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[PRIVATE] Being brave doesn't mean you're not scared

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Respect is earned, not given

The blue eyed prince doesn't know what to think. He just knows he needs to stop his idiotic pity party and get on with life. Right? But that's hard when you have no one. One sister ran you off, one ignored your call, the of course your brothers seem to be masters of disguise and hiding. Mother always said that one of them was a little off anyways.

But my sisters? The ever perfect sisters. All I had received from either where nothing I wanted nor needed. Damn it Soren! You need to stop lingering on this bull and get over it! You don't need them, and they obviously don't need you. As much as that hurts to realize. But it was true. A soft sigh pushes through his nostrils into the cold air, and he looks at his surroundings. Snow, snow covers the ground in a thick layer, bends the trunks of the willow tree's, and freezes the ice on the waters surface. It was going to be a hard winter, made all the harder by being outcasted.

I'm a hobo. Better move south until that becomes unbearable. Maybe I should stop being a hobo and request to live in the Dragons Throat, then I would just be a mooch instead. Nah, Gaucho was to much of a hardass. But I don't mind working for a home for the winter. Work never bothered me really. Have you ever tried being a hobo? Moving around all the time. Not easy, okay.

I mean, I'm freezing my ass off, I don't have a warm home to go back to. Just dig, eat the frozen grass. Paw, break some ice, drink the water. Move on. Repeat. Drag that sorry ass of you're's all over and back. That was literally all of it. And whoe that doesn't sound exhausting, it really is, especially in this snow. Thick and heavy.

Lost in my thoughts of the hard knock life of a hobo, I didn't pay attention to my surroundings, and just tried to forget my depressing issues by eat cold ass grass, and try to not freeze to death.


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