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PEGASUS :: Flying Race, Round THREE

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The first round starts by taking off at the ENDLESS BLUE, and will last 72 HOURS. Please be sure to note the description of the land, as follows:

Suddenly, the rings take a sharp right, turning over the Thistle Meadow. The land below is clear and dotted with trees and a clear, beautiful river. Here, the rings disappear inside large, thick and fluffy clouds, making them easy to miss. However, the sky clears as the sands of the Endless Blue appear, the warm southerlies propelling wings forward and making the final dash fast and exhilarating. The Moon Goddess hovers above a rock formation, and the final ring is just before a gathering of the other species on the ground.

You will be flying through an intricately arranged course of RINGS, being held in the air by large birds, called in especially by the Moon Goddess. These rings will progress from green to blue, with varying shades of turquoise in between, as you reach the end of the ENDLESS BLUE Course. It will also overlap above the airspace of the THISTLE MEADOW before the final stretch to the ENDLESS BLUE.

Here are some rules to note:
  • You may only post if you previously signed up to compete in the Flying Race.
  • You must post in every round to gain ground.
  • Failure to post in a round will result in a rank drop of 2 positions, unless you are on a valid absence.
  • The order of the second round will be determined by posting order of this first round!!
  • An RE will be posting a minimum of 2 times in each round, dealing out malevolent or benevolent effects to the person who posted prior. RE post order will be determined by a die roll to ensure fairness.

You may post sabotaging other characters, but this will not affect the official rankings.

Leander +1

------Did not post ------
Leliel -2
Xira -2
Shamsiel -4
Onni -4
Enki -4
Alisier -4
Sierra -4
Beyral -4
Valhalla -4

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The stallions gilded frame cut through thick cloud cover. The ivory puffs were clustered, trying to hide the green circles in their downy mists. Gold eyes were more alert now, focusing on passing through every single ring. He had been doing well in the race so far, and he didn't want to lose ground now. The glittering blue of a river was visible below sparse openings in the white patches.

Finally, the clouds fell behind him. As the palomino passed through increasingly aquamarine hoops, he could see a gathering in the distance. I must be nearing the end! A smile played on his lips. He had been working hard to reach and stay at the front of the competition, and it seemed to have paid off. Pushing on for the final stretch, he let his mahogany wings beat on harder through the coastal air. His warm gaze began to search the groups below for familiar faces. Maybe the garnet locked mare who haunted his mind was waiting below with the others. Pools strained for the sight of her, heart catching at the thought.

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The mare felt the heat of the sun beating down on her. She pushed herself on, her wings aching. She was falling behind, which was not allowed in her book. She beat her wings, taking a sharp turn before passing through a ring. She was now flying over the Thistle Meadow. She could barely make out the rings due to the large fluffy clouds. The mare passed through yet another ring, the cloud soaked her as she did so. She flew through another ring, the clouds cleared as she made out the sand of the Endless Blue. The mare watched the color of rings change, turquoise, blue and green hues. She felt drawn to these colors, and beat her wings harder, adrenaline coursing through her.

The mare could see the blue rolling waters of the Endless Blue, which scared her a little, thinking about the vast, never ending waters. She quickly focused, flying harder than she had ever done before.

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Finishing this race would be a victory in itself. He would have made it all the way to the end. Warmed air pushed his frame forward as long as he remained within the flumes; this gave weary wings a chance at a small break. Lunging on wistfully Midas danced through the air; each strong beat providing ample lift. Forest melted away, and what remained was a great span of grassland.

His mind told him that this place was, ‘Thistle Meadow,’ a small smile laced across his lips. They were almost toward the end. Renewed vigor pushed him forward with haste quickening his rhythm. Gaze caught sight of the next ring, green, diving through it in the same fashion as all the others he angled up only to be greeted with large white bounds of wet fluff to greet him.

Snorting, Midas plunged through the cloud. Lashes blinked away drops of moisture as untapped wetness licked trails along his pelt and muzzle. Finding rings became a game of chance, he was forced to pause and search for them one by one for many long minutes. He could only hope that the others were having nearly as much trouble as he. Emerging slightly wet and a little chilled Midas continued on and found the air grow much warmer and more salty as he went.

Frame ducked through rings of deepening blue. Eyes narrowed and ears perked as the vast sea stretched out before his gaze, a figure rested just beyond the final ring. This was it. The final drops of his reserved energy seeped into thin veins. Speed came, each wing flashing faster than he had ever gone before.
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Keen gaze looks ahead, noticing the next line of wings veer suddenly off to the west. Azzuen spreads his wings and glides a moment, before tilting himself, so much so that his right wings bows down and points to the earth below, while his left reaches to the heavens above. Bringing his head up over his back, he steers himself around the corner; this was the most effective method for one with his sized wings to make sharp turns. Once he is back on course, he does not hesitate to beat his wings faster, and faster again.

Irises are a brilliant blue now, though they are ringed with a vibrant indigo as happiness to see the finish line, with his family awaiting, builds in anticipatory knots within him. He uses the anticipation as fuel to go onwards, allowing the excitement of completing the race to further rise his heart rate. Between each rings now, he flew harder and faster, pushing himself to the limit. His eyes gradually alter with each ring they pass through, though it is hard to see as the low-lying, thick cloud swallows several of them. Azzuen does check his speed here, and ensures to tuck his wings in tight as the chill of flying in a cloud dares to mess with his head.

Damp with precipitation and sweat, the charred steed emerges from the clouds now, using the air currents swirling around him to push him even faster. Foam coats his wing joints, and further darkens his already dark hide, but he is high on adrenaline, and with a broad grin on his face he flies through the final ring over the beach where he and his mate had spent so many a loving moment. The blue of the ocean is reflected in his eyes, just as the final ring is tinged with it. The Goddess of the Moon, (he assumes it is she), stands before them, and he calls a sweet melody to her as he passes, dipping his crown and wings to her in a General's salute.

His deep voice speaks of gratitude for the opportunity to race, however the song is short lived as his body requires he focuses upon breathing and restoring the depleted energy supplies for his muscles. Azzuen entered a steady glide, that circled the area, and wound land only when instructed to do so. He beat his wings every now and then, but for the most part relied upon the thermals to carry him about. Happily he could see his beloved daughters and mate, and whatever the outcome, he was proud to be able to call himself their father.

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Leander takes the lead, but the clouds make him miss a ring, pushing him back one place!

Sierra sees this and catches the ring right on time, leaving him in the same placing.

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More wings pushed past on either side of him and Jaydan felt a clawing urgency rise in him. Yet as fast as he tried to go his position only sank and he continued to miss more rings forcing him to double back. Frustration set the hybrid to grinding his teeth, his lion's tail whipping behind him as he shot through one of the rings.

As the scenery began to shift and clouds started to crowd the skyway, Jaydan was forced to slow and concentrate. His amulet pinged against his horn as he twirled through on ring, almost nicking it, and the sound reminded him of Luin's lilting voice and her gentle hands brushing through his mane. What would Luin say of his utter failure now?

You're not focused
He could almost hear her voice murmur against his ears, her face turned into a frown. You can do better than this, but be calm.

Jaydan exhaled. With it a great tension left his body, forelegs cutting trails in the clouds as he glided above them. He let his eyes flutter shut, the whirl of his mind finally quieting. In this manner he arched through the hoops, feeling for them, listening for the twitter of the birds holding them, rather that gawking through the fog and rolling in anger every time a being passed him.

Calm and serene he dove into the finish.
It felt like Luin had been flying with him in the end, and that was greater prize than any his speed could have won him.

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It startled the young gryphon to see so many others falling behind her as she flew, surprised her that she was progressing so well. But it was a momentary feeling, for there were still more rings to fly through. These ones were ocean hues, green and blue and every shade in between. This pleased her, even if the first several were difficult to spot at times through the cloud cover. The fact that they changed directions rather harshly at one point didn't help matters. But she persevered, until her sharp eyes caught sight of the finish.

Then she strained for speed, hoping her smaller, more aero-dynamic figure would lend itself to her advantage. The ocean was just ahead, and the skies noisy with wings and the steady low roar of the surf, the cheering of the on-lookers below the final ring. Were her friends here? She didn't spare a moment to look, concerned even a moment's lapse of concentration would have her colliding with another racer, to her loss. There would be time after, to look.

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The Forest lay behind them now, home once again briefly left behind. Clouds had shifted in, soft and fluffy but still more than large enough to obscure the blue and green rings they were to fly through now. Necessity had the hybrid looking farther ahead to take note of where the rings were, in case the next one should disappear from sight. He flew from memory then, hoping it would not fail him and having him missing a ring.

Eventually it cleared up, displaying the endless horizon on the ocean beyond. But the finish line lay on the shore. There, before the Goddess of the Moon and all who had gathered to watch the final mad sprint to be the first to pass through the last ring. Many others were more suited to speed than he, but Vikram hoped his stamina would be better. That they would slow before he would and lend him an opportunity. So he hurried his wingbeats, silently pleased that the final stretch dove downward. Another potential advantage. Despite himself he scanned the crowd, hoping for a familiar face to see him flying now.

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Hector was slipping behind badly and it seemed all his joyous fun dipping and diving through each ring hadn't served him well in standings for the race. The glittering water slowly disappears into the distance as Hector pushed all his might into his broad wings. The Thistle Meadow lay briefly below him, leonine tail flicking from side to side as the ducked through a turquoise ring, taking the sharp bend slower to compensate for the bulk of his body. He knew next to none of the competitors he flew against, their unknown bodies gliding in front of him.

The orange steed was brought out of his musings as he realized he couldn't see the rings anymore. Was he lost? A flash of blue caught his attention, eyes narrowing, wings flashed upwards until he was almost upon the ring and its bearer. Hector gritted his teeth and recoiled his wings as he lithely slid through it. Orange oculars snapping to every cloud, watching for the next one.

The Endless Blue was coming back to him now as the race neared it's end. Where would he finish? He did not know but Hector had thoroughly enjoyed himself. It reminded him that although he possessed unicorn and equine blood, the ability to fly was something he wouldn't loose. The muddy brute gave himself one last push and looked rather curiously at the Moon Goddess who hovered by the final ring. He remarked to himself how this was the first time he had seen a God before passing through the last ring.

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