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The GOD of the SPARK

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero

The world had grown, but the growth-spurt was not without pain or consequence. 

The protective bubble that had gently shielded Helovia suddenly shattered with a rather unimpressive wet whooomp sound. Like a soap bubble finally pulled apart, the barrier descended and time began to bleed once again into the lands. The catalyst for this was the body of the God of the Spark rather roughly being thrust into a pool of bloody liquid in a dazzling crackle of electricity. Thankfully the color of the water was tainted red even before his battered and bleeding body fell into it. Staggering to his hooves the God of the Spark cast an unimpressed gaze towards the crimson waterfall which was continually filling the pool in which he stood. Hauling his water logged body to the shore, he bit back a groan of pain and decided against immediately healing his wounds.

Helovia needed to know at what price this expansion had come. 

"Hopefully the others fared better." He grumbled to himself, unceremoniously shaking water and grime from his coat. A crackling caught his attention and his shaking abruptly stopped as he turned his piercing stare into the depths of the foliage that surrounded the pool. "The hell is that--" A brilliant flash of light encompassed the area, forcing even the God to shield his eyes. A sound that the God knew well - the sound of time portals being thrust open - thundered around him. Voices called out, and the stampeding sound of all manner of bodies began to scramble (or perhaps were pulled) towards the portal.

"I don't think so!" The God of the Spark shouted through gnashed teeth. Electricity ignited his stout frame as he concentrated a blast at the heart of the blinding light that was still enveloping the glade.

An acrid scent filled the air as the light pulsed and then dimmed. The God had closed the portal, but not before a few refugees had snuck through.

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One change had been enough for her; the first one had been when she had been forced by that demon, who had given her new skin, new everything, and cast her out into the hellfire that was the world around her, as everything had shaken and burned before the fires that they had summoned. That had been the first, and when she had fallen into the Rift, she had found a new hope for life, living it here - when it had changed again.
The very air cracked and fell apart around, and for a moment Seren thought that this would be actually it; that she would be dead. Something was happening, and all that went through her, lancing right through her entire being white hot and raging was fear, alive and well. It had never left her, no matter how hard she'd tried to let it all go here. She had grown from a filly to mare here but now, now she was coming undone again.
She gave a short cry of alarm, and then she was there, in the land filled with red water so brilliant, Seren immediately took it for blood - but the smell did not match it. Instead, she clamped her eyes shut as hard as she could and took a long deep breath, all the while chanting for a moment to calm her fraying nerves. When she opened her eyes again, in the darker place beneath the red trees, her luminescence brought a little light, and in turn helped to calm her.
There were others here, milling and moving - what had just happened, and where were they? Confusion shone bright in her mind, and she managed to stand properly for a moment, her own light shining dull between her horns, as her silver eyes danced from one place to another. She wanted answers but she was so afraid, and she wasn't sure she wanted to know the truth.
Yet Seren looked, and saw the one horned creature standing there, watching them - a powerful being, she made no mistake in this - and in a feeble voice, Seren said aloud to him, to the others who were around her, "What just happened?" - her voice so meek, so quiet, it would be easy to miss - but she looked at her company, those around her, and then back at the brilliant crimson world around her - and wondered why fate kept on giving her strange dealings...  

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Where did it go?

Where were you? 

What happened?

What the HELL was going on?

First you had been merely wandering, your aimlessness carrying you to the Winter God's domain, a dangerous place. Food, hunger drove you here, and listlessly you had stood beside the pool, and not for the first time the temptation of fading into it's waters whispered through your mind. A release from this curse, it promised. An end to the madness, to the fear of being out of control.

Then it happened, and you were there but... not there. The world changed, scents shifting, and strange sounds reached your ears. Blind you may be, but even without sight you could sense that this place... was different.


Yet right.

Ohohoho what sweet chaos this was! Quickly you shy away from the water's edge, but the ground is different from what you know, and your mind is still reeling from the queer sensation of being elsewhere and not there, so it's of little surprise that you stumble, metal rattling as you drop to a knee with a grunt. The impact jarred your twisted body, and with a snarl you jerk back to your feet, fanged jaws snapping at the air with fervor, spittle flying as you champ your frustration.

You were no clumsy fool. You were no-

You were not this angry creature, furious over... what? A stumble?

Lips dropped back down over bared fangs, concealed ears pinning back as you shift in place. A quiet voice makes you turn your head, the undoubtedly feminine creature asking the same question you wanted to know. Well, she spared you the shame of ignorance, so you keep your silence, choosing instead to focus more upon where you were than what had happened(because in all honestly, you had not a clue, yet someone must have, and thus they would answer the girl's question and your own all without effort on your part. Hurrah.). Slowly, carefully, with as much grace as you can muster, you begin to edge away from the rest, away from this madness that would undoubtedly arouse your own.

By some miracle you make it to a small clump of trees, and behind their shield you linger, leaning against the trunks for support as you listen.

You were always good at that.


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It ended up taking hella longer than I expected. By the time I had gotten down from the frozen north, my whole ass had swollen into something blue and ugly and if it wasn’t for you laughing at me all the goddamn time about it I probably wouldn’t have been so stubborn about chasing the bitch.

But I had to. Ass or no ass, I couldn’t just let her roam this plane unchecked. It scared me more knowing she was out there somewhere where I couldn’t see her, and even though I had proven I could hurt her if I were able, that didn’t mean she wasn’t something dangerous stalking the shadows.

The plot thickened when I felt a familiar pull that I normally came to dread, but now there was another sensation that replaced it for now, a bizarre one: relief. Pa, I thought, the sensation clear in my gut, and even though all those tangled things I felt about him and his image in my head came rushing back to me, piling on top of each other one by one—I was glad that his power was still evident and that something hadn’t actually happened to him. It was a weak pull, that’s true—but the strangeness of the world was gone and Drolgatha hadn’t actually killed him, the whore.

I clenched my sore jaws over the hilt of the glowing blade in my teeth. Sparkmarrow. It was finally pulling itself together and I didn’t even have time to…I ‘unno…really look at the shit.

I walked/ran/trotted/whatever on and off for as long as I could, passing into places trying to get green, going passed a land and a herd I wasn’t really sure how to feel about anymore (a mix of regrets, nostalgia, a clash of warring loyalties—). But then something happened, and I don’t know what or why, but…

…but it felt off.

It…everything did. I can’t even say it was in the air either. It was so intangible, an invisible feeling wafting about, silent and massless and tastelss and odorless. But different, so, so different, all the way down in my bones.

Oh, this is nice, I thought sarcastically to myself as the strangeness started crowding around me—in alarming shades of red, as though everything was drenched in blood because of a fight no one wanted to stop.
It could’ve been a dangerous place—hell, it probably was. But none of that mattered cuz Pa’s essence was strengthening in my gut which only meant I was getting closer to him—and I swore I heard his voice, all angry and forceful, as though he were stuck fighting something again. I have your sword, Pa, I wanted to scream through a mouthful of badass metal, I have Sparkmarrow, I have it for you, I have it, just wait a second, just wai—

I broke through the underbrush, just in time to see a bright, blinding light wink out of existence. I was at the base of a hissing, roaring waterfall, merrily splashing everything and everyone around it with flecks of what looked like blood—and there was my Pa, all soggy and soaked in it, looking like absolute soggy shit, as though he had just got finished fighting in a war.

MMPH!! I screamed at him, not even thinking of daring to let Sparkmarrow out of my grip if it meant the battle was still on; there were others around, too, being useless and blinking and not even really realizing that a god was in their midst—weakened and bruised and bloody, which was a trip, cuz god’s aren’t supposed to bleed like that.

(Unless you’re strong enough to make ‘em.)

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The north called her once more, ice and snow her haven. Here, the unchanging landscape was her solace, a reprieve for her burdened mind. Split hooves of mousy gray carried her over ice and winter, her gait a natural dance and full of vibrancy. Blood trailed in her wake, a crimson reminder of her violent heritage and the ghosts which haunted her family’s lines, though her mother’s love shone in her single blue eye. Only one eye, though. The other was red, proving her duality. Ophelia was a gentle spy and a dangerous friend, turncoat to some and loyal to others.
Just as many herds as she lead, she left, and now she was a simple thief once more – a thief for two stallions she knew rather well. One broke her heart and the other was trying to mend the barely thawing remnants, and she pitied Torleik for trying. She wasn’t sure that he could succeed, but she hoped he would. Ophelia told him she was willing to try – promised she would, and time would tell who was right. Until then, he was at least very lovely to look at with his raven coat and thickly muscled frame.
Something ahead snapped, pulling her from her thoughts. Brows furrowed over her luminous eyes, and she watched as tension seemed to dissipate in the air. Even Tinek was surprised, and he lifted from his perch on her back to gaze into the distance. ”Something… strange,” he hummed in her head, flying straight into the unknown.
Without hesitation or question, she followed.
Between the mountains and at the foot of one she had never seen before, was a forest of red. This was not the fiery red of Orangemoon, no. This was the color of blood. Every tree was bathed in it like a murder scene, and the dim howl of a waterfall drew her further into the massacre. Ophelia stared with a narrowed gaze at the red pool, noting the color and how it looked like blood. Was it? The familiar tang of copper did not fill her nostrils, so it did not smell like blood. But, she had experienced stranger things in her relatively short life.
There, voices!
Ophelia walked into a group of strangers and her daughter with her father. Seeing the pair was shocking, and she clenched her jaw. Her last encounter with Roskuld had ended in heart ache, having told her the truth surrounding her birth. The Forsaken’s eyes turned to stone, watching with thinly veiled irritation at the God of the Spark. Part of her worried, seeing the fact that the god was bleeding (was that even possible?), and she stood quietly, unwilling to have her heart broken by greeting her child now.
Two beings. She saw two beings she did not recognize, and she watched them closely, noticing that they were different. One, a glowing mare, seemed just as confused as she felt, and her gaze returned to the Time God, giving him a rather pointed look. “Yes, what is going on?” she asked, her voice soft and gentle like chimes. 

"My name is Ophelia," she introduced to these strangers, bowing her head tightly but with respect. 

Undertow has come to take me. Guided by the blazing sun. Look at everything around us. Look at everything we've done.
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What in the hell happened? Everything was different, changing...Ripped out from beneath me and crumbling into a pile of nothing more than dust, rubble and debris. At least, that is what I last remembered. Urd...All hell had broken lose in the underground kingdom as rogues began to destroy everything they could get their hooves on, regardless of what or who it was. In a million years I never would have suspected the drastic damages that would be brought to my homeland, even as I managed to escape the devastating collapse of the earth. Yet as I spread my wings to catch onto the winds to escape the danger, I lost control.

Perhaps it was the earth trying to suck me back into the very hell hole I grew up in as punishment for all that I had done. Perhaps I was destined to be killed for all the lives that I must have endangered, the lives that I had taken despite all my best attempts to save anyone that I could. The winds greedily sucked at my wings, thrashing me off balance and causing me to spiral into an uncontrollable wind tunnel. Desperately I tucked my wings close to avoid hitting any of the flying rubble and straighten myself, but the mighty winds had other plans. Squinting against the dirt and sharp gusts, I could just barely register that the land beneath me, the depressing sinkhole that had once been Urd, was changing.


Without any warning, I had slammed into a body of water that I could have sworn was not there only seconds ago. For a moment I struggled to gather my bearings, disoriented by my fall. Or was it a pull? Once I was able to get my footing, standing chest deep like a giant wet rat in the middle of some sort of water source, my fiery gaze took in the new surroundings. There was something vaguely familiar about this land, resembling something that I believe used to be above Urd. But...Nothing was familiar, there was not a shred of memory of this new land filled with scarlet color that even my vibrant red coat could envy. The water was tainted red, and for a moment I feared that it was the blood of those that I had failed. But alas, the red colors did not just stop at the river...

I could not afford to take the time to appreciate the strange beauty of this new land, how...healthy everything looked with it's brilliant color, living plants and plentiful water. I was suddenly very aware that there were others standing all around, staring at each other in useless attempts at trying to understand what just happened. We were all surrounded by strangers, and it seemed there was not a familiar face in sight. Were they from Urd as well? Or were they from the lands above? Perhaps they were actually from this land...

Folding my slightly torn wings as close to my side as I could, I pulled myself onto the nearest shore. My thick coat hung heavily against my hide, and I whipped my tail several times to fling excess water away. Taloned hind claws clenched at the soft earth beneath me as though attempting to keep myself grounded from another terrible wind tunnel. Auds flicked towards each of the strangers, hoping to hear the whispers of someone, anyone, that had the answers I was looking for. Quietly I noted the injured stallion, some strange creature that darted away, and a mare with a fascinating glow between the horns that graced her dished crown.

Motion caught the corner of my eye, immediately I turned my crown to study the ivory and red mare that approached. Horns tilted to the side as I watched in silence, watching her question the injured stallion. Did he know something about all of this? Eyelids shifted ever so slightly, suddenly suspicious of these new equines. The mare seemed nice enough, offering her name without question. But there were still so many answers that I needed...

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The mineral my family discovered had been the worst possible thing to happen to us - or the best, if you enjoyed turning into a massive beast of red crystal. It was a notion that left a bitter taste in my mouth. An event that I never would have signed up for. But I had already taken it, unaware of just how addicting it was or how alive it was. It consumed every ounce of what made you who you are. At least, that's what it seemed like to me. I could feel it changing me before the crystals began growing through my skin - which is utter agony, by the way - but once they began popping out... Well, that was it. I couldn't let it take over. I couldn't become that. The addiction would test my resolve, no doubt, but at least I wouldn't be a mindless, hulking behemoth.

So I ran, leaving behind my monstrous family and cutting out the red mineral cold turkey. That was when I came upon the Blood Falls and that stupid, hulking asshole commonly referred to as the winter god made my day much worse. He stood before me, massive and pissed. It wasn't surprising, really. He wasn't known for being a delightful or happy presence. The icy spikes, glowing eyes, blue blood oozing from nasty sores... it was enough to make anyone's stomach churn. "Well, fuck me backwards..." I grumble, frozen to the spot. He hulks towards me, jaws open enough to show off his large and impressive teeth - though the effect is lessened by the drool stringing from his lips. I can't help but smirk as I hold back the laughter bubbling in my chest. He just might kill me but at least I can die knowing I didn't completely lose me. With his jaws mere inches from my face and his nasty breath burning my nostrils, I let out a puff of breath. "To what do I owe this -" I begin defiantly, but my words are abruptly cut off.

Everything is tense then it just... snaps.

Then the Blood Falls seems... almost renewed. There is no hiding my confusion, though I'm almost grateful that I wasn't slaughtered by the winter god...or, was I? I blink, hard, trying to bring myself out of this daze. The trees that had only moments before been bare are now covered in bright red foliage. Then my red eyes found the Falls and they were red, too. That wasn't as unusual as the previously noted change, though the most unusual was that big old blue was gone. In his place were a bunch of faces I didn't know. Three of which felt very foreign. I remain silent for the moment - red eyes watching carefully until my body betrays me.

'It's time.' Desire to consume the red mineral spreads like wildfire through my veins, making me fidget, making me sweat. The familiar pangs of pressure pound against my skull and I can't fight the strangled groan from escaping my dark lips. "Fuck." I growl, emphatic and irritated. I fight hard against the urges, figuratively forcing them down and locking them away. It's only temporary, of course, and my symptoms are only liable to get worse but I couldn't bend now. I couldn't give in before I'd really begun. One of the foreign ones, a white mare, introduces herself. "Ophelia." I taste her name on my tongue, curious before returning her gesture with a nod of my head. "I'm Crystarius." my voice is rough, a bit more strained than it usually was but for good reason. A good reason that I wasn't exactly about to reveal. Not yet.


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Why was his sister always wondering away, why only the gods knew. It was starting to get annoying, always having to hunt her down to keep her safe. Purple smoke swirled with black billowed from his muzzle as the stud's aggravation slowly rose. Even though he was aggravated his face was a black hard mask, only the swirls of black vapor showed his emotion. This was the thing about him, he was stoic well besides the damned smoke. Most people didn't know him well enough to realize what the black meant; Zelda knew. Zelda always seemed to know what was going on in his brain, sometimes before he even did. Light blue eyes gazed around the snowy land searching for the familiar purple and black frame. Snorting a massive cloud of smoke his feather horned head bobbed once trying to catch the scent of his sister.

Instead he drew in something odd, like lightning if you flew to close to a storm. Suddenly it was like he was being pulled forward even though his legs weren't moving. Black puffed from his nose as fear pounded through him. What the fuck was going on here? White flashed around blue and his ears slammed back. A voice boomed around him, 'I don't think so!' Who the fuck was that?! He wasn't sure if it was the monstrous amount of his smoke that made it hard to see or something more sinister. Suddenly the height on his chest lifted, the black vale around him dissipated reviling a strange scarlet land. "Oh shit..." His gravely voice was a choked whisper. There were others all around him, tall short, but none were plain. A quick inhale and the mask was back in place ears up eyes sharp and greedy. A soft breeze blew away the black smoke and set the beads in his mane clicking menacingly. Purple smoke seeped from his muzzle as he turned to look at a stallion that stood before them all, before he could really take him in a white and red haired mare strode forward. She greeted them like she knew him or gave a damn.

A snort tore from him as he looked around once more searching for his sister. 'Where is she? Damnit.' Turning once more to the mare he spoke his voice monotone blanketed in deep vocals, "Where are we?" He waited only long enough for an answer before turning to leave. His long purple lion tail flicked behind him followed by a tiny flutter from his leg wings. What had brought them here? Where was Zelda? Had she made it to this strange place? He didn't know, but he would find her. There was not so much as a trace of doubt floating around in his mind. He jsut had to get away from this fucking chicken shit crowd and find her.
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I paid little attention to the sea of skulls and bones that were crashing against one another as they were either throwing themselves into the abyss or being pulled into it. The crack had started like a small rift and I instinctively flew myself before it only to then find it crushing my bodice as I was then pulled towards it. There were noises coming from and every direction and I think even water came through with me as I definitely felt my tassles dripping against my pelt. Great. Even as I'm trying to save my wretched self I'm pulling the water in with me. The swine of a god who cursed me with such powers knew little of humour or else he would not have subjected me to such... humiliation.

And then it happened; it was almost like a flash of light before my pools and I was carted off from my world of rot and ruin and plunged into a new one. I did little to care what my surroundings were like except for noticing the fresh foliage. I ran towards it and threw my velveteens over the food and gulped. I had grown so thin and this was heaven. But I then noticed that many others had gotten through. None of my rogues, they were long gone. It's funny really how I had grown so fond of them - we were all so mismatched that it became a running joke. The stench of the place ran heavy among a certain few whilst the others bore a distinctly alien smell, and I then began to take notice as I balanced my skull and watched them through my pools.

I scoured the crowd: a couple of horned creatures like myself, one ivory, another a mixture of ivory and obsidian, a dapple. And then there were others, one that was striking, like a bug. I let out a small snort of humour and then regained myself, trying not to fall with the weight of my own body and the weight of what had just happened. I had no idea where I was, no idea at all. I let out a worried squeak, something along the lines of "mmmmm-aaaa" and instantly felt embarrassed. Others seemed to be taking it so well?!

And then I realised why people were so calm... The Blood Falls... This was the... Blood Falls? It had been so long since I had seen it so healthy!

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Cathun was determined to lead his new friends acquaintances to the Throat as quickly as he could. The sudden appearance of Rikyn had thrown him off balance quite a bit and he couldn't help but feel like a fifth wheel where he walked slightly ahead of the others, every now and then throwing a surly glance over his shoulder. Of course, it might have been wiser to let the others lead the way south from the Frostbreath Steppe, because the spark-spraying youth had never been up there before in his life. He had no experience with the treacherous footing or the confusing tricks distances played with your eyes. In an admirably short amount of time he managed to lead them all astray, and if he hadn't been so busy berating himself for the incredibly lame figure he was making, he might have stopped to wonder why none of the others had told him he was going the wrong way...

"But still, where in the name of stomachache are we?" he muttered as he peered down from a slight elevation in the terrain, into the most peculiar forest he had ever seen. Bright, horrifyingly clear, blistering red dyed every tree, trunk and leaf and soaked into the water of a sighing waterfall, until it looked as though it was composed of actual blood. Or... was it? But more unsettling still was the flashes of electricity he had seen, and the peculiar people that now crowded around a rather impressive, yet battle-torn figure near the bloody pool.

"Hey... I don't think we should stay here..." Cathun mumbled, throwing an eye at where his two companions had been last time he looked. "I don't like the look of it, the whole place stinks of magic."

The glowing amulet around his neck quite agreed; it had begin pulsating as soon as he come within eyesight of the scene, and now it was humming and throbbing in a way that was highly alarming. It hadn't acted like this since the first bead stopped working, and Cathun feared that the longer he lingered the higher the risk would be that a second one broke. But he hesitated - it was something about the crowd below that intrigued him, something unusual and hard to pinpoint...

He hovered indecisively on the spot, watching the goings on around the blood fall without daring to go closer.

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Wild and animated, untamed and exuberant, Erebos chattered amidst the return of his companion. His jaw was rarely closed, filling in all the holes before Rikyn stepped through, pulsating and fervent, gallivanting with lanky limbs and devilish eyes. History and stories were a sensation along his tongue, ardent and vicious, relinquishing the glories, the mythos, and the pathways they'd crossed in the bay's absence. He varnished over the triumph of their herd as they conquered the Falls and the Edge was given new leadership (though, unfortunately, he didn’t know who they were), how Ophelia had been Lady, but then disappeared and Thranduil and the pink mare had come to stand at his father’s side, and back even further, to where he’d found a gilded body murdered in the snow (Arwen). The growing prince, good-naturedly not getting upset at Rikyn suddenly towering over him, brushed against the other’s shoulder, and was just about to wax poetical on darling Orsino, when their tour guide ceased movement.
The beast’s attention had been elsewhere, and as his eyes wandered, piecing together the strangest of scenery, the spark of curiosity brightened, incensed, ran rampant across his skull, motivated and ignited by their wrong turn. He whispered, “Wow,” jaw slackened and loosened, proceeding cautiously, slowly, until he was beside the ember boy, peering along the elevation. The glade below was eerie, uncanny, bulging with red, like indignant blood rampaging through vines and veins, canopies and boughs, sinking and slinking in a deadly march. Even the flowing falls were a captivating sight, billowing with a haunting, alluring sense of madness, running a river of ichor, of lifeforce, and Orsino gaped at his heels, muttering across their bond. Whose blood? Erebos repressed a shudder. He’d never experienced such a sight – as if war had gleamed and prospered and all the bodies had been lost in the crimson disaster – and he turned towards Rikyn, wondering all the more. “Have you been here before?”
But his eyes couldn’t stay away for long. They were snatched back by action, by motion, energy and electricity, individuals swarming around a figure and a pool of scarlet – so many strange creatures! They were bright and vivid, tall and misshapen, bestial and savage, glittering and glimmering. He had so many questions, so many queries, brewing and bubbling through his mind, and the touch, the rim, the fringe of magic heightening their surroundings was just enough push to permit him to dangle his nose over their chosen hill, to stare and smirk. Where were they from? Why hadn’t he ever seen them before? What was this place? Did they all live here? The infidel ignored Cathun’s warning, because there were enchantments and glory and enigmas about, and the mischief, the devilry, swarming through his veins was impossible to contain. “I think we should get closer…” He winked at Rikyn, expecting him to join in the sport. 

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Life was filled with disappointment, confusion and surprise for Aldoran. One moment he had not known or seen anything and the next he was born into the harsh reality of the rift. One moment he felt the soft, loving caress of his mother and the next he was soaked in her blood, oozing from everywhere in her body. One moment he had had a father, a strong figure and the next he had no one.
Not one minute ago the horned stallion had been standing before the Winter God, his God. Only this was not the same God he had worshipped and devoted his life to. No this God was angry, cruel and utterly contradictory to all that Aldoran had been taught. He drew his lip up at the thought, ready to oppose this corrupted deity. Only suddenly he felt a tug like he was being pulled backward. He let out an alarmed grunt as he felt his hooves slip beneath him as though they could not grip the treacherous ice. He struggled frantically only his golden hooves didn't seem to touch anything or at least anything solid. The escaped grunt shifted into a whinny as the blue roan stallion felt his entire body being dragged backwards and then pitched down as though he were falling through thin air.

Aldoran's large body hit water with a bone jolting crash and he took a dazed moment before righting himself. His vision seemed to go red, as though in a haze of anger and the very water seemed to be blood seeping into every crevice of his coat and jewellery. It was honestly like being born again, the pools of his mother's blood as she lay dying from the wounds his little baby horns inflicted during birth. Sadness welled up inside Aldoran and his head hung low. Only when he finished reliving the horrors of his birth did he then realise that there were others around him. A quiet voice asked what had just happened and another, louder, introduced themselves as Ophelia. Then the stallion realised that it was not in fact his vision that was red but the area that all the equines were in. He shook himself mentally to pull his mind out of the nostalgic state it had entered and pushed his way gently into the throng of confused horses. Right now the most important thing should be to make sure that everyone here was ok.

"Is there anyone hurt?!"He called out, his deep voice loud and strong to catch everyone's attention.

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What if this whole crusade's a charade
And behind it all there's a price to be paid

The annoying tug at my brain (which has followed me all the way from home) fades almost out of my awareness as I walk alongside my long lost friend, hearing his tales (spoken in a voice that is rich and deep, aged, as my own, and I find that I rather enjoy the notion that we are now men) with a blend of emotion that I have come to expect from reunions.

He speaks of war, and I feel a twinge of jealousy in my heart that I was not there to witness the army’s victorious return home, or to perhaps have slipped away alongside Erebos and Aithniel, as we had done so many times, to watch the warriors weave among the enemy, their rapiers red with blood.

He tells of the leadership of the land, which I listen to with nominal interest, knowing Thranduil and Hotaru both from my time alongside my dam while she gabbed and flitted about the Basin like a gold laced butterfly. I like the idea of the pretty, rosy mare being our Lady, and what I remember of Thranduil is pleasant enough, albeit less pleasant than thinking of Hotaru’s grace.

And then, he tells me of Arwen, his words answering some of the inquiries that had flooded my mind as I wandered; where were the twins? I had stupidly thought, the pretty, snowy angels who had been there, alongside the lake that day, their little ivory bodies laced in gold and their laughter sweet. Erebos and I had both looked at the girls with enough interest to make Aithniel seethe and fluff her wings.

It hurts to think of beautiful Arwen as dead, that she was murdered makes my stomach clench in tight anger. It feels like someone has pressed a needle into my lungs and that they can’t breathe air right anymore, a single golden eye glancing over to Erebos in communal sorrow, in wonder of how deeply his heart ached if they had truly grown as close as he says.

He seems to gather my thoughts, a good friend, his shoulder brushing against mine in a silent support. A resolve fills me in the embrace, one which reaches down through to my toes: we will avenge her. Perhaps Erebos already plots as much.

It isn’t until Cathun stopped and muttered something from a slight rise in the earth that I am popped out of the sound of Erebos’ stories and propelled into the reality that we are very lost.

I don’t get lost in Helovia, and might have been mad at Cathun (shouted at him, even), if I wasn’t so absorbed in the strangeness of what lay before me; a crimson wood, its heart a thrumming red river that thundered down into a bloody pool. I taste the air with my muzzle, finding the crisp smell of water, a distinct lack of the metallic stench of blood disturbing as much as it is a relief.

Why is the water red?

”Wow,” says Erebos, and I agree; it is so dark and mysterious in there, so delightfully inviting, and while I feel an equal sense of foreboding rise in me (it was not here when I passed through some weeks ago… it reeks of magic, of strangeness), I can’t help but lean over the rise we stand on to peer more closely at the gathering of people around the red water, the backward tilt of my ears the only sign that I feel any discomfort over this situation at all.

I think of the pull at my thoughts, and ponder the horizon as we walked, compare it to the memories of my youth.

”Have you been here before?” he asks as he turns towards me, his eyes all alive with excitement. I shake my head slowly to the right and left, repeat the motion.

"No," I answer, letting my eyes narrow as I think of the plain wood that had been here before, my words swallowed up by Cathun’s more fearful, warning filled ones…

I don’t think it was here before.

The thought makes me shudder; validity is given to the worry that has snuck up on me throughout the morning and afternoon.

Erebos, of course, ignores what Cathun thinks, feeling much of what I do and expressing as much with his roguish wink – it’s the only way to really get to the bottom of it, to explain why a strange (albeit pretty damn amazing) place has just sprung up right where I walked some weeks before. I take a few steps forward, despite the nagging voice in my head that says this is against better judgment.

"Cathun is right. It wasn't here last week, 'least not that I saw," I muse out loud, my tail curling pensively behind me as I look back to the two young men with deviously glinting eyes, already walking down because I’m sure Erebos will come with me, even if Cathun decides to puss out and wait up here, "but it doesn’t look dangerous either."
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I'm like a prayer you whisper from your window to the world

Grown up talk was boring. After stashing this piece of knowledge safely away the filly hung around her parents, quiet and unassuming, until nobody was looking at her anymore. Then she quietly slipped off, eager to explore the vastness of the world without any worrying parents to hover over her. The looming mountains and watchful sentinels frightened her, so she steered her path away from the hidden vale with its steaming basins and cold-eyed people.

Instead she headed into the vastness of the open plain. The wind was growing warmer by the day now but snow still lay thick and white, glittering beneath the light of the sun until her one functioning eye stung and watered. It was cold, but no more than she was; small, frail and inexperienced though she was, the girl was far better equipped to be out on her own than many others.

Still. It was further to walk than she had anticipated, and soon her feet were aching quite as much as the growling tummy. She had never been hungry before. It was an altogether undesirable condition, and she had already decided to turn back to mother and the boredom when something in the distance caught her eye.

It was like a crust of snow crumbling, but not quite. Slightly more like a milk bubble bursting on her lips, but bigger and far more impressive. And it sorta wasn't just there but everywhere, but it was like it had started there over where the mountain suddenly turned red, and the filly didn't know if she saw it or felt it, but it was so impressive that her legs carried her over in a hurry. It took a while; she was not a fast runner, and she had this persistent cough that made her short of breath and caused her ribs to ache and stab after a while, but stubbornness and wild curiosity pushed her onwards, even though hunger gnawed on her insides and mommy was very very far away now.

Not until she was very close to the red-colored mountain did she slow down. With heaving sides and sweat freezing to ice in her woolly coat the young girl stared in awe at the forest, intrigued and concerned and scared, but mostly impressed. It was really very red, the very same red that had been dripping from mother all the way across the snowy plains. It was in the looming trees, in the rushing water, in the very air it seemed. Every muscle in the tiny body ached and protested as she stepped in beneath the heavy canopy, her breath was short and had a horrible whining to it. But she bit back her tears, determined to be brave.

Against the bleeding backdrop of darkness her frosty white coat appeared to almost glow. The snow disappeared around her feet, replaced by moss and barren earth and the kind of sickly vegetation that can thrive even without sunlight; she wondered whether snow had ever fallen on the pathless ground, a trailing side thought that disappeared from her mind even as she stepped out, fairy-like and innocent, into the clearing where the others were.

There she stopped and curled the long tail around a leg, wide eyed as she took in the scene. A stallion near the pool of the rushing waterfall looked injured and tired and rather wet. Her eyes went directly to him because out of all the others, among all the vibrant coats, the strange glitter and swirl and glow his monochrome figure and lightning shaped horn was by far the most imposing. A similarly colored figure, smaller and rounder and younger looking was hurrying over with something in her mouth, and she too was different from the rest. The confusion lay as thick as the acrid taste of electrical discharge in the air, but the two of them alone seemed relatively calm. Like they knew what was happening, and could answer questions.

Erthë started forward again, timidly weaving her way around this person and that, passed two approaching young colts who looked like they were having fun, until she came up close to the black-and-white ones.

"Are you okay?"

She spoke the words confidently and rather more eloquently than her age called for. They were the ones she knew best, because Mother and Father and Badger had asked her that many many times on the long journey, and she had heard father ask mother the question too - and the big injured one looked like he really needed to be asked that, so she put extra effort into it. Momma would have praised her if she'd heard it, Erthë was sure of it.

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"Blood everywhere."

What fitting first words from a dragon whose very name means bleeding! Volterra jerks his head up from his grazing, astonished at the words in his head. He is used to his companion communicating soley in images, emotions and urges, so to have an actual deep, throaty voice resounding in his head is queer, to say the least. The giant's lips twitch into a feral smirk. Ah, his dragon is growing! Care to elaborate? he questions the red, but Vérzés' newfound ability to speak is not quite that advanced, and he cannot find the words. Instead he sends the leviathan an image of a crimson waterfall and eternally red trees, eerie and ominous. Vérzés had flown ahead at the sound of the commotion in the distance, and is only too happy to report back to his bonded about his findings.

The black monolith throws himself into a heavy canter, following his dragon's mental urgings. Forwards he goes, his pounding hooves like a rhythm of a war drum, his nostrils snorting brisk spring air out of them, his ears slicked back by the momentum of his movements. The trees part and there - there it is. Volterra has never seen anything like it. He is quite sure this wasn't here before, and his handsome features crease into a puzzled frown. Vérzés chirps a greeting and lands heavily on the colt's back, claws digging into tight flesh and thick muscle as he gives the beast's mane an affectionate tug. "Have words now," purrs the dragon, and Volterra chuckles. The blood-dragon sounds like a foal speaking for the first time, all stuttery and confused, but it's a start. Perfection takes time, something the yearling learnt many moons ago.

Arrayed around the crimson waterfall are creatures of all shapes and sizes, with markings the likes of which Volterra has never seen. One has crystals - crystals - erupting from his flesh, another is drenched in purple and black, yet another is coated in thick armour. Helovia has its quirky characters but nothing quite like this. The creatures are alien, and reek of unfamiliarity.

The young stallion arches his powerful neck and steps forward, noting the confusion emenating from most of the strangers. There's some familiar faces too - he sees Ophelia and her silver, and jealousy spikes through Vérzés at the covetous looks his bonded gives the royal. But most of the horses are unfamiliar, and the giant clears his throat. "I am Volterra," he rumbles in his thick, testosterone-fuelled baritone. "This is Helovia.  What is this place? Why is it so red?" His tail swings against his colossal flanks and he wanders closer to the pond below the falls, whilst the din of the cascade rings in his ears. How can water be red? Is it a trick of his mind, or has some great beast died and spilled its jugular into the water's source?

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Hours earlier. 

Tension hummed in the air like a string wound too tight and plucked with unrelenting torture. She could feel it in her bones, and it resonated with the fury in her soul. Months had passed. She lived for her father's rule, to condemn those who did wrong. However, she still had work to do and things to learn. Aithniel was still very young in both mind and body, her fragile bones taking considerable time to grow. She sparred. She lost. She won. She learned. Gaucho was her idol, in many ways. He did not tolerate stupidity, and he was strong. He was everything she wanted to be and everything she could never be at the same time. 

Somehow, she would find a way to get that power. One day, she would learn how to fix the ache in her chest. The truth that she had been abandoned and unwanted was a scar she carried with her every day, a wound that drove her though she knew she was going nowhere. Whatever being had birthed her was not her mother, but she had a feeling that Tandavi knew something more... 

Regardless, she explored the north, missing her brother, though she had resigned herself to the fact that she would never see him again. After she and the other demi-children had helped that dragon creature, she had stayed in the snow, exploring the north and realizing that there was something more to the east. That was when something snapped, and she flew over to explore, finding the God of Time, Roskuld, and then strangers. 

Aithniel landed, ash falling from her wings, and she narrowed her stony, silver eyes at the crowd. 

That was when she saw him

She was so angry. So upset. SO happy. 

That she was frozen still, staring and heartbroken - again. 


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There is something strange going on. Tension ripples through the mare's muscles, her head held high and horn pointed like a funeral pyre to the sky; something isn't right. Her fur stands on end, and her nostrils are wide to drag in great draughts of cool spring air. Beside her, Dominus feels the tension as she does; his mane stands on end, his hackles erected and his claws forced from their sheaths. She leans down to touch her nose to him, a small crumb of comfort against the strange.

But, you only live once, and Nyx is not the sort to shy away from exploration. With great trepidation, the silver soldier moves forwards, her tail lifted high and billowing over her thighs, her neck arched and tight. She trots, but it isn't her usual free-flowing stride - it is anxious and high-stepped, frisky and nervous. Suddenly the trees are red - suddenly everything is red - and the ironheart beholds a crimson waterfall that pours into an equally crimson pool. All around, in the pool and out, are horses the likes of which she has never seen. She has lived in the wilderness outside Helovia, where designs range from conservative like herself to elaborate like displaying birds, but she has never seen anything like this. Some of the creatures dotted around are, quite simply, far too bizarre to have any right to be alive.

Her lion bristles beside her, growling slightly at all the new faces. The silver vaguely recognises some of the gathered horses, but the vast majority are new - both to her and, it seems, everybody else. She stands, looking from crystal-dotted weirdos to multicoloured monstrosities, and another wry snort escapes her flared nose. What in the name of Cinnoru is this shit? For the most part, the strange creatures seem just as surprised to be here as Nyx is to see them here, and her icy gaze travels to a sexy beast of a man who emenates electricity. The storm queen loves electricity, and she is hardpressed not to drool - little does she know that her lecherous gaze is fixated on nothing less than a God.

Not knowing quite what to do, the mare hangs back, content to let others speak up. After all, the only sentence she would be able to come out with would start with 'what' and would end with 'the fuck are you', so it is best for everybody if she just stays quiet. ""

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I am not the resident expert on Helovia; there's still many lands I have not explored, even in my shameless eternal search for food. I barely know my way around the place, let alone the hidden nooks and crannies that only longtime residents could possibly find. So a new land appearing is far from life-changing for me, because as far as I'm concerned, it could have been here all along. Still, it might have new food that I haven't yet sampled, so it's best all around that I go and investigate.

My paces are a bit faster now that I've lost some weight, and the spring air has invigorated me. I break into a hearty trot, practicing all the long, flowing strides that the humans had me do, on repeat, for hours. My mane and tail are long and tangled, and coupled with my weight loss, I could easily pass for a born-and-bred wild horse...except for the tattered leather halter on my face, which has endured the elements without a fuss. It shows its wear though, and I fear it will soon disintegrate. It is my only memory of a time I loved and hated in equal measure, and I would be loathe to lose it. It marks me as different, as outcast, telling of the fact that I had not been born out here in the wilderness...if the fact I'm not a ball-swinging stallion doesn't give it away, of course.

The trees begin to turn red, and I find myself dribbling a bit. Perhaps they're a new flavour of tree. It is, perhaps, too optimistic of me to think they may be sugar-flavoured trees, of course, but anything that doesn't taste purely like tree would be a welcome change. I continue to trot forwards, given a second wind by the sight of something edible, but I'm soon distracted from the foliage by a waterfall. No waterfall like I've ever seen before, though. This one is blood-red, and I find myself gawping.

And oh, spirits, the horses. I have never seen such a vast array of freaks in my life, and I've lived with humans! I slow to a walk, swinging my head side to side to take it all in. I feel suddenly faint at the sight of creatures with markings that are even more elaborate than your common-or-garden Helovian, and I wonder where these newbies have come from. On the plus side, though, I'm no longer the weirdest beastie in Helovia! I stand where I am, my hunger forgotten, oggling the newcomers with awe and shock in my eye. ""

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Ophyreia was quite enamored with her first interactions in this new world of Helovia. Ophelia and Jahzara of the World's Edge had welcomed her kindly into their home, while Ilios of Dragon's Throat had given her a dash of amusement. Upon the group's departure from the Threshold, the earthen mare had been given the option to follow Jahzara back to her new home in the misty forests, or to take a detour with Phi and discover more of what Helovia had in store for her.

Little did she know it would be so... chaotic.

As they neared the highly unusual landscape, the grulla woman's pace slowed, letting Ophelia traverse ahead of her and fully into the turmoil of so many bodies. Ophyreia, on the other hand, paused on the outskirts, her wide carmine eyes observing all that was unfolding. The waterfalls were so red, and thick... exactly like blood. There was a rather imposing stallion near the sanguine waters, his body bleeding the same liquid that the cascades were made of. And there were at least a dozen other beings whose confusion completely saturated the air. She heard multiple different distressed calls... "What happened?" "What's going on?" "Where are we?" "Have you been here before?" Curses, even. More concerned voices were asking others if they were okay, if anyone were hurt.

This couldn't be normal. 

With a large huff, she forged forward, her large yet distinctly feminine body weaving through the lawlessness, and eventually making a beeline for the only body she did recognize in this new and rather bewildering realm. "Ophelia... this is your Helovia?" her voice was soft, incredulous, probing, confused. "They all look as lost as I am!" That couldn't be right, could it? Maybe they, too, had fallen into an unexpected trap of magic.

What an exciting introduction to Helovia.

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Life with mortals seemed pointless. They had known much about them before arriving, but living under their skin was a different tale all together. They were still adjusting, from being an all powerful angelic creature made purely of energy to being tied to a mortal vessel. The original soul that inhabited this body has long since given up the fight for control, spirit ejected as the angel took hold. The divine being still could not manage with the basic necessities of living within a body that had needs. Sleeping, eating and drinking were things rarely done, and relieving oneself was absolute nonsense to this angel. This lead to scenarios where warm dribble would slip down the leg unexpectedly, pooling at the hooves in all of its soft golden glory. Contractions and pinching within the abdomen made for uncomfortable nights, dry throats lead to rasping breathes and parched tongues. Sleep was inescapable after being wide awake for hours on end, yet this immortal being neglected all of these needs to observe the weak and naive mortals with a fearsome gaze. Their blank expression proved to be a fearsome sight as they stood, gazing down upon the gathering beings. Little did they know they were within the presence of such a holy being, garnished in the water that tumbled down over hidden treasures.

Keen, half-lidded eyes swept over the few that had arrived. Few were recognized as the mortals this holy being has followed through the tear in their plane, eyes adjusting to the sight of them in a different light. They were beneath darker skies now, the view of the open expanse blocked by crimson leaves, stretching out like delicate fingers on gnarled branches. The pure blade glinted in what little light it could catch, emerald eyes swooping down to snatch up whatever it could survey. It was no surprise when the dreary landscape the angel had known before burst into a more lively, macabre land that was littered with unfamiliar faces. The righteous being turned its gaze to the new god, boiling with a strange sense of disgust as it gazed down upon him and the mortals that so foolishly gathered together. Such easy targets for predatory animals or natural disasters. 

With open wings, the holy existence gave a trill as it descended into the crowd with an upturned muzzle.  It lands, soft, quiet. Short wings collapse against slow rising sides, piercing green darting around to find something of interest. A snowy maiden introduces herself. Ophelia, she declares. The angel gives a disinterested blink, staring at the crowned woman while others flocked to her as if she was a god. A bulkier equine speaks, Volterra. The name pleases the divine, their body angling towards the midnight boy with curious eyes set on his wide form. Ambling forward more, the holy beast gives an abrupt nod, straightening. "Child," they begin, gazing upon the youth with a softer look. "What is Helovia? Who are the reigning gods here?" The being stares, wide eyed at the child, leaning in to make out the details of his features. Such red eyes were interesting to this angel, another question stumbling from their dark lips. "Do you work with the darkness?" A victim of darkness was sacrificed against their supreme's orders, leaving the outcast angel to be thrown from heaven for their unruly and rebellious behaviour.
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