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[OPEN] Candy canes and pony manes [DT WARRIORS]

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Ampere had gone around, poking each of her warriors with a whistle as she wrapped up her patrol; Feusohm had helped guide her when someone was particularly difficult to locate. "We meet at next dawn, at the blood tree," she informed each of them before moving on, having them save any questions or reports for the new day if they sat on their tongues.

Ampere met the dawn with raised wings and bright eyes shining blue as she stood beneath the desert wrought tree. It was half way through the season, and there were undoubtedly settled in one of the hardest winters she had yet known. "Morning brothers and sisters of spear and shield," she greeted casually once most had gathered. She nodded to each in turn, a small smile playing on her lips. Despite the hard season and the rugged work of their jobs, she was proud of them, and she had faith in them. She was lucky.

"Any reports? How went you assignments last season?" She paused, letting them speak up. "Tricks are difficult to pull off, but then can help where our strength wanes." It hadn't helped her, not enough anyway, when she faced Gaucho, but she also knew she'd been fighting more than a behemoth of the battlefield. She was curious if any of them would speak up about that event, most had been silent, which Ampere was more than content with. Still, most had been there, and unfortunately Confutatis was still here, but Ampere wasn't going to initiate that conversation if she could help it.

"We are lucky here in the desert this time of year. the Sun God's warmth maintains us better than most... and for that reason we must test ourselves. Go beyond our borders before the snow melt, and fight someone in the snow or the ice, for that is how most of the world looks and we must be prepared." Even with heat though, winter was not easy. The desert had always had ill favored grazing in her opinion, but the mainland was certainly decay and frost at this point. Her own muscles had thinned, and her coat had dulled because of it. Still, they could push on.

"Also, be sure to visit the Falls in a couple days. They're having festivities, and competitions. We'd do well to remind our allies of our talents by entering," and winning, she thought with a smirk.


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