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Life in the Basin had been going along as normal when things decided to explode in a whirlwind of chaos. Well it really wasn't that dramatic or explosive but still it was complete chaos. Patrols of the Basin had been on her to do list when strange things began to appear drawing her further north than she had expected anything to be. The tundra was a cold uninhabitable place at times and when you went much further past the Basin things could get pretty damn cold. Banking to her left she pulled herself into a large circle trying to figure out just what in the damn hell was going on out here! Below her fellow Helovians seemed to dart left, right, and center along with quite a number of strangers that did not belong to...well it didn't appear they belonged here at all. Confusion was clearly written all over their faces and low and behold the Time God seemed to have his hoof in on things oh and the God of Spark as well but he wasn't looking so hot. Not really caring much about the state of the others her eyes focused in on the giant fucking bear! Seriously? First a Yeti and now a giant bear... what would they think of next.. a dancing hippopotamus? 

With the mass numbers appearing to hone in on the bear it would be a smart assumption to guess that it did not belong, Not that it took sherlock holmes to figure that one out.  Excitement began to brew as she watched the proceedings with keen observation as to who was where and doing what. Somehow it did not surprise her that some morons would turn against their native Helovians and side with the giant fucking bear that would likely eat every last one of them given the chance. With her decision obviously going towards helping their current Gods kick the bear's ass back to wherever it came from she tucked herself into a sharp descent drawing forth her latest magic to see what she could do. Descending from what she would assume was Aurelia's blind spot directly above yet behind her line of sight she picked up the speed. If she could break stone why would breaking a bone be much harder? 

Spotting the flamboyant Aurelia taking a stand she was more than satisfied to start off with getting her out of the damn way. Picturing Aurelia's delicate wing bones within her mind she imagined ice forming between her joints and within the marrow to the point of them shattering into millions of tiny pieces. As she got closer she aimed to set forth her magic aiming to target exactly what she had pictured but also for good measures she pulled herself back upright out of her dive to see about helping the crushing process with a good ol smashing blow should her hooves just happen to hit their target. 

Summary: Observes the chaos from above for a matter of seconds before jumping in on the action. Chooses to side with the Time God/Helovians and eagerly looks around to see where she can do the most damage. Spies Aurelia causing trouble and focuses her efforts on grounding her by circling around so she is hopefully in her blind spot. (above yet just behind her out of her line of sight). Tilts into a dive aiming her magic at Aurelia's wing bones/joints hoping to shatter them completely. Before making impact (hopefully) pulls her body upright to have her hooves slam into Aurelia's back. 

"Just because it looks like a leprechaun and talks like a leprechaun, it doesn't mean it can't act like the little fucking demon it is."
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Oh dear. He was late. Might as well arrive fashionably late eh? Like everyone in the Helovia the golden had felt the disturbance with the time bubble ended. The golden had come up onto the Steppe to reflect, and the commotion caused him, for the first time ever to look seriously east. Curiosity peaked he slipped into something more comfortable, an invisible version of Caleb, and leapt off the cliffs. It was almost disastrous. The shock wave ripped across the sky just as he came over the gather, and tore any sort of balance he had in the sky. A few curse words later, and furious flapping, found him roughly landed in the shadows just outside the mayhem to hear the beginning of the fight.

Quick mind takes in the scene, the horses, the desires. He was glad he left the ever curious deer home for this. Wings tuck by his side, and hidden from view as he was, he slips through in an ironic peace. Time to do a bit of collecting. He jogs to the giant @Isopia. Giant might be an understatement. But battles are so quick and she yelled there was little time to take in how much the girl had grown. Slipping next to her he inhales quickly, but purposefully, and the gears click and lock. With a grin he quickly slips away to another target.

But it seems before he could the fight was beginning to get out of hand. Creature after creature aimed for some point on the brute, and charged, unfortunately many seeing right past the invisible golden. He dodged horn after teeth, never seeming to find a moment’s peace to find another target of his own. Some were getting rather close….

There wasn’t many chances for him to think, but he did have one rather important question sneaking through the chaos.

What were they fighting for again?

OOC:: Thranduil flies in as an invisible Caleb, but falls from the sky at the shockwave. He steals Isopia’s identity, but gets caught in the mayhem, some friendly fire horns getting rather close. (Still invisible Caleb) NO ONE/HELOVIA SIDE- If he starts to fight it would be on helovia side. =]
Identities: Caleb, Cashmere, Isopia

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There was a war or something going on, but my mind was stuck on the monstrosity that was attacking everyone. It was me. Damnit it was more me than me, some fucking asshole has decided to become my identical twin and attack horses that will no doubt later hate me for attacking them when I didn't attack. Actually, I'm sure they won't care as everyone is attacking everyone, but goddamnit I wanted that choice. I galloped forth, ears pinned and teeth bared, attacking the maurader that became me [Thranduil].

I just gallop straight at the imitator, zoned in at a perpendicular angle (that is, if the look-alike doesn't move). My horn is lowered, aiming to puncture a lung, kill the imbecile that became me. Fuck him. To see his life drain from his (my?) eyes. He moves from the large mare's [Isopia's] side, but I continue, still hopefully on path the his precious lung. Henrietta is scared, hiding somewhere, perhaps near an equally scared owl [Diego].

The chaos is wild, a symphony of wings, horns, and hooves hitting each other, magic thrown around carelessly, some preaching peace, others death. And I- with one sole purpose, getting the imitator, the fucking idiot who decided to be me. I do have to say, I look damn fine, and whoever became me is a smart lad for choosing such a handsome visage. Still, I'm pissed off, silvery pools following this other Caleb. "Hey!" I yell, attempting to get this other Caleb's attention, maybe distract it. A waterfall is seen out of the corner of my eye, along with ice-spikes, fire, and other shit that I don't give a fuck about. After hopefully stabbing Caleb-lookalike, he halts, breath rugged and harsh. 

His eyes scan the field, the eyes of a predator. He doesn't necessarily attack anyone, just simply looks around until his eyes lock on Enna, presumably antlering the bear. I slink towards her, ignoring the war that plays around me, the screams like classical music in my ears. In a way, this setting is relaxing and exciting. As I approach the heavy Enna, my head is lowered and my ears are pricked forwards, good intention alight in my eyes. "Enna.." I whisper, knowing she most likely will not hear me, but maybe she will see me, see my lips call her name, the words I'm Sorry engraved on my features like a eulogy on a grave. Then my attention is ripped away, my eyes leaving hers, cranium turning to look behind me. The loud thrump of hooves beating bodies, steals my attention and my eyes fall on a brown pegasus, decorated with small bird-spots. What drives her to fight for this bear? Why does she choose to fight against ALL of Helovia?

I glance once my at Enna before my wings unravel and I am airborne, circling overhead like a vulture waiting to eat the dead, waiting for the oppertunity to indulge. I don't want to fight yet, I need a better target, I can't aim at Caleb look-a-like all night, now can I?

ooc: Attempts to attack @Thranduil for imitation, not knowing it is Thranduil. Horn lowered, aims for a lung.

Spots @Enna and moves towards her, his emotions somewhat in control of his actions. 

Questions @Amara 's motives before swiftly flying into the air to watch above like a vulture.

TEAM NO ONE IMITATES ME >:| (aka unaligned, siding more with time god, but more focused on getting thranduil).

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You listen as others gather, others from the Rift, although none really have voices you can recall as 'familiar'(though... what was familiar? You could barely even remember Manus's voice...), so a part of you relaxes, relieved that none know you, that mayhap this was a chance at salvation. You listen as the Strange One speaks, and by his words, it is clear.

He is a god.

Yet his words, perhaps meant to soothe the disorientated and confused, served merely to rile you. What right had he to rip you from your home? To rip anyone away from their birthland without their explicit will? Hidden lips peel back, drool-shined fangs gleaming under your helm, your silent snarl only deepening at the god's arrogance. Cruel may be your gods, dying may be your lands, but hell if you would suffer anything else! Then you could feel it. The earth trembled, the air electrified, every nerve ending screaming to run, but you did not move save to turn your head towards the source, each breath taut and quick with tension. The shockwave nearly bowled you over, and would have if not for the weight of your armor and the clump of trees you had taken refuge behind.

And the voice that fills the aftermath chills you to your bone. You barely listen to the conversations of gods, merely stunned by the revelation that the Bear God was here.

Oh hell, everyone was going to die.

Then before you know it, the usurper god is ordering everyone about, to fight...against... him. This was wrong. Your ears strain as you listen to the sounds of the other Rifters, appalled when you hear them attack your god. Their god. For a stranger who tore them all away from what they once knew, who more than likely would never send them back. It takes you a few minutes to realize this, to realize that so few actually were standing with your god.

And it made you pissed.

Oh... oh oho ohohohohohahahahahahahaha!

Fuck the fools.

With a howling roar you spring out from the copse, hurtling yourself into the fray. You cannot see, but you can hear.

Hahaha! Let the infidels bleed! BLEED!

"Seal your suicide then!"

You turn, silent now, before slipping towards your prey. Friend or foe you did not care.

Bleed bleed bleed they would all


With a silent snarl you lunge, jaws spreading wide, razor teeth gleaming in the light as you hurl yourself towards his bulk, metal clinking, ruining your subtlety but you did not care. Your jaws snapped shut, hopefully on whatever flesh was near. Leg, rump, throat, shoulder, whatever worked!

You just wanted to taste this man's blood.



@Torleik because hehe Arty wants to nibble that

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Cold eyes lay still in their karkass as they fed themselves with the chaos of the moment. Magic was thrown from every corner; sparked by bloodthirst.

Shattered souls.


It was almost as if she could smell the stench of these darkened souls; the foulthy, the ill. The Bear was only a creation of those that had betrayed him. 

She watched them (her own) fight. She watched those with their souls shattered fight, as well. And she wondered why some appeared to do so against their own. Broken Ones had turned their backs against their own Holy and fought for Helovia, led by their sick minds. How could they not also swing the ax for him — Drink his toxic drool as they waded through their own kin's’ blood? The Bear God? 

As she stood still in her pondering state within the cozy framing of the crimson leaves, she wondered: Why? Why would one go against their own God: Shepherd of mortal but ignorant (colorful and sparkly) sheep? 

For; the reason Bear God was ill was obvious. She had studied the wall of History and it had taught her how Gods should be worshipped. They existed for us. Knowing that, it must be so that the Ill God had not been prayed upon, whispered to, spoken of — had not had the support of his following. And, along with the filthy stench, the wrapping of her mind made her realize that these creatures, these colourful souls, shattered by dust… Those who had come, colorful but broken in soul; they would corrupt also this world (her God) if they would be allowed to live amongst them and release their toxic fumes into their Helovian air.

The faith of the world will tumble and fall in the grasp of those unknowing.
Choose a side...?

Her mind went blank for as long as it took for his words to fade away. 

She would never scratch, wound or kill a God, for if she did it would call doom upon her until the bells stopped singing and the forevermore ended.

—Not by her claws, for if it really proved to be sick and lost it would die either way.

She watched them fight and some fall to the bloody waters. But the one that really stood helpless was she, for she could not prevent the virus to enter the veins of her land. 

And watching, she could not help herself to eventually run towards the little ones, the young Helovians, shielding them, protecting them— hopefully, for she protected them against what would perhaps, one day, destroy them all either way. 
As she was cursed, too, for her instincts told her it was not yet lost, after all (as long as she had faith).

Sorry that I'm not fully participating as much as I could ;A; no time for any more words. 
If you have a young Helovian feel free to powerplay Maren to shield/protect you c:

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He is late to this rampage, on gilded wings that carry him high above the crowd. Safe from the errant magic that whirls below him like a typhoon. They race to the aid of their God, wholehearted belief in his cause and his demands, but Kaj hesitates. He's never even seen the Time God. To him, this could be devilry and trickery, machinations far beyond his mortal comprehension. Who is wrong and who is right? Which path before him is the one to take? There seem to be two at first glance, whose side to pick, but there must be others. There must be a way to find the truth, to figure out what he is meant to do. Should he fight? On behalf of a God he does not know?

Why are they sent forth to fight this ill and ailing god, are celestial beings not incapable of death? Is this like the Moon Goddess and her murderous machinations? Are they being sent to their deaths holding the name of their twisted God in their mouths? How is he to trust after the betrayal of the Goddess of his own lands? 

But others have chosen alternate paths as well. Maren, whom he recalls from his festivities, her eyes on the youths. Myrrine, who shouts uselessly at the ravenous beast before her, small and frail beneath his grandeur and power. Erthe, protected by a few errant companions as she darted about collecting the gems. Another blue swirled mare who ran to protect the children as well. Was nobody thinking of the gems aside those pacifist souls? Surely they held some sort of importance if their Helovian God ordered their collection. 

Cursing loudly to himself over the maelstrom of noise, Kaj clipped his wings inward to grace his sides and let himself fall at dizzying speeds to the earth. Only at the last moment did he let air fill them once more, snapping high and depositing him roughly on the grass. He paused momentarily before Myrrine, turning his eyes to her helpless pleas that would do no good on this battlefield. He saw in her his sister, his own bloodied past, and bared his teeth at her in primordial warning. Parental, a herding gesture meant to keep her safe from harm by showing violence. Much as Ahvelyn was doing by nipping at the younglings running about. 

"It's not sane, and if it was it won't listen to a mortal! Get out of here, Myrrine! You're going to get hurt, it's a God we can't stop it now!" But his eyes were pained with understanding of her desires. How could he stand there and let her be hurt when nobody else was attempting to protect her? He only prayed she'd listen to him as he turned to race down past writhing bodies, kicking gems out of the way only to crane his neck down to grab them in his teeth. He'd rather be the one to do this task than any foal who could die with so much potential still left in their little bodies. 

I will not be used to be battered and abused 
 It's the reason why I choose to cut my losses

@Myrrine Mentioned!

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Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired || Robert Frost
Something was calling her, calling her north, just a whisper of her name. A shiver tickled it's way down her spine causing her lithe muscular frame to ripple. She was still confused, but listened anyway. Flying above the trees to save time her honey eyes gazed below searching for whatever was summoning her here. Call it mother's intuition that she was needed, or maybe she was just crazy. Either way a strange sight was rising up ahead of her. Blood; everything was the color of blood. The trees, bushes, even the thunder falls was scarlet.

Pulling her gaze away from the scarlet she turned to the yelling writhing mass below her lithe body. There was crazy designs and frames, along with ones she knew, the Time God, a massive crystal growing bear, and her son. A small gasp caught her chest as she watched him dive straight for the beast's head. She hoovered in physical form, as well at mental. There were two sides fighting within her head, one yelling her her to help her only son, the other bidding she hold firm, help another. He was strong, strong enough to take care of himself. Instead she caught sight of a mere babe running around everyone gathering up the crystals.

She dove towards her already calling upon her blue flames. Fire engulfed the lithe body as she landed beside the snowy girl. "Fear not child I am here to help you." Her voice was not soft, this girl was showing more bravery than could be expected of here, and there was no need to insult her with a kind voice. Teeth flashed at opponents as they wove in and out. She was careful to give the girl plenty of room, as not to burn her hide. This would be the girl's entrance to womanhood, however early it was.
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Tags/OOC; @Erthe Parelia runs around on fire trying to keep Erthe safe and help her pick up crystals.
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And then, the God of the Spark, the all powerful bastard, speaks.

Knox cannot contain his anger at the sound of that voice. The god addresses the collection of odd creations--even Knox concedes they are rather strange looking as a group--as if they are helpless children, and when another great beast appears, a giant bear stinking of the same winter Knox avoided in the heart caves, the Time God offers even less respect.

It is not that the hunter knows what is happening. It is not that he has ever before seen the bear deity or been taught to respect it. But as much as he hates his mother and even her foul memory, he respected her policies of no tolerance. He struggles with the notions of them now, at the prospect of raising a child, but he appreciates them when considering the gods.

And Knox knows that they have done much for him--that they have made him powerful. It is the moon's magic that he stands under now, the moon's magic that renders him unseen. But hasn't she also cursed him, in some ways, with the murderous rage his ancestor's possesses? And of all the things they may have done for him, he still feels abandonment. And Manhattan does nothing to quell his rage. No, she feeds on it, admires its splendor. In this hate, she recognizes the master she grew up with.

Everything happens suddenly, and Knox sees sides form. Is he to pick one, then?

He knows the smart choice: to support the god that patrons this land.

And he knows the one he will make, too, as he uses the brief window of time afforded to him to shift unseen beneath his cloak and set off at a gallop. In his ancestor's majestic garb he is young and agile, pink and bloody. Manhattan's magic is let loose, her poisoned jaws snapping at hocks as she darts through the chaos, her terrorizing shadows haunting the scene and reflecting the fears of those around her. Knox is unflinching: he is Huric, the martyr and warrior, and he is fighting for this intruding god.

He must fight for something, and it cannot be for that which has left him to rot and descend into madness.

[[Scrambled to get in before time is up. Knox shifted while cloaked so no one could see and then ran to charge at the Time God as HURIC. Manhattan is using her terrorizing magic and snapping with her poisonous fangs to strike out at any who try and attack the Bear God.]]
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Crescencia Posts: N/A
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the oracle has fallen

There was a space of time from when she fell - up? down? who knows anymore - between then and now where she had no idea what happened. The time disappeared, and she was left in a groggy haze that clouded her mind and her visions. Was it seconds? Was it minutes, days, months? How long was she going to be trapped in this nightmare?

Obviously, this was just a nightmare. Her God would never forsake her.

Caught up in her own mind, she almost didn't hear the stagnant speech from those around her. But those sharp, crisp words that echoed so vacantly out of the Time God's mouth were hollow enough to catch her attention. I am saving you. You're welcome was all she heard, and the words stung so badly; they bit and lashed her from a groggy unconsciousness and into the real world. "Save me? Save us?" she barked, expression reading nothing more than indifference and annoyance. "You have cast us through hell and into chaos. Is this what you call saving?"

Her words were nothing more than the confusion lashing out within her, but her anger was temporarily silenced when the ground shook and her ears were overtaken with the sound of sparking electricity and static. His silence... it was never without reason. Head and gaze snapped around, and she turned her body to the hulking beast that was lurking behind the entrance of the newly re-ripped portal. "You caused this," she muttered under her breath, glancing back at the Time God. To her, this must have been his fault and he must have been the one who brought them - and Him - here. He: Her God. The Bear God.

The resounding wave that shook the land toppled the hybrid onto the ground and skidded her across the messy earth. The thick, dead wood that emerged from her shoulder blades dug into the ground, biting it and leaving deep gashes in the soil. But as quickly as she was thrown to the ground, Crescencia heaved herself back up to her feet, haunches coiled tight as she shoved herself off of the muddy, sickened, and glowing earth.

Her heart was beating so harsh in her chest that she swore it would break her rib cage in two. In all her visions, her oracles of the future and of His Will, He looked like everything her mind told her He was. There was no doubt in her mind that He was mad... but while she felt pity for the massive God, the new enlightenment filled her heart with sorrow, regret, pain, and resentment. Like how the Time God had 'saved' them and brought them unto this new land, her God had allowed him to. Did Crescencia - His ever faithful Oracle and Seer - mean nothing to Him?

He was here to reclaim them, but was He here just to make a point? The Bear God fought for no one in particular; but for them as a whole. He fought to claim them. He addressed no one by name, and showed no passion for them as His denizens. Confusion flooded her mind, and her breath became short and tight. Those years of faithful service - were they all for His own gain? Did they even matter? Did she matter to Him?

Her eyes wandered to the orange marks on her legs. She earned them because she bore those children of His Will, and slaughtered them for His Will. Were they meaningless sacrifices, too?

The thought of their blood tightened its grip on her throat. Was she bad? Was she partially to blame for this? All of these revelations flooded her mind at once upon seeing Him - Her Bear God - that she didn't know how to react. Should she fight for Him? Or should she fight against Him, to speak out for the years of punishment, torture, and pain?

She knew in her sick mind that she could not fight for him. The epiphanies were too enlightening, the knowledge of His worthless anger too much. But could she switch sides so easily, and fight so valiantly against a Being she spent years worshiping? Was that not hypocrisy?

Backing away from the scene, wide eyes regarding each individual body in slow motion as they all descended on the white and blue God. Slowly, she saw Him overtaken, flooded by the bodies that descended upon Him. A longing to help Him tugged at her gut, but her mind locked her legs in place, speaking of all the ways He had wronged her.

So there she stood, on the outskirts of the forefront of this hellish battle, unsure where her loyalties lay. Body still as stone, her mind flooded by all the times she had sacrificed, her vision blurry with leaking tears that stained her skin.

TEAM I-DON'T-KNOW (leaning towards Team Time God)
She will not fight for the Bear god, but hasn't decided if she'll be fighting for the Time god either.

She is currently not attacking. She is confused and conflicted upon her enlightenment, having learned of the Bear God's true selfishness and madness over the years. She is, instead, standing off near the far edge of the battle.

@GOD OF THE SPARK - Speaks directly to him with annoyance/anger, partially blaming him.

Permission given to ANYONE (including the Time or Bear god) to attack/interact with Crescencia. Please tag me wherever necessary/mentioned.

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DAMAGE DEALT || 6 = moderate hit, stabbed the bear with her horn in the back leg
DAMAGE TAKEN  || odd = did not take damage herself

DAMAGE DEALT || 10= Thantos's successfully claws out the Bear's right eye, and he successfully knocks loose the crystal
DAMAGE TAKEN || 4= The crystal cuts his left hind leg as it falls, around the knee
DAMAGE DEALT || 4 = minor hit, grazed along the bear’s flank with horn
DAMAGE TAKEN || even =  took damage, blood lands on your back and burns your flesh like acid

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 4= He scratches the bear's left shoulder with his crystals, tearing off a chunk of fur.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 5= No Damage Taken
ROSKULD (Demi Perks)
DAMAGE DEALT || Sparkmarrow almost goes clean through the front left leg, and his paw is hanging on by sinews
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, the raw bone scrapes along your hip in his anger

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 3= The bear moves in response to Roskuld's hit and Ode runs straight under the bear, causing no damage.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 6= The bear's movement flings saliva that falls down on Ode's back, and Roskuld's hit sends blood toward's Ode's chest, burning him. 

DAMAGE DEALT || 6 = moderate hit, stabs antlers into his back, left flank
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = did not take damage

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 3= The bear moves too far to the right as a result of Rohan's attack and Ragnarok runs underneath him instead, missing entirely.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 4= When Ragnarok rears to try and attack, he compromises his balance and is able to be knocked over completely by the Bear's inner left leg. He falls to the ground and lands on a small loose crystal, taking damage to his flank. 

DAMAGE DEALT || 4 = minor hit, hooves split the skin on top of his head
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = did not take damage

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 2=Is burned by the blood that flies from the bear's head from Ilios' attack as she is running by
DAMAGE TAKEN || 3= No Damage Taken
DAMAGE DEALT || collects many crystals for time god to use as projectiles
DAMAGE TAKEN || Odd = does not take damage (is protected by the dragons and friends)
VOLTERRA (contest winner)
DAMAGE DEALT || 8= major hit, your chest knocks the bear off balance, making it stumble
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = does not take damage

No Team (Held back by Nyx)
DAMAGE TAKEN || 5= No Damage Taken. Cathun escapes. 

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 5= Dominus successfully attacks the Bear, but because of the confusion he only manages to pull out a few clumps of fur.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 4= Nyx trips while running to cut off Cathun, landing in a puddle of the Bear's blood and getting burned on her front knees. Cathun escapes. 

DAMAGE DEALT || 2 = takes friendly fire from Aithniel nearby
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = takes the above friendly fire

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 7= Rikyn cuts the bear's left hindquarter, making an X marking.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 1= No Damage Taken 

DAMAGE DEALT ||  10 = critical injury, horn stabs into back right leg and severs a minor artery  
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, Amara mages to main your left wing

Team TG
DAMAGE TAKEN || 1= No Damage Taken

DAMAGE DEALT || 8 = major hit, fire balls completely burn off skin on left side of neck
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, bear swipes at you from sky and knocks you down

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 5= Ophelia erases the Bear God's memory of the Time God, as it is the only thing she is able to recognize in its mind. As a result, the Bear is confused about why he is being attacked and caught off guard.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 2= Blood starts to pour from her ears as well, and when she moves it drips into her eyes, making it difficult for her to see. 

DAMAGE DEALT || 7 = moderate hit, your blinding light disorients the bear and your magic helps Ophelia
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = does not take damage
Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 4= Orb singes the fur on the Bear's back, but is quickly extinguished by Isopia's waterfall.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 1= No Damage Taken

DAMAGE DEALT || 3 = the bear avoided your attack
DAMAGE TAKEN ||  odd = does not take damage

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 5= Her lightning balls shock the bear, but do no lasting damage. Alice's attack misses but she drips some acid from her jaws as she runs.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 1= No Damage Taken 

DAMAGE DEALT || 3 = bear avoided your attack (you have no affect)
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = does not take damage

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 2= Kalona misjudges the terrain and falls into a puddle of Alice's acid, burning his neck.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 1= No Damage Taken

DAMAGE DEALT || 7 = moderate hit, cuts up the underside of stomach, flaying the skin
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, the bear’s hind claws cut your flank

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 2= Seren makes the mistake of running under the belly at the moment Aldoran flays it, and is soaked in and burned by the bear's blood, rendering her unable to attack.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 4= No Other Damage Taken 

DAMAGE DEALT || 2 = friendly fire, you do a little damage to Mauja but not anyone else and take damage from RHEA
DAMAGE TAKEN || even, took damage, takes magic damage from RHEA

Team TG
DAMAGE DEALT || 4= He successfully cuts the Bear's left paw pad with his hooves, but the wounds are shallow.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 4= No Damage Taken, avoids amara

DAMAGE DEALT || 9 = critical injury, stabs the leg and severs some tendons while the bear is off balance due to VOLTERRA’s hit
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, the bear claws scratch you in your head/face region
Team Bear
DAMAGE DEALT || 10= Successfully douses the bear in water, reinvigorating him, putting out the fire caused by Aithniel, and washing more of the bear's blood into the falls and onto the nearby ground.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 3= Mauja's spikes freeze a part of the waterfall she creates and she is stabbed in the right wing as she descends.

DAMAGE DEALT ||  Helps Erthe
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, gets caught by Iso’s waterfall

No Team
DAMAGE TAKEN || 5= No Damage Taken, protected by Kaj

DAMAGE DEALT || 8 = major hit, belly is punctured by ice spikes, causing massive internal bleeding (an ice spike also damages Isopia)
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, from AURELIA’s fire magic
Team Bear
DAMAGE DEALT || 10= Misses Caenan and has compromised aim as a result of Torleik's attack, but still manages to maim Ranjiri's left wing.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 2= Stabbed in the right shoulder and elbow by Torleik's horns.

DAMAGE DEALT || 8 = major hit, horns pierce AMARA
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = does not take damage
Team TG
DAMAGE TAKEN || 5= No Damage Taken

DAMAGE DEALT || 8 = major hit, magic lands on Aurelia
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = took damage, some blood spray from a severed artery singes her feathers
No Team
DAMAGE TAKEN || 5= No Damage Taken.

DAMAGE DEALT || 4 = minor hit, manages to scrape Thranduil (thrand is invis though, so he wouldn't know)
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = does not take damage

Team Bear
DAMAGE DEALT || 10= Is unable to attack Torleik, but shoves Kaj to the ground and tramples his left wing and leg, breaking the latter and scattering feathers from the former.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 4= Damage Taken 

DAMAGE DEALT || 3 = you did not attack, but managed to protect Erthe
DAMAGE TAKEN || Even = took damage, bear blood burns you instead of Erthe
No Team
DAMAGE DEALT || N/A, but protects Myrinne from all injury.
DAMAGE TAKEN || 6= Accidentally lands directly in Artorias' line of fire, taking serious damage to his leg wing and leg. The leg breaks to the point where bone shows and he loses several feathers, which wash away in the wave resulting from Isopia's waterfall.

DAMAGE DEALT || does not attack (helps collect crystals)
DAMAGE TAKEN || does not take damage
DAMAGE DEALT || 8 = major hit, manages to actually run into the TIME GOD and knocks him off balance
DAMAGE TAKEN || odd = does not take damage

DAMAGE DEALT || does not attack
DAMAGE TAKEN || even = takes damage, gets burned by flying bear god blood

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