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From the time we both landed to now, everything happened so quickly. I was trying to take it all in to report back to Maren later on.... And to go pray to the God of the Sun about... When BAM here came another portal with a Bear. Obviously he wasn't happy. Well, if you made these... Others upset and allowed one of our Gods to take your land.... Well I don't exactly think you should be a God. But that is just me. I watch as Ranjiri speaks to some stallion that I feel I should know but don't. It's only as her words click in my mind that I realize he must be one of us. Oh what a horrid disciple I am to not know my own herd mate.

I don't move until a silver mare with a horn tries to stop him. I move to block her and allow the stallion to slip away behind me. "He's on official Throat business. Back off bitch." Bitch? Where had that come from? I don't remember hearing anyone talk that way..... Ah well.... I guess I get a bit of a strange temper around all this magic and tension. It's only once he's made it away, or I think he has that I move back to Ranjiri's side. She is speaking to me now. Telling me I can go if I want. I simply shake my head. "We started this patrol together, and we're going to end it together too." I speak with a firm nod. Do I have a clue what i'm doing.... No. Not a bit. Am I going to try? Yep, you bet.

So when Ranjiri goes right, I go left. But I stay wide and clear of everyone, feeling my fire magic pulsing in my veins. I call upon it with ease now. It was just as much a part of me as ever. One at a time, three small balls of fire appear just over the Bear we all seemed to be attacking. With some force, I push them down at the Bear's shoulders and hopfully neck trying to burn him. It wasn't much, but it was a start.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

Swings wide to the left and uses her fire magic on the Bear's shoulders/neck

:: [ Magic: FirexLight | The ability to create balls of fire to encase objects or parts of a body ]
:: [ Restrictions | Only 3 small orbs of fire can be created at one time and the flames only last for 30 seconds ]

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Ophelia the Forsaken

Crystarius had spoken to her, and she had acknowledged him with her gaze. However, continuing conversation impeded her ability to reply, and she nodded to him kindly, thinking that he was a rather strange one. She did not judge, especially since she could be known as quite strange too, and instead, she waited, watching the God of Time give her a look. At least he acknowledged her presence, though his blue eyes were haunting. A stone in her stomach did flips and turns, not knowing how to feel about him, not now. 

Keen, dual colored eyes watched as the land began to change. A big portal appeared, the god seeming to struggle with its advent and expansion. Ophelia narrowed her gaze, hearing his command once a massive, unfortunately ill beast made its way through. The pale princess frowned deeply, not sure she wanted to get inside such an ill and troubled head. What if she was trapped? What if she did not want its memories at all? 

But, she had little other choice. Ophelia turned to Volterra, the boy a strong presence in the back. She had seem him eying Tinek, and she had met him when he was just a boy. For as much as she trusted anyone, she did trust him. "Volterra!" she called. "Shout directions at Tinek and let him join your red?" The suggestion was a strong one, not really allowing for arguments, though she couldn't imagine him arguing at all. "I may not be cogent enough once I get inside its mind..." she warned, concern and fear flashing across her weird eyes for but a moment. 

Tinek, having heard Ophelia's command, came close to Volterra and followed suit with his red. He saw the red guarding the white filly, so the silver did the same, frequently eying the white-faced child in case the instructions changed. Spark and shock billowed forth from his jaws, snapping at the bear and aiming for the blue sores. 

With a deep breath, she closed her eyes, venturing forward into foreign mental space and connecting with the bear. Foreign memories and the sense of being "ancient" was too much to comprehend, and she cried out in pain. "Ahhh!" she bellowed, dropping forward onto one, pale knee. Blood trickled from her nostrils and over her lips, dropping onto the ground below. She tried as much as she could to erase everything, but the vastness of the universe was endless, breaking the walls of her fragile, mortal state. 

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we walked a lonely road
beneath the fire of a thousand suns

She follows the stench of magic, a flickering sunbeam drawn to illuminate the shadow.

Scarcely has the girl returned home before she is pulled away again, following the shadows and secrets which whisper of chaos stirring in the north. Golden legs move her with a supple grace; she is tireless and adamant as she makes her way north, black eyes searching the sky for any indicator as to what could possibly be going on. Behind her flowed a stream of embers, crackling and popping, prepared to build a cocoon of fire around the helpless, the injured, the strong. Fire Dancer and her brother see trouble and dive in proudly, paladins of Sunlight and foolish children of night.

And like the sun they find themselves stopped, drawn short and opposed by the horrifying sight of a battle of gods in a bloodstained land, strangers at war and a portal of black.

The magic alone is enough to make the girl quail, sensitive senses roaring into overdrive as color-odor-sound-taste overrides her mind, filling her with a symphony, cacophony, a mudslide of snow and fire and rain. She wants to scream but cannot move, overwhelmed as magic enters her veins. She cannot see anything but color and light. She cannot hear anything but the roaring of power.

But her brother has been aware. While the Fire Dancer acclimates her brother observes, quick gold eyes making easy work of the situation. Things are simple in the vulpine's mind: he sees a massive sickening bear, and he sees his friends and family fighting it, and he knows which side they must choose. He is a predator and she is prey, so he must be her courage when her instincts scream to flee, her focus when a goal must be attained. With unforgiving teeth he nips his sister's hocks, drawing blood and making her start; she blinks, spots of color leaving her vision and determination drawing grim lines across her face.

"Thanks. What's the plan?"

He tells her.

They emerge like sunlight pouring through a the clouds, violent and bright with Megaera's magic, a beacon directed at the Bear God's eyes. The boy leaves her quickly, making his way to where a child in white is weaving through the fray. He sees her stop, grab a crystal; he follows, barking out concernedly as she nearly careens into a much larger equine, and decides he shall try to be her eyes.

Encased in the safety of her light the girl charges, head held high, fire dancing through braided locks. On lanky legs she shifts and sways, dipping between bodies and hoping to keep his attention on her- though not for long. The magic takes energy, and she has never used it before; unable to sustain it for long the girl grows dim, her beacon now merely a memory of sunlight in your eyes.

She is not finished, though. Dark gaze quickly takes in the fighters, half her mind devoted to seeing where she can help and the other shuffling and sorting magic away. She finds a strand of sunlight, grabs it, and dashes off to the next source of power- an overwhelming, icy, silver source that smells of snow and tastes like pain. Fire Dancer nearly misses the shaking figure of the Ice Queen, buried as she is beneath the weight of her power; the girl is quickly at her side, mouth running across the white mare's body without regard for space as embers leave her lips, making fiery tracks for damaged nervous tissue. But there is more damage here, more than her fire can fix. "Tell me how to help you," she whispers to the mare, grabbing at new magic and wondering what the hell to do with it, what the hell the mare had done, to leave her so desperately broken.

[ Tandavi enters the battle glowing brightly, hoping to blind the god with her beacon. It lasts about 5 seconds, then she runs to where Ophelia is and tries to help her, absorbing Phi's magic.

Natraj makes his way to Erthë, trying to act as a guide as she struggles to collect crystals ]

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Aithniel wasn't exactly surprised that the God of Time had summarily ignored her. He seemed to have his favorites, and that was fine. The Sun God favored her, so she did not need the recognition of another father figure. Besides, he had his hands plenty full with Roskuld. Even her name made her grumble to herself, irritated by the older girl's attitude and self-assurance. Not that Aith wanted to compare lives, but at least Roskuld had a mother who gave a shit and a powerful father; her life couldn't be all that bad. 

Somewhere in the midst of her own head-noise, she saw Rikyn, and her heart sank into her hooves. They lock eyes. She stared at him with her hardened, silver orbs and clenched her jaw tightly, noting how much taller and stronger he looked - so much more like his father. Aithniel was still small, but her body had filled out considerably. She looked almost healthy again, even though she was still incredibly lean and not built for power. 

There were no thoughts that crossed her mind the moment he looked at her, starting to step forward like he was going to come over. She was a stone, and she feared acknowledging any particular emotion. Crying was absolutely not an option, but she wasn't sure she wanted to yell at him either. Well... maybe she did. She just didn't know... 

The God of Time thundered, and Aithniel instinctively snapped her wings open, getting hit head on by a strong gust of wind from a shockwave, taking flight. She blinked, watching a horrible creature bust from an opening to nowhere, and the Time God gave his commands to a few others. With a deep breath, she shoved downward with her wings, gaining altitude with ash raining from her body like rain from the apocalypse. 

Airborne, she summoned a massive orb of fire, sending it careening into the back of the polar bear, glancing down at Rikyn as she did so. With a flash of her lion tail, she landed near her old friends: Rikyn and Erebos. From there, she summoned waves of fire, intent on bringing down the monster and keeping them safe. Even if she was angry. Even if she wanted to kill them herself... she wouldn't let anyone else kill them... 

It was a strange love she felt. 

standing on pillars of fire
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The image of chaos unfurled before his eyes, and he simply watched for a measure of moments as everything erupted: bestial, barbaric, unknown, foreign, and enticing. Battle was here, smoking and brewing, festering and brooding, thickening down into the layers and lacquer of bedlam until all he saw were masses, were piles, of creatures and cretins and a throng combining to undermine something he didn’t entirely understand. Their God, with sparks, with electricity, with bold endeavors and booming proclamations, thundered above the crowd and divided them into stalwart beasts or resident witnesses, and another overwhelming visage of ursine power and potency burst into the confines, terrorizing and grotesque. All the while, the blue prince stood, watching, staring, fixating his eyes on the entire scene with a triumphant sheen pasted across his features – because now he saw what his father loved about mayhem and havoc, where the carvings of the unfamiliar bellowed across his heart and echoed in his muscles, where the thriving, mercurial whims of conviction, of recklessness, of audacity strung together in a blistering, scorching flame. He’d seen disorder and anarchy before, but never like this, never when it all seemed so real, so vivid, so tenacious and unwinding, and not when he’d had an opportunity to embrace it, to share in the wayward sway of savagery, in sinister, contemptuous arts. This was his chance – and the hungry void pushed, gnawed, coiled through his stomach, locked over his valorous heart, and pieced it together with rubble and disaster and wickedness. Orsino laughed as Erebos churned, hummed, with the puissance, with the power, of something he couldn’t comprehend, and it was all a beautiful, glorious glimpse into the depths of hell.
Rikyn was ready. Erebos was eager. The pair couldn’t have been a better team, setting off into the pillars and avenues of debauchery and blackguard-hood, and he couldn’t help glimpsing back towards Cathun as he ran off, as he stormed away, as he cast aside courage and took weakness into his hands. Perhaps the blue boy didn’t know enough fear, didn’t face enough immorality, didn’t taste the sense of alarm as much as the ember-lad, but he’d never felt the urge to run. He’d felt the quake in his legs and the tremble of apprehension, he’d felt the rush of panic surging through his chest, but never, never, had he turned the other cheek and coasted away, leaving the remnants of his friends, of his family, to pain and torment.
He almost said something to bring him back, to ease him away from the horror behind his eyes and the terror in his soul – but the boy shook his head, drummed away the feeling of discontent, and rummaged through the particles of strength, of endurance, of fortitude. He could do this. He had Rikyn. He had Orsino. He had the world and monsters before him. This wouldn’t be the last time.
And Aithniel, streaking along the sky, breaking apart all the worries, all the concerns he’d had for her, simply appeared, as if he hadn’t been searching for her all this time, all these months, hoping for a sign, hoping for a piece of information. His gaze went straight to her, his throat closed, and all the doubts he’d had about himself, about never being quite enough, about being a lowly, endowed, privileged cretin, rested firmly against his chest. He had so much to prove, and with his friends nearby, surrounding him, imploring him, there was no time like the present.
Rikyn launched, Aithniel attacked, and he was left to proceed, onward, forward, a meticulous bend and blend of inexperience and tenacity: trying to scheme, design, a decent plan. But everyone attacked from every side, every angle, hacking at limbs, stabbing at skin, flailing and providing all of their enchantments, invocations, to the contemptuous wake. Getting close could spell a death trap, an awaiting abyss, an invitation to quietus, because they were too swift, too hellbent, to notice anything else going on around them: a mob mentality, a zealous affair, a tapestry of rapture and lunacy.
Then Aithniel draped herself in front of them, as if she were a shield, as if she was going to protect them from anything and everything, and the fuel, the instigation, drew like a brilliant, blistering inferno inside his mind. His strides chased, they leapt, they tore into the ground until he was right beside her, nearly intertwined with her flames, with her blaze, with her luminescence (he wanted to show her something, anything, that made her regret leaving him behind, leaving them all to dust and ruin and ash like they were nothing nothing nothing, not good enough, not strong enough). All his frustrations, all his agonies, toiled and carved and clawed through his wake, and Orsino’s bestial breath crooned against his mind, and the control, the composure, of darkness flooded amidst his skull.
It was Stygian, conniving, oppressive and beautiful. His gaze fixed, his brilliant eyes in a trance, ghostly, phantom-esque, smile reaching for the flame-girl, snicker curling at the edges, audacity drumming and drumming and drumming. He reached for the petulant invocations, plucked at the strings, laced brushstroke upon brushstroke until the canvas was complete: threads of unseen potency glided from his skin, from his muscles, from his sinew, passing over the wayward embers of Aithniel’s might, past the swell of bodies fighting, and tumbling, aiming simply for the monstrosity’s cranium, lacquering it with shackles, with tethers, with mind-numbing derision. Stop moving, he commanded. Do nothing, he spoke. He wanted to watch the monster cease, he wanted to watch the deity be drained, be marauded, be harpooned with no chance, no ability, to fight back. He wanted him drowned in the wake of immorality and heartlessness. He wanted his restlessness to cease. He wanted the world, for Rikyn, for Aithniel, to see what he could do, and why he’d always stand beside them. Surely, he wanted too much.
[Summary because tldr; uses dark corruption magic to try and stop the monster’s movement]

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At last the passages of snow had melted with the coming of spring, allowing free reign down the narrow hidden pathways. Warmth returned at last to the northern reaches, though in minor increments that any aside from a Basiner would not have noticed. Alice and Hotaru had grown lean and thin with winter, as with every rough season that passed where food was not abundant. Though the tundras would unearth themselves with fresh morsels in time, she'd not take away the meager starting nutrients from her kin who could not make the journey. So she found herself making the voyage with Alice down towards the southern reaches of Helovia where the grass was more plentiful. Her mind was full of complicated thoughts, a thousand things she couldn't sort through in her home, surrounded by exactly what she was trying to avoid at the moment.

How she ended up here, in this mayhem, was beyond her.

It was a literal bloodbath.

For a moment she was stuck in frozen, motionless horror. There are few she knows, but that is her God standing facing down the Bear with disgusted, twisted visage. He rules her lands. Without him, she and her family are defenseless in many ways. He had been the one to give her the magic in her veins, the one to have guided her kin through life and trouble and given them a home of their own. She could not let him die, and she could not let this beast rampage through Helovia to threaten her turf and the few she held dear. 

There was no further hesitation as she sprang into the fray, the Time God's magic already hot in her veins as a ball of lightning materialized in front of her, springing forth towards the closest open spot on the Bear's hide, exploding in a bang of noise and burning electricity. Alongside it she and Alice ran forward into the fray of writhing bodies and stray magic, a wild and uncoordinated attack against this demon they have no knowledge of. All because their God commands it, and though they do not question it she thinks sometimes that they should. But how can she judge that when she races forth to defend him, mindless in her fervor as her magic explodes from her skin? 

Until a scream breaks through the chaos, familiar as it strike a primordial chord inside of her, wrenching her away from her charge to search with wild eyes for the mare she knows has made the sound. The one her Patron had directed personally as this madness had descended. Ophelia. Alice continues on, poisonous mouth wide as she lunges for whatever nearest limb of the Bear's she can manage. Hotaru whirls to find her old mistress, name already springing in a panic to her lips.  "OPHELIA?"  It lurches from her throat as she tears through the throng that surges towards the Bear, eyes on the crumpled form of her former Lady.

Skidding to a halt beside the golden youth who has also come to the Forsaken's side, she lets another lightning ball crackle and shoot free from her surroundings, hoping the continued pain and distractions would make Ophelia's job somehow easier. As if it could mend whatever damage had imprinted itself inside her head where Hotaru could not reach, could not fight it in her idol's place.  "What happened?!" she snarled at the golden girl, though her anger was undermined by the panic in her eyes. Budding electricity crackled on her skin, ready to be formed at her whim as she stood in a long protective line before the pair of them. It was unlikely the Bear would attack them when faced with a multitude of warriors and the Time God himself, but she'd be ready nonetheless. So long as the girl was there to aid Ophelia, she'd be protected as well. 

Until Hotaru ran herself into exhaustion, she'd use what magic she could to aid in this endeavor, in this strange land against an ancient beast she could not hope to face alone. In tense silence she waited for the Bear's next move, magic hot and curling beneath her skin.

Summary: Uses her lightning ball magic twice, hears Ophelia scream and runs to her and Tandavi while preparing for another depending on the outcome of all the attacks. Alice meanwhile runs towards the Bear to try and bite its nearest limb with her acid ability.

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Even from the highland foothills just beneath her mountainous home, the ocean mare had been able to detect the quiver of something—both rumbling through the ground and snapping through the air—and the tantalizing pull of curiosity tempts her forward. Having returned to Helovia about a season ago now, she has adjusted well again to the rocky and steep terrain that surrounds the Aurora Basin, and she descends its rugged precipices fairly easily with only a slip or two here and there. 
The young unicorn travels quickly, and before long the trees that surround her begin to gradually morph. Tiamat doesn’t notice it at first, but the bright red of the leaves is hard to miss against the usual deep green, and her lips part in a gasp as her white eyes stare in curious wonder.
As she meanders further into this bizarre place, sounds begin to catch her attention, ringing and clashing until she hardly notices the oddities of this blood-red forest, and her steps quicken towards the source of the hammering echoes. But when the peculiar trees thin and she is finally released into the throng, she wishes she hadn’t been so eager. Blood, gore, and anger—that is what she sees before her, as people battle again each other, bodies clashing against bodies and cries of both fury and pain erupt into the sky.
Tiamat’s first instinct is to cower and run—to get as far away from this place as she possibly can. She does not believe at all in violence, there are always better (and healthier) answers, but such moments of righteousness are far too late now (even she knows this). Mustering herself together and calling upon the courage that has served her well in the past, the blue mare darts forward. She skirts along the edges of the battle, having no intention in joining the ferocity, keeping herself out of the way and seeking to draw out the wounded from the throes of attack. Just as she reaches down to pick a healing herb from the ground, she spots someone—someone unfamiliar, but he (he?) seems to be thinking along the same lines as herself.
Her heart leaping with relief amidst this ghastly and hateful chaos, Tiamat bounds to his side as he gathers plants and herbs. “I will help you!” The unicorn somehow manages a smile, her muscles quivering and her heart beating so fast and loud that she can hear it thrumming in her ears, but the relief she feels to be joined with someone like herself is nearly indescribable in a time like this. 

“Do you know what’s going on?” Tiamat yells above the grisly disarray, her wide eyes glancing around and fixing on the monstrous, bizarre beast that seems to be at the heart of the battle. “What—who—is that?” She shrieks with horror in her voice, a cold shiver tingling down her spine, freezing her before she returns to the heavy task at hand.

notes; Tiamat joins Badger in collecting herbs for the wounded, staying clear of the worst of the battle.
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As if there wasn't enough confusion with the whole changing lands and the portal and all the rest of the shit, now the evil god from home shows up! Please let this just be a really bad nightmare... With the action beginning to unfold around him as mass chaos erupts he knows that something needs to be done and that something did not involve standing around. It was a struggle to put everything together within his head so quickly but it must be done and soon. The stranger who claims to be the Time God asks that all of them who crossed through the portal make a decision on where they want to stand. Corruption has tarnished all of them for way too long, this was their chance to take back what was theirs! 

Mentally memorizing what all seemed to be happening at once the stallion leaps from the water up onto one of the rocky embankments brandishing his weapons. Magic seems to flow freely within this new land giving all those native various types of magic to use at their disposal. Such a thing back home would be virtually impossible with its sickness plaguing everyone and everything! The words of the Time God were ones of power but also one's of poor knowledge. Their Winter God held no subjects, they were not sick, the lands was where the sickness lay! How dare him call them all sick. Anger flashed through his already tense frame causing him to strike out with his front hoof sending shards of rock flying at the point of impact. While he may not have the magic the others had he could still hold his own. Blue orbs narrow as the stallion takes in the gigantic bear seeking to destroy them all, this had to end now!

Rearing up with anger the stallion launches himself forward as his teeth yank his knife from its holster. Gripping the weapon firmly between his teeth he charges into the midst of the battle not sparing a second thought to his own safety. This was their problem to deal with and he would be damned should the newbies take all the credit for ending the Winter God's reign. Tipping his head so that his horns would do the most damage his hooves reach for traction as he propels himself forward aiming to sink them into the closest piece of Winter God flesh possible. While the head would be the most satisfying and potentially the quickest way to kill the bastard he chooses to aim towards the heart of the beast. Careening over the rocks with ease his muscular body responds to meet his needs with flawless grace. Three years of battle had paid off and this was the chance to prove it. Reaching the end of the rocky ridge the unicorn leaps forward using the rocks to help propel him faster towards the chest of the overgrown monster once considered a God hoping to deal as much damage as possible. 

Summary: Kalona chooses to fight alongside the Time God to rid themselves of this creature once and for all. Directing his horns, knife and hooves towards the creatures chest he hopes to carve into the monster's chest. Using the natural rocky features of the terrain he launches himself and weapons as high as he can possibly reach to do some serious damage.

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Aldoran hesitated. He had devoted many years of his life to worshipping the God or Gods of the Rift, only to find them to be false, corrupted Gods. And that made him angry, very angry.

His eyes began to glow and the mass of energy began to collect between his horns. Whether it could harm someone or not, it was very impressive as Aldoran raised his lip bearing a ferocious snarl.

Most of the equines around him has readily jumped into battle and his body ached to join them. He reared up and whined loudly and angrily. Sure he was just showing off but everyone was too busy kicking Evil God ass.

The stallion plunged forward into the fray, head lowered but slender body weaving in and out of his comrades so as not to catch them accidently. He aimed for the corrupted God's left side right in the middle where the Bear was most open. Distracted by the other equines the bear probably wouldn't be able to defend this one attack which allowed Aldoran to twist his head in the uncomfortable and disorientating way that allowed him to actually dig his horns into the God.

Aldoran lowered his head and dug his strong horns into the God's underbelly, and using his powerful neck raked them up the bear's side and to the flank where another equine was attacking.

Do God's bleed? Aldoran wondered as his vision was obscured by the onslaught of horses. He could not see his horn to tell if they were dipped in blood. To be fair the whole area looked like is had been doused in blood.

Now there was no opening to attack the evil bear so Aldoran backed off a little and waited to see if either he could attack or help someone else. He heard a cry from somewhere near the edges of the mass of moving bodies and so the bluish stallion danced around the attackers to find the source of the cry. He found the mare who had earlier introduced herself as Ophelia, she was bleeding from her nostrils and mouth. There were other equines there guarding her and trying to help her but Aldoran would try anyway.

He weaved his way around the fight to the water and having obtained a large leaf and ball of moss he soaked them in the water. He wasn't entirely sure how safe the water was but it should suffice to clean up the mare's blood. He went back to where the pale coloured mare was and called to anyone with her that would listen.

"Use this to clean up her blood." He voice was commanding and he hoped that the others would not take it as a threat but instead as good advice.

Notes: Aldoran digs his horns into the bear's left side at the underside of it's stomach and slices up to the flank.
He then sees Ophelia and gets water soaked moss and leaves to clean her blood.


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Just when Seren had been sneaking away, there had been a crash, as the seam of the world split open and through it came him; that horrible creature, all teeth and madness, with massive crystals growing from him and striking tall. Her heart seized; and she saw them all come forward, horns and teeth and hooves striking. She heard the words the god spoke, and fear was brilliant in her heart. Yet she remembers the Rift, she remembers the illness and beyond that, she remembers the terror of Nocturne, the demon that had trapped her. She had been a filly, young and insecure, trapped in a place she could not escape. No one had been there...

Now there were many. Seren felt something shift in her heart, and it was a cry from the white unicorn, the one who had red marring her horn and her hair, it was her cry that stilled her own fear. She saw the golden one rush to the unicorn, but Seren was lost in her own mind, in her own strange blunt force attack. Blood was flowing, both the God and the others, but she rushed forwards. She was young, rash, she had no idea of how to help.

There was so little space for moving here but Seren was not practiced; she had never fought another... All this was for her, was a chance to hurt the one who had hurt others for so long - and in doing so, redeem a fraction of her own soul for the shame and horror she had brought to her family.

She is alongside the black one with the red eyes, her light coursing from her horn, brilliant but unable to do anything beyond it, and her coat shines bright as she lunges forwards alongside her compatriots; where the one with the red eyes struck at the front legs, and another pair nearby her lunged at his hind, Seren just gave a strange wild scream, a screech ripping out of her throat, as she gouged at the bear god with her horns, hoping to rip him open, let him bleed for a change!


Note; Seren was panicked but overcame her fear and is attempting to strike at the bear god's belly/shoulders in a wild, manic attack with her horns - it was the sounds and the actions of the other Helovians who broke Seren's fear for her... and she just wants to help now - full permission given to hurt her, nothing too crippling but not death :D

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She was a parent... again, constricted to being professional, setting a good example, but when would Aurelia ever do that? She chooses chaos over order, it's embedded in her own HTML to do so, wired in a way that she only finds comfort in destruction and rampage, she fits in. The fire-encrusted queen moves towards the chaos, attracted to it like ants to sugar. A war is beginning, one that will no doubt leave an impact on this land much worse than wraiths ever did. Aurelia slinks even closer, a white spec standing in the middle of a war zone, horses catapulting themselves at this bear-like beast, so eager to protect this land called Helovia, to protect selfish and uncaring gods. Who are this brightly colored horses who roam here? Why do they fight for Helovians? Everyone chooses a side, Aurelia chooses wrong. Aurelia has chosen to fight for the bear, the grotesque creature that has now made this land much much more interesting.

Aurelia is the only one who chooses the bear.

Her hide erupts into a glorious ensemble of flames, a phoenix. At her side, wings that guild fire unravel, and she begins circling the bear, but not menacingly. In some sort of attempt to protect this beast, she charges at as many horses that are attacking him as she can, her large wings making her a huge fiery beacon. The bear is huge, surely it will not die quickly, but with Aurelia's fire it may last longer. She drops her circling and turns towards the crowd of horses barreling towards the beast and her, but does not panic. The fire makes it hard to see any of her features clearly, but those that have heard of or seen the fire mare will know it is her, Aurelia, but they will also know that Aurelia doesn't back down, that she is never truly fearful, that she is a sociopath. Do they dare to play with fire?

She faces the oncoming charge and moves towards them, aiming for no one in particular, just anyone who decides they need to take her down to take the bear down. They protect the God of Spark, a god who never shows himself, who is so rarely seen that most must not even know what he looks like. There is an undying thirst in her to make him bleed, if only a little. To see his electric body crippled from decrepit burns, his fur seared off of him. Basically, she wants to roast the Time God.

OOC: On the bear's side, she circles him with fire magic on, aiming to burn as many horses that attack him as possible/get to close. Then, when she sees more approaching she faces them and charges, hoping to burn a few horses.

"blah blah blah."


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"It's the heart and the soul and the body and the brain
Driving me insane 
But the wind and the land and the fire and the rain 
Always stay the same"
-Roll With the Wind

"Aye, now this is what I been lusting after!" Emerald eyes alight with passion that had been dulled by the relentless bore of passing days. 

"What ya are doin' is important. T'anks!" His words were soft and rushed but they were filled with gratitude. His own body brushes against the body of the one his words were said to. The lives of a pirate and a healer entangled.

With reckless abandon the pirate presses himself into the fray trumpeting his arrival with breathless laughter. The blood of pirates runs in his blood and it had fear is not a part of his game. Not after so many lackluster days. 

Charging in while throwing out encouraging words to the rest of his comrades in battle Caenan moves for the rear of the beast. The anatomy of the bear would leave him less coordinated with his rear legs, right? There also did not seem to be as great of a chance if he moved to the front. There would be no fun to be had if he was immediately done out by the vile saliva. 

"To the rear!" Calm and confident in the chaos the stallion with eyes of jewels thrusts forth his own commands. Who is he to command in the midst of a god? But then again, what separates god from mortal; immortality. If that is it then even a mortal could leave the mark of a god. "If ya get injured you'll be of no use. Look out for ya own back to protect us all. Pegasi should take 'vantage of their nimbleness in flight!"

'Tis okay to be 'fraid little lady, Caenan's heart went out to the dainty creature. If it were another situation he would be tempted to push her back; fight her battle for her. But there are times when all have to drag forth their bravery. Once this was finished he would find her and convince her to let him teach her some fighting moves. "Stay safe." 

Although time seems slow his words to his comrades are quick and rushed. The young pirate presses through the battle around him to the rear of the maddened god. If his back legs were taken out from him his movement would be greatly decreased. 

Whilst running an emerald eyes catches the sight of another joining the fight with marvelous flair. That stallion certainly earned Caenan's respect. The numbers of those joining the fight grows with every moment. The pirate tries to commit all of the happenings to memory; This, this, must be what it feels like to have a crew of your own.

For a brief moment all forward momentum ends for Caenan. He is dumbstruck by the sight of another that had arrived recently. He had thought her to be another force arriving to lend a helping hoof, instead she looks to be guarding the beast.

"Ya fool!" Scathing words fall from Caenan's tongue towards the mare, "Avoid her lads!" No not all those joining in the fight were stallions, but Caenan has a tendency to refer to everyone as a 'lad'. His heart skips beats at the sight of the brazen mares that crash into the chaos of battle. Now those are his type.

The chaos of the moment seems to slow to an even slower speed as Caenan's cutlass of a horn arches one way before attempting to land in the pad of the paw. 

The moment the flaming mare's hooves hit ground the stallion charged for her. He would come upon her like the water that douses flame. A grim challenge of a smile upturns to a smirk. Any burns from her here or there may just turn into a battle scar. Caenan would not allow the efforts of the others to be wasted; for them to face defeat due to the help of this utter fool.

The outcome of the battle would be interesting. Was there more beings like this monster? Would it turn to war? None of this would be without benefit. Mischievous eyes alight with the thoughts of the crystals to be taken from the strange.. being. They could be valuable for trades. 

Caenan gives encouraging words to others that stand up against the Rift God. He moves to the back of the god to attempt attacking one of the pads on a rear paw.

Caenan supports the GOD OF THE EARTH.

Credits: Whit's tables were an inspiration | Coding by Schwartze | Image

Those Mentioned
is passed by and Caenan encourages his efforts to collect healing herbs.
is called a fool and Caenan feels intense anger for her. Not necassarily because she sides with the Rift God, but because she attacks those she should consider her own.
is given words of encouragement also and Caenan tries to lend some of his own bravery to her. 
notices the stallion's grand entrance and appreciates his flair.
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When the God of the Spark spoke, Ashamin rose. Slowly he walked forth, bringing himself into the crowd, listening with careful intent. He had stood before the mirror, stared into it almost every night, and found nothing. But now, he had chanced upon the miracle he had been waiting for.

Ashamin was not so proud to think the God had come there for his sake, however, and this assumption was quickly proven correct when the God turned instead to address those whose scent differed from the others--those, whom Ashamin quickly learned, were not of this world.

They were from a place called the rift, and when the Haruspex oriented himself and looked around, he realized their differences. Many were more colorfully marked, or seemingly born into magic. Some didn't even seem entirely equine.

But whoever they were, the Time God was welcoming them. And for a moment, Ashamin felt at peace, as if these newcomers were nothing more than lost souls gently carried here, to this land.

But then he remembered the blood flowing freely from the falls, and then he saw the bear.

It was massive and covered in crystals, smelling of a great winter that Ashamin couldn't comprehend even as the scent of frost still clung to his coat. The exchange between this beast and the Time God was brief but clear.

And then everything was chaos.

Instinctively the Haruspex ran forward, charging at his God's command, choosing to fight. Amid the throng he felt blind, his sense of direction impaired, but he did what he could to kick any crystals towards the filly the God has spoken to as he ran ahead: ran straight to charge at the powerful beast's right fore.

[[Migraine crap. Wanted to get this in while I still could. Ashamin is headed for the Bear's right foreleg I guess? ]]


See Ashamin's profile for more information about Lochan, Rakt, and his various items.
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To say that the demi-child heard the horrific pulse of time being torn apart would not have been exactly true. And yet as she softly meditated in near silence, something had very distinctly pulled her from her deep trance and, without conscious thought, had provoked her into flight. Before she could even recall the chain of events, her wings had taken hold of a current and deftly pointed her in the direction of the Blood Falls.

She didn't remember the flight there; remembered nothing of the air, the distance, or the strain of her muscles. Very vaguely she was aware of her labored breathing, but it was all doused and drowned by a sense of urgency.

Finally the girl arrived - she knew this not simply because there was a war waging beneath her beating wings, but because the urgency that reverberated into her bones had dissolved into a wall of confusion.

Her golden eyes snapped from being to being, taking in all she could of the scene below to try and discern just what exactly was going on. The Time God. The bear. Myself and my brethren are cleansing your lands and liberating you from gods. Pain. Screaming. Her cousins. Volterra, and a whole host of others whose presence didn't inspire recognition. Her wings beat steadily to keep her aloft, as she watched the majority (nay, all [save for Aurelia]), rally against the pale giant. 

Cleansing your lands. Blood rushed to colour Iso's death-marked cheeks. Her body began to tremble as something like rage boiled in her heart, directed towards the Time God. How could he acknowledge that the lands belonged to them - presumably to the Bear and his folk - and yet maintain that it was within his power - his authority - to cleanse them? And what business was it of his - of Helovias - what the state of other nations were? They were not missionaries! They had no right! 

With wide-eyed horror Isopia watched the fray below as they attacked the bear. A creature, who by all of Iso's available evidence, had been thrust from another world that was under his protection. And why shouldn't the bear fight back? If the Time God (Is my Father doing this as well?) had invaded his lands (I wonder if he truly believes he was curing a sickness and aiding, or he knows what bullshit that is.) it is surely within his rights to defend himself.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" The girl finally screamed, gliding lower so that her voice might penetrate the battle below. "THIS IS NOT FOR US TO DECIDE." She continued, though what might have been a lengthy speech faltered as she watched Volterra attack the forelimb of the giant bear. The girl had no fear of death or violence, but this was without justification. This was senseless none-sense - it was hypocrisy, speciest, and manipulative. The girl bit her lip hard - hard enough to draw blood and begin a pulsing rhythm in her mouth - to dampen her disappointment. Had she been wrong about him? Could she save him? Could she -- The pounding and pulsing pain ended this line of reasoning, and her philosophical mind thwarted the efforts of the much weaker emotional tugs of her body by diverting her gaze to were a small golden pegasus was trying to take a stand against the throng of attackers.

"STOP IT. HE'S WRONG." She screamed again, before descending to a point low enough where her magic might take effect. Conjuring three rough watery shapes, she cast one towards the bear - at locations where the fiery magic of others had tried to burn it - and the remaining two a few yards away. The magic that held their watery bodies together broke loose, causing water to fall from the sky like a temporary waterfall. The girl hoped that this passive barrier would at least stop the attacks long enough for reason to permeate through the blood-thirsty group. 

@Volterra - obviously mentioned you ;-;

Summary: Iso screams at everyone to stop, then uses her magic to try and douse the bear in water where it was burned, and create a temporary waterfall as a barrier for further attacks.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here

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Awesome quote can go here!

Somehow, the worship and awe and the others made the situation clearer to me. Somehow, I had stumbled into a meeting of two gods and two worlds. But I didn't really care, and it didn't really concern me. I was new enough there, at the time, that I didn't feel I had much of a say.

When the great bear appeared, I had about as much surprise as one must have in that sort of situation. The minimum widening of the eyes, the subtle snort and perhaps slight lowering of the jaw in awe. But I would not say I was overwhelmed or increasingly impressed. They were just gods, speaking to and of each other.

There was magic and fantasy here--so what?

The apparently Helovian God spouted out the sort of orders that irritated me endlessly. Had any been directed towards me, I surely would have disobeyed them or ignored them at the very least. But instead he was focused on a host of others whom he appeared to know and had arrived earlier. I was thankful for my tardiness.

When the fight began, I merely stood, watching. I watched until I couldn't anymore; until I realized that the Erthe who the god had called to was a child

If I had been a fool, then, I would have fought against that beast that cloaked himself in lightning for the very idea that he would put the life of an innocent on the line. I did not know the white filly but she looked like your brother, in some ways. Perhaps it was the purity of her coat. Perhaps it was just her youth.

But I hated that god, then, and regardless of what happened after I don't think I've ever forgiven him for that selfish act, that last ditch attempt at his own protection.

I ran forward then on elegant legs, bobbing and weaving, dodging the crowd, and narrowly avoiding a crystal kicked back by the knobbly legged fool with the wrap about his neck. I ran for the little one, the child with wings and four horns, wrapped in white innocence. She was my target as I parted my jaws to nip at her legs and herd her in the right direction, all these gods and their pride be damned. I'd have done everything I could do to drag her away from that peril.

[[As with Ashamin, this is written with a migraine so please forgive any grossness. Lyn runs to save Erthe and pull her away from danger.]]
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"STOP IT!!" she screeched, coming to a rough landing away from the throes of battle, looking with wide eyes and breathing heavily. She had heard the battle from afar, had scented blood on the wind and immediately rushed to it, fearing that someone was hurt. In fact, many were hurt, and she didn't understand why everyone was fighting. There was much chaos and pain, and her heart hurt at the sight of all of this madness. There were foals fighting, and her Time God encouraged it. How hurt she felt because of it, broken and betrayed that one of the Gods she had come to worship would encourage such an activity, and though she was still merely a teen herself, she thought it ludicrous that anyone so young should fight. Soon her hooves were digging into the ground as she burst forward, wings flapping angrily as she approached her God, skidding to a halt next to the giant and looking up to him, pain, confusion, and tears in her eyes as she fought to not choke from her sobs.

"Your Highness, why do you encourage this? Is there really a need to fight? We have children risking their lives, I abhor you to please reconsider if this fight is worth beginning when it comes to the next generation throwing themselves into a blood bath!" her words were filled with passion, the tears obvious in her tone as a fire burned in her chest. This wasn't right, and she didn't think it ever would, and she was making a bold move standing up to the Time God, but she refused to stand by and let this continue without a valid reason. She always thought talking it was the best option, meeting in the middle and compromising, and helping others who needed it, even if it meant risking getting hurt in the end. Perhaps that was why the others were fighting too... She looked at the scene, at the bear with strange crystals upon his back, and his dark hollow eyes. She swallowed hard, intimidated by his size, but determined nonetheless to try and solve this.

Tentatively, her limbs turned her away from the Shock God and towards the stranger, her head low in respect and her steps even, sure of themselves. If no one else was going to fix this, then she would try, even if it meant herself getting hurt in the end. She managed to avoid the fire being hurled at the creature, though it was hot from being so close, and tears sprang into her eyes from the smoke and heat, but she still trudged on. When she was within speaking distance she halted, bowing her head politely and keeping her eyes averted, attempting to show passiveness to the new creature. Swallowing hard she finally lifted her head, lifting her hazel eyes to attempt and meet the bear's and speaking calmly, "Excuse me Sir... May I ask why you're here? Can we please sort this out without such violence? We only want what's best for our land, like you want what's best for yours... Surely you can understand that correct? Forgive me for coming off as so strong, but I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. I only hope you can understand..." Her voice faded to silence afterwards, and she could only stare fearfully at the creature, prepared for anything to happen.


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i am the vanguard of your destruction
He never made it up to Elding. Just before the canvas of the worlds split open again he had that sense of urgency, a deep, burning need to reach her flaring into life in the pit of his stomach. His pale legs broke into a run, through the mill of bodies, panic clawing its way out of his chest—

let me through let me through let me through fuck LET ME THROUGH

—because all he saw was the sea of mortals between him and her.

He got no more than half a step anyway before the world exploded in a tide of red. Head over heels, Mauja spun in it, with it, landed hard on the ground, shoulder and hip throbbing as the sky rocked overhead. He couldn't see what was going on, and shit, his owls—his fucking owls, they were on the ground, shit shit shit, and with all the bodies rolling and hooves trampling to get up again—

They were afraid. They were afraid as they had never been before, and as Mauja clawed his way up he was sobbing with the power of their fright, and the power of his own, their hearts beating too fast as he cast about for their feathered forms, oblivious to the danger coming into their world—

Diego was up. There was air beneath his ruffled wings, and he fled to the safety of a tree. But Irma, fuck it, where was she, she was small and she was scared and she was hurt—

The demonic voice of death came out of nowhere, chilling him to the core. Mauja stood fairly alone where he was, back turned to the massive bear, but now, his neck bent, and head moved back.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Slowly, he turned to face the giant thing. It was having some kind of talk-off with Asni, who decided it was a good idea to have a giant clusterfuck of a God-battle.

"Irma," he whispered, his voice thick with tears. He couldn't find her, could barely feel her anymore, just the ticking of her scared heart and the weight in her lungs and Diego was too shaken to get out of his damn tree and—

"Fuck," he spat, tears streaming freely from his eyes. And everyone was charging the God, except for a few—Myrrine, get out of there, get out, get out—who were yelling that it was wrong, narrow-minded, and he agreed, but—but he couldn't care.

He saw Roskuld, throwing the sword at it.

He saw Ophelia falling to her knees.

And he couldn't help them. He spun again, back shown to the God, began to move, eyes restlessly roving the ground. Rubble and debris, but everyone was getting off of it, and—

There. A bundle of dusty, dirty white. Tripping over himself and over his heart he rushed towards it, towards her, using his muzzle to fling aside a branch lodged half over her. She was so small, so fragile, so fucking fragile here on the ground—she was battered, he didn't know if anyone had landed on her (it seemed unlikely, she'd been thrown from the air, she would've been dead then), or if she'd just taken a worse fall than Diego, but fuck, she was barely conscious.

So he touched her with his nose, breathed hot air on her, the aether of their souls near exploding with all the damn love and rage he felt for her.

Stood over her, hot darkness and tears mingling in the blue of his eyes.

It didn't matter anymore if murdering a sick God was wrong. The only thing that mattered was making the fucking bastard pay for hurting his owl.

With reckless abandon, and no care for anyone who had made their way in underneath the bear, Mauja raised ice spike after ice spike beneath its massive frame, letting the spires punch as high as they could before falling, replaced by another, and another, and another, as he let out all his savage wrath and fear in the only way he knew: violence.

[ Mau is standing a ways away over his bruised owl :C and is trying to litter the bear's belly with holes from his ice spikes. ]
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The mighty being had risen, taking the reigns of destruction and readying himself for war. The beast carries himself upon sturdy wings, summoned by the aura of magic that brings him forward into a land unknown to him. Curious amber gaze sweeps down upon the gathered crowd, eyes resting upon the main focus of attack. A bear armoured with cyrstals was the point of attack, it's large beastly body haunting and dangerous. The stallion watched in horror as a crystal came crumbling down upon the ground from the Helovian god's strike. Outraged that such a thing would happen to such a creature of power and beauty, the winged steed begins his descent. 

Diving into the crowd, the furious stallion bucks outwardly at the nearest soul, an unfortunate colt the vessel had known in her childhood, Caenan. The hooves were shot towards his left, towards the vital ribs that were so inconveniently in the way. A loud bellow escapes the stallion's lips as he strikes back, taking a step forward to sturdy himself as he barges through the crowd once again, maw gaping as he searches for prey. 

A dazzling gold catches his eye, and immediately he barrels forward, watching as a mare attempts to stab at the bear's leg. Fury rose up within the pit of the man's stomach, a horrific screech piercing his throat as he raises his hoof, attempting to bring it down upon the mare's horn. If she moved maybe he had the chance to mess up the right side of her face. His hoof falls back to the ground with a solid thud, teeth bared as his neck extends, ivory weapons aiming to grasp at the soft tissue of the girl's throat. He played no games when it came to battle, he would strike to kill or fatally wound. Any less would be shameful to the power hungry beast. 
@[Caenan] @[Ranjiri] | TEAM BEAR !!! Kronus//Amara barges in & bucks at Caenan's left side, then galloping forward to try & bite the right side of Ranjiri's neck after trying to break her horn. He's currently positioned behind the bear, towards the right

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As if on cue, synchronized with his thoughts, all hell broke loose. A massive...bear burst through the fabric of the world, terrifying and looming dangerous, like the power of the universe itself. It called the God of the Spark young an d foolish, accusing him of raping land from their...dimension just as Torleik had feared. In the split seconds between moments, he managed to find amusement that, for once, he had actually understood - from the response of the land, not some beings that was full of falsehood and deceit - what had actually happened.

But the time for thought was short and the time for action swiftly upon them as the God of Time and this heathen Bear God began their battle. A flare of rage burned bright and self-consuming when it was demanded of Ophelia to push herself, to use her magic to erase this being's memory and somewhere in his mind, Torleik knew he needed to ask Ophelia what the hell that meant. Since when could she erase memories? And had she ever dared to do it on him? He couldn't dwell on that. Not here. Not now. He had to protect her but how the hell could he do anything against a god?

Summoning what magical ability he had, the Bloodskald attempted to create a violent and heavy ice storm around the interloping deity, praying it might distract the great beast or impair his sight if no other real damage was done. Nowhere in his mind did he consider anyone would take the demon bear's side if only to protect their own damn asses and the land they lived in currently, but in a quick assessment of the situation, it seemed that was a false assumption.

"Seal your suicide, then!" he snarled, aiming for the nearest traitor rather than the underworld apparition ahead of him. He did not know this one's name nor why he chose to fight his fellow Helovians but it could not stand. Galloping in a straight line at this offender, Torleik sought to toss his horns low at the last moment and slam his pointed weapons into whatever pound of flesh he could manage on this bastard. Let him die for this betrayal; to abdicate sides so quickly and pledge service to a demon god spoke of an evil soul and Torleik would not suffer his drawing Helovian air into his lungs any longer.

If his horns were to deflate those treacherous lungs then so be it. 

Table by Jen

OOC: Torleik tries to take out Kronus//Amara for betraying their fellow Helovians, and seeks to hit him in the chest with both horns.
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Ming Yue
Showing our pale light in the moonlight.
Watching what was becoming a blood bath felt ironic to the dark fae. Her own cool persona was being ripped to shreds, much like what she was witnessing behind the branch-like curtains that hid her from view. She felt the bodies stacking up and either fleeing or flinging themselves towards the action and she could do nothing but stand there. Her own frail body had been in a war with hunger and near starvation; Ming Yue was in no fit state to start throwing what little weight she had left into her own suicide. The azure hues of her splashed pelt were not shining like they used to, she was dull and thin and sickly. She needed sustinence but right now could do nothing but watch as her fellow creatures fought either side by side or against one another.

But who the fuck would fight for the bear? It was an ugly truth that some creatures were insane. Especially when you were trying to save the bringer of death. But instead she pondered in her own desperate thoughts, hoping that she would come across someone she knew. And hopefully still alive. But as she watched, there were so many faces unknown to her that it felt like she was truly alone. The Moon Princess carried on throwing glances quickly through the curtains, and hearing the blood-curdling screams gave her the shakes. Her pillars could not take the weight of her frame any longer and gave way, and she simply lay there with her pools closed.

She hoped this would end.
She hoped she could end the screams and the bloodshed.
She hoped that she would still be alive when this was over.

[TEAM HELOVIA - Ming Yue is sitting and watching the battle as she is too weak to be of any help. She wants for it all to end so she can regain her health and repair the damage made to the newly invigorated Blood Falls.]

" . "
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