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Tae Posts: 133
Dragon's Throat Alchemist atk: 7.0 | def: 10 | dam: 4.5
Mare :: Pegasus :: 15.2 :: 2 HP: 72.5 |
Mal :: Timber Wolf :: Terrorize & Hel :: Royal Hellhound :: Hellfire Odd
:: [Magic: lightxspark (U) | When combined with her twins magic, can animate dead organic matter.]
:: [Restrictions: Creations are non-sentient and can only follow simple instructions. Need to be refreshed with magic every season (or 2?). Can create 5 small or 2 large spirits at a time which can affect things within 30m of her body.]

:: [Magic: lightxwind | Can create storms with her mind: skies darken, air temperature drops, and violent winds begin.]
:: [Restrictions | Storms influences are limited to a radius of 10m]

:: [Magic: lightxwind (U) | Storms increase in intensity and are also accompanied by illusory/hallucinogenic affects (monsters seem to appear in the clouds or in the rain splatter, etc)
:: [Restrictions: Hallucinations have no physical effects. Storms influences are limited to a radius of 30m]

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