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[OPEN] New vs Old [Challenge Watching Thread]
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He knew of this spy, this Essetia. Jokingly once he had referred to her as Midas' secret girlfriend since the pair had gone missing at the same time. And now, after all of her failed attempts against his herd - held together by an amnesty of course - here she was. One of them, and already seeking out a higher position.

Gaucho had heard the call for Bucephalus ring out across the sands, and, possibly expecting it to have originated from another mare he impregnated, decided to investigate. If the matter was going to be purely social between Bucephalus and his mistress, Gaucho would leave it alone. But on the off-chance it was herd-related, Gaucho preferred not to have his former-Chancellor deal with it on his own.

As Gaucho flew through the freezing air, he saw a pair below that he hadn't expected. The latest informant and her companion. As his dark ears perked forward and he listened to the words uttered below, a dark smile tugged at his lips. A challenge? He thought with pride, his thoughts rumbling out towards Mara and Vorsa. The small phoenix cared very little about fighting, and instead flitted happily alongside Gaucho on the colder breeze. Mara on the other hand resonated Gaucho's excitement as the trio dipped down towards the sands.

The Sultan would of course not interfere, nor would he cheer for one side over the other. If Essetia was able to to easily knock Bucephalus from his pedestal, then perhaps she deserved the position. And if Bucephalus could maintain his thrown of spies, then he was worthy of keeping it.

Folding his ever-burning wings against his darkened flanks, Gaucho watched with a steely smirk as Essetia made the first attacking - racing towards Bucephalus with her wolf in tow.

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It was what drew me closer to the voices of others both strange and familiar. A feminine voice shouted for the ever present Bucephalus, peaking my interest as I wondered what kind of trouble he had gotten into now. The sound of scuffling, an obvious fight, urged me to pick up the pace to a lively trot until I could see the tall stature of my Sultan standing ahead. The sight of him brought me to a halt, unsure of how he would react to my sudden reappearance when I had been gone for several months. After all, the last time that I had even seen Gaucho was when I was ratting out that Bucephalus had gotten into a fight with a stallion named Telesaan that looked obnoxiously similar to him.

Much more slowly I approached the burning stallion's side, ushering Pongo along with my thoughts. My little bongo was much more excited to see the stallion, or more so, his companions. With a happy leap he bleated out towards the phoenix that he remembered playing with, large ears bouncing along with him. I positioned myself a few feet to the side of my Sultan, afraid to so much as look him in the eye with my shame. So, I glanced over out of the corner of my eye and hoped that he would be much too involved with the fight than to worry about scolding my disappearance. Should he decide to look back over at me, I would dip my head respectfully.

Returning my gaze to the challenge before us, I was rather surprised to see that Bucephalus was fighting a female that I never knew. For what, I wasn't sure. I had missed her reasoning to challenge the stallion that I had last known to be a crafter. 'So much has changed in my absence.' And why should it not be? Who was I to expect for everything to be just as I left it? It was a ridiculous notion, one that brought a slight smirk to my lips as I thought about how silly it was. But then my eyes landed on the ebony form of Bucephalus, the very stallion who had sparked my wanting to distance myself from the entire herd all over a stupid, school-filly crush.

And it all came back.

The edges of my ears softly brushed against the comforting metal of my crown while they flicked back for a moment. Many things may have changed during my trek throughout the desert, but I was quickly learning that the small spark that had been ignited long ago was never quite doused. When my scarlet eyes caught the shimmer of his golden gaze reflecting the light, the flip of my stomach gave me a not so gentle reminder that perhaps I wasn't ready to return. 'Oh don't be silly, Morrigan. He's just another stallion. He's just like every other that has turned on you, spinning more lies than the web that marks your back. I can do this, just smile and nod. I can do that. ' Oh but how could I do that while watching the very brute who had tormented me in ways that he would never know? Could I so easily put on a facade to say that I had moved on? He made it look so easy, how he could act one way with someone then turn around with a different face to another. Perhaps that was all I needed to do, was to consistently remind myself that I would never be sure on who I was really dealing with.

With that thought in mind, I swallowed the lump that had been forming in my throat and tried to keep my expression as neutral as possible. My crown raised slightly while I tucked my chin towards my chest, a heavy sigh escaping under my breath as I noted the way the pegasus stallion danced even in battle. The smooth movement of his muscles rippling beneath his skin, the graceful yet deliberate placement of his hooves and wings, the intense look in his eyes. I tried to focus on the fight itself, silently cheering on Bucephalus in my mind simply for the fact that I didn't even know the strange mare or what she was fighting for. But damn, if he wasn't distracting...

Perhaps watching this battle wasn't the best of my ideas after all.

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It was the first time she had ever seen violence like this, heard the sounds of battle and seen the sight of blood, anger and fear flowing freely. It was something she had not been prepared to see- something that made her feel as if she should rush in and attempt to stop them. But how could she? All she would become was a tiny ant dancing beneath their thundering hooves, attempting not to be squished. Yet the sounds, the sounds of flesh hitting flesh, skin tearing, ripping, bones breaking and the screams of pain, they were so unnatural. Yet it was exciting and the knowledge that something like this got her own blood pumping?

It terrified her.

Wide eyed and disbelieving she had stumbled upon the fighting, the fights within her dreamland had paled in regards to this real battle. Her hurried footsteps carried her towards two figures who stood in the distance studying the battle. Immediately she recognised her father in the distance, a soft smile lit up her chops. Taking a moment to shake out of coat and stretch her wings, the young girl quickly made her way over to her father's side. Beside him she felt stronger and safer, watching the fight with a curious and shocked stare. "Should we stop them?!" Below two fully grown adults were fighting it out, she seemed to small so quiet against their large profiles. It did not matter how much Gaucho's wings burned and bathed her in his light, she would not feel right until someone comfier that this battle was right. The young girl did not know how things worked in the homeland, did not know how the natural order of things was decided.

Part of her wished Hawke was here as well, perhaps he would be able to explain why this was happening. He'd always been one to take care of her, despite her rather adventurous and wild nature. Gaucho was her father and she would always follow him but Hawke was her other half, her brother that balanced Aelin out. Without him she began to slip into a gloomier existence.

Like walking into a dream, so unlike what you've seen. So unsure but it seems like we've been waiting for you.
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The call to arms drew her as wounded deer did wolves. She had come on her wings at first, but landed in the sands when she noticed the altercation was between two herd mates; albeit one she did not recognize rather well (not necessarily something new with her). She'd been so focused on the challenge, as she deduced that's what it was the closer she got, ears pricked, that she nearly didn't notice the flaming Sultan not far off. Inevitably she caught sight of him though, his magnetism drawing her in regardless of her own forces.

In response her heart hammered in her chest, and she pointedly forced her back to him. Her jaw cut a hard line as she grit her teeth together, gaze sharpening upon the pair of soon-to-be fighters with a fierce hostility. She had half a mind to charge in there and champion Bucephalus, because in some ways he was right. Essetia didn't know much about this herd, where as Bucephalus had been solidly here (but after that last encounter, could he be trusted?). Spies were better with diplomacy and stealth too, not this robust song of war that Ampere danced to all too well. Did Essetia really want the position, or did she just want a fight? Ampere wasn't so sure, because the sneak wasn't holding up to her title.

Still, Ampere resisted, figuring Bucephalus could hold his own, especially now that she had seen that other side. She'd hate to wound his ego by stepping in for him, no matter how much she needed it more than him. Even if he was... it didn't matter what he was, she shook her head, stubborn. Bucephalus was family, and now, Essetia was too. They could argue and work it out amongst themselves.


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Gaucho's senses vaguely registered Morrigan as she arrived. The two had only spoken together briefly before, but the dun decided that should she require him that they were acquainted enough that she could interrupt. If not, he would assume she was here to watch the challenge as well.

However as Aelin drew near, his gaze did falter, being drawn to his youngest daughter. He saw the hesitation, confusion, and concern in her beautiful doe-eyed gaze. With a smile, he draped a flaming wing over her dusty back and nodded gently at her question. That violence and bloodfueds did not come naturally to her did not bother the dun in the slightest. The best warriors and leaders were not those who loved battle for its violence, but were ones who simply understood and rose the occasions that called for them. "Strength, Aelin, is sometimes necessary - for both challenger and defender." He drew his stormy gaze back to the fray of battle as he watched the bodies move against one another.

Unlike Morrigan, Ampere's arrival immediately drew his attention, and like Ampere, he fought to hide the sudden quickening of his pulse. Did she place her back to him so that her eyes would not have to meet his? Or instead, was it meant to draw his gaze elsewhere on her body? A place that he would not be able to see if they were eye to eye? Exhaling sharply, Gaucho drew his wing even tighter around Aelin, as if physical contact with his child would somehow shake his pulse back to a normal rhythm. Or perhaps his youngest' proximity would simply remind him of his duty first to his herd

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The Sultana heard the wolf’s howl as it reached across the sands and immediately made a bee-line for the source of such a foreign sound. As her wings carried her through the chilled air, more sounds followed, shouts, muffled words, a snarl and finally the clamor of a miniature battle. A challenge. She wouldn’t have thought that this was how spies would go about doing things, but then she was so solidly a warrior that nothing spies did made much sense to her.

The clash had started by the time Megaera touched down at the oceanside venue. She was quick to recognize Bucephalus but the mare and her wolf were a mystery. It would have been her first instinct to rush in and fight along side a member of her her, but already a small group had gathered to witness and so the Sultana moved toward them. Strength, as Gaucho said was necessary, and if Bucephalus had accepted this challenge than she would not interfere.

As with almost every gathering in Dragon’s Throat, there seemed to be a thrumming chord of tension strung between the Sultan and the Gladiator. It never ceased to baffle Meg how those two seemed to coexist in the same herd while always at odds with one another; she could have had an easier time counting the stars in the sky than trying to guess at whatever history they had together. Meg would have stopped and settled next to Ampere if she hadn’t caught sight of Morrigan. Despite trying to keep a straight face, the webbed mare looked unsettled, and Meg guessed that anyone who worked at healing would be rather distressed to sit and watch other deliberately open themselves to injury. Deciding her need was greater, the Sunspear passed Ampere with a comradely salute and moved to stand next to Morrigan.

“I wouldn’t worry yourself too much, they both know what they signed up for.” Her quiet tone sounded rather solemn for the Sultana, but as much as she had wanted to assure the mare, she had no way of knowing just how far this challenger was willing to go. Her gaze fixed itself on the dueling pair with rapt attention and she settled herself into see who would emerge victorious.

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