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Mbizi Posts: N/A
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I happened to find this site while prancing about the internet and thought it would be a good one to share with you all.

I imagine it helps with growth of writing and pointing out errors that will potentially help you out should you fix them.

Anyways, enjoy loves (or don't lol).


Crescencia Posts: N/A
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Very interesting tool! I will say, though, that I tend to disagree on the Editor's stance on complex sentences. While overly complex is never good, too many simple sentences makes your writing "sound" short and uninvolved, in my opinion.

According to the Editor, the last sentence above is apparently "very hard to read."

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omg that is amazingly cool!
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Mbizi Posts: N/A
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Ink I must agree with you there, I've just been ignoring what is said to be wrong when I feel it looks correct and more so using it for other things to make me pay a little more attention to my writing, in hopes it will improve.

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Oh gods. Just tried posting a reply I just made and the whole text glowed red and yellow. Seems like I need to become more concise and less... confusing. xD

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This is a really good site but be careful, too. It's called the Hemingway editor for a reason, it's following his rules of style. He has a very distinct, clear-short-sentence style that might interfere with your own and there were some perfectly fine sentence structures and grammatical tools he refused to use in his writing and frowned upon in general. It's really cool technology but just take it with a grain of salt! It also will mark a sentence as fine so long as you remove things like commas, extra words, and em-dashes, even if it doesn't parse/make sense with your edits. It's really watching out for that more than anything else. Hemingway was certainly a wonderful writer but there are many writers that use much more grammar purplish language than he ever did and are just as renowned, and many onsite have such lovely styles that might not fit with Hemingway's style. :3

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