine.

OOC: TEAM MOON'S SEXY BOTTOM - Panzram is charging horn first to anyone/anything that tries to attack Moony.
Please tag Panzram in first posts only. Violence and magic can be used on him, just please do not kill or permanently injure/maim.

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It seems as though she has missed a lot whilst meandering about on her own. With nothing to do, she had taken to watching the ocean, and noticing the subtle waves as they crashed over the shore. Overall, Helovia was kind of boring at the moment. Something felt a little odd in the air, but other than that, just boring old vanilla Helovia. And to think that months ago she would have preferred this life.

So with a ho hum she takes off to the threshold in search of a new recruit or ten to bring home to the Edge. Edgar trails along behind her in the air, swooping every so often to catch a stray bug just resurrecting from its winter slumber. He felt like Godzilla being able to choose life and death. She rolled her eyes, and they continued their journey onwards.

When the arrived, it seems that they had overshot the threshold. The land before he was very unfamiliar, and, it smelled like so many different horses. A group was gathering, obviously around a god she now assumed. Who else would cause a crowd to gather around? Certainly not Mauja or Torleik. Ha. Funny.

She watched silently as people were getting thrown left and right, and others were pooling into thin air. It seems she had missed an action or two at this party. Her cold eyes bore into the dark queen, listening intently to what she had to say. Though it seems that another deity was joining the party. This one, Elsa had no idea who the hell he was. An eyebrow rose as she listened to the argument ensue. Apparently Miss Moon over here had stolen a land, or taken it, or something. That explains why people were poofing. 

But it seems the conversation had taken a toll. Suddenly, the wolf lunged and the goddess had created a fight. At this this was something interesting. Her heart was pounding, as she watched others join in. They all seemed to be protecting the goddess, and Elsa wasn't about to go up against that. The last time she was that outnumbered, she got absolutely obliterated. 

So instead, she did the usual defensive maneuver. Trying to assess where the wolf was going, Elsa threw up a wall, hoping not to hit another Helovian. In the mass of bodies, she couldn't see any familiar faces, but she didn't want to accidentally start another world war.

the walls will ring for eternity
the waves will break every chain on me
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Elsa tries to put up an ice wall in front of the doggie to stop it.
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Oh, surely not. Surely Helovia isn't getting another special visit from a crusty creature from the pits of hell itself?

But of course we are.

My first foray into the Green Labyrinth had, of course, been food-orientated. The lovely greenery glimmered like a great big neon sign beckoning me to its tasty depths, and in my hunger to gobble as much lush foliage down as possible, I had become hopelessly lost. As proven by my inability to find my way home to my humans, I had the sense of direction of a drunken noodle. I don't panic just yet, though. There's plenty to eat here, which is all I'm concerned about.

That's when I hear the dulcet tones of a fight, and my heart sinks. My burnt side throbs with the memory of last time I stuck my big nose into a God battle, and I am most certainly tempted to turn tail and run like hell in the opposite direction. But I don't. First I stand stock still, my ears rammed forwards, my head held high; then, finally, I grow a pair of balls (not literally, unfortunately) and head towards the fight. My people need me, as I'm one of very few horses that will offer to heal rather than fight. Plus, if we survive, I might be able to follow someone out of this maze of a place - perhaps my intentions aren't entirely altruistic, then.

I follow my ears towards the sound of chaos, and my eyes quickly zone in on a giant wolf. Like the bear, it is a vicious-looking bastard that Helovians are already piling in on; my ears invert and slam backwards, and I release a snort of fear. Wolves terrify me - and, what's worse, they hunt in packs. This one has several little shadow-puppies next to him, and I give them a wide berth. Head thrown up and tail arched, I scuttle forwards, feeling my herbs press comfortingly against my face from their position tucked in my halter. This place is rich in foliage and I soon see herbs that I can add to my considerable collection, and I begin to collect them just like I did last time. Healing Ashamin's burn filled me with all of the warm fuzzies, and I'm keen to repeat that sensation. "If you have ouchies, come to me!" I bellow into the fray, my voice imbued with false cheer. Raise that morale, Badger!

b  a  d  g  e  r

TEAM MOON (although he isn't fighting)

Badger collects herbs, and asks people with wounds to come to him for healing.

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Lace the Silverthorn
It is our actions that define who we are

He stood impassively by the Goddess as she responded to mutterings amidst the crowd. That she had reacted at all to his pledge of loyalty - for what it was worth - was curious enough, and he decided it was best not to push his luck by saying anything else. Listening with half an ear to the bickering and subsequent punishments he studied the crowd, gilded eyes drifting across a sea of faces, every once in a while pausing to note someone he knew.

Archibald's hated face stood out as he settled in beside a pale red-fringed unicorn lady he had crossed paths with several times, and what had to be a sister. They looked nothing alike but there was a familiarity about them that suggested a close bond. More curious was the darker mare's striking similarity to Paladin, an old friend he hadn't seen in much too long. Were they related, perhaps? What was the relation between them and that thuggish brute of a fiend?

Muttering to himself he moved on, pausing briefly to note the presence of Gaucho and the black-and-blue mare he'd had a row with in the Threshold once. What was her name again? Am... something or another. There were others there, faces he thought he might have seen during his stay in the Throat, but there were new ones too. So the lands of the Sun was thriving, as always; he craned his neck to see whether his son was among them, but couldn't see the familiar two-toned mane and sleek steal coat anywhere. Maybe not; Cathun was young after all, much too young to be dragged into battles. (So he thought, forgetting that he himself had already been battle hardened and old at the ripe age of two.)

He searched for other faces, family and loved ones, but the Qian was shining with their absence. Only the hated face of the Frosthearted one glared him in the eye and Lace quickly looked away, feeling the rage rise within at the mere sight of the idiot. No, much more pleasant was the sight of Sacre, standing not far from himself, side by side with a young stallion dyed in shadow and starlight. His force of presence was similar to the Moon, and by adding two and two together Lace dubbed him a demi-god, like Israfel and Hototo. How big he was! Had it really been so long since he watched the little bundle of sunshine be born into the world? Now Sacre stood there looking more the part of a man than a boy and is own son would soon be fit to join the ranks of a soldier - if that still was what he dreamed about.

It made him feel old.

Quite suddenly, or so it seemed to the daydreaming old man, another voice, dark and sinister and foreign, broke into the faded mumble of the crowd. Lace's attention snapped back to the Goddess and with a startled cry Fajira threw herself into the air, bright-eyed and alert as she circled and stared into the shades, in search of the speaker.

No sooner had it appeared however, big and black and foul smelling, than the battle broke out. With a readiness that surprised even himself the soldier threw himself into action. A bright, burning orb of compressed flame burst into life above him as he lunged in between the Moon and the attacking wolf, ready to protect her with his own mortal flesh. Why he did it was beyond him, surely she didn't need protection. It was instinct, he supposed, some chivalrous tendency that suggested a stallion ought to protect a mare. Any mare, even one as fickle and cruel as this.

He reared and aimed at the snarling, drooling head with hard hooves, trying to bash the foreign god's head in real good even as he braced for the pain of retaliation. Like he had done not too long ago, in another fight, he forced the miniature sun down towards the furry back, quietly whispering desperate apologies to anyone who might be in the way as he, quite suddenly, made the thing explode.

His powers weren't suited for close combat.

Picture by Vossity

Team Moon Goddess

Rears and tries to hit the wolf with his front hooves. Aims his miniature sun magic at the wolf's back and makes it explode, hoping no one else will get caught up in the blast. Fajira circles above.
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Two instances of brief respite from the boils occurred, but none of the infected seemed near enough to feel the effects.

Perhaps this will change by the end of this thread.

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He was drawn in by the sound of battle.

Any other time he might have turned tail and ran, because the place and the hum of magic in the air was much too similar to one he had seen before. Or perhaps that was precisely why he didn't run.

Once in his life, not so long ago, he had fled from battle. One time, in a moment where his own life had been far more precious than anything else in the world. He had escaped without a scratch, and the price had been payed by someone else.

Could a person loathe themselves any more than he did now? He felt as though every word his sultana had said was bouncing around within his skull, carving into his heart and bending his spine until it ought to snap beneath the weight of guilt. Shame, blame, disgust - he had never felt cowardly before, but now he did. They called him coward and that must mean that he was one. Who else could judge but the brave, fierce and proud Dragons of the South?

He wanted to prove them wrong, but at the same time he felt he ought to carry this label for the rest of his life, however short it might end up to be. He owed it to her, to Ranjiri, for leaving her behind and letting her suffer alone. Before he might have claimed that dying for someone else was exceedingly foolish, something that only happened in stories and only looked good on paper, but now he wished he could have. He was already dying, what did it matter if it happened now or in a years time?

And now... well. He wasn't more worth than cannon fodder anyway, so why not fight?

He arrived to the clearing amidst the winding paths and gazed out impassively on the seething battleground. There they were, the gods, equally wretched and foul. Why should he choose side here? What was there to gain by siding with either one, that could possibly make up for loss of independence, pride and free will?

Ah. But he had no more pride. It had been left behind in a red forest in the north, along with self respect and a pretty golden girl.

Narrowed eyes blazed with a fury he didn't feel and landed upon the shapes of people he knew. Maren the Diviner, Gaucho and Ampere and Megaera, all high ranking members of the herd - then he really had no choice now but to fight, lest he wanted to be thrown out from the herd once and for all, ass first. Perhaps that would be better... But no. They'd probably beat him to within an inch of his life first, which sounded thoroughly unpleasant.

Fine. He'd side with them, like they so dearly wanted him to, and screw whatever god he ended up fighting for.

He was quiet as he ran into the fray, a silent gray comet tailed by red flame that streaked past everyone that lagged behind to do this and that. He saw Rikyn but didn't speak up, stung but what he now thought as scornful parting words... It had only been a goodbye, but who knew what the colt had been thinking as he said it? He blazed past a big, dragonish looking stallion too, its wing spread out to hide or shield someone he couldn't see, slipped between a white foal that seemed very out of place on the battlefield and a black equine who hollered something about wounds. Probably a healer? He'd already passed when it struck him that the poor bloke didn't have any balls.

Then he saw it, a woolly black ass and a tail that looked to beg for punishment. With an almost feline hiss the disgraced child finally let out all his pent up fury, hatred and grief and flung himself at the vile god, almost relieved to finally have a target to take it out on. He shoved himself against its backside, wishing it would stagger, stumble, fall to the ground before his eyes - disgraced, shamed and even more cowardly than he was.

Rather than murderous intent or triumph however, he just felt like crying again.

The firebrand

Team Doesn't Give a Fuck aka Moon Goddess, because the rest of his herd is probably fighting the wolf.

Attacks from the rear and tries to barrel into the Wolf's butt, hoping to throw it off balance.

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when the sky turns gray and everything is screaming
i will reach inside just to find my heart is beating

The sound of Archibald's voice made Ktulu turn her head and she regarded her closest friend with eyes that blazed with unrestrained emotion.  "Archibald." She greeted him in return, her voice strained and her tone clipped because all she wanted to do was scream her fury for all around her to hear and to feel. The feel of his shoulder pressed against her own made the dark mare sidestep closer to the massive stallion. She knew he was perceptive enough to feel the way her muscles coiled and bunched under her dark skin as she pressed against him. He would understand her desire, she hoped, and he would hold her back she hoped.

Ktulu's hatred only deepened as the Moon Bitch showed off her strength by flinging several of the individuals around, only one of them staying in sight. "You insufferable bitch." She hissed, her ears laying flat against her head. There was more she wanted to say but she was cut off by a whisper that didn't belong. Her ears moved foward again and she listened as the Goddess addressed the whisper, but it only served to further Ktulu's rage. She did something for them? She did something for them?!.  Ktulu had begun to tremble with her barely suppressed rage and desire to murder the Goddess in the most brutal of ways. 

 "I'm gonna fucking kill her." She hissed to Archibald.  "I swear, I'm gonna kill her..." The Moon Goddess shouted for the one who whispered to reveal himself and Ktulu's attention was drawn to the wolf and she groaned mentally. What the fuck was even going on? Her head snapped back toward the Goddess and her ridiculous statement of  if you're not with us you're against us"Since when does loyalty matter to you?" The Constrictor sneered hatefully.

The first to pledge herself to the Moon was a mare that Ktulu had never seen in her travels, but her words left a bitter taste in the Constrictor's mouth.  "Ass kisser." She growled.  "Why don't you just climb the rest of the way into her ass!" One by one they pledged themselves to the Goddess and each one was like a knife in Ktulu's chest. Did they not care? Did the lives of the ones she'd murdered not matter?

They mattered to her. Hototo's death, Circe's death, Phaedra... they all mattered.

Ktulu pulled herself away from Archibald and stepped forward, Eytan sticking close to her side. "I'm taking her." She said through her mental connection to her companion. 'Together.' The bear responded, but Ktulu gave the slightest shake of her head. "Alone. You go for the wolf." She could feel that Eytan was not totally on board with splitting up, but he also knew his bonded's heart. She wanted neither of them, the Goddess who was the cancer of Helovia or the wolf that was the cancer of wheverever the fuck he came from.

The split and Ktulu charged for the goddess, her magic exploding from her was she sought to strangle the bitch that had murdered her son and her friends. "There are consequences for everyone's actions." She thought to herself as she barreled headlong for the purple mare. "You don't get an excuse because you're fucking divine." And being an outcast wasn't nearly punishment enough. It never would be.

On the opposite end of the field Eytan raced for the wolf, his keen eyes picking up on a stallion that was throwing himself at the ass end of the wolf. The bear roared at the wolf, intent on using his inborn ability to terrorize his opponents. Hopefully it would be enough to distract the wolf enough to make some attack stick.

ooc:// ktulu tries to strangle the moon goddess with her magic and slam her body into her
eytan tries to help cathun by terrorizing the wolf

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Team Ktulu since she's not fighting for the goddess or the wolf

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