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Winter truly has it's claws into Helovia now and today is bitter and harsh. There seemed to be little respite from the harsh weather and a few come to the caves looking for shelter from the biting winds and temperature.

So come. Come in and see what wonders you can find buried beneath the surface of Helovia.

A chilling breeze travels through the caves, it does not send shivers down your spine because it is cold; no it is because of the haunted voice that whispers to you, carried through the wind. It speaks to your soul - to your dark desires.

Come. Come to me.

If you follow the voice eventually you will come upon a part of the caves that is unexplored. You have three choices: left, right or straight. Which one is the strange voice calling you from? Guess and we will see who is right.

This is a dark x wind magic drop.
Please post your wishlist and all relevant prior refusals.

You have 72 hours to respond.

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Like ships in the night

I lost. Of course I did - I can't help the bitterness that rises in my throat. To have stood before an egg once again, the opportunity of having a companion by my side just a wings-length away, and to lose it. To some child. I know I am hardly more than a child myself, and yet I can't but help to feel superior. I have tried haven't I? Haven't I always done my best? Haven't I always--

come. come to me--


I stop, ears forward listening hard. Though even as I strain to catch the sound once again, I know it is futile - the sound didn't come from anywhere outside. It came from inside of me. Tentatively I move forward - towards the glacial caves. I haven't ever been here before, but I am drawn inexplicably across the distance. Swallowing hard, I see before me that I have a choice to make. I continue to strain to hear the voice, hoping that it will decide for me - that it will tell me which path to follow - but no instructions come. I think of the bird-lady and her hall of mazes. Will I find her at the end of this mess? Will she be there, once again mocking me?

Hesitantly I move towards the right side, my ever-glowing wings shuffling from my sides to help and light the way. Firelight bounces off the glistening walls of the caves as I move forward and farther in. The resonant sound of my hooves is suddenly deafening, perhaps because I am listening so hard, or perhaps because it reminds me of how alone I am. But still I go forward - at this point, what have I to lose?

One prior refusal


:: [Magic: FirexWind | Able to beat his wings and throw hot embers and ash. The ash has the potential to cause blurred vision, or difficulty breathing if inhaled.]

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Crunch, crunch goes the snow beneath the colossal colt's hooves, his thick muscles inadvertantly quivering with the force of the frigid wind. His fur is thick and warm, but the chill still bites right down to his bones and sends electric needles through his skin.

His dragon has no such misgivings about the cold weather, however. Since discovering his frost breath, the red has been tirelessly filling the air with icy blasts that rival the winter chill. He dives into snow-piles and freezes them into solid ice with a single torrent from his open jaws, and turns his prey into statues with carefully-angled blasts of breath. Volterra's initial disappointment that his dragon can't breathe fire has been replaced with delight about the power of his bonded's ability, and he forcefully encourages the ruby beast to explore his new strength.

He comes to the caves for any hint of warmth, Vérzés soaring above him and sending frost spewing from his nostrils. A sudden draw fixes itself in the giant's bones and his massive head flips high to follow it; three paths, each leading to something. Every dark iota of greed in his wicked heart is tugged at by this desire, and with a rumble of pleasure the colt stomps further forwards. The cold is unnatural now, but he embraces it, because something divine lies down one of these paths.

He scans all three of them in turn. Which one? His tail swishes against his hocks, and his dragon gives a small growl at his bonded's soup of emotions. Finally the titan settles for simply guessing, letting his legs draw him towards the right-hand path, dragged by his own avaricious curiosity. ""

Volterra takes the RIGHT path.


[ Magic: Earth x Wind | Ability to uproot and throw small trees. ]

No prior refusals.

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I'll fight to survive through this thunderous life
without you by my side

Mesec hadn’t made it very far out of the Throat when the wind had him regretting the excursion. Flight was almost impossible so he had taken to the ground, folding his wings carefully to shelter the young Lucius from the biting winds. He did not think that it would be so cold so close to the Heart! They would have been better waiting for another day but now they were too far out, he knew the caves were closer and he made toward them and the shelter that they would provide.

But there was little shelter down there. The wind seemed to be tunneling through the caves - not as harsh as it had been on the surface but it had not dissipated. He quickly found out that this was no ordinary wind. For no sooner had he clamoured down the slope that led down into the Sanctuary, there was a voice. It was just as chilling as the breeze, beckoning him. Beckoning them - silver eyes looking toward the direction of the voice spied others that had been called to it as well. He wondered if it was another agent of his mother but he did not think it was exclusive to him this time - the voice did not speak into his mind but on the wind. There were others, had they heard it as well? More would be sure to follow. These sort of phenomena always drew out Helovians.

Hesitantly, he followed the call of the wind, Lucius chirping encouraging from his hiding spot, until he arrived at a fork in the path. Unsure about where the others had gone, even more unsure about where the right echos were coming from, Mesec followed his gut and made a decision.

Mesec chooses: left

Seeking the following magic for Mesec:
:: [Dark | in times of emotional distress, unwillingly transforms into a warg-like shadow beast. Beast and horse mind have a wall between them and he will not remember what happens in one form while he is the other. This can be changed with practice.]


no prior refusals but I’d like to use 2 x extra VOTG roll from my prize list
and I believe he gets an extra roll for DT being herd champs?

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The gelding hates winter. Not that he's the biggest fan of summer either, but as it's currently winter he finds that far more annoying. He shivers constantly, and is grateful for his considerable stores of fat that give him at least some insulation. At least the Throat is fairly warm all the time - every cloud. When he ventures outside the Throat, the sheer depth of this particular winter hits him. Hock-deep snow, freezing storms that chill him to the bone, having to dig for five minutes to uncover some grass...oh, for a warm stable and everything delivered to him on a plate!

He comes to the cave for shelter, and it's here that he feels The Pull again. Yes, it gets capitals for emphasis, because it's not just a pull, it's a Pull. The same Pull he felt when the little white egg got given to that horned stallion, and he ended up fighting fake snakes alongside fake deer. Eagerness fills him, a hunger for the companionship he'd almost gained but hadn't been quite good enough for. Little does he know this Pull is not for the companionship he craves.

So he scurries along as fast as his stumpy legs will carry him, his hooves thudding onto hard cave floor as he shuffles along. The path forks, and in front of him he sees two others go right and one go left. "Hmmm," ponders the gelding, his warm hazel gaze settling on the middle path. It seems as good a choice as any, so he steels himself and heads towards it. Ears back, fear evident in his eyes alongside a hint of hardness, the gelding moves along the middle path.

Badger chooses the CENTRE path.


[ Magic: Light x Dark | Ability to ease the pain of others by taking it onto himself, and heal wounds by taking them onto himself. ]

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He was meant to head out, but it seems winter was determined to seal everyone in. Heading back from yet another failed attempt to journey down the mountains the golden slipped into the Arch. Haldir was not alongside him. Given the weather the deer stayed in the cave, save and warm with a small fire the golden had managed to steal from one of the larger ones below. The laurelin honestly loathed winter. He had been lucky enough in the past to escape its clutches here, even though he resided in the Basin. Yet this year a rather disappointing bit of luck. Perhaps that was soon about to change. As he stepped under the Arch’s shelter and wind rose up behind him causing him to turn. A tunnel leads down, and seems to call him. Harks flick back and forth for a moment, pausing to think. Often in Helovia it was unwise to follow strange voices. He glances towards the Basin, but the power of the voice is not to be ignored, and he is quickly swept under its spellbinding tones.

He continues one, steps slow, yet continuous. Certainly he nerves were pricking about him, and hairs standing on end. What dangers were trapped in this ice that the storm was awaking? It seems he would have to choose his doom though. The gold stops as before him in the dim light of the caves there shown three paths. Now he was truly concerned about the madness of this venture. Shifting he considers turning back, the voice calls him on, and it could not be ignored. At last the golden steps into the right path. Committing himself to whatever strange fate was opening itself to him.

Thranduil choose the RIGHT path. (Hehe)
Seeking:: ::[Magic: Dark (U)| Can mimic another character’s magic. Same restrictions.]
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She harbours a sword within her unquiet roaring heart,

She wanders from the grips of her northern home. Arya steps onward, both ears pricked forward, unsure of where the destination lies. It’s always about the journey right? Well, she supposes in her case it is. For a long while she pays little mind to anything around her. Her focus solely lies on the path ahead of her. For a moment she contemplates visiting the Endless Blue once more. It seems to be her go-to when she has no specific destination in mind. The ocean itself is tossed from her mind as she hears a voice beckon.

come it calls. Arya turns her head and she sees she isn’t the first to hear the call. The huntress approaches the Arch slowly. Her journey forgotten by this point as she focuses in solely on whatever is ahead. She steps into the cave and hears it call to hear. come. What can it possibly want? Probably wants to shower me in gifts, she thinks to herself jokingly. Of course, she laughs at her own joke as she trots along through the arch.

Then she comes to a split. The voice still calling. Her head looks at each one, unsure for a long moment. Arya flicks her tail and steps towards the right but then stops. Her head glances to the center and then the left. Which one is it? She stomps her hoof slightly at her uncertainty. Finally she simply turns her body left and trots along at a relatively fast trot.

[Arya goes LEFT
No prior refusals
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The ocean blue mare lingers at the fringes of the Frozen Arch, resting in the shadows of the snowy mountains—as she has for a day or two now. Having wandered from her mountain valley home with no real purpose but to familiarize herself more with the wilds of Helovia (and perhaps to make a friend or two), she has taken refuge from the bitter winter winds at the mouth of the caves. She intends to remain here a short while to rest her cold bones and stiff muscles from the rugged descent, sensing no haste or pressure in her wanderings.

Lying on the cold ground of a cave, with her neck stretched out and her mass of hair lying in dark coils around her, Tiamat watches in silence the raw ferocity of Frostfall. Although her own body is not equipped to handle such bitter temperatures as well as some others, she is still fascinated by the white season. It is exciting, haunting, and beautiful all at once. She has a deep respect for nature and its many mysteries and wonders—just as spring is the new beginning, winter is the preparation, the first step towards something wonderful.

With the trace of a smile shadowing her lips, she sighs contentedly to herself, her warm breath curling in pale wisps from her nostrils.

Come. Come to me…

A dainty ear pricks before Tiamat raises her head, her blue brow knitting in confusion before her gaze eventually trails…behind her. Is—is that where the voice is coming from? From somewhere within the network of caverns? Exhaling, the blue mare rises to her hooves, turning from the fierce wonder of Frostfall and gazing into the murky darkness.

Come to me…

True to her nature, her initial thought is that perhaps someone needs help—but the voice, whoever it is, is not nearly urgent or anxious enough. Like a sighing gasp of breath, it curls around her, whispering slowly to her ears. Flicking her plumed lion tail behind her, the unicorn wanders deeper. Her steps are hesitant at first, wary, but gradually cloven hooves are able to find their way more assuredly in the darkness. Eventually she stops, but she doesn’t know why at first—until she realizes that the trail splits. Blue nostrils curling, Tiamat sniffs at the cold, stale air—even the recent scents are unable to hide the unknown that weighs heavily here.

Taking a more steading breath, she closes her eyes for a short moment, trying to listen. The voice moans, sighing and echoing off the stony walls, distorting left from right and up from down. Opening her eyes, Tiamat knows all she can do now is follow her heart. Allowing the crevices and grooves of nature to guide her, she turns to the right, her steps measured as she wanders forward into the shadows.

notes;; Tiamat goes RIGHT.
Seeking [Magic: EarthxWind (A) | The ability to draw moisture from the clouds, water, and sky to create up to three small, or one large, floating pockets of water that she can move at will.]
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Congratulations to Mesec!!
List + Roll

They all came, listening to her song and following her call but very few caught her attention. It wasn't until the prodigy of darkness began to weave his way through the cave that the voice began to call to him more than any of the others.

The young son was hesitant in his movements but she lead him through the twisting maze and then waited as he chose his path. Another girl had also turned left but she focused her attention on him. As he got closer she prepared herself for the bonding.

The demi god rounded the corner and as he did, he was hit with a huge gust of wind. It was freezing and definitely had the power to blast the demi god off of his feet. Yet as the breeze rattled through his bones a warmth could be felt at it's very core.

The warmth of magic mixing and blending with the boy's soul.

Sorry guys with passive mode here there is only time to finish up the drop! Hope you all understand! <3

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