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So I had walked past these great sentinels on my way in with d’Artagnan but if you’ve ever spent any time with the great general then you know, oh you know, that your mind is pretty occupied. He was also telling me all about the sort of jobs that I might have when I became a member of the Basin - who would have thought I would end up where I am today!! Okay well I’m not getting too cocky, don’t worry. Just because I successfully made one item doesn’t mean that I’m hot shit (except I am). 

Now, though, I had a tiny (very tiny, smaller than me) appreciation of how magic worked I wanted to get a better look at the giant metal creatures. Did metal count as something that I could create? It didn’t seem very likely. Fabrics, textiles, though I liked to use the less complicated term ‘cloth’. It’s one syllable, easy-to-read, and I’m all about accessibility.

I’m not really sure if they are… alive… so I decide to approach them like I would anyone else. From behind. Naw just kidding, me and the sentinels aren’t at that level of friendship yet. I came at them from the front, like they were wild animals. In order to do so, you see, I had snuck OUT of the Basin in the wee hours of the morning and now that the sun had crested the mountains and I was recovered from a brilliant nap, I was back. 

I mean, it was kind of cute. In a massive, alien-sort of way. OKAY FOCUS! I was here to learn something.

I honestly wasn’t sure what I was expecting to happen, so I move slowly forward. Kind of looking around like I did not want to give it the impression that I was coming towards it. Oh, don’t mind me I’m just admiring this little piece of hard snow! And that rock! And that… well that’s pretty much all there is in the Basin, rocks and snow, but I admired a lot of them on my way over to the sentinel.

A while later, I find myself close enough that I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m here for a reason. Hopefully my stealthy approach was enough to kind of throw it off balance a little bit - who knew what to expect!!

I stare up at the massive head and there are a lot of questions just kind of flying around that candy-flavoured brain of mine but the only one that I can think of to actual speak out loud was:

“So, uh, do you come here often?”  
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