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Ampere eyed the metal as it gleamed the midday sun, still warm enough to turn the top of her back hot as she stood beneath it, but still colder, like He was distant. As if to prove the point that winter had come, a hard breeze spilled through the metallic brambles of the arena, throwing around sand and pushing it into the depths of Ampere's winter coat, ruffling the wayward tips as it did so. She gave herself a hefty shake as it passed, stretching out a leg or two as she did so. She did not enjoy fighting in Frostfall nearly as much. The cold bit at your bones making them ache, and it pulled at your muscles making them tight and slow and prone to damage. It's why she sought the refuge of the Throat's warmth still, although she reminded herself she ought to go and fight in the cold- so should all her warriors. They could not let their warm sands make them soft in ways the rest of the world was not, because wars weren't always fought at home where it was snug and cozy.

That could be a challenge for another day though. Ampere had enough of a challenge at the moment, her head turning away from the prickly edge of their arena to face her Sultana. Ampere grinned, excited to compete with Megaera, whom she trusted incredibly well on the battlefield. There were few Ampere held in such high esteem, and she was fortunate two of her favorites happened to also be her leaders.

"When you're ready, Sunspear." Ampere tucked her head a bit defensively, and flexed her wings in preparation. She kept walking, certain not to stay idle.

Set in the Dragon's Throat, the metal arena during Frostfall 6 start, midday. Feel free to attack first or I can in next post! Teaching? @[Megaera]
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Perfect. It seemed a loaded word, but it was not far off the mark of how the Sultana would describe her life at the moment. If there was anything she found lacking, it seemed so minor in the face of all her numerous blessings. The northern territories were stable for the moment and alliances had been secured; her own herd was strong and stable, and even growing (she thought she had spied some new faces of late). The sandy reaches of Throat were blessedly mild compared to the snows that had chased her home from her trip to the Falls. For all those things the Sunspear could be thankful, but her contentment would never mean idleness.

In the Sun God’s vision there had been clouds upon the horizon, distant but ominous. With the love that had blossomed in her for home and family and friends, the weed of fear had crept into her heart that someday some unseen threat would rise to strip away all she had. Even worse to to Megaera was the shred of possibility that she would be unable to stand in its defense. While the little warrior still had life in her body she would never tolerate such a fate, and so even in this time of peace, she pushed herself. 'Meg spar more.' Gaucho had instructed, and Meg could hardly think of a better way to strengthen herself. When it came to the Sunspear and the Wildfire she might always be the weaker of the two, but she was eager to work at closing the gap.

It was an exciting thing to see the arena completed, all spike and shine in the bright sun, and even better that the opponent she came here to meet was Ampere, the Blue Thunderbolt herself. She might not always understand the headstrong Gladiator, but that did nothing to tarnish her respect for the mare. They were far better matched in size against one another than against the likes of Gaucho, Einarr, Hector (wherever he might be) and Meg had been itching to try the Blue in single combat for months. No time like the present.

The pair squared off inside the metal colosseum and when Ampere flashed a grin, Meg matched it and with a bark of laughter added a challenging toss of her head. The words had barely left the other’s mouth as the Sultana dug four hooves into the ground and launched herself forward. Clouds of dust billowed behind the black tipped wings as they swept downward once, twice, speeding her towards her opponent before tucking themselves tight against her body.

Her moving target could be a quick one and Meg had learned a lesson about headlong rushes from Gaucho’s flames already, so as she caught her stride towards Ampere, she reached for something to liven up her initial attack. It was always there, Meg knew, bright and blazing beneath her skin and it was getting easier and easier and easier to call it forth even if it still felt her a breathless. She hoped the first strike would be worth the initial exertion, but it was too late to curb the plan now. When she thought herself to be several strides away, she let the sunlight burst out of her, pouring light around the arena. Hoping the brightness might conceal her, the bay swerved to her left side and then curved her path right again to angle her attack. With a final push from her hind quarters, Meg lifted her front half off the ground and set her hooves reaching to come crashing down towards her target.

Attack 1/3
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