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SWP :: Blood Falls Rift Characters (Read First)

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Hello Riftians! 

You have been called to Phase II/Real Phase I of the SWP! If you signed up for the "Blood Falls", please post to the Spark God here:

Short Version:  All of a sudden a strange God is in your land and you have somehow come through a portal of sorts. You are aware that there is some tension. You are confused. You don't know why the hell people are in your land. Maybe you like them? They look normal. They look kind. Maybe you hate them? Why the hell are they in your space? Who even are these people? 

Long Version: Your winter god, a massive, corrupted bear (think big ice crystals growing out of seeping blue blood sores on his back with glowing eye sockets), has been terrorizing the Blood Falls for quite some time. Every year the water level rises, giving you the idea that perhaps the victims of the Rift are exsanguinated here. Life is rough, everything is sick or dying. Food is short. 

Then, something tense snaps. The world changes and it is full of red foliage. It's like the land you once knew, but not entirely. Most of these changes are good. There is food, healthy and wildlife, but you are still damaged and different. Also, there is a strange new God standing there along with strangers of this strange land and world. 

Who even are they? Why are they here in your land - if this even is your land? 



If your character is going to help discover the Blood Falls, check out the map! They basically know what is being written and nothing more. Roskuld, the Time Demi-God will help lead you all once more is revealed. But for now, this is a very dramatic "meet and greet". 

Play nice. 

Or don't. 

After all, you've just expanded your map ;)


Contest Winners! 

If you won one of the contests - the banner or the land contest, your characters will get a special place in this plot! Please be sure to mark your post with a "CONTEST WINNER" in the bottom of your post (outside of your table), so that an admin can notice which character you used for this prize! 


- Yes you can make new threads here now! 
- Yes this is officially part of Helovia
- If you have a Rift Character who was discovered here, you can now start posting elsewhere
- Yes, there will be an interesting RE to follow this "introduction"
- No, there is no pressing time limit on this intro

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