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Ophelia the Forsaken

Ophelia’s eye swept over those who gathered, recognizing more than a few and finding irritation in everything they spoke. Torleik’s pledge broke her heart in two, their shared words following this event in the cover of the Moon’s forests. Lena was a gentle comfort, her presence always soft and encouraging, but she no longer had a shoulder to lean on in this moment. Torleik’s muscular frame was in the running now, and she would have to face the accusations of bias though she truly believed he would make a powerful and excellent King. Having learned from past mistakes, lost enough to learn what caring truly was, and well-equipped for battle, the Bloodskald contained every fiber of a leader, and that fact was salt in her open wounds.

She was summarily ignored by a few, and though her pride was mildly stung, she let the words roll off. Biting at her bottom lip was the only way she kept from laughing harshly at a few, particularly those who came from the fallen Falls. A drunken idiot claimed he was fully qualified to lead, and a bitter pegasus claiming that her anger would be best given a platform to complain. Ophelia did not give a damn who Amaris’ mother was; who was she? And Cathun? What had Lace done? Who cared who his father was? When Ophelia rose to power with blood and sweat, she did not invoke her father’s name – battle proven as he was. She stood on her own, four hooves and made her name resonate free from bonds of family.

Also, let us be careful, Cathun. For Ophelia was the first to mention uniting the four herds. Oh how quickly mortal memories fade. And what system did not work? The World’s Edge had not been successfully invaded since the Qian in the times of her father and the Dragonheart. Why fix what was not broken? Two ruled, side by side. Each leader strengthened the other, like iron sharpening iron. What a fool…

And then Mauja was at least a voice for all her bitter thoughts. He was not a voice of reason, let’s be clear about that now. The manner in which his vehemence spit through the crowd was anything but reasonable, but the words themselves and the meaning behind them? Accurate. Painfully accurate. A bitter smile crossed her lips, watching his whiskered mouth run along Kahlua’s side. Not too long ago, he did the same with her, and how many other mares? Sialia, Glacia’s mother? Psyche? Though she expected this after learning the truth from Sno, the bitter ache was still there, and she looked down at her hooves to keep her sardonic, cruel smile to herself.

When would Kahlua learn that she was one of many? That his seductive words and gentle touches were not reserved just for her? Ophelia wanted to laugh in pain as she watched the Queen melt into his side, another heart in his jar like fireflies waiting to die.

He never even gave her a sideways glance.

The pale princess’ gaze fell on Torleik’s. He was obviously surprised by Mauja’s backing of him, but Ophelia was unsure if she was surprised or not. Mauja had always been, in her eyes, very intelligent. He knew that loyalty to the gods and a noble heart made good rulers. Strangers. And Mirage. The Lady had not seen the dark mare in some time, but she had always admired Mirage’s strength and cunning. To some, she was evil and to others a hero. Ophelia only saw a veil, hiding a strange and mysterious truth beneath shrew exterior, and she snorted in humor at the jab toward Mauja. Now, this should be good...

Thor made his plea – passionate, but falling on deaf ears. Ophelia was unmoved. Had he not already had his chance to lead? Arah’s presence was surprising, and she narrowed her eyes slightly. Did the doe covet Ophelia’s title then? Insulting the very goddess whose her you will be serving was at the height of stupidity, and she shook her head slightly, narrowing her gaze. “You have an idea,” she replied quietly. “You should face every battle with a plan and every position with ideals. Knowing where you stand will provide a foundation on which your subjects can lean in times of doubt. At the very least, you should know why you think you will not fail.” The words were not spoke cruelly or unkindly. Arah was worthy, though the pale princess would never trust her – not completely.

Ampere and Maren showed up along with a strange, gray mare. Ophelia snorted, shaking her head at the lack of attention being paid. Kahlua spoke in her stead, and for that she was grateful. She was finding it increasingly more difficult not to release the stabbing irony she felt into acidic, hateful words. Strange, dual colored eyes glanced around at her group of individuals, wanting to practically roll her eyes. Excellent, she thought sarcastically. The failed members of the Falls, the idiot who leaned on his father’s half-forgotten name, and her own general were in her group. Who knew where Mauja, Thor, Arah or Mirage would end up – if they were trying at all to compete for this title.

“Follow me,” she said quietly, turning swiftly on a cloven hoof toward the forest’s south-eastern border. Remnants of the glass wall still shone in some places, and she paused to look up at her group, strange, dual colored eyes heavily guarded and expression apathetic, neutral. “I have heard your opinions and do not need to hear more,” she said firmly. “My mission is to assess your ability to protect and defend your herd.” Well, that leaves two out of the equation… “Battle requires strategy, forethought and anticipation of your enemy’s movements. Peace is a tenuous notion and ‘alliance’ is just a word. You cannot lean on them and cry ‘unfair’ when you lose from being ill prepared.”

Ophelia stood firmly in place, her words holding little to no emotion behind them whatsoever. She was here as a courtesy to Kahlua – who did not seem to need her at all not that she had her precious Mauja to meld herself into before a pack of hungry wolves. Kahlua did not defend the Basin’s honor nor call off the hateful glares that rested on Ophelia’s hide when she was merely an ally in a war constructed by Archibald, Kahlua and Kaj.

“I will play the invader. It is up to you to stop me from reaching that gnarled tree – there,” she said, nodding her mousy muzzle in the direction of a massive, red-wreathed oak. “Tell me what glass or Edge related fortifications you will have in place and I will act accordingly as we do not have time nor resources for you to do so in reality.” Ophelia stepped back then, waiting for them to think and tell her their defenses. Then, she used her rank magic to turn invisible.

Beneath a shield of nothingness and empty air, she pressed forward, intent on getting to the tree.

Battle lead fun!
Please PM "OPHELIA" your ideas so there is no copying off of one another and so on and so forth. Reply to this thread within 5 days like before in order to be considered. You can sort of 'gloss' over the details of what you PM to me.

Remember that you can use all Edge-related people/ranks. So glass makers, warriors, seer, etc, etc.

I will then respond with Ophelia showing strengths/weaknesses of each plan, and she will give her recommendation to Kahlua.


Please remember this is an either/or thing and not both. If you are going with Kahlua, you CANNOT be in Ophelia's group and vice versa.

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Torleik the Bloodskald

He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.

Torleik followed Ophelia, his mind, too, wondering at the wisdom of having her assess his ability. Any who knew of their rocky intimacy would cry foul, cry favoritism, cry bias. The Bloodskald knew better. The Forsaken would not favor him if she found him to be lacking in the qualities necessary for a leader.

She might let him down gently out of kindness, but she would not put others at risk just for want of pleasing him.

She commanded them to plan, to make a strategy to prevent her from reaching the massive, gnarly red oak, and the general could not deny a slight thrill of arousal at her demeanor. He loved it when she took command, when she put on that armor, that mask of a leader and got that edge. With a grunt, he focused his mind. Now was not the time for that sort of thinking. Now he had to prove himself. Lust could come later. Lust was not worth losing anything in this world. So, he set himself to thinking and observing. The oak was gigantic, towering over the others even though it was in a small little dip, a miniature valley of sorts.

Commendable, that the tree knew it had to grow taller due to lacking even ground upon which to expand with the others. Considering his abilities, the Edge herd abilities, and Irelyn as his companion, the Bloodskald formulated a plan. Approaching the Lady of the Basin, he nodded towards the tree.

[[[[[[[[Torleik followed Ophelia, his mind, too, wondering at the wisdom of having her assess his ability. Any who knew of their rocky intimacy would cry foul, cry favoritism, cry bias. The Bloodskald knew better. The Forsaken would not favor him if she found him to be lacking in the qualities necessary for a leader.

She might let him down gently out of kindness, but she would not put others at risk just for want of pleasing him.

She commanded them to plan, to make a strategy to prevent her from reaching the massive, gnarly red oak, and the general could not deny a slight thrill of arousal at her demeanor. He loved it when she took command, when she put on that armor, that mask of a leader and got that edge. With a grunt, he focused his mind. Now was not the time for that sort of thinking. Now he had to prove himself. Lust could come later. Lust was not worth losing anything in this world. So, he set himself to thinking and observing. The oak was gigantic, towering over the others even though it was in a small little dip, a miniature valley of sorts.

Commendable, that the tree knew it had to grow taller due to lacking even ground upon which to expand with the others. Considering his abilities, the Edge herd abilities, and Irelyn as his companion, the Bloodskald formulated a plan. Approaching the Lady of the Basin, he nodded towards the tree. "The tree is in a small valley. If I had the time, and knew this area was a desired target, I would utilize the Edge's ability to craft glass traps and defenses in more than one way. My people are fond of wooden pikes. They are easy to craft, easy to supply, easy to lash together. But here, I would use glass pikes, thick ones, made to hold and not shatter when hit. I would set those up in a medium perimeter."

He paused, considering further fortifications. "The size being slightly larger is necessary, because within that perimeter, if it be breached, I would set up hidden traps. Many relax once past what they perceive to be main defenses. If there was an approach from the north, I would have a shallow pit dug and lined with glass spikes. It needn't be deep because such wounds would be crippling. From the east, I would have a what I have always deemed a 'bear claw' of glass. Hefty branches, lashed together, tipped with glass spikes, hidden in the ground with leaves, bent back and held fast by greenstick branches or rope by myself if necessary, like a large, equine sized mouse trap."

Shifting, he nodded to another direction. "From the west, I would employ a spiked glass sphere, strung up in the tree and released by pressure on the ground down below. Last, from the south, I would place myself or a trusted soldier in the way, ensconced in armor. However, placed in front of myself or this soldier, I would have another section of smaller glass pikes, lashed together, hidden under leaves and dirt, that can be raised suddenly by a simple tug of rope in the case of more than one attacker. That would be in a small perimeter. Of course there must be a way in and out for myself or my guard - I would consider that the weakness of such traps. There simply must be a way out unless, for some reason, this location was so vastly important that my or anyone else's life should be forfeit in defense of it."

The Bloodskald took a breath, pausing once more, giving a small smirk. "Perhaps this is overkill, but I am rather fond of traps. Always have been, since my father, in one of his parental moments, taught me to trap in the forest. And considering this is a forest, I would also utilize Irelyn, hidden in the trees and utterly silent as she can be. Even the smallest or most invisible prey can be located by sound: and I would leave that to her. Day or night, visible or magically cloaked, I have faith in her ability to locate her target. And I would be prepared, had I any hint of a potential invasion. The World's Edge has one like the Basin Haruspex, yes? I would consult the Seer often, as a manner of preventative defense, and to try to gain the upper hand should a threat come against the herdland." Torleik snorted. "And, since I am going for the overkill here, should I feel it necessary, I would utilize my storm magic and pelt the area for...a good twenty meters or so with hail or icy sleet to try to deter the invader or invaders."

The general shrugged with a somewhat amused smile on his scarred face. "This is, of course, not to mention I would have a small band of soldiers on constant patrol - but not the whole of our forces, on the off chance this is merely a diversion." Taking a small step back, he rolled his muscular shoulders in a shrug. "That is, perhaps, overkill. But if I felt this location could not be breached for whatever reason, I would do my utmost to ensure no one succeeded. And I hope this has shown that I am aware I have various options, all of which should be explored. If my soldiers had particular talents, I would utilize those too - but that would come after learning my new herd."]]]]]]]]

His extensive strategy conveyed to his judge and jury all rolled into one fine, sound-minded mare, the Bloodskald concluded his tactical speech and fell silent. Time would tell if his ideas were good enough. If they were not, the disappointment would be great, of course, but he would accept that someone else outsmarted him. That person would deserve the position more than he, if so.

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Ampere glanced over @[Maren] as the familiar mare made her way towards her. Ampere's initial reaction mirrored the thoughts of the priestess, and in response her expression widened with mild surprise. She didn't know much of the head-winged Diviner, but what little she had learned of her suggested she fit her earned title well. Then again, as much could be said of Ampere.

Yet the priest, like her, had gone silent int he crowd, content only to watch while the others contended, however unorthodox and foolish it was. Ampere proffered her a smile by way of greeting, one that broke into a soft laugh at the apparent shrug that Maren gave. It was a suitable summary for the events. "It's entertainment, at the least," Ampere murmured softly. Not that she wanted any leadership to be entertaining, it was still a small consolation.

Still, her blue gaze drifted over two sand-speckled bodies, one that belonged to her warrior ranks, and one that she had fought against. She did not hold their ambition against them, but she was curious why if they both spoke of bloodline, that they chose to reside where that vein did not flow. If the Edge truly belonged to them through the hands of history, why had they not nestled in her misty nest before this shining crown was lifted?

Not that they were the only ones. All of the greed, however well intended, made her sick. The mantle of a sultan and sultana should not be taken because it is wanted, but because it wanted you. "I wonder why the Moon does not select some herself..." Ampere mumbled as an aside to Maren, wrapped up in her own thoughts and her private questions. Just where was the Moon anyway? Had she truly been tormenting the herd that had lived there, prompting the war which was waged? She'd have to ask Mesec when she got back to the Throat. If anyone would know, he might be the one.

Ampere wasn't given much time to peruse her own mind as Kahlua and Ophelia both spoke up, splitting the assembled group into the main paths of leadership. Ampere remained in the Edge, figuring that Gaucho or Megaera would learn what they needed from the group which was heading south, meaning her staying here would be the most useful information wise. That the warrior lead would be chosen here, was just luck.

Another smile fell into place on her maw as she settled in to watch, nodding with much more approval of this method, even if it was still jarringly man-handled by Ophelia. Ampere had known countless 'warriors' well adept at opening their mouths, but it was the battlefield where they really earned their title. Ophelia surely knew that, so maybe the ice queen would manage to draw some blood today. If not... perhaps Ampere would give them all a jolt and liven them up; even if they all turned on her, at least she might see who had the actual worth, and not just the wind to describe it.

Her smile widened, just as lopsided and wild as her asymmetric markings. Some politician she made...

[Ampere is observing]

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He had a certain nagging feeling that he was being underestimated. It was not that surprising considering his youth - Cathun did not blame the stallions and mares for ignoring him, nor was he upset that his passionate speech had passed by unanswered. There were plenty of others who received judgmental stares, raised brows and harsh words, and for all that it was frustrating to be left hanging, he didn't make a fuss about it. Unlike the so called 'mature and wise' who chose to call each other out as idiots and no-names the colt kept quiet except when it was his turn to speak, ears turned marginally back in breezy contempt for those who dragged their own honor and good name through the mud by acting like fools.

It was a sad day indeed, when the youngest in the group possessed the best manners.

He remained suave and calm as he and a few others were led aside, his attention focused more on the surrounding landscape than his co-competitors. It was his first time stepping into this forest, but from his father's stories he had a pretty good picture on what the region was like. Dark, misty, narrow paths and trees that blocked the view... oh yes it was exactly like Cathun had imagined it, complete with the heady scent of moss, loam and clear waters hidden from view by fern and fungi. Was it genetic, this love for nature he held, or was it the result of a childhood spent behind stone walls? Regardless, Cathun felt much more at ease here than in the Threshold forest with its skin-crawling barrier magic, or beneath the scorching sun of the red desert he currently called home. The sparks that scattered from his flowing locks burned so much clearer beneath this canopy, the glow of his eyes brighter than ever as he peered around in all directions, breathing in deeply while appreciating the damp coolness of green moss against the frogs of the feet.

Returning his attention to the snow-colored Lady as she revealed the task ahead, Cathun listened with his head tilted, a smile appearing on his lips in appreciation of the 'game' she suggested. It sounded amusing, and after taking a moment to think - and eye the competition with renewed fervor - he offered his solutions to the problem.

"Well, my tactic would be to..."

Initially Cathun would display a small group of Warriors that will put up some resistance to gauge the strength and ability of the enemy/Ophelia, after which they will pretend to turn and flee, disappearing into the forest. This is meant to make the enemy feel confident and careless, believing themselves to have won already.

Making use of the poor visibility and hilly terrain he would then have some of the Glaziers place out barriers and obstacles to force Ophelia/invaders to slow down and take detours on her way to the goal, potentially separating a larger force into smaller groups or forcing them to move on a line. The barriers would be placed so that only a small number of enemies can pass at the same time, and to ultimately create a bottle-neck effect by the tree so that only one or a few enemies can attack at the same time.

Pre-arranged groups of Warriors and volunteering Citizens would be tasked with performing guerrilla attacks from the sides, hit and runs or long ranged magic bombardments meant to tire out, scare and confuse, with the goal to take out as many invaders as possible before they can reach the tree/far into the herd-land.

Sneak ranks and some Mend rank would move between the fighting groups to gather intel on the progress and heal those who need it, reporting to the Generals and Leaders and remaining Mend and Citizen ranks who stand by at the Tree as the last defense line and headquarters. As the enemy/Ophelia advances the Warriors still able to fight and remaining Glaziers will move the barriers and close in behind her, preventing her from fleeing and ultimately catching her in a pincer attack.

The goal would be to separate and weaken an enemy by taking advantage of the forest, make them feel lost and confused and ultimately lose the will to fight before putting in the final attack, a coordinated strike from two directions.

It was a simple plan, but he felt that it should be effective. Of course it was not fool-proof - no strategy ever was, there were too many variables to consider and there would always be a need for flexibility and the ability to adapt to situations as they arose - but for this particular scenario where no great amount of details had been specified it was suitable.

Whether it was enough... well. He would just have to wait and see whether the current rulers were bold enough to bet on someone they didn't know. He was not his father and while he was proud of his heritage Cathun was not about to ride on the fame of a name. He wished to prove himself, burned for a chance to test his mettle, find his limits - and break through them.

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I've cried, and you'd think I'd be better for it, but the sadness just sleeps, and it stays in my spine the rest of my life.

Elsa had grossly underestimated how everyone was getting along on this side of town. One after another came in, a familiar spotted unicorn came in ranting like no other. Her bitter? Well, look at the pot that was calling the kettle black. Elsa remained silent, watching as numerous others approach. Then again, another pale mare approached ranting and raving. What the hell?! Was it white-bodied rage day or something? Apparently Elsa had not gotten that memo. It was turning out to be quite the adventurous gathering. Even if she didn't win, it was nice to know that the perfect faced complexion wasn't so perfect after all. Hey, at least she was not the only one with flaws.

As Ophelia turned to leave, she followed the group that was with her. It was dominated by men, and immediately she shrunk back against herself. Not only was she of the female gender, but she was one of the only people here without a horn. The only other one to lack it was the ember-dressed equine.

Quickly, their following ended as Ophelia addressed the small crowd. She was quick and to the point, commanding them to keep her away from the tree. Granted, Elsa felt this to be quite an assuming task. In battle, there was no way to know and prepare. The Falls for example, they had no clue that an army was being built just moments away. Even though they were on the track to fortifications, time was the only thing that would help. In the presence of a fresh battle arising, the Edge would have to rely on their warriors first. Their wall could only do so much.

The large black stallion spoke first, offering his plan. Others gathered while he talked, observing from afar. The equine spoke next, offering another valid speech. Elsa couldn't help but be lost in what others were thinking. Coming forward to claim lead? That in and of itself was enough to make anyone jealous, right? They shouldn't have to come forward to ask for it, they should be rewarded it. Yet, sometimes you have to shove your pride back up your ass and go for it. Someone had to do it, and by the looks of it those who had problems with it had not hinted at whether or not they were "competing". The only way to change something that you hate it to take it into your hands. Even if they did not want to lead, they could easily claim it and pass it onto someone else.

Stepping forward she cleared her throat, and began speaking.

[[[[[Elsa would create pitfall traps at the entrances, or, in front of the tree at that point. The Glass makers would quickly make a layer of glass just below the sod part of the ground. Then, it would be layered on the top with more grass and dirt, thus hidden. Guards would be posted around these points, with minute markers to show the edges. They could protect the passable part of land, and have the glass pitfalls on either side. This would keep those who should be inside safe. And those who weren't, could fall in themselves if they tried to sneak in, or be pushed in by the guards. For safety reasons, the guards would/should be mostly pegasus in case they get pushed in themselves. Would also ask seer for a herd quest to make invisible spikes around the base of the tree, so Pegasus who could just fly over would land on the spikes.]]]]

When she finished, she stepped back into the crowd. Elsa could not be sure whether her tactic was good or not, she did not want to think too highly or too lowly of herself. Eventually this would end, and she would either have a job or be leaving everyone alone. It would not be any different though, because she was good at doing both. Edgar nervously rolled upon her poll, anxious for this to be over with. He was trying to take as much of her bias attitude away as possible, and he could only help for a little bit longer. Elsa silently told him to sleep, she was as calm as she needed to be now. With that, the bird rolled up and shut his eyes, not eager at all to know what the outcome would be.

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The gathering grows, with heated exchanges passing between a few members of the group. Mauja, for one, has words of heat and bitterness. I disregard him and the trouble he stirs, trying instead to focus on the trouble at hand. We are divided up, with those of us desiring to be warrior leads going with Ophelia, the diplomatic leads following Kahlua. I turn to follow the pale lady, accompanied by Elsa, Torleik, and a son of the Throat that I am unfamiliar with.

I am sure, going into this, that I am at a disadvantage. I am asking to be a leader of a herd, a warrior lead, after just losing a battle defending my previous herd. But shouldn't this be different? A chance to start over, a chance to truly lead. To devise my own strategies rather than scrambling to figure out what plans might have been had, but never communicated. I would not blame our loss on Midas, at least, not solely. There were many reasons why the Falls herd failed to defend itself. It is true that I carry much of the responsibility and guilt for that failure.

But that will not stop me now from trying again, trying for better, for more. And should I fail? Well. Fuck all that shit. Better to try and fail, than never try at all. Ophelia presents our challenge: keep her away from the tree. We are to use whatever the Edge offers - the seer, the warriors, the crafters. It's simple, yet strange and complicated. I stand for a moment, struck dumb as the gears in my mind shift and whir. Yes, watch them turn, stupid fuckers. Didn't think the drunk even had a brain, did ya?

But I do have a brain. I listen to the ideas of the others as one by one they present their plan. I'm the last to speak. I do not know the Edge very well at the moment, and I wonder if my plan can even slightly include the wonderful advantages that the Edge might have. All I can do is try.

"Rostislav begins to outline a plan for the defense of the tree against the (evil) Ophelia. Aka Frosty Nips.

- Crafters created a glass wall/fence surround the herd/tree.
- Hanging vine would surround/weave through the glass wall, providing greater fortitude. (Though weakening in Orangemoon and ineffective during Frostfall.)
- If the fauna of the land may be induced to help defend, the Luna butterflies may be used as a distraction/veil in the night, and the lantern foxes may distract invaders such as Ophelia.
- The mists of the World's Edge would be a natural advantage in blinding those unfamiliar in the land.
- The Seer may foresee the attack that is coming, and better assist us in assembling our forces.
- Forces may be congregated at weak points in the wall, or where stronger invaders are seen advancing on the outside of the glass.

So, the vines from the tree that we guard may fortify a glass wall surrounding me and the tree. Butterflies and mist may obscure her vision. I shall prepare defense and see her coming as she attempts to breach the glass.
(Or you know, I can throw alcohol her and get someone to light her on fire. Old school molotov cocktail)"

I give a small harumph sound, wondering if my plan is good enough. Will it succeed? Fail? Will I ever be a match for Ophelia or any of the Basin, of the Edge? Of course I will. I'm Rostislav.

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