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The GOD of the SPARK

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero

The yell of a familiar presence caught his attention, and the Spark God gave his daughter a look that only said “what”? He glanced down at his injuries but stood fast, eying these strangers with concern and judgment. There had been no intention of letting these strange sons and daughters of corruption through, but alas, expanding the world often had consequences, especially when magic turned to madness. He shook out his coat and then saw his daughter’s blade had a strange property to it, one that reminded him of something…

Spark narrowed his eyes and a bit and then watched as Ophelia arrived, their family reunion almost complete. His electric blue eyes stared at her for some time, conflicting emotions (or shadows of emotions) stirring in his chest. Though ultimately, he saw such a loss of potential. Pity, really. The look she gave him was entirely unnecessary, and he clenched his bearded jaw tightly, waiting for the onslaught of Helovians and strangers alike before answering any questions.
Two others – a white babe and a red-eyed relative (or so it seemed?) of Ophelia’s stood out, for whatever reason. Phi even brought herself a friend, it seemed. Oh, and there was the little sun princess in all of her impotent rage. Now all he needed was the moon child and the earth raven, and he would have a full house, much to his utter chagrin.
“Welcome to Helovia,” he said rather flatly, looking at the strangers. “I am the God of Time. Your land, the Rift, as I call it, is sick. Myself and my brethren are cleansing your lands and liberating you from gods.” Though shorter, he had a very magnetic quality about him, and he sighed. “You’re welcome.” Liberating the citizens hadn’t exactly been his plan. In fact, he wanted to expand for the age old desire for more l and more power; he wasn’t exactly an altruistic being, except when it came to keeping his own home safe.
Everything seemed fine…
Until it just wasn’t

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The portal the time god had closed only seconds before suddenly expanded from nothingness, becoming far too large far too quickly. With a loud snap, Spark spread his electric wings from his two-toned body and jumped backward, trying to use his powers to shrink the portal. At the edges of the large, black and blue circle, the world was starting to fade into sickness. The trees were plagued with moss and glowing blue grime, a residue from mad magic. Even the water was too thick, appearing far more like actual blood and much less like tinted waters.

“STAND BACK!” he bellowed to those who had gathered.

Spark had managed to keep the hole from expanding, but something massive moved just beyond the opening. It shook the ground on the other side which caused vibrations on ours. The world was tense for a few seconds. A large static field made hair stand on end and the slightest spark snap with light.

Then, everything seemed to break for the second time. A huge shockwave shoved everyone backward, bloody waters and trees being blown back and a cloud of dust rising where the Time God stood. As the dust settled, a massive, white bear stood where the portal had once been. Massive, circular sores covered its back, big blue glowing sections with crystals growing out of the edges. Most of the creature seemed crusty in general, and in place of eyes, two luminous pits shone, staring down the God of Time.

It opened its jaws, blue slime dripping from blue gums that burned the ground beneath its big paws. “You think you can so e-easily take… what is…. Ours?” he asked, stammering in speech as if it had not spoken in a long time.

“You have abused your power to the point of illness. In your youth, you lacked wisdom, bargaining your souls for power,” the God of Time spoke, his voice like a champion compared to the horror of the bear before him. “Each of your subjects carries with them your taint. They deserve better. You don’t deserve your land – not anymore.”

The bear cackled, grinning an unnaturally wide, toothy smile. “Think… yourself so… special…. Don’t you….?” It asked. “You… are young… yet… little godling. Look… at me and see… your… fate…”

“Looks ugly,” he grunted humorously. “Time to die.”

With that said, the God looked to Erthe, Ophelia, Roskuld, Volterra and the others. “Erthe, collect the crystals that fall from his hide. Roskuld, fight with me. Ophelia, try to erase what you can from his mind. Volterra? You and your dragon fight on my other side. This battle will not be easy.” He looked to the rest. “Fight or don’t fight. Choose a side. If you choose Helovia, will we watch you. Choose it, and I cannot guarantee your safety or your life.”

His words spoken, the Time God opened a hole, a big, black void that hiss at the edges, consuming the atmosphere and part of the bear. He lunged forward then, jaws bared as he snapped his electric wings to life, gliding above the creature to kick a huge crystal from the back of its neck.

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You can prizes and points for participation along with special items and other fun stuff :) You can participate with all your charries if you want to. This will be a multi-round event.

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The shock blew Adonné back as her blackened hair flew in the shock that silenced the land. The crimson water rippled as something was coming through the portal, and it was not an equine. Lavender eyes watched her convoluted god appear in front of the sweet scented mare she was astonished with actually seeing the winter god appear. She only heard storys of the brute of how he treated her land. He was the one who cause all her precious flowers to die. How dare him do that to her friends that saved her own life, the one little Lavender flower spoke to the honey glazed mare telling her to fight, help destroy this monster that destroyed her brothers and sisters. Kill him like he killed them.  Her body pulsed with rage as the swirls and black markings turned purple in color.  She reared up and leap forward on her powerful legs after the god of time. She may seem like a sweet girl who does not fight, but that was all wrong she had to fight every day of her life in the Rift and she did not want that anymore, she was done with that land now that she was here. Her strong muscled body moved like a sand storm across the ground she was one with the earth, she was one with the land. Her swirled sharp horn crowned her golden head and was pointed straight for the bears arm pit where his heart should lay. This golden beauty was not playing around She wanted this creature dead, and if she had to give her life for it then so be it, but she was not planning of dying anytime soon. Not until this Bastard was dead, She wanted Revenge and what ever the mare wanted she got. Her Lavender eyes watched as the time god flew above her head, The bear was outnumbered and it knew it. The gold mare expected this beast to put up a fight of his life, she knew it was not going to go down easy.

"I Hope you die you sick bastard" The words grunted out of her sweet mouth with a french twisted accent. The language of love was the language of death for her. She Curled her glowing muzzle to her chest and the twisting curling horn pointed in front of the speeding mare as she aimed the point to the spot she wanted it to hit hoping it would land in that exact mark. She was tired of the beast calling the shots and hopefully the brute would be dead before the day was over. She dug the purple cloven hooves to gain speed as her muscles rippled with every stride she made. Hopefully she would be of help to the kind god that saved her from the rift, she hoped this would work.


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A booming voice, greater than those of the others that were joining us from out of the woodwork, brought a silence to the crowd. Scarlet eyes flicked towards the one that introduced himself as the God of Time while fiery eyes narrowed skeptically. Our lands were sick? Our gods were sick? Hell, in all my life in Urd I questioned on whether or not we even had gods. How could it be possible that a deity, a divine being that held all the powers of the universe swirling within the very core of their being, could allow such tragedies to their worshipers? More so, how was it possible for a God or Goddess to fall victim to something such as sickness? It didn't even seem fathomable in my mind, until the portal crackled open once again.

Suddenly all skepticism left my yellowed gaze as the Time God unfurled electric wings, using his magic to fight the growth of the portal. Watching the image on the other side, my ears flicked back as I realized that I recognized the sickly land. How tragic that I should recognize a land overcome by corruption and pollution, it was a disgusting feeling to know that the children of our world would know nothing of the beauty and liveliness of this Helovia. Without warning I was shoved backwards from a huge shockwave, and I braced my legs to keep from tumbling to the earth. When the dust cleared, a massive bear with a burning slime and blue crystals toward over us all, threatening the Time God.

'Choose a side.'

It wasn't even something that needed to be thought about, the decision was made before the Time God could even complete his speech. I would be damned before I chose to fight for the Rift God, I would be damned if I assisted him in taking us back to that hell hole of a land, and I would be damned back to Urd if I let him corrupt this land. A surge of anger and emotions sent a surge of energy to the fire within my soul, each of my ebony scales and horns radiating a burning glow so bright and moving so quickly that the scales now seemed orange. Golden eyes watched the Time God's attack, judging that he was trying to force the bear god into the black abyss that he opened.

Massive, leather wings unfurled as I kicked off the earth with my talons, beating them against the wind as I rose into the air. As I rose, I circled up and above the large bear judging my best attack. A buckskin mare was charging the bear with the Time God, giving me the perfect opportunity to perform a dive bomb. Wrapping my wings around my body, the air whistled as I fell towards the massive bear's crown. It was a ridiculous risk with his burning saliva, but I was willing to take it from above. At the last possible second, my wings spread to catch the wind and all my legs aimed towards to unnatural beast. My talons aimed to claw out his strange eyes, desperately trying to give the ground fighters the upper hand while my front hooves smashed against a crystal behind the bear's ear.

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Team Time God

The elephant soldier had faced many adversaries in his life, but never one such as this, as he surveyed the white bear from his knees. He had been knocked down to them when the shockwave caught him unprepared. The earth had quaked beneath the titan’s fall- though he popped up to his hooves with surprising spryness. I guess elephants can jump.

He spared only once glance around at the milling bodies. There were new ones, even more unique than Helovians. His glance spared a longer time on the God of Spark, for this was the first time to see a god. Ever. He was much smaller than he anticipated- though he supposed that most others were much smaller than himself.

Shaking himself from these thoughts, he turned to the rather grotesque monstrosity as it stumbled over garbled words. He gauges the lumbering movements- surely he would move quicker in a fight. Look at Tembovu, he lumbered around but was nimble in battle. He also eyes the blue saliva that scorches and hisses the ground it lands on. And those teeth. Certainly being bitten was something to be avoided.

Sidestepping closer to the God of Spark and the the four equines he had directly addressed. Though he, personally, had no assignment in this battle, he knew his size, strength, and massive sharp horn would be of some value in a fight.

He squared his heavy bulk, “What the hell,” his voice rumbled as he shut out the thousands of attack plans that started rolling through his head. And he just fucking lunged his massive bulk at the Rift God’s flank, horn lowered to pierce and chin tucked tightly to protect the vulnerability of his neck. Though his momentum was great, he kept a careful watch on the back paws of the bear- anticipating them to swing forward to try to eviscerate him. He hoped the front end would be distracted by the God of Spark and attacks from above.

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Nothing was making any sort of logical sense. Until the beaten and bloody guy speaks. Within seconds, though, my comfort level plummets again. Another God? Could I really trust that he wasn't going to turn around and zap me right back to where I came from? Or eat my face off, as Winter had been so inclined to do? The Rift hadn't been a place where anyone, myself included, could trust in the 'Gods'. Unless, of course, you trusted that they were going to fuck with you somehow. I remain silent and distrusting, perhaps more-so for his magnetic draw than any prior experience I'd had with the gods of the Rift. I can't help but snort at his emphasis on 'welcome'. It was as though he'd expected us to read his mind and know that we were being 'rescued'. Fuck that. Trust needed to be earned not freely given. Especially not when it involved someone who could kill you for no damn good reason.

But just as I was about to turn away and head off into this new land so many had called Helovia, something changed... again. A portal of sorts quickly grew from nothing, expanding and revealing a very familiar version of the Falls - the sick and mangled one that I had only just came from. I stood my ground, deliberately ignoring the shouting God. I am close enough to the portal for that putrid breath to burn into my nostrils again and though my heart sank upon this rather nasty realization, my face remains stoic. Vibrations shook through me, tension in the air causing my hair to stand on end.

Then everything just snapped.

I was blown backwards, landing on my side with a thud and a grunt. The impact knocked the air out of my lungs and the dust induced a brief coughing fit as I tried to regain the oxygen I had just lost. As the dust began to settle, I lifted myself off the ground and my red gaze locked onto the spot where the portal had been. 'He's baaaack!' I think irritably, my face twisting with disgust. There goes my narrow escape. I watch quietly as the new (to me) god confronts old blue but as soon as the others spring into action, I charge. My first goal is to distract him, bring his attention on me as it had been only moments before I was taken away from the Rift. I put myself in front of him - close enough to be an irritant (and therefore difficult to ignore) but far enough back that he wouldn't be able to bite my face off without moving forward.

"Hey asshole!" I shout, putting on an air of over-confidence. "Remember me? You were about to bite my face off before I got zapped here." Everything about my tone screamed 'come at me, bro!' It was time to finish what we started. Only this time, I wasn't going to surrender myself to the gruesome death he had planned for me. I shift then, carefully watching his face and biding my time. Two attack from above and two unicorns attack from the ground. I'm not the fastest one here, maker knows, but my reflexes are bound to be faster than old man winter's. I maneuver to the side opposite the buckskin mare and charge, my muscles ripple beneath my dark pelt with my athletic and powerful stride. I aim the group of crystals upon my head towards his shoulder - hoping to injure him enough to hinder his movement. Or, at least provide enough of a distraction for the others.

I'm not a hero. Not while I crave that red mineral to the depths of my soul. It did give me one unseen advantage, though. It made me irritable as fuck.

Bring. It. On.


[Team Time God]

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Holy shit--

There was a mess of tragedies trickling in on all sides, stories and heartbreak and familiar faces and strange ones and butt-ugly ones all coming together, piling around us faster than I could really get a grip on. And I still didn’t have time to get a grip on it cuz there was a S N A P in the air and all those tragedies and ugly mugs (including mine) was blasted backward under the force of the world ending —and there, suddenly, was a blue, icy, drooling hulk of a
fight breathing in my Pa’s face.

And I guess I’m just gonna have to set all that other shit aside, huh?

My Pa was already leaping to attack and I was screaming “MMPH!!” at him (motherfuck I still have your sword you cocky son of a bi—)

He was gone, though, and he had told me to fight with him—and even though my jaw was aching around Sparkmarrow's hilt and my ass was on fire, you were fluttering above my head on feathery grey wings, trilling your insistence for us to fight, telling me in all sorts of ways that you were gonna jump into the fray whether I liked you to or not—and in a zpnck! that was deeper and more final than any of the others I had heard, you shifted into something large, something with heavy beating wings and all sorts of fur ruffling all throughout your body—

--and you were moving too fast for me to see what you had become, but there was a fierce, savage spark of victory in your breast, damn-near the same sensation I had felt when the Sparkmarrow’s edge had bit into the non-flesh of Drolgatha—

--and Pa was flying for the top of the monster, attacking the ice that jutted from the demon-god’s back—and you were going for its eyes, shooting forward to try and distract the eerie glow of the monster’s eyes—

--and that left me with the bottom, didn’t it? The slimy, acid-burnt bottom that was bathed with the demon-god’s treacherous slobber, where his great, rocky limbs carried his weight, probably full of all kinds of power and whoop-ass.

It was the most dangerous part of him—but if one of his paws were damaged, that would be a severe weakness to him, wouldn’t it?

(—flashes of me, barely grown, stabbing my stubby horn into the palm of a fire giant, keeping my Ma safe from—)

I launched myself forward, my teeth gripping the hilt with newfound determination; I bolted for the demon-god’s front left leg, the dimly-glowing blade of Sparkmarrow seemingly yearning for the taste of flesh, mortal and alike, as I yanked my head to the side and threw  the sword towards the ice bear’s tendons and bone.

(I mean, it had worked before, right?)

[Fighting for Pa the Time God. Chico attacks the bear’s eyes/face, while Roskuld attacks the bear’s left foreleg]

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The first pop of the world had drawn him this way, pulling him from his physical training he'd been working on. By the time he made it to the scene, the second pop had snarled its way in, and with it something else.

Öde stood, slack jawed, as he came into view. So uncertain of what he was experiencing the young stallion slowed and mostly stared, red eyes adrift on the red horizon as the monument of a bear begged for his attention. He marveled at the alien creature, drawn to the chaotic magic that seemed to exist within and around it. The pustules that oozed from it, the impressive spires of crystal, and the fluids that dribbled from its gruesome maw entranced the child born of corruption. His bones buzzed, enamored. Though the bear did not sing, he was a siren to Öde, and stumbling the dark disciple moved closer, catching the terse conversation the two gods tossed to each other. Adoration continued to swell in his breast as he listened to the bear god, its wisdom spearing Öde and causing him to salivate with greedy need. Could he sell his soul for a place among the stars? He wondered...

Fighting broke out abruptly. At least, so it seemed to he who had been too caught up in wonderment. Like slow motion the battle unfolded, shouts beating out the rhythm of the war while the bodies of the nearby soldiers descended like a pack of rabid dogs. Whatever color, whatever region, they all seemed to descend upon the bear, guided by the supposedly righteous hoofsteps of their time lord.
Öde remained rooted, torn.

After a moment longer of hesitation the boy shook his head, then joined the fray with a bugle of fury that betrayed the gusto of his rising blood beat. War sang to him, because amid it existed power, and that was his fuel - greater than water, than air, than grass or blood. It was power that made him indecisive, but despite his personal wantons, the bear was on a losing side, and Öde could not afford to turn coat when his very patron was present. So he would help slaughter this magnificent denizen, for the north. Along the way perhaps his abilities would interfere, serving as always like a double sided blade.

Öde burst forward, joining alongside Roskuld to aim his tri-horns into the same limb that she was stabbing her own blade.

fighting for: TIME GOD
Attack: plunged horns towards bear's left foreleg with Roskuld.
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Always drawn to adventure, the stallion’s seemingly innate thirst for exploration and the unknown draws him ever forward. He had departed from the Threshold, leaving the two mares’ sides behind him (sure that Frosty wouldn’t miss his company, although he doesn’t doubt that she’s got a lot more glares to give) in search of—well, what exactly? The Warlander knows the answer well enough, echoing at the back of his mind like an annoying fly buzzing around his ear, stemming from the deepest parts of his heart even though he tries to ignore it.
But how long can he keep this up?
Surely, he must get tired of running eventually?
Too proud to acknowledge the validity of such a fact, the large stallion huffs a strained and exaggerated breath, the length of his long tail slapping against his flanks. It simply can’t be so. Twisting his ears backwards until they hover above the hairy mess of his neck, Rohan strides purposefully forward (towards what particular purpose he has yet to find out himself, but it feels good to march intensely and resolutely forward nonetheless). It isn’t long before he notices the change in scenery—the air darkening and green blooms of spring morphing into something…red. Red?
The brindled stallion is still not entirely familiar with the strange wilds of Helovia—despite having wandered through many of the bizarre territories in the season or so that has passed since his unceremonious arrival—but all the same, even he cannot deny that this particular place is…different. Had he simply missed it while passing this way before? Pursing his brown lips, the Warlander wanders forward, swallowing the apprehension in his throat and pressing on as his heartbeat quickens against his chest. Suddenly there is a crackling in the air—a popping like nothing he has heard before—stopping him and narrowing his eyes as he glances about.
Rohan sees nothing, but there are sounds in the distance—ugly sounds that rouse memories and feelings to surface and dry his tongue. Leaping forward, he bounds with all the flash and elegance of his Iberian ancestors—a warhorse, proud and majestic (and oh how he wears it well). Finally breaking through the trees, the red land opens up before him, as though the very earth itself holds a festering wound. Here, in this rotten and blistering bruise, lies the battle.
He does not need to know the Helovian deity to recognize him—the God’s very presence is powerful, the magnetism in the air pulsing around both him and the most hideous and terrifying creature that Rohan has ever seen. The battle is clear—God against God, divinity against daemon. The Warlander is not a particularly religious character—he could care less to worship his Almighty—but it is the “greater good” that ignites the fight of war in his blood. Helovia is his homeland now, and he won’t see it messed with (plus it might be good to release some pent-up testosterone-induced frustration—yay violence).

Baring his teeth, the stallion charges forward with a snarl ripping from his throat, head lowered and antlers poised as he charges in the direction of the revolting monster.

Rohan charges forward, teeth bared and antlers ready, in the general direction of the Rift God...likely will collide with anyone who is opposing him and in his way haha. 

Lend me your hand and we’ll conquer them all,

but lend me your heart and I’ll just let you fall.

Lend me your eyes I can change what you see,

but your soul you must keep,

t o t a l l y   f r e e.
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Long purple tufted tail flipped out of sight as the others still milled about. He had a mission, but the stallion would hold off for a bit. The snake band around his leg seemed to glow red in the stranger scarlet world. There was no rush to leave, not with so many around, and that one girl had a very pretty sword. If he could just learn her name, maybe he could take the shinny weapon. Quietly he stood in the shadows watching.

He didn't have to wait long before something great and terrible happened. The Time God, as he called himself said they were all welcome. 'Psh ya right, like he wanted them here, he had said I don't think so.' That had been good enough for him. Well he had fucked up bringing himself here, that was for sure. Everyone would go to sleep in their cozy places and wake up with all their shit gone, if they woke up at all. Before the smug satisfaction could fully form the something he had mentioned before happened. Another great portal opened and that nasty bear entered Helovia. Purple smoke slowly switched the black as anger swept through him. That damned excuse for a god had tormented and frozen everyone in the passed home. Now it was time for him to pay.

He was bracing to rush out when Sparky's words rang through his ears. He was asking for help, and saying he could not guarantee they would not be harmed. Laughter erupted from his dark lips smoke rolling in a great plume that would put any diesel to shame. The god slayer was half tempted to stand back and watch now, see how this new god would handle this. Even as he thought it the blood lust started to grow rapidly. There was no way he could hold back from getting some blood on his hooves. Lucky for him and everyone else the purple and black stood behind the bear, possibly unnoticed by the crystal beast.

As silently as he could the stud cantered forward maw opening blue eyes glued upon the beasts rear right leg. Others might wonder why he did not charge head first with his multiple horns. Little did they know the horns were not but hard clumps of feathers. They would only bend or snap if used as a weapon. Instead he stuck with gnashing teeth and sharp hooves. After attempting to bite the beast he reared eyes glued on a large clump of crystal trying to break off a chunk.

OOC/Tags;; He aims to bite the bear's right rear leg then he tries to rear up and break off some of his crystals
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Fighting on TIME GOD's side

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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. ~ Robert Frost

As usual the boy was coming in late. A great number of oddly marked creatures were gathered in the strangest land the boy had ever seen. Blood; it all looked like it had been painted in blood. Powerful teal and silver wings flapped before angling downward. Carefully he landed in a very small clearing. Needing to tuck his wings in so close made the impact even rougher than normal. A whoosh of breath escaped his young lunges before he turned towards the voices he could hear. The time god stood in front of everyone there seemed to be a few of the "normal" Helovia people gathered around here and there. It was kind of hard to tell because everyone was so different, but these new people were just fucking crazy looking, and smelling.

Then he was screaming for everyone to stand back. Ears pricked as silver eyes grew sharp scanning the area for danger. It felt as if a massive Redwood had fallen upon his back squeezing him into the ground. Just as soon as it started it vanished with a POP! Maybe it was just his ears, or maybe it was real, he couldn't tell. Shaking the head he colt looked up and instantly bristled. There was a giant fucking bear with fucking crystals popping out of his skin. Before he could say a single word the thing was threatening the Helovia god, and Time was threatening right back saying it was to die. As far as the gold and teal was concerned that was good enough.

There was no doubt that he had to help. Throwing his wings wide the colt took off speeding for the beast. He had no idea how to fight, but he had to try. Aiming his hooves and spiked metal boots for the bears head. With a war cry that might rival some much larger more experience warrior he dove. If he could even just put a scratch on the thing he would be happy.

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You had left the Basin as soon as the prickly mare had been situated, after the man that had left the both of you before the snow got too thick. You had hoped he would have stayed, so that you could show him all of the things that you had talked about on the way to your mountain, but somehow you knew he wouldn’t. He didn’t seem like the type to settle so needlessly. You had shrugged it off, only to turn back and try your hardest to track him down once more. It hadn’t been very hard, as he hadn’t gotten far, but even now, as you call out to him, he slips into the shadow of the trees, and you find yourself diving blindly into the midst of the darkness after him, your heart awash in mild panic.

Would it always be this way? Would you always follow him, waiting to save him from himself? You cannot help but smile despite yourself, even as your steps falter over the roots and branches, your legs scraped and bloody from your reckless plunge through the strange forest. In an instant, however, your fear for him seizes your heart at a sound loud as thunder, somehow the still air grows stiller, and for the briefest of moments you pause in your flight, your slender sides heaving with both panic and the effort of chasing a man who does not want to be caught. It is then that the shockwave hits you, hard enough to make you stumble forwards in a flurry to catch yourself from falling entirely.

"Rohan," the thickness of the red forest seems to swallow the single word, and before you are even fully standing on your own you push off the earth, back into your blind and frightened pursuit. The thinning of the trees only heightens your dread, the scene unfolding in front of you too much to process. You do not know the god that is screaming orders, trying to find control among the chaos, nor any of the others that throw themselves at the fearsome beast ahead, or the why behind it all: it is as soon as your eyes find your sandstone man in the fray that you bolt ahead, tucking your chin to your chest as you near the beast in nothing more than instinct. 

TEAM TIME GOD, yeaaaah~
basically she throws herself blindly at the left hind leg of the bear, hoping to i guess maim it with her antlers XD

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I'm like a prayer you whisper from your window to the world

The big black-and-white stallion looked like he had to be in pain with all the cuts, scrapes and gashes, but he didn't reply to her question. In fact, he didn't acknowledge her with more than a fleeting glance, and it made the filly deflate a little with a feeling of having done something wrong, or maybe unnecessary. Tiny cloves shuffled awkwardly in the red-tinted moss as she hesitated, concerned but ultimately too shy to persist in a care she had no tools to go through with...

... and all thoughts of anything disappeared as the world was rent asunder. It was as though the very molecules of the air screamed in fear and fury as the portal was torn open once more. She was pushed back by the surging energy, shocked and overwhelmed, the woolly ears ringing with something that wasn't quite sound but definitely not silence either. The sparking stallion was moving again, extending wings that snapped and popped and crackled, he shouted to get back and Erthë obliged quickly; her diminutive frame tore off to hide behind the big, comfortably broad back of the Time God (what was a god, anyway, and what had he meant by brethren?) but she had barely reached his shadow before another blast sent her flying backwards. She spun in a tangle of legs, wings, tail and terrified bleats and landed with a splash in the pool. Its content clung horrible and thick and nasty to her and dyed the white strands in sickly red, it got in her nose and mouth and ears and for a few horrible seconds Erthë couldn't breathe. Struggling wildly she managed to get her feet under herself and heaved herself up on dry land again, coughing and spluttering, watching in dazed confusion how the ground changed around her. the earth and plants and everything had seemed quite healthy before - strange and in the wrong color, admittedly, but completely like plants and water should look - but with terrifying speed a sort of decay was spreading from the open portal.

Erthë sobbed in terror as she stared around, desperately lost and scared and home sick. Where was momma, and papa, and Vlasi and uncle Badger, why had she gone out on her own and why was all this madness happening? Was the world always like this? If it was she didn't want to play anymore, she would go back to the world of warm, quiet darkness she now only remembered just before she fell asleep, and she would never come back to this terrifying existence known as life. Sea-green eyes stared transfixed at the nightmarish monster that pushed its way through the rift, from the Rift, shuddering at the way its voice sounded as it spoke. What the beast and the God spoke about she didn't understand, they said things that made no sense and used words she had never heard before. If only she could close her ears and not hear and...


The filly flinched and stared wide eyed at the Time God. How did he know her name?

"... collect the crystals that fall from his side.

What? Crystals? Why? Why her? And where... then she spotted the shards that glittered and gleamed on the back of the monstrosity, and hiccuped in surprise. How was she supposed to get to those?

She was not accustomed to disobeying or disbelieving the words of adults, however. For that she was too young, too fresh into the world and much too trusting. Sobbing and scared she nodded and rubbed away the tears from her cheeks with a knobbly knee, alarmed at the prospect of approaching the beast but also a bit grateful to have a task, a purpose, something to do besides watching. It was almost like a barrier had been placed between herself and what was going on in the clearing. The child felt a growing numbness overtake her as she wobbled and staggered under the force of the nothingness that opened up around the beast. She saw the Time God fly up and kick out at the hard materials, watched shards come off and plummet to the ground - and suddenly she understood.

She couldn't look away as the battle continued, no matter how much she wished to. This was not something a child should ever have to experience; the savagery of ganging up to defeat something bigger than yourself, the brutality with which hooves and teeth and magic pummeled the beast  or the immense bravery it took to uproot yourself from the ground and step forward into the fray.

But she did it. In the mouth her tongue was dried to the roof of the mouth, within the tiny chest her heart was beating fit to burst. Innocent eyes narrowed in fearful concentration, and with all the clumsy agility of a confused butterfly Erthë began the process of weaving her way amongst the fighters. Ducking, darting and stopping dead in her tracks to let someone past, she swerved in delicate disgust the sizzling piles of blue drool that burned into the ground, avoided flying hooves and sweating bodies until she found herself right beneath the massive, towering mockery of a bear. It was the last place on earth she wanted to be, but she had been given a task. Whenever a shard, splinter or piece of crystal tumbled down through the air she hurried over and picked it up, gingerly wrapping the long tail around them so that she could carry them off, out of the way and dispose them in a steadily growing pile at the edge of the fray.

She felt the need to cough tear in her weak lungs but held it back as best she could. Time and time again her useless left eye made her misjudge distances until her frail body became battered and bruised after bouncing into and off of others, and her left rear hoof was burning and itching after she had nudged one of the oozing piles of luminescent goo. It hurt, she wanted to go home, tears streamed continuously down blood-splattered cheeks... but the child persisted, desperately longing for everything to just end.

Team Time God! Erthë does as she is told and darts in and out of the battle, picking up crystals as they fall from the bear.

Lines by Darya87

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He had barely had time to take a step away from the blood-tainted forest when a sound behind him made the charm around his neck scream in protest. Cathun swirled around and watched in horror how a rift opened in mid air, blasting the air aside and thrusting everyone back. He gritted his teeth against the force of it and dug his hooves down deep, squinting through leaking eyes at a towering, enormous BEAST pushed its way through into his world.

He saw the god-creatures exchange words, saw the corruption spread from the foreign being and quivered at the prospect of having to fight it. This was Gaucho ten times over, there was no way he would be able to do anything against it. Why anyone remained where they were was beyond him, he didn't understand why they didn't just turn and run for their lives, like he wanted to do, like he was doing.

Slowly, loathing himself for being just as cowardly as he probably seemed, Cathun began to inch back against the trees. The protective charm that safeguarded his life was beginning to fail, he could feel the magic awaken within him and press outwards, igniting his hair bit by bit - only to be suppressed again by a feeble lurch of the magatama. It wouldn't be long now until the second one failed, and if he lingered here then the third would no doubt break as well, and then he would have no time left.

So he turned, sparing a last long glance at the commencing battle before he ran. Away from the fray, away from honor and glory and other pointless things, off to warn a herd he didn't particularly care for, leaving behind a girl he might actually like and friends he didn't even know yet.

Some noble soul he was.

Cathun OUT - he won't participate in the fight.

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He is chosen.

Perhaps they sense his power, or perhaps he is simply in the right place at the right time - either way, the white-patterned God addresses the black behemoth by name, and bids him to help in the coming battle. He looks at the bear, the beast spawned from the Rift, all crystal menace and death-bringing power; the colt's ears pin, his muscles bunching as he releases a earth-shaking bellow. The God bids him to fight against the bear at his side, and pride rises in the leviathan at the request. "With pleasure," he rumbles, vindictive glee darting across his skull-marked face. Time to put his name in the history books.

Alas, it becomes a bit of a clusterfuck then, as masses of Helovians and Rift-spawned equines alike throw themselves into the fray. Volterra can barely see a free inch of bear to attack, but dammit, he will make it his mission to find some. Before he charges, he sees the little white filly that the God had asked to collect crystals. The giant looks up to Vérzés, who is circling high above with considerable excitement at the idea of attacking something.

Guard the filly, destroy anything that attacks her.

"You care?" The dragon's mental chirp is confused - since when has his bonded cared for random offspring?

The behemoth snorts. Of course not, but the God wants those crystals collecting for a reason, so we must make sure he gets them.

With only the slightest hiss of displeasure at not getting to join the fight, Vérzés tucks his wings and dives down, flying low in circles around the white hybrid filly. He scoops a chunk of crystal in his claws and deposits it on the pile the youth has made, never taking his eye off his charge as he does so.

Meanwhile, Volterra releases a savage war cry and throws himself into the battle. Only the bear's right foreleg seems to be free, and this is the part the beast approaches; he aims to slam his chest hard into the bear's right foreleg to try and make it buckle and bring the creature to its knees, whilst his jaws snap forwards and try to sink into the bear's flesh in a sharp nip, careful to avoid the crystals and the goo - he doesn't want to be touching that.


Volterra attacks the bear's right foreleg, whilst his dragon circles above Erthë as she collects crystals, ready to protect her if somebody attacks her.



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Suddenly, everything goes to shit.

Nyx watches in horror as a bear spawns out of nowhere, and not a bear like any she has ever seen - this one is massive, and embedded with crystal strangeness and eerie blue essence. It is terrifying, horrifying, and the mare's ears slick flat against her skull. But one by one, other horses begin piling in to attack the bear at the bidding of Mr Sparkalicious, the white-pattered stallion who sizzled with electricity and hotness. Nyx is not the sort of woman to want to miss out on a party, and she is, after all, a warrior. It is her job to protect, to fight, to win.

She is about to charge into the fray, her lion by her side and holy war in her heart, when she sees a familiar face. It is the young stallion who was so loudmouthed in the Edge leader selection, and he's running away. "Oi!" she bellows towards him, her legs thumping into the ground as she chases after him. "Have your balls withered and shot back up into your body to hide? Unless you're all gob and no guts, get your irresponsible ass back there and help us." He is a man, for God's sake - they are supposed to be frothing at the mouth to get themselves into fights. The silver aims to cut in front of Cathun, trying to block his path and cut off his escape; not so fast, craven.

Dominus does not sit idle as his bonded shoots off after the youngster; he does not need her permission to jump into the action. With a savage roar the lion dives forwards, darting between the legs of the fighting horses and underneath the bear. They are all attacking the creature's extremities and outer husk, but Dominus wants to get into the juicy innards beneath, to end it. His weight slips onto his back legs and he lifts up his front ones, lashing out with both front paws as he tries to slit the bear's belly with his unsheathed talons. He wants to rip open the flesh and leave the bear's guts hanging out like glistening strands of meat, like the creature is naught more than prey.


Nyx tries to cut off Cathun's escape, whilst Dominus tries to get under the bear and claw open its belly.


Other characters have permission to use magic/violence against Nyx at any time.

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I am suddenly regretting my decision to come to this strange, blood-soaked place when, out of nowhere, a gigantic demon bear spawns into the middle of the land. I resist the urge to squeal and flee for the hills, because it's huge, not to mention scary and crystalized and could eat a horse like me up in one big bite.

Apparently, other Helovians are not so afraid. They all pile in to attack the bear, and I quiver at their bravery. One tries to escape, but is pursued by another; will the same happen to me if I try to run away? I swallow, hard. I wouldn't be any good if I tried to attack, and I'd only get in the way of the people who know what they're doing. But I cannot just stand here and watch - even my sometimes-questionable conscience won't let me do that. So I decide to do the only thing I am actually good at; heal. One swing of the bear's great paw and it could decapitate one of its equine assailants, and whilst I wouldn't be able to stitch the unfortunate soul's head back on, I could lend my assistance if they gained a slightly less dramatic injury.

I see young Erthë collecting crystals, and my stomach squirms. What if she gets hurt? Why in the name of all the hells did that Time God tell her to put herself in danger collecting crystals, and not one of the other, older horses? I make a move to go and guard her, but I see a big colt's red dragon circling her, protecting her - or preparing to eat her, I'm not quite sure. I think it's the former, though, because the red creature makes no attempt to attack my filly. She is not mine, but I wish she was; she is such a sweet little soul, and I am proud to be an uncle of sorts to her. I want to protect her with every fibre of my being, with every drop of heroism in my soul and blood in my body. "Erthë, be careful!" I shout to her, the concern evident in my voice. Heavens, if she gets is best that I prepare for injuries by her or any of the other attacking horses.

I always keep some herbs stuffed in my halter, but I know I will need more for the victims of this battle. I shuffle around as fast as my stout legs will carry me, murmuring plant names in my head and scooping up the relevant herb. There is a whole new variety of foliage here, mostly red, but thankfully there's also some of the familiar plants I recognise. Soon my mouth is stuffed with them, and I can stand and watch the battle unfold, ready to scurry to the aid of the injured. Raspberry leaves to clot the blood and slow bleeding, calendula and garlic to speed up healing and prevent infection, green vein kratom for pain relief...


Badger runs around collecting herbs to heal the injured!

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What if this whole crusade's a charade
And behind it all there's a price to be paid

We made our way down the hill, Cathun trailing behind almost as if tugged along by Erebos and I’s tails. I don’t let his negativity effect me, feeling the pulse of my heart thud louder and louder the closer we get to the strange stench and crackle of the treeless rim about the red water.

He may not like adventure, but I lusted for it. Part of me knows that is why I left Helovia in the first place, not because I was genuinely concerned for where my dam had gone, but because I had wondered what was out there, had thirsted for it like a man for water in dry heat of the desert.

The closer we get the faster my golden hooves flash, my eyes growing wider and wider the more strange and elaborate those who meet my gaze become. There is such a variety that my head almost feels like its swirling, as if I have stepped through a portal and back into the meadows of the Nightwalk, my heart hammering hard in my chest. I look back at Erebos, my mouth tilted in the most awkward and bemused smile I think I’ve ever made, a devilish light burning in their depths.

This is fascinating!

When I look back, I see the Time God. He’s in the middle of the red water, having been obscured by the others. He’s bleeding and awfully sodden, and at his side is a heavy set girl with strange, crackling whips rising from her horned head, her mouth clutching some weird, metal tool; my heart races faster, it rams itself against the cage of my breast in awe and terror as it had done the first time I saw him.

It is not so much fear that he will be angry at me, as it was when I first returned, as it is that he is wounded.

I hear Cathun’s wailing whining, I flick an ear back in annoyance as my nostrils broaden and my hooves dance forward while his carry him away.

Maybe I should go tell someone…

I look again at Erebos, find myself nearly laughing in delight that we have found such an adventure so soon in our reunion.


"Bye, Cathun!" I call, catching in the corner of my eye as I turn to see him off a familiar white shape, rimmed in gold and flint.

My mouth opens, my hooves move to carry me to her as my heart leaps about in yet another emotional twist. It hurts, burns and flickers, and yet it is warm, and pleasant, like salt water heated by Tallsun’s kiss.

Oh, Aithniel!

She is proud, defiant, the wind in her mane that has grown long and full, and through the feathers of her wings drifts the red light of this forest, a red light that makes her seem an angel wreathed in roses. I missed my father, and his strength, I had often reminisced of Erebos and our adventures…

But I have mourned her absence, shamed myself with my failure to remain by her side. I feel my heart grow and wither all at once, my hooves immediately moving to her with a loving nicker.

”STAND BACK!” bellows a voice recalled in dreams, a powerful one that belongs to the God of the mountain and which rises over a horrible, hideous distortion of the air. It ruptures my thoughts of her and severs my eyes from her surly gaze, sends me twirling wildly back towards the God with my golden eyes broad and full of fear.

No sooner do I turn then I am blasted onto the ground, my uneven footing providing no support against the arrival of the Bear, unsure of where I am as the world pitches violently and my eyes clenching shut against the volatile blast of air that flies from the rupture in space.

I open my eyes to see red leaves above me, hear a deep rumbling that makes even my warrior’s heart flutter in fear. Using the flash of terror as I goad, I leap to my hooves as quickly as I can, quickly finding Erebos to stand alongside him again, occasionally managing to sever my eyes from the horrendous beast of a deity to look at him for support.

I don’t dare look away to find Aithniel again; truly, I can’t look away, so tangible is the clash of the God’s words. Their might and their will crackle in the air.

The God of Time calls to his faithful, and I hear his beckoning. Without a single thought to spare, I lunge forward, my lips trumpeting a battle call against the foul Bear God, seeing none of my people in its hideous form, feeling in my heart a need to prove my worth to the being who had once thought to bless me, despite his better judgment.

Even the strangers leap forward with us, their eyes narrowed in loathing upon the beast.

With my golden eyes full of wonder I watch the divine ruler of our mountain fall upon the monster with such power that I feel my very bones shudder in longing, his hooves aiming for the crystals along the spine of the bear. The woman with the weapon and her companion leap at his face, without fear, another unicorn bearing alongside them, another still reaching for the thing’s side with his blade poised for blood. All around me hooves pound the earth and voices sound out in fury, in support of one another, in a beautiful sonata of blood and battle.

I break for the rear of the beast, for most of the others take its fore, my long legs splashing through the red water that rises clear, that has beautiful rubies that bite into the soft parts of my hooves. Rising slightly as I reach striking distance, my horn is an ebony and gold flash through the air, once, twice, a sharp whistling sounding as it breaks the air and reaches for blood.

Beneath me, my hooves dance, my body poised and eyes watchful for movement; should it try to run, it will have to get through me, first.

[ OOC: SORRY HEATHER I only have today to post before the timeline and omg Rikyn wants to whoop the bear’s arse so hard.

Also I don’t know why this is so long it just is. :| SORRY EVERYONE

He moves to the bear’s hind quarter and seeks to block it from escaping, while attacking it with his horn. ]
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Everything happened so fast that it had my head spinning. The... I guess it was an explosion, the arrival of this bear thing, the exchange between the bloody stallion, who just so happened to be the God of Time (and judging by his looks Roskuld's Pa). Then Cathun was running to me, trying to urge me to run and go back to the Throat with him and, I'll admit, it was tempting to run away to safety but I turned my head back toward the Time God and the Bear and... everyone was fighting. Ros ... even the ones that were zapped here when the Time God took the land like he said he did.

"You go..." I said to Cathun. "Tell Gaucho or someone ... maybe they'll send backup." I watched him run, frowned at the mare that tried to stop him instead of attacking the bear, but I figured Cathun could handle himself. "You can go if you want." I murmured as I realized that Amani was still with me. "But I'm staying..." Because for once I was going to fight to keep what I loved safe.

I didn't know how much help I would be with my lack of experience, but I was going to try my hardest to help. I was determined that I was going to be an asset, so I charged forward. I could see Ros going for the bear's front legs along with a few others that I didn't know, so I headed for his back leg. I ducked my head down as I drew closer, aimed my horn for the meaty part of its right leg, and when I was close enough I kind of launched myself at him and just hoped that my aim would be true.

And I kind of hoped that I wouldn't get my horn stuck in his leg.



Jiji tries to stab the bear's right hind leg :D

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Team Time God :D

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So, I finally left the safety of the Basin since I had arrived home. Really, I was just playing around with my portals. It has been so long since i've tried to use them. I had hidden my power outside of Helovia... Cause well, it woould of made me even more of a freakshow than I already had been for my horn. No use in giving those creatures more reason to keep me right? So yeah. I was bouncing portal to portal for a bit, not really caring where I ended up. Not really focusing on anything when..... I knew the strange feeling of another portal being made. After all, I could make them. But this one. This one was different. I shrugged it off at first, figuring it was our beloved Time God doing something. But something kept pulling me to go find out. So naturally, I used the easy way. I made my own portal.

So thats how I ended up here.... Wherever here is. I don't remember a place other than the Deep Forest to have red waters..... But then again i've been gone for so long... I arrive just as some Bear claiming to be a God does. Well, the Time God seems to agree with this, but he also basiclly sentenced him to die in the same breath. So, here goes nothing! I hang back at first, watching the others. I am here, I am willing to fight and get my own piece of the action..... But I am not going to take away from the glory of my herd mates either. I can see the ever so handsome Rikyn and Erebos nearby, Rikyn letting lose a war cry and moving in. Öde, or I think that is his name, was also there attacking. So yeah. I'll just sit back and let the men take the glory.... I'll step in if I need to to save thier hide. Or at the very least give them a bit of space to breath before going back to the fight.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

[Mira hangs back, but is there to fight when an opening provides itself or to use her magic to get someone out of the way if needed]

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