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Ampere finished off her patrol by seeking our the heads of each rank class in the herd. She wasn't as familiar with them as she was her warriors, so she relied on the knowledge of her bone dagger, Feusohm, to point her in the right direction. When she found them she cast out a spark animal and a whistle, settling in for a quick chat. "Meet at the Dragon's Blood tree in the time of no shadows," she murmured to each of them before moving on, having them save any questions or reports for the gathering.

Trailing a spark snake at her hooves, Ampere raced through the sands to the tree, stretching her muscles and her mind as she went. This would be her first time gathering the heads as Chancellor, and though she wasn't afraid, she was uncertain of what to expect. With her warriors, she knew she could count on them, and trusted that their thoughts were often on the same path. Obedience, though not a direct requirement of the role (just look at herself), was frequently found in warriors, and it made them easier to talk to. These ranks however, were far out of Ampere's knowledge base and experience, putting her out of her comfort zone in a way she hadn't remembered asking for.

Much like the assignments she gave her spears however, she would take this challenge in stride too.

While waiting for each of them to arrive, Ampere nodded, greeting them all with a name in an attempt to pair it with their face for next time. All she already knew better than she realized, but still not enough - words of Cera's the haunted her still, and to him she gave a smile for that. "Welcome everyone. I've gathered you to discuss the happenings of the rank and assistants that you all oversee. Too long have we worked independently of each other in the sand, but I mean to stop the divisions that appear between our roles and unify us as the family we truly are." Ampere truly believed in the things she said, and she held them dearly as her own blood, one squeezed out of sand and sweat.

"Cera," she addressed brightly, warmly. "Thank you for all your recent efforts with building." Here she nodded towards Bucephalus as well, who had recently been a crafter. "Is there anything you still need help completing? What do you suggest we start working on next?"

Letting her questions sink in, her gaze turned to Maren, who's church she knew was something yet to be built. "Maren," she bowed her head respectfully, appreciating the mare's wisdom. "Have you been able to discern the vision showed to you in the flames? Have you made any stronger contact with the Sun God lately?"

Ampere flicked her tail, glancing next at the healer. "Sikeax," she bobbed her head in greeting. "This Frostfall is harsher than most, how are our herb supplies - do you need help trying to find more? Has anyone come up sick with this weather and scarce food?" She doubted there'd be many herbs to find, but better they found them if needed than anyone else.

Finally Ampere turned to Bucephalus, whom she'd saved for last on purpose. He was a perplexing stallion to say the least, and although his recent rank changes amused her if only because it showed his carefree nature, his most recent choice did not. It was an arduous position, and though she felt him capable (surely Gaucho and Megaera had), she was wary of him holding that of all titles given what had happened. "Buce," she greeted with familiarity, their relationship longer than the rest here, if the most rocky. "Whats news have you of recent happenings? We've had some recent stealth attempts, do we need to increase patrols with the warriors?"

Here Ampere turned to regard them all, serving as their Chancellor, and their Gladiator. "Speaking of which, our warriors are doing well, but the season makes it difficult. I've tasked them with getting accustomed to this element and its disadvantages by fighting out in the ice and snow that exists beyond our comfortable desert. I also encouraged them to attend the festival the Falls is holding, and I hope you'll pass that message along to all of your ranks as well. A good show of force, even among friends, always serves us well."


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She came to him, innocent and evanescent in her parting words, unaware of the change that had made a landslide inside of the young Forger. His eyes fell upon her like heavy emerald stones, words creasing into his brain, implanted and understood intellectually but hardly meaningful in the wake of his own loss of direction. So he had murmured an acknowledgement, something to have her flitting about on her way to sniff out the others of the sands. Purpose. Ilaria cried mournfully into the dusk at the word that resonated inside his head - one she had begun to hate.

Night fell in cruel facsimile of order, but all it reminded Cera of was the night not long ago when Ranjiri had dealt the last crippling blow to his weakened resolve. The deaths of those he'd loved, the murder of Hototo. His momentary loss of faith in the Gods and what they stood for. It had been reclaimed over time, for the Golden was too righteous and pious a son to cast them away for long. He only hoped to atone for his mistake, that his Lord would welcome him back to his golden fold when the time came.

Ilaria was perched on his right shoulder, where normally she would have avoided being anywhere near Ampere for Cera's sake. The Prince had lost all care for such things, when Ilaria was one of the few individuals keeping him from total destruction. If Ampere found fault in his work as a Forger, then she could take that up with him. His bonding, his soul? Whether she liked it or not, that was not her territory to invade, and he'd not stand about and listen to her preach on something she'd never understand until her own soul was twined. Though with how fond he'd grown of the blue of late, the Prince prayed that she'd be more understanding. That this business would not be influenced beneath the silver moon.

Her smile was the first break in his facade, stony and metallic in reminder of what materials he worked with. She was one of the few who had found her way into his heart before the world had shown him how useless that was, and he'd not forsake her when already she was so dear to him. So lips lifted into something shy, something a little broken and tentative but shining with filaments of gold and gentle rays of sunshine. When his name was the first off her lips, he stood straighter, attentive. Eyes warm for her but lips falling into a thin line of seriousness, gravitating towards the goal she'd placed before him. No weakness. She may see, but they cannot. Ilaria merely sighed in return inside his head.

"It's my pleasure," he assured quietly, one ear trained on the bold woman and the other flickering towards the group of the others. "The Well that was started needs to be completed. I have already made the well itself, but it is currently covered to prevent earth from entering it. It needs to have metal above ground, a bucket to hoist the water free, ropes...currently I am working on an irrigation system, if another could complete this project for me, that would be helpful." Turning to regard the others, angelic wings swept low to grace the sands. Contemplative. What else had Gaucho asked of him? "Armor is still in the works. If you have no magic to craft, help for the irrigation system would benefit me endlessly. It's vital that we finish this before Tallsun, for though the well is another source of water aside the Oasis, it is still an isolated spot." Well, Ampere had asked him what was of most importance to finish, at least.

News moved on from him and Cera listened quietly throughout it, attentive but silent. Completely still. Motionless. Soaking in the information he'd missed out on due to his rank. When things came to a close, Cera's heart jumped dangerously into his throat, shoving words straight out before he could stop and think to make them perfect. "I volunteer to spar any warrior who is in need," he rumbled, neck arching in subtle desperation, eyes roving to find Ampere's in the darkness of the shadows. Please. Please, Ampere. She could not simply reject him, could she?

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There were times that Gaucho wanted to slip away - to walk into the fire of the Diviner, placed their by his beloved Sun God - and be swallowed by the flames that only lingered on his body. To be consumed, burnt to ash, and thrown into the sky would be a blissful release. For so long Gaucho had endured the ardor of his station and bore it with determination and diligence. But every so often ...

The sound of a voice pulled the Wildfire out of his morbid day-dream, and, fittingly it was the one he had recently placed into unconsciousness. Ampere. For him, it would always be her. She would be there to push him to the brink of death, and to pull him back when he got too close. And although her summons were not directed to him, he lazily followed anyways.

Keeping himself at a distance, he watched the flurry of her hardened body pour over the sands, calling to those who led each of their ranks. He was filled with a pride that did not emanate from his poisonous love for her, but because of their kindred love for their herd. Often he had thought Ampere might abandon them - to embrace the wind as she seemed want to do. Yet here she was, fulfilling her position as Chancellor with an electric zeal.

Landing on a blood-red dune, downwind from the assembled group so that the soft breeze could waft their words towards him, Gaucho landed. He folded his flaming wings against his sides, but made no attempt to hide his presence. It would be futile to try and diminish himself against the barren landscape. Still, his position was casual. It was not his intent or mission to spy on Ampere or judge her progress or proceedings. He was merely here to watch his herd flourish.

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