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It is a long trek. A long, long trek.

For the stumpy gelding, it feels like a marathon. The rain has eased and the freezing temperatures only add beauty to the cloudless periwinkle-blue sky, but he's sweating profusely beneath his fur and the halter on his face sticks to his flesh uncomfortably. A gentle breeze tickles his flanks and ordinarily he'd feel in quite high spirits, but as it is he is resisting the urge to turn into a petulant child and question are we there yet?

Through his haze of disgruntlement, he has noticed the landscape change. Gone are the towering trees of the Threshold, to be replaced by arid desert and endless sand. Badger has never seen a desert before, so doesn't know about the perils it holds - he meanders over to sniff an innocent-looking green shrub, only to recoil with a yelp when it prickles his nose. "What did it do that for?" he asks Laedere, his ears flopping and mouth downturning like a kicked puppy. Shooting the cactus a filthy look, he carries on walking.

He walks until the world ends; until the land falls into the sea and there's nothingness. If he squints, he can see an island out in the ocean, but there's no discernable way of getting to it. He looks to Laedere, confused - she has wings, so she's peachy, but he is decidedly land-locked. His eyes widen in horror at the idea he may be asked to swim, because he can't, and with his excess fat (that he likes to refer to as his 'spare food') he'd probably sink like a stone anyway. So he looks to Laedere and her dolphin, wondering if one or the other of them is going to give him a lift across - or maybe this is where the herd live? Perching to the cliffs like gulls? Admittedly, nothing would surprise him, but he does hope not. "What now?" he asks the mare, his heart thudding both from the walk and from his nerves.

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Laedere shuffled her weight, moving easily back toward the Throat with Badger at her side. There is a small breeze that eases he travel, though she is most definitely accustomed to the heat by now. Of course, she didn't think the black stag would be, so she tried to take it slow for his sake. She had no desire to attempt to learn how one would heal heat stroke during this time.

Ardere leads, for the most part, flitting through the skies with ease and trying to keep everyone in good spirits. Still, as the forests disappeared to meadows, and the meadows to sand she could see that Badger was somewhat interested in the new foliage. But, it was the yelp which garnered her attention, eyes catching his maw withdrawing with a few prickly stickers stuck to it. "Aye. Tis be cacti. Aids in preserving water and harboring itself from predators," she tries to explain, a gentle laugh on her lips.

And, when they pull up at the border she glances over toward him. His eyes widen and he glances back and forth between Laedere and Ardere, as if one of them could assist. Aye, Laedere supposed she could, with the key around her neck. But, she didn't know if it would work for multiple people or not. He asked what would happen now and she offered a gentle, reassuring grin in his direction. "Ardere acquisitions one kin of rank to allow ye entrance. Mineself tis not airborne-" she flashes her injured wing quickly to the earthbound stag before continuing, "-but ye shan't worry. Ye may still garner entrance through thee God of Sun's graces." She does not speak of the key which hangs against her chest. She would when she was certain he would become kin, when she was certain her current kin would not be at risk. And with that, Ardere shoots out across the border to locate someone who could assist.

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Cacti. He files the word away, listing it under bad plant. Shooting it another filthy look, he turns his attention back to Laedere. He knows nothing of the wild - he doesn't even know what a damned cacti is. How the hell will he survive? His heart thuds in his thick chest and he releases a small, worried whicker. His only hope is that she won't mind educating him, training him in how to horse. "It's very good at its job," he remarks, about the cacti being able to ward off predators. He certainly won't be trying to take a bite out of one again.

The mare explains that she isn't airborne, and he feels a stab of pity for her wounded wing. Of course, he can't fly, but to have been able to fly and now be grounded? It must be horrible. "Oh, I'm, um, sorry," he stutters, tail flipping against his haunches to deter the more persistent winter flies. But ye shan't worry. Ye may still garner entrance through thee God of Sun's graces. He gulps. What if the God of Sun sees his weakness and denies him entry? What if the God scorns him for his naiivety, his innocence, his stupidity? The thought of being so close to a home and then being kicked away...oh, it hurts. To be cast back to square one and have to go through all this again...he doesn't know if he could. Chances are, he'd flee right back out of Helovia once and for all.

But he tries to force that fear aside, refusing to allow himself to worry about something that may never happen. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...literally. No ranked members appear, though, and the gelding's expression grows ever more dejected. Is he not worthy? So they're not stood in silence, he looks to Laedere. "So how long have you lived here?" he asks, his head tilted like a curious puppy.

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The leviathan caught his eye. Seeing such a creature flying through the air was uncanny and strange. Of course Gaucho had seen the creature before - the one that accompanied the damaged-pegasus with the odd way of speaking - and so it drew no threatening response from Gaucho. Still, his stormy gaze followed it, wondering where the faded-hued bonded that it belonged to was.

Gaucho descended from his place among the clouds, gliding swiftly towards the bellowing creature. Laedere was apparently not around. sssssssssstrange Mara hissed in his mind as the trio flew even closer. The whale-thing seemed to want them to follow as it drifted back to where the gulf was. Understanding its purpose now, Gaucho flanked the leviathan and sped off in the direction of Laedere and Badger.

Spying the equine, Gaucho wondered if this wasn't another refugee from the former Falls. More and more were washing up, so to speak, on his shores. Landing in a flurry of blackened feathers and burning wings, the Wildfire gently lowered himself onto the pale sands. His antlered crown nodded gently to Laedere, greeting a member of his own flock before the stranger. However his movements were not rude - merely a show of kinship to the pastel creature. Only then did his blue-gray gaze fall upon the dual-toned equine.

"I Gaucho, Sultan of Dragon's Throat." He greeted. Although his tongue still had a difficult time wrapping around the sounds of Helovia's native tongue, his voice was resonant and warm. In his antlers, Mara slithered forward eager to see the new recruit. Higher in his antlers, Vorsa, the small phoenix, sat entirely uninterested. She liked playing in the sands and finding small jewels - and journeying here prevented her from doing that. Trilling sulkily from her place, she wrapped her burning wings around her body and huffed slightly.

Gaucho folded his ever-burning wings against his flanks as he regarded the pair before him.

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