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[OPEN] The Last Goodbye....

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With every step nearer, she could feel the sharp fragments of her broken heart slice through flesh - through her core. Pieces, she could feel, sailed up the labyrinth of veins feeding her withered, beaten body like knife blades hacking, all along the way. It was more agonising than even the raw wound beneath her barrel which festered and fermented under the ravenous plague of flies pursuing her. It was more gruesome still, than the snapped and splintered bones baking in the sunlight, as her wing swung horrendously to the rhythm of her wearying walk. Africa trembled, in shock, stricken by the immeasurable weight of her grief. Hers was a mind that could not find the light. Tortured, haunted, scarred… and the world was too much to front alone. Tears rolled on, staining dull cheeks with hopeless sorrow - even as the wracking sobs began to slow.

Had the God of the Earth failed his most faithful?

What would she tell their daughter?

Where could they go from here?

Though Africa’s rage was numbing beneath every wave of resignation through her mind, she couldn’t bear the thought of the child entwining her life into this, plague… She regretted that night now as the dim shadow of trees melted across her; wished to the Gods that she had never left the Throat, not put herself in the path of the Gallant’s kind heart. She was sure his fall from grace was her fault - she had started the avalanche by distracting his good sense. Or was it the Constrictor (in every sense of the word), or Ranjiri the child who had forsaken him? Was it Cera, blinded by whatever bitterness and numb to the honest, selfless love he had been given, who had planted the seed which bloomed into this epic demise? Africa hated them all, she loathed herself. Each face dancing before her blurred eyes had contributed to the downfall of a God in his own right, the Ascended; they had played him, crippled him, murdered him…

She was forced to pause the journey suddenly.

Head slung low, breath grating in her parched, stinging throat, Africa felt the knife again drive into her abdomen. The pain of her breaking heart (of the battle wounds still worn) robbed her of precious seconds. She pressed on stubbornly, hobbling and staggering pathetically around the never-ending path. The Legatus, now nothing, she could hear was following. The machine in his care clunked against rock and dip and groaned as it rolled ever deeper into alien territory - it was too alien. Strange smells already lingered about the earth, waste from creatures who had once been called friend. She had no time for them now, no energy to spend resenting their treachery.

Africa came upon the glade many hours later, that opened like a verandah before the beautiful love-nest crafted by her mate. As her pale eyes set wistfully upon it, memories engulfed her. She had come to Helovia as only a child with not one notch of experience to tarnish her soul. Frivolous and innocent she had been turned free across a land that would bring her only but suffering and heartache. Amongst the shadow of relentless pain however, one light kept driving forward, splitting the depression that seemed now to be as natural within, as the bond she shared with dear Silas. Midas, time and time again, had been her knight in shining armour - the rock, as the world around her began to crumble. He had been the constant in her never ending confusion, the strength to balance her weakness.

He was the calm water, and she the wild fire…

She was the wrong, and he was her right.

With all of the strength she could find, Africa turned to find Rostislav and the Basin's machine. Eyes found the charred, butchered shell of her lover quickly after and they beckoned him closer, ’Please… don’t leave me here Midas.’ she begged silently as she collapsed for the final time against his slumped skull. ’I need you, Zahra needs you… Who will save us now?’ Lungs moaned awfully as her lips pressed a tender, trembling kiss upon his closed eye, and when finally there was not a sob left in her failing frame to give, she whispered… “I love you so much.”

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Immortality that the God had given, had been taken.

Light surrounded Africa, Midas, and the metal contraption as a creature ambled suddenly appeared. Its body was composed of the same rustic colours as the Earthen God's were, yet it was much, much smaller. It was the God's turtle, a companion and servant as faithful and steadfast as Midas ever was. Slowly the creature moved out of the light that comprised it, and gradually the area returned to its original brightness. With soft and warm eyes, the turtle regarded Africa solemnly. Whatever questions she had for the God, or his servant, would best be answered by time. There were no words of consolation he could offer, no optimism for the future. In time all would make sense, though wounds would not heal. Not completely anyways.

"Hello Africa." The creature offered, his words wizened and warm. He made no effort to approach her further, nor did he offer a kind embrace. It was not what she needed now. Not from him anyways. Reaching into his shell, impossibly large objects suddenly appeared: Midas spear, his armor, a small glass heart, the leaf charm from his service during the flood, two amulets, and a multitude of feathers. Some feathers were clearly from Midas, others were from Neve and Fina.

Gently these items were placed on the ground. Likely the sudden appearance of so much that had belonged to Midas would be hard for Africa to bear, but it was better than having her mind worry and wonder about the trinkets that had become so indefinitely a part of the Gallant. The turtle retreated a few paces, and allowed his earthen gaze to fall upon the broken body of Midas.

"He did not suffer. He is with Hototo now."

Light began to glow from within the turtle, slowly bleeding out into the air. Now was a time of grieving, and the turtle had no place here. The light fell upon Africa, bathing her in warmth and love as the turtle disappeared.

He places the following items.

:: [Item: Armor | Offers protection, Midas wears it as a metal collar that can be summoned magically into full armor. Tanned leather sits beneath the metal when the armor is used.]
:: [Restrictions | Heavy when in full armor; can be removed with a button but needs assistance putting the collar back on. The leather helps soften the impact of the metal during fights and cushion blows]
:: [Item: Spear | Spear that expands to full size at the press of a button and will collapse for travel]
:: [Restrictions | Must be attached to the user somehow for easy transit ]
:: [Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]
:: [Item: Glass Heart | Braided into tail, appears to be broken. Contains a bacteria-containing liquid that naturally glows at night.]
:: [Item: green leaf charm | a green leaf charm that glows green in the dark]
:: [Item: Midas' feathers x 4]
:: [Item: Phoenix Feather x 2]
:: [Item: Arctic Zephyr Feather x2]
:: [Sun Amulet] :: [Spark Amulet]

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I wanted to go home. I wanted to hide myself away in the sand and work until I forgot the pain of losing my brother and my father in such a short span of time. I didn't want to think about dad's attempt at escaping the Basin or the lightning. I didn't want to think about the sound of his flesh sizzling after the lightning strike or the way it was charred and how it smelled, but it was impossible. All the way to the Heavenly Fields the scene replayed endlessly in my head, making it hard for me to concentrate on flying which made my movements clumsy and jerky like when I had been young and learning. Even with my clumsy movements I still flew as fast as I could to get there before whoever was there left and my father's body was gone.

Despite my best efforts I didn't make it in time. The field was empty and when I saw that disappointment and despair squeezed my chest like a vise and made it hard to breathe. How could they have been gone already? Where would they have gone? What had they done with my father's body? I angled my body toward the ground, grunting when I finally landed. "No one's here..." I said, though Gaucho didn't need me to point that out to him. "But ... where would they go?"

I began looking around and saw marks in the grass that looked like something had been moving. I didn't know what it was that told me to follow the trail, but I did and it brought me to the Hidden Falls. To my father's body on some kind of rolling contraption. My sides were lathered with sweat from a combination of running and flying as I followed the trail the thing had left.

There was another mare there, one winged, grey, and with flaming hair, but I didn't know her. I'd never met her before and the very brief times that I spent with my dad he never mentioned her to me. How was I supposed to know right away that she was his lover? It was easy enough for me to figure out, though, when she was given his every possession that he'd had in his mortal life. She was even assured that he hadn't suffered and I stood to the side watching and listening like the bystander I had been my entire life.

"Wait!" I called out desperately to the turtle as he disappeared. "Tell them I love them. Please..." But he was gone. I felt out of place, like I didn't even deserve to be there and I wondered if maybe I should have just gone home. I didn't know what to do and I looked to Gaucho because he always seemed to know what to do or what to say to make everything better.



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It's with a heavy heart that I accompany Africa and the Basin machinery that carries the body of the fallen King. The Gallant. Neither of us speak on our journey, wrapped up in our emotions with tongues too heavy to move. My adorned skull droops toward the ground as I follow the mate of the fallen. The wheels of the cart-thing creak over the roots and stones as we make our way into the Falls. We do not stop to announce our arrival, to ask permission of those that now rule here. We are on a mission, one of mourning and burial. Neither of us can think of diplomacy, territorial dispute. I can't look at the body next to me. I've never seen the King so plain, so... innocent, as bare as the day he was born. It seems almost indecent to view him as such, disrespectful.

Time passes, my mind is blank. I don't notice until we've arrived that we are now in one of the caves of the Falls. Africa moves her body to Midas's and her pain in tangible. I can't express my emotion like she does. I have to be strong, don't I? For her. For Midas. I don't know how to express myself. I don't know loss like this. The loss of someone I actually cared about, respected, adored? Before I say anything, a turtle I am familiar with appears. The Earth Turtle. I regard him carefully, wary of any representation of a God that failed his most loyal. At least, that's how I see it. But his words are kind and carried to the mourning mate and mother. He disappears and another comes instead.

I don't know this one, but it is as if I look upon a ghost. This surely must be a child of Midas. She calls out to the Turtle as he disappears and I look on at her expression of pain (a child indeed), and all the items laid out before the grey mare. I move toward her, pressing my nose against her cheek. "Let's move him from this contraption." And so after she's moved, I work with all my strength and care to move Midas gently to the ground. It's easier said than done, but after some effort, he is removed from the Basin's cart. While handy for the transport, we need it no longer, and I cannot imagine that it should be a part of his burial.

I don't feel like I belong here, with Midas's body, his mate, and his offspring. And yet here I am, loyal soldier to the end. The end of the end. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to continue. I'm helpless.

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I'd bring you further roses but it does you no good.

Gaucho had followed silently, like a warm shadow behind Ranjiri. When at first nothing had been found in the fields, Gaucho had thought perhaps that the Basin had been lying. It hadn't made sense that they would, and yet when there was nothing to show for, Gaucho certainly did wonder. Yet it was Ranjiri's keen eyes who had spotted the tracks and bayed that they follow.

Gaucho had gone willingly.

As they approached the group, Gaucho remained far back. The presence of Africa before Midas, in conjunction with Jiji's grief held him in his place. The Wildfire would surely grief for the Gallant, but this was clearly meant only for those who had loved him in a way different from the brotherly love he had once felt for the paint. Still, Gaucho stood like a pillar of fire, ready to defend Ranjiri should any try to prevent her last moments with her Father. The Falls had been taken - if the pair had to answer to any for trespassing, surely it would be Kahlua, Kaj, or Archibald. Were that they case, Gaucho knew that they were understand. As for Africa, and the horned male that Gaucho didn't know, Gaucho knew that he could hold his own against them. Though given their current grief-filled states he didn't think it would be a problem.

Silently the dun let his hardened blue gaze slip over the pile of trinkets that were left. To whom would those go? Gaucho knew Africa's flanks had been rounded when last he saw her, and now they were not. If the child was Midas', as Gaucho had assumed, would all worldly possessions pass to her? Would Africa perpetuate the distance that all of Midas' children had spoken of? Would Cera and Ranjiri receive nothing of their father? Would they be denied their inheritance? It wasn't his place, but still his mind wandered.

Silently Gaucho waited. Ranjiri could take as long as she pleased - and then together perhaps they would find Cera.

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