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Besides his son, he would miss his metal beasts the most. He had been a fixture in the Aurora Basin for a very long time. Even longer, he had been a member of the Plague, and before that, he had fought for the World's Edge. But, he did not recognize the faces around him anymore, and he had no interest in serving leaders when his very soul was tired. For a long time, he felt a bit unappreciated, but that was putting everything mildly. From the tent he made by being the only one willing to give up his magic to giving flags and cloth to the Dragon's Throat and making the two metal sentinels which guarded the gate, he had made the Basin stronger than what it could have been. 

Maybe that is why he had to leave. Whatever inspiration he found from nature was lost, and now that his son had returned and was safe, that herd held no interest to him now. He would miss weaving lengths of cloth and doing nothing with it, particularly since most of his thoughts and plans had been turned away or unused. They could do whatever they wanted without him now, he thought. He did not hold any ill will, just empty spaces. 

Besides, he was still interested in seeing what Torleik was up to, especially now that he and Mauja were ruling the World's Edge. Perhaps that would be a useful place for him to be? He missed the forests of the moon goddess dearly, for a long while, and even Kirchoff seemed to look at at this opportunity for change. Ulrik wandered East for no other reason than that he hadn't been that far before, and he stumbled upon a point where white became red. 

Not just any shade of red. Blood red. Wasn't this supposed to be Birdsong now? Fall wasn't coming for a while... Ulrik furrowed thick, dark brows over his vibrant, murderous bronze eyes, cloven hooves wandering through the woods to the roaring call of a waterfall. Even the water was made of blood. The ground looked like there had been some kind of scuffle, and he wondered what he had missed. The Engineer rested on one hip, looking down at his wolfish friend. 

"Where too next, Kirchoff?" he asked. 

"Way to grow a spine, Ulrik," he snickered. "Lead the way"

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The last time she had been here there had been slaughter. She could still hear the screams ringing in her ears, and her breath caught in her throat when she thought about it. She tried to remain calm as she continued onward, a bundle of flowers between her dark lips and eyes forward. She was on a mission today, and she wasn't going to let anything stop her, not even the trauma of seeing those being killed and injured right before her eyes. She could still feel the stickiness of blood upon her coat, it trickling down her legs and pooling around her as she held in her screams, tried to keep herself calm while the world seemed to be crashing around her. She didn't think she would ever experience something such as the sights of war in her lifetime, and especially not at the age of one. Her mind was whirling, shooting off in so many directions that she didn't notice she had finally returned to the place where that sacred battle had occurred, one that seemed to only begin something much bigger.

Soon she came to a halt, searching around nervously at all the red before her, the crimson hue sending flashbacks into her mind and leaving shivers down her spine. She sucked in her breath through the multicolored flowers, before finally making her way to the deep red pond. She happened to glance her reflection in the depths, and she was only somewhat surprised at what she saw. Her eyes looked tired, swollen from all the tears she shed, and her spotted fur was scruffy and dirty, as she had been so exhausted the days following that battle that she didn't really much care how she looked. Perhaps she should bathe while she was here, but the thought of swimming in a pond that looked like a bloodbath (literally), made her second guess her suggestion. So instead, she dipped her delicate head to the edge of the depths, slowly dropping the flowers into the pool and watching them sail away, some sinking and others swirling in the gentle current from the falls.

She smiled softly, glad that she could do something to help remember those who had fallen, and she sighed, closing her eyes and murmuring softly to herself, "May you all rest in peace, and the Gods watch over you." She had been so caught up in her own world that she didn't notice the male standing a few feet from her, and so when he spoke she started, gasping and looking up with wide eyes. She relaxed after a moment, realizing he was simply talking to his companion, and softly nickered to him, dipping her head politely and making her approach. Perhaps he was in need of a friend, or just wanted someone to chat with. She didn't know him, had never seen him anywhere before, and she didn't recognize the scent on his coat at all. That didn't mean she wasn't interested though, and when she was within talking distance she smiled, dipping her head and letting her wings flutter gently upon her shoulders, "Hello Sir, I'm sorry I didn't notice you sooner. My name is Myrrine, it's a pleasure to meet you! What brings you to this... place." She didn't really know what else to call the Bloodfalls other than "Hellhole", but she was a lady, and she would never say something so vulgar to a complete stranger, especially one that seemed to be her elder. That just simply wouldn't do.


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