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[DROP] Morning Songs

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The GOD of the EARTH

The day was cool, winter was approaching Helovia swiftly, the last of Orangemoon was fading away into the ever strengthening grasp of the cold. With the sun about to spill it’s light and only a gentle breeze stirring the inhabitants of the land, the atmosphere was calm. Somewhere a bird took flight, it’s wings spreading to their maximum berth as it soared effortlessly over Thistle Meadow. This is the certain time of the day that a stillness prevails - it is not an unnerving stillness, everything is simply relaxed and peaceful.

On this morning the God of the Earth had decided to watch the sun rise with the mortals.

He stood within the middle of Thistle Meadow, emerald gaze turned out over the land. As he waited there as an extension of the grass, flowers, trees and the waters that flowed through and over Helovia, life began to pick up around him. Seeming to melt into his surroundings it was clear that the God was truly apart of the land. The song of the morning picked up and the magical sounds floated across through the wilds, reaching anyone who was listening.

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The titanic yearling grazes gently, his muscular neck lowered as his teeth eagerly rip chunks of grass from the ground. He is weaned now, no longer reliant on his dam's milk, which is just as well given she is stolen. He misses her so damn much, but at least his survival is no longer dependent on her. One day he will get her back, but he continues his training in her stead. He grows daily, each hard line of his body bulking and strengthening through sheer force of will and his delightful draft heritage. The first trickles of testosterone have stripped puppy fat away, devoured it, and he is beginning to resemble the man he will become.

Through his mind goes the occasional flash of blood and spasm of delight. Vérzés is off hunting, and he revels in it - sometimes Volterra thinks he enjoys the hunt more than he enjoys actually eating what he kills. It is strange for the leviathan to be alone without his red shadow, but he knows the slightest mental twitch and the dragon will return in an instant. It does them good to spend time apart occasionally, and Volterra somewhat enjoys the peaceful silence that comes without his bonded's voracious cawing and snarling.

It is the sound of morning birdsong that grabs the yearling's attention, and his head snaps up from his grazing. He is drawn, his long stride drawing him towards the sound, towards the very familiar figure of a giant man with wings and ram's horns. "Earth God," comes the colt's rumbled greeting, his feral crimson eyes lingering on the diety and wondering what brings him to the mortal plane. Last time they met Volterra was awed, and there's still a tint of respect in his gaze as he looks upon the God of the Earth.


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To increase the size of the structures he can make, and how many he can make at one time (perhaps by allowing him to manipulate rock AND dirt which allows for bigger structures??)


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The silver soldier has never met a god before - not one of these newfangled Helovian gods, anyway. Isilme's old gods, the three delightfully racist stallions who acted like royal dicks, she'd always revered, but her somewhat sparse religion hadn't yet transferred to Helovia's deities. Perhaps if she met one things would change - and so when she feels the pull of the earth, she decides to throw caution to the wind and head towards it.

Naturally she's not the first to arrive, and casts a cursory glance over the yearling equine nearby. She's sure the sight of a god will bring every Helovian and their dog crawling out of the woodwork, and knows she has very little chance of acquiring whatever gift is up for sale today. After all, she's far from remarkable. She isn't the most religious, or the best warrior, or the smartest, but you have to be in it to win it and so the ironheart remains where she is, oggling the giant hybrid stallion. He's humungo, with the horns of a ram and big wings, and she looks him up and down. Is he a god, or simply an overgrown peasant?

Dominus lurks nearby, tail flickering as he eyes the stallion warily. Noms? he questions, and Nyx swiftly shakes her head. "Definitely not." One of those hooves would turn her beloved lion into a beautifully squashed throw rug. The feline snorts, then settles himself down next to his bonded to eye proceedings with the lazy arrogance that only cats can properly portray. Nyx stands where she is and hopes for the best, a quizzical brow cocked at Big Butt and wondering what he has in store. ""


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Cirrus the WindDancer
Dawn patrol.

The mare had taken many dawn patrols. So often had she seen the Sun rise, felt its glow chase away the stars that travel across her hide, that it was little wonder she loved it. Misty breath crashed into her chest as her nostrils exhaled the warm air of her lungs to the chilly atmosphere. Winter was coming, yet the girl felt life stirring in the lands.

It was hard to ignore the pull of a God. Many times Cirrus had ventured to the cosmic tug of the Sun Lord, her patron master, her Lord of Light and Fire, who had given her comfort, and a beacon to focus upon, when the dark abyss of her broken soul threatened to swallow her whole. The cloudmare didn't realise that she was being pulled towards a different deity this time - a master of earth and water, a mountainous creature who was bonded to every creature on earth. Perhaps, if she knew that, she might hate him - he had what she never could hold again, and she was envious still of the way her soul was incomplete while others were entire.

When she saw his massive figure rise up in her vision, she hesitated in her flight - hovering for a moment, watching the lands around her rise to his song even as the sun graced the horizon with its life-giving rays. The cloudmare blinked, her coat shifting with the ever-changing sky, her wings directing her decidedly closer to this deity she knew little of - but perhaps that would be rectified.

Others were there, a colt with features eerily similar to the prisoner currently held at her home, and a mare, pale, but rimmed with charcoal. At the mare's feet laid a beast - had Cirrus not experienced the bond herself she might have shied at such a carnivore, as it was, Cirrus looked blandly at it, hiding the turmoil seeing one with a bonded caused within her - though she knew, as she looked to the God, he would hear it all, feel it all, such was the privilege (or curse?) of his condition.

"God of the Earth," the cloudmare murmurs quietly as her wings fold by her side and her limber legs take her closer, her tiara dipping to show the respect one should always show another that could cause you to cease existing with a mere thought. She didn't know why she was here, only that she was - perhaps to witness something magnificent, or maybe experience it for herself.

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    The dawn called to the earth-child as well. On wings of black - preferring to be in her raven form as usual - the demi-child flew soundlessly through the early morning dawn. She liked the touch of moisture and chill that the air held, the potential for the day, and the knowledge that at the end of it, everything would play out just as it was meant to.

    A gathering below caught her stare - in particular the appearance of two familiar faces: her Father, and Volterra. If her Father was here ... likely he was handing out offerings. Bitterly, the girl swooped lower. There was so much more she wanted - things that could help her achieve balance in the world, yet she knew she could not join those who had gathered asking for his aid. He had already given her a quest, and while she was nearing its completion, she had not reached it yet. She wasn't certain whether or not he would deny her, but it wasn't worth the risk; not in front of such a large group.

    Flying in a low, lazy circle, the death-marked raven circle around her Father's massive form for a moment. "Hello." She whispered, her attempt at being polite and offering him a greeting. Quickly however, her wings carried her to Volterra. She notices that his red companion is no where to be found, and she briefly wonders about this, but not before taking the crimson shadow's place on the colt's shoulder blades*. As a raven, she is much, much lighter than Vol's dragon, and the girl implicitly assumes that the colt won't mind. Of course, she doesn't even bother to ask. Shuffling her black feathers against her sides, she steps forward onto his wither.

    "I need your help with something." She half whispers, her gaze skirting briefly to her Father, wondering if he will find her rude for conducting her own business during 'his' gathering. Then again, even if he did she likely wouldn't notice, or alter her behavior.

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    Faster than she had ever thought, the last of autumn was already approaching with the icy whispers of northern coldness. The leaves on the trees had fallen and the forest had colored a familiar rusty red. It made her feel close to home, somehow. The walking over the earthly dry leaves and leaving a path of crunching, but soothing noises: A song of the seasons, a song of the earth and, ultimately, a song of life.

    Around her waters hymned along and the trees started to squeak louder, even though there was little wind. Leaves fell before her hooves and, having been stuck in a relaxed state, her eyes suddenly opened wide with realization. The hymn was not usually this loud; this relieving; this pretty. The tigermare fastened her pace to a trot, added unintentionally a bass to the rhythm. Then, as the forest cleared up before her, all puzzle pieces fell into place.

    In the hues of the rising sun nobody less than the God of the Earth stood bathing in the light, along with the whole of the thistle meadow: He was a part of the land. Hunting with a song of nature for those he sought - if he sought anyone. She wasn't sure, but he had found her. So she stood quietly at the forest's border, closing her eyelids in the half-light that draped down through the holes of the canopy above her; enjoying a song of purity so rarely heard by mortal ears.

    Struck by peace she felt the coziness and warmth of the sun against her coat, but somewhere in the back of the waters floated the thought she knew all to well. She knew that there was no peace, only mere moments of them; chunks to chew on to find rest from time to time.
    And that was okay.

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    Haldir bounced and bubbled up front of the golden. The pair had risen early, still in the depth of night. The gold had fought sleep, his mind never ceasing with all that was happening and spinning about him. He was Lord. Oh what a title. But it came with the unending new futures. Great as they were to sparking that manipulative soul into life, it also did not let it sleep. So in the night they had risen. Haldir, though he always slept well, was thrilled. As the golden had snatches of sleep the deer had woken, as he usually did early. Here on the cusp of Frostfall their bond was changing. Feeling rising in the deer were felt more strongly in the gold, and vice versa. Soon they would begin a new stage in life. But that was not all. When the gold returned from the gathering of his ascension to the crown, a –horned- deer rushed out to greet him. Alright so he was not fully horned, but two prominent knobs had risen on the babe’s head. They were growing. Already the knobs had grown up two inches above his head. They were still covered though in the soft velvet of newness, but soon that would be gone, and a grown stag would stand where Haldir had. The realization add to the golden’s uneasy feelings.

    Of course just because he was near grown did not mean that Haldir had to act it. The deer skill kicked up his heels in near defiance of the stillness of the morning. Of course the stars were gone, expect for one or two, but they had been thoroughly enjoyed. The golden was much less excited. His head was low as he walked through the meadows, his mind in a most serious concentration of the plans coming ahead. It might have been very unfortunate for him then, that their bond had grown stronger, for when Haldir snapped to attention to see something, the golden looked with him.

    In the middle of an already gathering field stood an enormous bay. The golden sighed, recognizing him as the Earth God. He shakes his head, annoyed to be woken from his thoughts. “Orome a Aule a Ulmo a Yavanna” [Lord of Forests, Lord of Earth, King of the Sea, and Giver of Fruits]. They were gods from his old native, and irritation in being pulled to that place, farther from his thoughts here caused the gold to turn and continue on. Haldir though, was dumbfounded. His little mouth opened and it never closed. He knew the names and meaning from the descriptions of the gold, which of course, the deer always ad to beg for. Slowly his large eyes turn back to the enormous creature. His small experience trying to wrap around how he could be a ruler of all of that. Maybe that’s why he was bigger? He had to do it all? He was amazing in the small deer’s eyes, and certainly something he wanted to see closer. The deer turns around and even before he bleats out or stomps his hoof the golden knows what’s coming. Snorting he turns round. “Bui rinc bo.” [Need to move on] The golden stated firmly. But Haldir had won his fair share of these battles. His ears folded back and hoof stomped. A growl runs through the gold, but not at the deer, but in frustration. He would have to give in.

    So here comes the happy couple. Haldir at first, joyous to have his bonded, stays with him. The gold, dragging his hooves joins slowly comes. He sees a familiar face, but only one. The raven perched on the large god’s shoulder was most recognizable now, though Haldir still smirked to see her. It made him all the more gleeful. He leapt from the golden’s side into the gather. The gold hissed after him, frustrated the babe insisted on making a scene. “Haldir!” But there was nothing to be done. The deer was far too excited. He slipped under the legs of some and through the tight spaces to come right to the front. His legs stop wide and pale bottomless eyes slowly take in the full size of the creature right before him. With the shock and raising of his head, the poor deer’s back half fell and he landed, sitting in amazement, but with a growing wind grin on his face. He felt as if he was sitting in front of an old grandfather, a protector and keeper. The sway of the God of Earth warming against the little deer, and he loved it.

    The golden in the end, could not stay mad. Whether from the pure happiness streaming through their bond, or his acceptance of another defeat is unknown. He stood off to the side, eyes watching carefully the deer. It did not escape him that his bonded was so unlike him. It brought him a great deal of frustration. Sighing the gold looks eyes, eyes turning to the rising dawn. In the shadows though, as night rescinds there stands one last star. That they did have in common, the golden mused. Haldir’s own fascination with elenath, the night sky, had not come from thin air, but from the golden’s own love of it. It was one of the few cultural aspects that still clung to him. Haldir had embraced it whole heartedly (as he did everything). It was one of the few things though that the golden and his dark deer truly had in common, and could enjoy. A small idea formed in the golden’s mind. He remembered a necklace from a bygone age that had rested on a pretty lady’s neck. Before he got to thinking too much about that lady, he looked back to the God of Earth wondering if the small deer at his feet would find pleasure in the trinket. For one of those rare moments in his life, the gold thought of doing something for another.

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    Haldir rushes into the group to sit as close as he dares to Father Earth. Thranduil stands by the edges watching him.


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    There was a god among them.

    There was a memory which hadn't left much of an impression on the boy, one of a very tall stallion with flaming wings and fiery eyes, who had a special feeling about him, like magic and power and strength. And then there was another one, more recent, of frenzied hunting and following Ma so they could all get on a boat. He hadn't really seen much of the second one, but he had the same feeling about him, and Ma had told him it was 'Father Earth', and that he was a god, and that gods were magic and good.

    (but then the Moon God was bad, so that was just something else that was too complicated for him to deal with right now)

    He'd gone to the meadow at dawn, because Ma had given him a taste for watching the sunrise in various places. So far he'd seen most of them at the beach, along various coastlines and reflected in the sea- but never yet here, in this particular place. Squishy followed behind him, dutiful as ever, and the boy explained his desires to his silent friend, imagining the answers which might come in response. He'd also hoped against hope to find Zahra, who he could only pray had made it back to her Ma, and Bird, and to make sure they were okay. He'd seen them last in that very meadow, so wasn't it logical that he might see her here again?

    The boy's steps were gentle, his usual exuberance subdued. Thinking of Zahra made him quite sad, filled him with a horrible, wrenching guilt in his stomach. Where was she? Again, he hoped that she was okay. He would make her a golem, he had decided, a Squishy of her own, so that no matter what happened she would be safe, but as yet he hadn't found just the right materials, the perfect combination of metal and stone. There was something about the meadow that morning which offered a sort of promise- was it, maybe, the promise of stone?

    No, he quickly realized. It was the presence of a god.

    Ma had said that the Gods had blessed him, given him gifts when he was born and that was why he had magic, but something about that always sat uneasy in his chest. If the Gods had blessed him then why was he broken? Had they meant him to be this way? He had not voiced his concerns, not to anyone, not even to Ma, but as he looked at the God and the circle of people around him they suddenly came bubbling to the surface of his lips, unbidden and destructive, fiery and hot. They all wanted something, and all he wanted was to be whole.

    Maybe it was his pain over Zahra's disappearance, but all at once the boy broke, and crashed into the clearing.

    Without regard for any others the boy exploded into the group, followed by a far more languid Squishy. He pushed his way forward, past strangers and friends, until his small form was planted in front of the God, a powerful pain and anger painted within his sunbeam eyes. He was a mole before a mountain, a mouse before a lion- and his voice was almost a whisper, or as close as a boy of his volume could get.

    "My Ma said you bless people, an' that you blessded me, an' that's why I gots my metal magic." He hesitated, shuffling, but kept his gaze fixed upon the god. "An' I mean it's cool but... why'd you have t'take my w-wing to do it?" Tears now, choked back and strangled, burned by anger before they could reach the ground. Squishy crackled dangerously at Zero's hooves, sensing its maker's discomfort, pressing against his hocks. He hadn't said this to anyone, not even to himself, but it exploded now with a flurry of emotion, a tidal wave the boy could not contain. Poor Earth God, if only the boy had known who else had chastised and accused him so! With a final sniff the half-child exhaled:

    "I just wanna be useful, an' not brokeded. Why'd y'make me brokeded?"

    He didn't care who heard. But he also didn't dare look around, to see who might be there.

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    Ampere & Zèklè
    Ampere had been following him. His independent nature was not something she wished to snuff out, though she couldn't help but wonder if he'd been pushed into it by her absences. She had been around, but not for him, not often enough. Between being Gladiator and Chancellor, as well as starting up her secret organization, time was slipping through her wings like wind and his childhood along with it. Only recently had she even noticed the mass of-of- by the gods what the fuck even was it that was on her boy? It grew out like some kind of awful fungus from where his beautiful wing ought to be, It was cold (or hot int he sun) and shone like metal, but she had only ever known metal to come from the ground or the sea, not bodies, not her son's body.

    So she followed him, because she was worried, and because she felt like maybe if she was close by, even when he didn't realize, well maybe that still counted for something in the mom category and then she wouldn't be so restless at night any more. They still slept together, sometimes, she usually patrolled at night and he usually explored in the day, so dawn and dusk was mostly their time now... and it saddened her.

    That's why, as he broke in before the group, she hung back. It only took a brief glance for Ampere to notice and know the God of the Earth. He had descended, and like so many things did in Helovia, beings were attracted to his power, her son included. Dark lips pursed in a thoughtful line as Ampere considered the consequences of her sun mingling with the gods so soon, but it was not her place to bar him from this choice. She had told him tales of the gods, and his curiosity and his desires were natural. He could decide on his own which one, if any, he'd choose to follow.

    She was prepared for religion, but not got his tearful admission. His words struck her like a jolt of electricity and they weren't even for her. "why'd you have t'take my w-wing to do it?" "Oh gods," she exhaled, her lungs crumpling in her chest as her heart swelled and pushed everything else out. She felt it, like a terrible weight sitting in the bottom of her throat, gently strangling her as her nares desperately widened and pulled on air. Tears of her own stung at her eyes, dropping easily, too easily.

    "He thinks he's, broken," she choked out in a whisper, so mangled with grief she barely even understood it herself. She had tried to ignore his blemish, she liked to think of it as. She had put on a good face when they'd walked everywhere together, and she had hoped the beauty of the world, what few parts were left any way, might distract him from the ugliness inside her and the scarring that was on him; because what wretched, fucked up world birthed a bird that couldn't fly, and what awful shit of a mother couldn't stop staring at what should have been. Had she done this? Had she broken him, because of the sharp points she herself bore?

    Little lightning... if only he knew he was more whole than most of them.

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    The GOD of the EARTH

    With the morning came the children of Helovia. They arrived at a slow pace, trickling towards him. First he turned his gaze upon the young colt, Volterra. Sensing the respect in the child’s voice the father of the earth smiled softly at him, it was a warm and welcoming smile. They stood alone for only a moment before a silvery mare arrives, also bonded. The lion at her side seemed to be rather hungry but they both behave…the mare allowing a quizzical expression to paint her face. The four of them stand there, the morning sun still on the rise. Turning his gaze towards the sky the god watches another hovering in the sky. It is as if the mare finally makes up her mind and decides to join them. Softly she comes into land and joins their side as the sun rises. "Welcome." Is his soft murmured response to Cirrus.

    The next presence causes him to tip his massive head backwards and watch the raven circling his head. A smile tugs at the corner of his lips, his daughter comes to land upon Volterra’s shoulder blades after a soft hello. The earth father tilts his head at his daughter’s words, her request for help. "Isopia." He offered his daughter a gentle smile in greeting, then he gave her a single nod. "After."
    At the forest's border, with her eyelids closed and draped in the half-light she appeared to be so at peace. The tiger mare is calm and happy bathed in the morning light. His warm gaze darts towards a cendyr that rushes into the group before settlinging close to him. A warm chuckle sounds from the earth god as he watches the brave creature, before his eyes flicker over to Thranduil standing by the edge of the field watching them.

    Next a young colt arrived at at group, the God of the earth sensed the sadness in the boy before he even spoke. He was already gifted…or blessed to use his words, the Earth God could sense that much. The boy hesitated, shuffling, but kept his gaze fixed upon the god. The Earth God peered at the boy’s one wing and then looked at the side missing a wing. Tears fell from the boy as he made his last demand of the earth father. Next the tears where falling from his mother’s eyes, the blame she felt was upon her. "No, child." The Earth God's great voice had softened to a whisper as he peered down at the sobbing child. "You are not broken!" A gentle smile pulled at the God’s lips as he tried to comfort the hurting family. "I have seen many great mortals rise, some the same as you are." The God of the Earth glanced towards the boys mother, then back at the boy. "No one is to blame and you are only a little…bent. One day you could, perhaps, get that straightened out."

    With that he was finished, the sun had risen and the group that had gathered around him had been decent company, a few had stood out to him. Firstly he turned to Cirrus with a smile, she would be the first to receive the gift. "So you wish for healing abilities?" Nodding once he turned and gestured towards the rest of the lands around helovia. "You are to find five creatures who are suffering and purify their bodies in waters to help them through this pain." He watches the winged mare for a moment later and then smiled. "Once their bodies have been purified collect a token from their corpse." The Earth God gazed at the winged mare before finishing. "Return to me when you have completed this quest."

    Now he turned to the tiger mare, "Maren." Summoning her to his side, he waited until she reached him. "Already gifted I see," the God chuckled, before continuing. "Find others who are able to effect three of your senses- either smell, touch, hearing or taste." He spoke to her with his powerful voice. "Then you will experience what you will be capable of doing to others, for three days your vision will be obscured." Still studying her the earth god continued after a moment. "When these experiences are over return to me."

    Finally he was finished, so lastly he turned to his daughter, watching her for a moment before he spoke to her in a gentle tone. "What do you need Isopia?"

    Congratulations to Cirrus and Maren!

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    But the Sun was not what called her today.

    Nevertheless it was her name that got called when the one with the power to grow flowers from the eutrophic earth – the one who was able to spread the seeds from the flowers of many species on to undiscovered places. Of course she knew that the Sun she served was the light of life the earth was in need for for existing. But it was simply so easily overlooked through the brilliant heat of angry flames and wildfires. Perhaps it was barely that knowledge that kept her under the roof of a canopy of half-shadows and sunlight. Logically, she knew. And she didn’t care. But then again logically, she had not thought that the God would call her name this sunset. For her path was not framed by flowers and brooks, but by the fire and heat she secretly adored.

    So she swallowed, retained her respectful composure and from her isolated forestry haven, draped in shadow and light, she walked towards the earthly divinity that was the God of the Earth. His chuckling sound was like a chore of twittering little birds in spring. Summoned she was, felt, but that disappeared when the God spoke out a wish she had been having in the depths of her mind. And with thankful eyes she smiled at him and then whispered: “Thank you” as she dipped her head into a small bow. To him – to the flowers, the greenery, the smell of rain and the glimmering sea when she sailed them, both wild and still. She would be to find others who would affect her senses – and after that her vision would be turn into mist for three days.

    As she was simply a servant of the Gods, she neither looked forward to what awaited her, nor did she felt reluctance. For what she had been given was a gift from the heavens, a stronger stance to serve the worthy and the needy. For she knew, to keep the balance in the world, for the peace of the world, the four Gods were all components of equal importance. And so she looked at the Sun’s Brother. “I shall return when I have been enlightened.” A last time she dipped her head, and then turned her frame around to head back into the forest where only the half-light embraced her tiger-striped figure once again.

    Notes: Thank youuu! <3

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    Others arrived, as they so often did when a God descended from his heights in the heavens and graced the land beneath with their presence. The mare watches them all idly, keeping her thoughts to herself. It was hard for her to see the bonds of companions upon so many souls - had it always been that way? Had the soul-bond always been so prolific, so common, so normal? Did everyone know now, what it was to hold another's soul so near to your own? Did they appreciate what they had? Did they earn it to begin with?

    Did they know what it was to lose part of your soul?

    The arrival of her General and Diviner surprised her - the outburst of the gladiator's son even more so. The rumbling reply from the Earthern Lord to the colt's plea almost shook the ground beneath her hooves, despite his whispered tones, she could feel the power behind what he said. As the Sun rose up over the horizon and danced across her own hide, she watched and listened as the colt was given attention, thinking that after the God had bestowed his wisdom upon the lad, he might put on a display of his power, or otherwise do something that would lead to his departure.

    But he didn't.

    The Lord's earthly stare came to land upon her own sunny hide, and she was surprised by what he said. Heal? The cloudmare had left the arts of healing long ago - but she did often think about it, and miss it. Life had been simpler then - life had been fuller then. As if on cue, her mane shifted along the length of her nape, and the feathers woven into the strands brushed against her muscular serpentine, reminding her just how much she did have in her life now. Life was different, but was it any more or less full?

    Cirrus listened as he addressed her, suddenly welcoming of the idea to improve and grow. He thought her worthy of this gift - she would not squander the opportunity. She would grow and improve, and she would deliver to the Lord what he asked for.

    Though.. What was he asking her to do? Collect a token from their corpses - the mare had to wonder what purification had to do with death - what exactly was she going to be required to do -

    Of course, the only way to take a token from a corpse would be to create a corpse.

    The thought haunted her, even as the God turned his focus to her own Diviner, offering her a chance to grow and improve as well.

    "I will not fail you." She murmured her response in a snippet of silence that had followed, swallowing the trepidation that welled up in her throat at the thought of the task bestowed upon her.

    To confirm - Will Cirrus return to the Veins when she has all the tokens, or to here in the Meadow? :3

    ps THANK YOU <3

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