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[INVS] Thor vs. Bellona

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@[Thor] vs. @[Bellona]
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Smoke billowed in from the depths of the Falls. It was the only thing that I could see for some time and the only thing I could breathe or smell or taste. It made rushing my opponent feel like pressing against a wall of suffering that forced heavy gasps and raucous coughs from my lungs. However, my mind would not be wavered; I would not be thwarted. It was as if the sounds of the waterfalls and the cooling scents of the summer grasses had faded to grey… I was a monster, a predator too compelled by nature to veer from task. The humidity of the exotic land has already gathered moisture along my flanks and the spongy ground gathered beneath my hooves and suckled and spewed when forced to release… I really wasn’t sure how well I would come to enjoy the lands themselves should we find victory at the end of so much gore.

Even as BELLONA’S colors shifted into the greyed matter of her companion’s smoke, I was relentless. My vision had been compromised and my body burned with the inhalation of the flameless smolder, but I couldn’t fail the ones I’d come to fight for. This was my life on the line, my heart, because this wasn’t some fight over greed and items- this was war.

The force of impact caused my shoulder to push back into my side, but it felt unnatural, as if I’d managed to collide with the fleshy regions of the mare’s rump. It was certainly not where I had intended to hit, but a hit nonetheless and I was satisfied with the outcome. I moved forward hurriedly and the crashing of hooves against the moistened ground caused me to look over my shoulder. However, I was only blinded by the smoke and the falling of darkness. I’d never seen anything like it and it was almost like sprinting through the depths of nightfall; I had to rely on my senses in order to get me by.

Yet, there was nothing more. There were no sounds of pursuit and no frightening calls of retaliation. It was just the silence and the distant clashing of skin against skin. Then there was only clicking and only the sounds of connection. I couldn’t identify what I was hearing because of the darkness, but I believed the sounds to be the melding or breaking of bones. Had I killed the multi-colored mare? Had I thrown her from her mantle and caused her to shatter?

It was only a small matter, now that I think of it. I had come for my family. I didn’t care about theirs…

Maybe that would allow me to sleep at night.

Word Count: 453 (According to Microsoft Word)
Summary: THOR was able to hit BELLONA and avoid her retaliation. He then waits for her to attack him.
OOC: I know. This is the most fail ever, but Linds needs rest and muse and... well Linds just fails.

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