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SWP :: Gods do die Part II

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Absolute chaos. 

One of the bear god's paws was severed, laying flat on the ground from Sparkmarrow's efforts. Blue, hissing blood poured from his underbelly in droves, quickly melting down the ice spikes from Mauja. Isopia's waterfall helped, but not before his body had taken extreme damage from busted arteries to crystals being shot into his body. 

The God of Time was irritated, furious even when he was knocked over by some little ratty punk. Blue, electric eyes snapped, and he snarled, glaring down Knox. "I WILL REMEMBER THAT!" he bellowed, shouting boldly from his lungs. The God recovered and used his magic to shoot the crystals gathered by Erthe to further assault the bear god. 

Disoriented, the bear god stumbled on one leg, blinking as his memories were torn one by one. Blue eye sockets blinked, and the beast stumbled backward, confused. "I don't... understand..." it muttered, looking down at his injuries with howling pain as if he was seeing them now for the first time. 

However, he was not completely powerless. Corrupt? Yes. Broken? Yes. Absolutely ill with the amount of power and magic he consumed like a drug during his thousand year reign? Without a doubt.  With a great roar, the bear god arched his spine, gigantic, blue crystals sprouting up all along his spine. He limped on one paw, swiping at his attackers but focusing on the God of Time himself. "You... have no idea... what... you are dealing... with... This world is only darkness and damage.... What... have we done?"

The Time God shrugged. "I do. You did not. There is no coming back from this disease you've created. Just... fucking... die... ALREADY!" 

"Death is only the beginning... I will remember this day when the line.... between hero and tyrant... is blurred..." The, the bear god ceased to speak or remember much at all. Like a true beast, he forgot himself and everything that made him who he was, primal instinct to survive taking over.  

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This thread is OPEN to all Helovians and Blood Falls members. 

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You can prizes and points for participation along with special items and other fun stuff :) You can participate with all your charries if you want to. 

This will be the final round!

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Sparkmarrow had been effective against Drolgatha already, even when it was rusted and busted and ragged beyond all (apparent) repair—but now, since it had touched and absorbed the blood of the shadow-bitch, it was suddenly this savage fucking piece of raw metal and asskick as it sailed from my mouth, straight for the bear’s limb.

That pretty motherfucker sliced through the bear’s arm like it was made from soft butter; something intoxicating surged through my veins, that same electricity that had sparked in me when the sword had bit through Drolgatha’s body, too. And I could tell, somewhere deep in the back of mymind, that this feeling was dangerous. It felt way too good to allow; I never, ever deserved that kind of rush in my blood but it was happening now, and I was soaring over someone else’s agony, and it was awfulbut I couldn’t help my blood.

Things were moving too fast to pay attention to it, anyway. Sparkmarrow had fallen to the ground beneath the bear, and there was a deep magic in me that could try and pull it back to my grasp. Except the magic wasn’t working—it just wasn’t there, and Sparkmarrow lay useless and lifeless beneath a ruined bear-belly.

I couldn’t work out why my magic wasn’t working—I couldn’t feel it anywhere in me, in my veins or bones or anywhere, and things were moving too fast to really stop and pay attention anyway. The bear was pissed and it was bleeding toxic blue shit and I had just enough time to see that Faux-to-to What’s-her-face was there, flying high above, pouring water on the great bear god—

helping him—

this is wrong, she screams, and my blood boils instantly—

–but it didn’t matter because the bear swiped at me with his paw-less stump of an arm (and holy shit it had felt so good to sever the limb but now I was seeing how gross and horrible it was and it was nauseating– ) and a bone slapped me across the hip and it was the bad hip that had already been blasted by Drolgatha not too long ago—

--and it was such a powerful hit that I buckled under his weight and my body was flung to the side like a ragdoll cuz I had no strength to keep myself steady under the fury of his wrath.

I hit the ground on my left side, skidding off to edge of the skirmish even as my limbs scrambled to gain some ground—but my right hind leg was done with the abuse and I was stuck, a sitting duck on the ground, Sparkmarrow too far away from me to be of any use. Desperate, cuz my Ma was somewhere in this mess (along with every other bastard I cared about in my life, but I didn’t know that yet), I felt the buzz in my stomach flare to life suddenly, and with a savage cry I loosed a bolt straight for the bear’s remaining eye—

--and as soon as the magic left me, my blood continued to boil, and as soon as the magic in me raised its head high enough to emerge from me again, I cast another shot—

--this time, at her.

(The fake Hototo, the one who thinks too hard about stupid shit, the one who dares put MY Ma in d a n g e r—)

FUCK OFF!!! I screamed, a raw throated demon’s howl crawling out of my throat—and the bolt I shot was smaller and weaker than my last one, cuz I wasn’t built to shoot these things in quick succession like that—I was just furious, a cripple on the ground still struggling to make her useless limb bear her weight, and here was this know-it-all crock of shit standing in the way of my Ma’s safety.

I didn’t register that you had swept away from the bear’s face; you were swooping down below, to grab onto Sparkmarrow’s hilt and drag it to safety for me.

I love you, Cheek. I swear I do.

I just get too pissed sometimes to say it right.

[Magnetism magic fails to retrieve Sparkmarrow while Roskuld is in ODE's vicinity. Is knocked off her feet by the Bear God's swipe, and is unable to rise due to previous injuries. Fires a bolt of lightning at the Bear God's face. Fires another one at ISOPIA. 

Chico goes to pull Sparkmarrow away from the bear.]

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The universe was vast, a void far too large for the mortal confines of her mind. She felt the earth beneath her knees, felt her gasping breath expand her ribs, and that was meaningless in the timeline of infinity. Meaningless to the life of thousands of years lived. Barely recognizable or detectable. Her breath was nothing; her beating heart was a statistic; her life was hollow.

Memories that were not her own, beyond her years, felt like a weight bearing down on her head, growing and growing until she swore her skull could no longer contain the matter within. It stretched at her bony confines, shattering blood vessels as she desperately sought anything to ground herself back into reality. Tinek's voice was so far away. Everyone was so far away.

God of Time...

There he was, right in the middle of these memories. She held onto him, working her way deep and removing him one by one until he never existed at all. Every fiber of her being shook with effort, sweat rolling down her white hide, staining it dark. Blood trickled from her nose and ears, gathering over her face, and she wept tears of red.

Then, she couldn't hold any longer. Ophelia snapped back, confused and disoriented. She blinked, seeing only a film of red over her eyes, though there were others near here - that much she could feel. "Thank you," she said to her helpers, not sure where they were at all. Carefully, she tried to stand, legs wobbling as she did so and she listened to the world around her.

Was that... Torleik?

Ophelia turned, able to only see shapes and shadows, and she ran toward the voice, blinking away the blindness slowly. The bear stood in her way, but she was reckless. She aimed her horn directly at the only remaining arm, hearing Roskuld nearby and looking up at her daughter proudly.

In her mind, she sought the dark hearth. "TORLEIK?" she murmured, trying to reach him through his own thoughts. "TORLEIK, PLEASE BE CAREFUL..." there were thoughts and feelings unshared, ones that confused her heart. The sentence trailed into more words of affection, but she could not share them now.

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[[ IS SPEAKING TO TOR IN HIS HEAD! NO one else can hear that.
- attacks bear god's remaining front limb]]

Undertow has come to take me. Guided by the blazing sun. Look at everything around us. Look at everything we've done.
Please. Anyone. I don't think I can save myself. I'm drowning.

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Red; it was all he could feel, all he could hear, all he could see. Just, red as the war pounded out its song around him. His blood hummed just beneath the taut dark of his hide, its pulse visible along the confines of muscle and hair that contained it, veins like spiderwebs revealing his sordid mortality. He was dimly aware of the girl that worked alongside him, her body only a moving construction of meat, non existent in other terms as this dog of war forgot the meaning of friend and foe.

He salivated with the fervor of it all as his horns plunged, continued, missed! Somewhere inside a flare of anger burst along the foundation of his structure, burning up his bones and crumbling that smidgen of sanity that the wiser part of him battled for. In a hard jerk he threw himself back, then up as the momentum begged for release. His partial rear ended sharply, hooves tossed roughly into the red loam of this crimson battlefield.

He ignited.
Literally - something HOT razed his backside, then his chest. It was wet, and sticky, and also fragrant. "Blood?" he thought carelessly, his upper lip curling with some sort of carnal habit. The wave of his snarl enhanced the aroma, and he recognized the taint of bodily fluid all too well. It overwhelmed his senses, battering his brain into male mash.
So warm he thought dreamily, standing dumbly beneath the pendulum of the severed leg, its background of gore only adding to the rising passion that flooded the virgin's loins.

He could feel it, every inch of the spit and the life blood as it seeped down through his hairs and scalded his flesh. It prickled his nerves, their frayed edges so fucking ALIVE. Öde laughed, the sound rough and rash as it choked from his throat, shaking his ribs and causing the god's excreta to move further, dripping and spilling all against his exterior.

Suddenly his stance straightened up, his hips buckling as his passion overtook him in this moment of raw bliss. Touched by a god, Öde couldn't help but touch himself. With his own substance added to the stew that coated him, he shuddered into relaxation.

Best, fucking, day ever.
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It was a sickening feeling, the way my horn sank into the demon god's flesh. I could feel the resistance for just a second then the way his flesh just gave and my horn slid through doing more damage than I was even aware of. But I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe that I had jumped into a fight. That I was successful and had stabbed a god

Over the roar of the battle all around me, the screams, the curses, the shouts, I could hear an ungodly screech. I glanced to my left, my head turning as much as I could since my horn was still stuck in the bear's leg. And... she was coming at me fast just... just screeching and looking crazed and angry and at first I thought maybe it only looked like she was coming after me. Maybe she was really going for the bear, but when her hooves came up I could feel sheer terror wrap its fist around my heart and lungs and just start squeezing and I was sure that would kill me before she could.

I guess it was instinct that made me lift my wing to shield my head from her hooves, but doing that made my wing take the brunt of her attack. It was forced down to the ground in so violent a manner that it actually jerked my whole body down with  it. My horn was torn free of the bear's leg and my own legs were pulled from under me because of the way my wing was thrust toward the ground. And when I hit the ground I... I swear I felt something in it pop! I swear there was a snap! and a rip! And it hurt so bad that I couldn't hold back the horrified scream that ripped its way from my throat and past my lips.

My wing!

I owe the guy that showed up and stabbed the girl that attacked me because laying where I was on the ground I could see the next attack coming and I was so vulnerable. I wouldn't be able to stop it. But this big guy stabbed the mare that attacked me and I took the chance to scramble up from the ground, groaning in agony as I ripped my hurt wing from under her hooves. I couldn't tell you how many golden feathers I left on the ground where I had been laying, but there was a big enough gap in my ruined wing.

Once I was standing again the terror that had gripped me melted away and it was replaced by this burning anger, this rage that I hadn't experienced before. My left wing hung limp by my side, completely useless, as I turned on the girl that had attacked me. I had this unprecedented desire for revenge that was burning like hot coals in my belly. All I was trying to do was defend our damn home from a god that was little more than a demon and she attacked me. 

Screw the bear. There were enough others to attack him and take care of him.

I wanted her.

So I lunged for her, doing my best to steer clear of the big guy that had stabbed her as I tried to stab her myself. Payback. The big guy with the beard got her shoulder and elbow so I aimed for her neck and just hoped that my aim would strike true and he wouldn't get in my way.


tries to stab amara in the neck.

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Team Time God still :D

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My crystals connect with the corrupted bear's flesh and a snarl rips through my chest, guttural and glorious. The damage is minor, a clump of fur falls to the ground leaving his skin bare and exposed on his left shoulder. Somehow I'd managed to come out unscathed thus far. Despite my position amongst the chaos. I back up several paces, allowing my red eyes to quickly scan my surroundings. Some had arrived to the bear's defense, but most had rallied behind the Helovian god. Old winter was seriously outnumbered and a pang of regret twisted in my gut. It wasn't a rational reaction. Not really. Not if you knew what those in the Rift had been through. But the loyal colt deep inside of me was screaming for this to stop - hoping, wishing and praying that everything would just go back to the way it was before I'd been sucked through a portal into this new place.

I'm not sure what's more surprising - the fact that the majority of the bear's supporters are those from Helovia or that so many from the Rift had thrown their support to the other god.

In fairness, though, the Helovian's didn't know what our gods had done or how we'd lived. They did see a corruptness in their own god. True, I had thrown in my support to attack the bear but I didn't fight him for Sparky. I fought him for me. I fought him for all the shit he did, all the pain he caused. I couldn't deny that part of me longed to attack Sparky, too - for meddling where he shouldn't, for being just as likely to end up as corrupt as the gods in the Rift. Old winter was right about that. I could see it now. It is only a matter of time before the shit hits the fan and Helovia suffers the same fate as the Rift.

Magic was shooting out everywhere, adding to the chaos of the moment. Fire. Water. Ice. All mingling with blood - both ours and his. His blood had the tendency to burn anything it touched but before I could plan my next attack and move again - words were being exchanged between the gods. Words that only enraged me more. I couldn't trust either of them, they'd made that abundantly clear, but my old god remained the largest threat. My red eyes notice the severed left paw and as the bear begins to move, limping and swiping as he goes, I loop around to his other side - granting him as much space as I can manage in an effort to avoid his teeth and claws. I remain quiet, trying now to fly under the radar and catch him off guard. I watch carefully, seeing the white mare with blood on her face charge at the bears right front leg. I follow as quickly as I can, hoping to throw my bulk at the bear just behind his right front leg around the same time as the mare. Hopefully I could knock him off balance enough that he would stumble. It was a risky move getting so close to his teeth and claws but I want him dead.

I want him to pay for all the pain he's caused.

[Loops around in front of the bear to his right side, notices Ophelia charging towards the right front leg, then charges and attempts to throw himself at the bear just behind his right front leg in an attempt to throw him off balance.]


Team Time God (because, you know, lesser of two evils and all that jazz.)

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the oracle has fallen

SYNOPSIS: Cia watches, and is then burned by the Bear God's blood. Resentful and in pain, she then begins to collect crystals and stows them away in her satchel. She then turns to watch the Bear God, and a hallucination overtakes her mind.

The hallucination can be seen by anyone, but cannot be interacted with/interact with anyone. It may possibly serve as a distraction. The hallucination is a semi-translucent, opaque replica of the Bear God himself, and almost as tall. It stands, wounded, directly in the center of the clearing on its hind legs, staring mindlessly ahead. It then topples forward, mouth contorted in a death-gurgle, and crashes to the ground with no sound. Blood pools around the ephemeral replica, which then starts to fade away, piece by piece.

Cia comes out of her trance-like state, having slumped to the ground, and yells loudly at the Bear God, saying that he is not a true God because Gods do not die.

It happened all so fast.

The attacks came in furious succession, and Cia's dull eyes stared in awe. To her, she had never seen such a large amount of beings fight together - in great unison - for years. There was something to be admired in such a feat, but at the same time it was daunting.

She was a new being in this hellishly weird land. This land that smelled of nectar and sweetness.. she did not feel welcome, so who was to say that she would not have this sort of anger turned against her? What would stop them? Her God was dying, mutilated and ravenous, on the soil of the Blood Falls. His blue blood and gigantic crystals littered the ground. Should they turn their anger against her... us?.. there would be nothing to stop them.

Lost in her thoughts, eyes glazed over as the battle roared on around her, she was unaware of the mutilation of her God. With His paw laying on the ground, limp and dying while no longer connected to His body, He poured blood and never stopped fighting. Unaware to her, the blood was horribly caustic... and splattered heavily across her neck and side.

With a horrific shriek, she reacted out of pure instinct; body heaved upwards and contorted as she bolted to the side and into the small cover of some trees. With her heart beat racing at a hundred miles an hour, the Oracle regarded the God before her with horrified eyes. It was like the final strike into the stone; she, the ever-faithful and constant Oracle for this massive God, was never regarded with so much as a second glance. There was no attempt to protect His Seer, no concern for anything but Himself.

Black tipped ears flicked back into her mess of a mane, sides still heaving and skin still burning. She'll be damned if she stands by and does not reap the benefits of the fate He had sown for Himself... and thus, she made her way around the perimeter, nudging small and medium crystals and shards alike into the pouch at her side. She collected as many as she could manage; surely, there was some benefit to them at a later time, if they did not disappear or dissolve like she expected they might.

Finally, her eyes focus on the God. Her mind is weak and confused, and there is some conflict in her resolve. Should she sever the final tie? Should she break the years of torment she endured, and attack a being she had previously worshipped?

Her mind, utterly overwhelmed and already weak, seemed to speak for her. Seized by a sudden, fierce hallucination, Cia's breath caught in her throat. Her whole body froze beyond her own control, muscles locking as wide eyes gaped open with a thousand-yard stare.

From her hallucination, from the shadows, from the ephemeral realm, her hallucination almost came to life. She was used to the visions - sometimes fierce and frightening - that she received as an Oracle and Seer... but this was nothing akin to those. Her vision was real... partially, at least.

In her mind, she saw what she thought His fate might be. But as her mind spoke to her of all the possibilities that might befall the Bear God, it was just as busy creating a semi-physical, ephemeral vision of her hallucination, projected for not only her to see, but all those around.

Crafted from the shadows, an opaque form that still possessed an almost glow-like quality around its edges rose from the ground itself in the center of the clearing. It was a giant likeness to the Bear God, almost nearly as tall in height as the God Himself. It rose to its hind legs, its paw severed and other arm incapacitated and hanging limply at its front. Translucent blood poured from the gashes, wounds, punctures, and burns that littered its body. Nearly all of the crystals that were scattered across his skin had become uprooted or broken, and the same caustic blood that oozed out of his wounds seeped out from the broken crystals.

The eyes of this ephemeral hallucination were vacant, staring past all that surrounded him - even the actual God it bore its resemblance too and stood almost directly in front of. The shadow of the God swayed as it stood on its hind legs, body tipping one direction and then the next. For all its wounds, it was surprising that it even was able to stand..

But not for long. In the wake of its weakness, the shadow of the God tipped forward, falling into and through all that surrounded him and crashing into the ground, jaws agape in what would have been an otherwise hallow death-gurgle. There was no sound to the hallucination's crash, but the ephemeral blood pooled in thick, caustic pools surrounding the shadow of the former God, leaking out of every orifice.

Just as quickly as the hallucination appeared in its ephemeral form, so did it disappear. It faded in chunks, bits and pieces disappearing little by little, telling but one of the many possible tales of what may happen.

Collapsed in a pool of her own sweat, the Oracle was slumped over near a tree, eyes glazed as the hallucination ravished her mind. Her eyes fluttered shut as the hallucination quelled and the ephemeral figure disappeared. Her coat was drenched, and her wounds stung.

Eyes drug up to the actual Bear God. "You are no god," she shouted at it, vocal cords straining to be heard above the madness. "Gods do not die!" Her chest heaved with the strain it took to take gasps of air into her tight lungs. "You lied to me!"

The betrayal that wrapped its iron-clad fist around her heart was choking.

She has not attacked, but her involuntary hallucination took on a semi-physical from that may (or  may not) serve as a mild distraction. Hallucination lasted 15-20s.

Permission given to ANYONE (including the Time or Bear god) to attack/interact with Crescencia. Please tag me wherever necessary/mentioned.

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Somehow, it was all in his hooves.

Ashamin reared a more perfect and practiced rear that he'd ever thought himself capable. He was perfectly balanced, his carriage precise and his body moving as if on instinct. This was what he had been waiting for. This was the pinnacle of his practice, the moment of pure achievement that he had been striving towards. And then, with a churning of curled forelegs and an almost delicate striking out of his devastatingly pointed hooves, he struck.

He felt his hooves slice flesh as if they were knives, felt his hocks bury in the unknown body of a god. And there was something almost heinous, almost sacrilegious about it. And perhaps he would have hesitated, if given a moment to.

But just as he made purchase and hear the popping of tendons, another much more magnificent strike took place. A mare with speed and a sword sliced the bear's left paw clean off, and as it swung towards Ashamin he had no time to react.

The claw, a long black appendage, was sharper than nature would have bidden. But this was not natural, this was magic, this was deity. And so it turned like a pendulum and hooked into the Haruspex's flesh, piercing the skin at the base of his neck, where cheek met throat and the jugular pulsed dangerously near. The sheer force of the paw's return in the other direction pulled Ashamin swiftly away from his target, saving him from the burns of prolonged contact with the bear's blood but affording him a much more dangerous injury.

He was scared to breathe. Red flowed down the left side of his neck, painting him in it and somehow staining him. His sarong was stained further and untied, barely hanging off of his right side. It was his own blood but it burned as if the God's claw had tainted it or the hot substance from the leg wound had mixed with it, and with every drip and slide he felt his coat marked for eternity.

The buck knew he had to move, but all he could do was fall. Gravity pulled him to the earth, and it was only the magic of the warrior's spirit that stopped it from tearing him down completely. Somehow he managed to land on all four hooves, and sheltered by the bear's great chest he was save from the concussive force of the waterfall that came from above. Still he felt a few stray droplets strike his hindquarters: a few stray beads of wet that kicked him into gear.

And off he went again, running. Only this time he was slowed and going further, letting the water of the falls rise up about him in great red-toned splashes. It was as if he was bathing in the remnants of his injury; even these waters would not wash it away, perhaps they even impressed upon the Haruspex's blood a permanence.

Then at last the Haruspex stopped short towards the great god's rear, his hooves firmly planted in the shore as he used whatever strength he could remember having to buck. He thought of Zandora and how he had injured her without intention, and he thought then of how different this battle was.

Yes, maybe it was sacrilege to kick a god in the balls. And it was true that in any fair fight, Ashamin would not have stooped so low. But this was no fair fight, and this was no true god: it was only a creature, maddened by power and an addictive love for ambition.

By the true God of the Spark, Ashamin would strike him down.



Ashamin rears and kicks out with his forelegs, cutting open the bear's right foreleg with them. The left paw, partly detached by Roskuld, swings and Ashamin is caught by one of the bear's claws at the base of his head on the left side. The cut is deep and dangerously close to his jugular. Grounded by the pain, he takes a moment to recover before running under the bear and bucking when he is almost out from under him, aiming for whatever genatalia the God might possess. Using the medium marking pass traded to me from Brit to stain his left neck & foreleg bright red with the mixture of his blood/bear's blood. The initial cut will scar black, but appear open at the bottom as if the blood is still coming from it.

See Ashamin's profile for more information about Lochan, Rakt, and his various items.
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Amazingly enough, I was successful at keeping that child safe. And as I herded her away from the damage I thought of you and your siblings, and how I wish I could have done the same for you. But I didn't have much time, and though I was able to keep the young thing safe the same was not true for myself or others around me.

Amid a crowd of strangers, I recognized the small mare who had accepted me into her herd. She had been an enigma, alternatively endowed with spunk and a timid quiet. Though I'd yet to form a full opinion of her, when I saw her miss entirely and instead grow doused in the bear's hissing blood, I knew she needed my help.

Unhindered, I set off as fast as I could, satisfied that the filly was safe with all the others guarding her, and not trusting that the antlered mare would be able to protect herself. At that point, she just needed to get out of the line of fire before she tripped on an ally. If there even were allies, in that game the gods were playing.

But I had spoken too soon--in a moment everything was covered in water and I sank in it, blinded by its force and pressed to the ground where I was scraped by the terrain made even more rocky by the bear.

I had little to say for myself during the course of the battle but this: through it all, I remained selfless. And though I would not say I was brave, I will tell you I saw others that turned and ran at the first sight of danger, and others still who attacked those weaker than them if only to land a blow. There was little honor, that day, but I'd like to think that your mother held on to its vestiges. Follow my example, at least in that regard. There are many things I've done and many ways I've lived that I hope no daughter of mine must ever experience, but the honor of protecting another is not one of them.

After a moment of feeling the cold drip across my frame I lifted myself and ran towards the mare, snapping my teeth near her neck as warning. "Get out of here!" I had hissed through the chaos, my blue eyes pleading, my heart seeing something of my young self in her. "This isn't a fight you can win, you have other talents that will serve you better on the sidelines," came the insistence, my last attempt at convincing her otherwise as I moved alongside her and slapped my long tail towards her hocks, doing all I could to get her moving to safety.

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Assured that Erthe is safe, she starts to run towards Enna when she notices the healer is being burned, in hopes of getting her off the battlefield as well. She slips when the waterfall crashes down and gets soaked through, tumbling to the ground and scraping her front left knee on a small crystal. She recovers and continues towards Enna, trying to convince her to heal from the sidelines.

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"I'm gazing upward, a world I can't embrace..."

His mind was clear, except the pounding of his adrenaline filled heart. This was the first brawl the boy had ever been in; what a fight this was. Silver eyes squinted to mere slits as he went diving at the massive beast.  He did not want to get the frozen bear's blood in his eyes, if he was even that lucky. His hooves made contact sending spurts of snarling blue blood everywhere. A sick pleasure pounded through him causing a squeal to erupt form his golden muzzle. Allowing his momentum to carry his stout body forward silver eyes gazed around searching for someone in need or a new opening. Of course he did find an opening and soared for the beast's back, around the crystals jumping from his snowy hide. If he could draw more blood, cause more pain, he would surely be able to slow the bear down. This time he added his horn to the mixture of horns and spiked boots.

Flying higher he saw something horrible, innocent people were being hurt. Rage flooded his young frame. He was just about the chase Myrinne off when Kaj swooped in to chase her way. His gaze shifted to a diving blue fire encased figure, his mother. Parelia was helping the white little girl. So he turned elsewhere, Ranjiri. She screamed as she was thrown down by what looked to be a Helovian. His war cry sounded deep and gravely with his rage. As he dove for her to protect her he saw here stand and turn towards the mare anger plan on her face. He still landed beside her ready to help, but she seemed fine. "Call if you need me! I'll help you Ranjiri!" With his words he left once more searching for another to help.

Instead he dove once more for the bear, there was to much going on to find another that needed help. The best help he could give was to fight this demon plaguing his land. "Time for you to die beast!" He screamed at the bear diving for the back of his neck horn ready to puncture the vital spine. If he could just get around all the crystals waiting to impale him the bear might fall. This was it, this might be the end of his first battle. A battle that would surely go down in history.

My heart's an endless winter filled with rage...
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OOC;  He flies at the bear's back trying to stab and cut, then he flies up trying to find someone in need of help. He sees Ranjiri fall and goes to her aid. She seems fine so he leaves and aims for the back on the bears neck, by his skull, trying to puncture the spinal cord.
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What if this whole crusade's a charade
And behind it all there's a price to be paid

The world is a wild menagerie of snarling faces and dripping blood, alongside me the rhythm of Erebos’ hooves a steady cadence to which I time my own, together our powerful figures dancing among the mad tangle of bodies. A wave of heat graces my skin, flames that appear from no where and draw my glance, my eyes growing broad and my lips further ensnared in a smile of delight.

It is Aithniel! From her pours a wall of fire that ensconces us, that rises and seeks to protect us from the rush of madly pouring bodies which seek to drive the hideous Bear to broken knees.

With a more fervid approach I return to my assault, my horn breaking open the skin of the beast in a bright red X which glistens wet with blood. Among the numbers in the fray there are now those who fight for the crystal marked fiend, my eyes narrowing in hatred of them even as the touch of one such beast’s rain glistens from the heavens and extinguishes my sister’s brilliant fire from above. For that creature, a dark shadow flying high above, a creature towards which a bright blue flash reaches as I glare up at her in the briefest loathing, there is reserved the most contemptuous look of all.

Who is she? Is a thought which flashes with my legs and horn as it strives to spill more of the God’s blood into the red water below.

Her fight, their fight, is futile, it seems; the bear has no limbs, it is bleeding from more wounds than anyone would care to count, and from its lips come the warbling words of the dying. His blood is all around us, it runs in rivulets down into the red water, it makes the air stink of its metallic stench.

Perhaps it is mortal blood, too, I think distantly through the red hum of my thoughts that are lined as well with the joy that I have found them, my friends, my throat birthing delighted laughter because the three of us are together once again, and that the universe has granted us the bliss of battle with nothing less than a God upon our reunion.

[ Keeps attacking the bear's hind quarters with hooves/horn alongside Erebos and Aithniel, though he does shoot a pretty nasty look towards Isopia. ;D ]
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He hears his name; it comes from the lips of Ophelia, his aunt. She suggests he commands Tinek to aid the red in protecting the filly, and Volterra damn near froths at the mouth at the idea. Him, commanding a royal silver? Vérzés' bellow of jealousy is something to behold, and the black behemoth quickly smothers his lecherous glances towards the silver. "I will," he shouts back to the unicorn, side-eyeing her as she does god knows what to the bear's mind. His dragon continues to circle the filly, regardless of whether the silver joins him.

There's a thud, and the beast's colossal chest slams into the bear's foreleg, knocking the creature off balance. His jaws twist into a grim smile, the sweet taste of success heady on his lips. The impact sends him bouncing backwards, and he's about to storm in again for another assault, when he hears her. Isopia; her dulcet tones are honey on his ears, dragging him out of the blood-frenzy he's in. "Kis hollo," he whispers, her name a benediction on his lips; but she isn't on his side, she's emptying a whole damn waterfall onto the attackers. Why? Why shouldn't they attack the bear, this beast that has come crashing into their world, bringing blood and devastation with it? Why shouldn't they defend their home?

He wants to run to her, plead her forgiveness for his sins, but he won't. He bends to none, not even his best friend. They did not leave things on the best of terms, and he wants to speak with her, make things right, but not now. There is a battle to be won - he will explain later. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

So he snatches his gaze from her, hoping that she will understand from the force of his eyes that he will explain later, hoping that a glance will say what words cannot. His tail arches high above his thick quarters, his muscles bunching and flexing as he lunges forwards again, preparing to down the beast, and his attention flickers momentarily onto Öde. Wait, did he just....surely he didn't....yes, he did. Volterra releases a snort of amusement. "Don't know if it's that exciting," he says, his words intended for the ears of his relative only. But it is. Is there not an ache in Volterra's loins, too? An urge, a thrill, a lust brought on by this sweet, bloody conflict? Could the giant, with all his testosterone and primal need, not just explode right where he stands?

But then he sees a mare launch a lightning bolt at Isopia; suddenly all semblance of lust is gone to be replaced by the cold, harsh reality of war.

The colossus grunts, bunches his muscles, but there's no way he could get there in time. Vérzés, he mentally commands, and the dragon obeys; he flies faster than he's ever flown before, trying to soar in front of the lightning bolt to protect Isopia from it. If the bolt hits him, it hopefully won't hurt him with his hard scales as much as it would hurt the earth-filly with her soft flesh; the red opens his wings wide, Jesus on the cross, hoping to guard the one his bonded is so close to.

Volterra is not idle, either. He swings on his forequarters, having been shifted to the side slightly in all the movement; he's now aligned with the bear's right hindleg, and it is this he aims to attack. With his rump facing the bear, he throws his weight onto his thickly knotted forelimbs and unfurls his hind ones from under him, aiming to crush their full feathered force into the bear's leg to try and break it in two.


Sends Vérzés to try and block the lightning from Isopia; Volterra tries to kick his hind legs out at the bear's right hindleg.

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@Ophelia, @Isopia, Öde all mentioned. I've underlined where for ease of skim-reading!

[ you can't stray from what you are, you're the closest thing to hell i've seen so far  ]
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Back off, bitch.

She did not just say that. For her own good, the winged brat did not just say that.

Except she did.

The silver's eyes flash; the first ebb of lightning before a world-killing storm. She is so angry she hardly even notices her legs slipping from under her, her knees colliding with the ground and burning with hot bear blood. She does not notice the pain - she only knows the all-consuming desire to shunt her horn so far up Amani's ass it makes a shish kebab out of her ovaries. "When there isn't a goddamn alien bear trying to eat us all, I'll be seeing you again. And spoiler alert: I'm going to snap you the fuck in half." It's a promise, not a threat; Nyx does not back down from an insult. See you on the battlefield, sunshine.

But now there's a bear to crush. The silver's attention can linger no longer on the cowardly stallion who runs away to the horizon, nor can it linger on her knees which are actually hurting quite a bit now that she has time to think about it. She has a world to defend, a bear to down, blood to spill. Maybe she'll earn some brownie points with that spark-emitting GILF (God I'd like to...ahem) over there if she helps take down the monstrous demon-thing.

Dominus barely makes a scratch on the bear's underside, and he darts out from beneath it before a paw can crush him. Nyx breaks into a trot, but it's half-assed because her forelegs can hardly bend with the pain. Balls and bollocks, she internally hisses to herself. When has pain ever stopped her, though? She throws herself forwards, through the pain barrier, and aims for the bear's left side; she attempts to run her horn straight through the flesh and muscle and in between the creature's ribs, to try and kill him stone dead via a punctured lung. Her lion weaves between the sea of hooves and out behind the main fray, content to circle the attacking horses and wait for bits of tasty bear to fly in his general direction. He sees an errant crystal landing on the ground nearby and he scoops it up in his mouth, carrying it to the pile nearby.


Swears at Amani then tries to stab the bear through the left side with her horn.

@Amani mentioned.

Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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The sinister war waged on, and he became witness to the depths of his power – nothing. No matter the effort, no matter the potency, no matter the hope dreamt up in the realms of barbarity, naught came from his trials. If he were a child all over again he may have stomped and pouted, delivered a blistering, scorching line about unfairness, but now, all he did was quietly, discreetly, seethe. The back of his jaw worked in tightened rolls, the sanction of his bones clawed and curled, and the malicious pit of his membrane contorted into a horrendous rhythm. Frustration poured and coiled from the soulless void of his presence – from the bright beacons where he was once all splendor, all ebullience, creaking and disavowing their warm palisades. Orsino blended into the background, became one with his cretin prince, bellowed out silly, little moments of iniquity and irritation, nothing! Nothing? and the smoldering temper, the blistering abyss, unfurled through his chest.
He wandered past Aithniel and her outstretched wings. He sidestepped thrashing bodies and quivering forms. He ignored the drums of help, the cries for assistance, and his eyes followed only Rikyn and the thundering, dying ursine, listening to the wallowing sounds of a tempest not yet falling into the quiet, not yet subdued, and all he wanted, all he yearned for, all he craved, was to finally show someone, anyone, that he was powerful. He was potent. He was capable.
The fiend rushed alongside his friend and bent towards the ruins and rubble. His twisted eyes, beautiful and serene, nefarious and Machiavellian, glimpsed over the bleeding sides and the rapture of primal savagery – wondered if this was what every death throng looked like (had Arwen fought until her last breath?), captured in a bottle, clawing and fighting and trying, even if there was no hope, no salvation, no further reign. But instead of glorifying in the image of a brawny, muscular deity defending itself for one last time, instead of basking in the glow of so many Helovians striving to shield, protect, and preserve their world, he lifted his bestial spirit into danger, into predilection, into action and violence.
Erebos raised his cranium and slashed towards the skin of the bear’s great hindquarters, swiping in various directions, trying to cut, to pierce, to lacerate so the pelt could have been in ribbons, could have been in tatters, could have been ancient canvas laced with destruction and mayhem (so he could more than a nameless creature on the battlefield, so he could remembered, so he could be influential, dominant, and commanding). 

[TEAM TIME GOD. Follows @Rikyn and slashes at the bear's hindquarters with his horn.] 

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She had tried... she had tried her damndest to reason with the Gods, on both sides, but it had seemed to be futile. The sounds of war crashed around her, and blood from the enemy and ally splattered her coat. Hazel eyes widened, and she did all she could to not unleash a blood-curdling scream of terror. Her breathing became ragged as her knees buckled, barely holding her upright as she continued to stare at the bear before her, being assaulted and annihilated by her herd mates and the newcomers. There was madness in a cyclone of screeches and breaking bones, magic flying in every direction from both lines, and she seemed to be caught in the middle. Surely she should have been killed, or seriously injured to the point of barely breathing, yet all that touched her was blood. She didn't know how this could be, and her mind was in such a tizzy over all the utter destruction that she almost didn't hear her former leader's words, didn't see him glaring at her and begging her to just leave, until he was on the ground with an injured leg and wing, feathers being carried away by the vicious waters that appeared suddenly.

She gasped, rushing through the water towards the golden man, attempting to press her muzzle to his cheek and listening for breathing, panic filling her gaze as she studied him. She saw bone showing, causing her to gasp in shock and surprise, tears filling her eyes and spilling down her cheeks before she looked to him, wondering just what she should do. She knew that the bone needed to be mended and strapped, and she would need a large amount of herbs to even begin such a large project, but there was no way she could run off and search for them while he lay here in the middle of a warzone. Thinking fast she moved along his side with the uninjured wing, attempting to press her muzzle and head into his flank so as to push him, speaking in a quivering tone as she did so, "K-Kaj... we need to m-move you okay? Y-you're hurt, and I c-can't help you here. Please... try and get up." Soon she was sobbing, the tears pooling freely from her and falling away into the water around them, and all she could do was wait, begging and praying to whatever Gods who seemed to care about helping their mortals that the man would get up, and she could get him to safety.


OOC: TEAM HELP KAJ BECAUSE OMG HE MUST BE DYING Manages to avoid all injury thanks to Kaj, and attempts to move him out of battle so she can help heal him.
TAG: @Kaj - Let me know if you'd like me to change anything. I tried to leave all interpretation up to you.
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Pure, utter pandemonium. The elephant was not used to fighting in such a way… ever. He was a man of well trained armies, planned strategies, and collected battle decisions. This was… just not that. It was how those they had conquered fought: disorganized, emotional, and treacherous. He shot a disproving look to the Time God- they needed more direction, more leadership. This god was quickly losing the patronage of the elephant, “Fat good lot you are,” he mutters to the  god. You were just as likely to fall on an ally’s attack than fall to the bear. Or those who sided with it.

That brought a wave of disbelief to the stallion. Helovians who fought against their countrymen, and for a clearly diseased and power-hungry god. Were they mad? A glance at Öde confirmed this assumption. Though he looked to the skies at Ispoia, and found her logically attacking and protecting this monster,  ”Stupid.” He made careful note of these turncoats. He understood fighting against an unjust power- better than most- but their actions on this battlefield were indefensible in his eyes.

His attack had merely grazed the skin of the bear,  “Damn,” a thin line of blood welling where his thick horn scraped away flesh. He spun to the side, to regain perspective and re-attack. Though a gaping wound in the god’s belly, from Mauja’s spikes, opened a floodgate of acidic blue blood onto the elephant’s haunches and flank. “Arrhh,” a deep, great bellow of pain and surprise burst from his barrel.

He swung back around to face the battle, seeing that the haunches of the bear were rather crowded with attackers. There were attacks from above and attacks at the front. Then he saw the horror of a great pegasus fall, his wing severely mangled. A delicate butterfly attempted to pull him to safety- he could see the bone escaping the skin,  “Hell, man.” He was torn- to help the fallen man or attack the bear? He opted for the middle road- move the bear.

In a massive movement, the elephant coiled his immense power and mass- then unleashed it in a colossal leap. His horn was lowered, chin tucked once more to protect his throat. He hurled through the air, aiming for the soft flesh just at the end of the ribcage. He hoped to skewer the bear, piercing its stomach or intestines- wounds he knew mere mortals could not survive (he was unsure of gods). Or, at the very least, he hoped his immense size, velocity, and power would knock the bear over, or away from the fallen and gravely injured Kaj.

image credits
- table by Niki -

Summary: He turns and steps away for a moment. Sees Kaj, wants to help. Leaps and hurls his weight and horn just behind the bear’s ribcage to try to either impale him, knock him to the ground, or just away from Kaj.

ooc| I mentioned so many characters, but he didn’t really interact with anyone xD
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I tried to sell my soul last night, it's funny he wouldn't even take a bite.

I have arrived late to the party. What had started out as a lovely trip north had turned around as I discovered the red falls... And the screams of battle, the smells of blood, burned flesh, and just delicious battle smells. 

But there was something else as well. The time god was here and he was fighting too. Well, this was just something you don't see everyday. Soon I am in action, powerful hindquarters launching me into the fray. As I enter I happen to see probably the weirdest shit ever, and I mean battle is great and all but its not that great. So, I burn my eyeballs out and move on. Not sure how that could all happen while surrounded by this, but alright. 

The weird thing slips out of my mind as I focus on the battle being fought. Yeah I know some of those who where fighting, but the only thing that mattered was fighting this corrupted gooey mess and those who where defending it.

I weave my way through the crowd, towards the underside of the monsters oozing belly, headed straight towards the inside right hind leg. If I could just hit that artery maybe it would help in bringing the beast down. My eyes search frantically through the fur, and I just aim my horn for where it might be located. Its a slight chance that the shot will be true. But I am willing to take it.

"Speech here."
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Sialia moves to the underside of the bear from the left towards the right hind leg. She aims her horn in the general direction of the artery on the inside leg, hoping that maybe she would hit it and help in taking the bear down.
Sia is late but... 


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i am the vanguard of your destruction
And all I know is rage—

It had a soothing quality to it, repetition, anger pounded out in ice. They rose; they bit; they fell, and the cycle started over from deep within the madness of his wrath.

There was so much he didn't see anymore—Ophelia staggering to her feet and charging, Nyx coming in on bleeding legs, Tembovu, Kaj, Myrrine, Roskuld flung aside.. he didn't see any of it; the only thing that existed was the bear and his slowly failing form. He didn't even notice the chill of his magic seeping through the water of another's, or the errant hit he landed on her. All he could see, all he could care about, was littering that motherfucking bear with holes.

He didn't see Aurelia, either. He didn't even think as he stood there, planted over the fallen form of his owl—he made every mistake he had made before, logic and rationality obliterated by insanity.

Then there was fire.

And he knew the bitch throwing her tricks at him, saw her in the corner of his eye before they closed; his front hooves lifted off the ground in an attempt to get the fuck away as the flames licked along his skin.. drying, searing, biting, eating, devouring, tearing a shriek from his lungs as his nerves crackled with the memory of pain.

He didn't want to care anymore. He barely knew what to do, how to not land on his grounded owl, who to attack, who to not attack, where to strike, and how—fuck, he wanted to freeze in the sky, poised like something violent and vehement but just running on fear.

Couldn't. Wouldn't. Fell, as everybody does. Frosted hooves touched down where they had risen from, the safety of his bulk still protecting his fallen girl. His left side was a messy mixture of scorched hair and angry, red skin, hot and swollen. He felt tender in a way he hadn't for long, in a way only fire can make you, and when he lost his grip on his anger, he knew that nothing good would come in its wake.

This had to end. Now.

He reached for the bear again, fine-tuning his magic from its blatant display of rage to something a little more devilish and direct, summoning his magic in sharp crystals within its heart—trying to rupture it, and end this once and for all.


He remains where he is and gets burnt by Aurelia. Then, he uses his magic to try and rupture the god's heart by shredding it from within with very small ice spikes. ]
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Through the great union of strangers, the once mighty bear of winter was beginning to fall to his doom. This was not without a hefty price for the others to pay, as blood began to shed and several more joined in the fight to actually help the demented, ancient Deity. What the hell were they thinking?! Could they not see the pain and suffering that our so called 'God' had brought to our lands, to our people? Could they not smell the sickness? My ears pinned back against my horns in disbelief, trying my best to keep an eye on those with the gift of flight who had chosen to battle against us. My previous attack had been successful, with the chunk of crystal falling to the earth with a simple cut on my leg as payment, but that was not where my victory was. My right talons pierced through the glowing orb of the Bear, and immediately I clenched my claws shut and gave a mighty yank The beast's right eye was clawed out, giving us the upper hand among all his other injuries.

Disgusted with the feeling, yet liberated with the sensation that I had actually managed to perform such a feat, I opened my talons to fling the orb away. Quickly I rushed back to the skies to avoid being swiped at from a massive paw should he try to rub where his missing eye was. From my new vantage point I scanned the scene with a rushed glance, pausing only momentarily at a strange black unicorn that...No...Surely, he did not just...? "What the hell kind of people are we fighting with?" Was it customary for one of these Helovians to ejaculate whilst in the middle of a battle? Was it some sort of bizarre ritual performed in hopes of granting strength or distraction? Even a stranger possibility, was there some sort of purpose to that said stallion's liquids that could prove to be useful in other ways than just reproduction, much like the blood of the bear burned?

I shook my head to shake such ridiculous questions out of my mind, my stomach uneasy from focusing so much on a useless stallion that would rather jerk off on the battleground than to be of any help. A mental note was made to avoid that stranger in the future, as I returned my focus to the others. Children, mares and stallions alike were all falling victim to attacks and accidental friendly fire. Magic and elements were flying everywhere, keeping everyone on their toes. The ground fighters were running out of options with their attacks, leaving some of the traitors room to counter attack in the skies. It was downright outrageous, and we needed to end this thing now.

Diving back down to the mighty bear, I ducked and weaved between crystals being thrown, shards of ice, walls of water and blasts of fire and lightning. My target was once again towards the beast's head, once again utilizing the use of my back feet to stretch out before me and snatch at the large right ear like an eagle snatching at a fish. I did not slow my pace, rather I threw my body's weight forward and past the bear as I attempted to use his ear to force the bear to go in my direction. I wanted to lead him towards the black hole that the God of Time had opened up, I wanted to pull him away from the women and children at were are risk below, I wanted to drag him off his balance...Hell, I wanted to rip that son of a bitch's ear clean off if he resisted.

Summary: TEAM TIME GOD! Thantos tossed the ripped out eye to the ground before rushing to the sky to overlook the battle. He dove back down between the magical attacks and aims to grab the bear's right ear with enough force and speed to yank him away from those at risk and towards the black hole portal that the Time God opened, or at least rip off the ear if the God pulls back. @Ode was sort of mentioned, lol.

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I'm like a prayer you whisper from your window to the world

It was mayhem, chaos, madness. Pandemonium. Not that the babe actually had any words to describe to tumult with. It was just that whenever she tried to get from one point to another to collect or deposit crystals her path was obscured, and it was getting harder and harder to reach her destinations.

She was scared. It was terrible to see everyone around her get so hurt, and it was confusing to not know why everyone was so angry. Had the big bear said something mean? Had the sparky time man been the one who did bad things? She didn't know, Erthë couldn't tell, everyone was screaming and shouting and saying horrible things to one another and there was blood spilling onto the ground. Blue, red, blue and more red until the waters in the basin below the fall really was mostly made of blood.

But somehow, for some reason, she wasn't hurt. Sure, her foot hurt from stepping in the glowing drool but that was all her own fault since she hadn't been careful, and she had been buffeted around a bit and her body ached from countless bruises but she wasn't actually hurt. Not like the sun-colored stallion whose leg was pierced from the inside by something white and blood-stained and sharp, or the white black-dotted man who screamed as fire licked his skin, or the poor, poor Bear that was screaming and looking confused and saying horrible things that made her chest ache with a guilty feeling she didn't understand.

Was it really good of her to help Sparky collect the gems? He was using them to hurt the bear even more; she had seen him use the glittering crystals from her pile and shoot them at the winter god, so alone and sad and wasn't it actually kinda pretty if you forgot about the drooling and the horrible voice?

Erthë stared around, desperately looking or something, anything that might tell her what to do. One of the dragons that had come to guard her before, the pretty red one, shot off to defend the big girl that had screamed angrily that it was wrong as she arrived, and one of the mares that had jumped in and tried to make her leave was rushing off too - she looked hurt and a bit wet after all the water had come falling from the sky. Another had been injured too; splashing blood etched into the pretty tiger-striped coat of a mare with wings on her head. It looked so painful, the filly ached with gratitude and pain and reached down towards the little tiny fox that ran by her side, wanting to bury her nose in the fluffy fur in gratitude. Only for a second, a fraction of a heartbeat, to steady herself and regain the courage to act.

It seemed as though she had been standing frozen on the spot for a million years, but it probably wasn't more than a few seconds before she staggered onwards again. Fatigue was setting in now, a dizzying weakness that stemmed from hunger, tiredness and shock. Longing for her mother's warm embrace to save her from everything haunted the fawn as she ducked in beneath a white-faced boy's dynamic lunge and picked up a long, sharp shard of crystal. She had thought to bring it back to the pile with the rest, but a spark of defiance suddenly flared within her.

No. She would not do as the god had told her. There were crystals lying about everywhere, he could pick them up from the ground himself if he really needed them that badly! Erthë could fight too, just like everyone else! She would protect others just like they had protected her, so that she wouldn't ever feel that awful lurch of guilt and shame and debt again when they bled for her sake.

With all the deadly fury of a newborn kitten Erthë threw the shard in her mouth towards the head of the bear. Without looking to see whether it had actually hit or just fallen harmlessly towards the ground she used the same nimbleness as before to dart around fighters and the bear to find another gem to throw.

And she spotted the battered sword lying on the ground, dragged and pulled by a.. well... she couldn't really tell what it was but it seemed way too tiny to carry that big thing. Erthë hurried over to help and after attempting to wrap her flexible tail around the hilt she smiled through her tears at the tiny creature and made to help it bring it back to its owner, the stocky monochrome girl that lay off a ways on the ground, looking angry and hurt as she shot lightning at the bear.

She was still scared, still confused and overwhelmed and a bit disgusted at all the yucky things that clung to her hooves and coat, but she felt a bit better now. Helping someone, wasn't that great?

Lines by Darya87

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Summary: Erthë stops collecting gems because she figured the Time God can pick them up himself anyway. Instead she throws the crystal she's holding at the Bear's head, then goes to help Chico bring the sword back to Roskuld.


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