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[OPEN] Sand in my Hand [Warriors]

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As dawn broke, patrols were due to switch. Finishing up her's, she cast a static bird to summon her warriors at the oasis as she made her final round. There was much to discuss before the next set took off, and though it was difficult for all of them to be together at any one length in time, sometimes it was important.

Wings buffeted the sands into small flurries as she landed at the edge of the Throat's heart. Appraising those already gathered, she leaned over to take a sip while the rest settled in. Only when all her warriors had arrived did Ampere finally speak up, doing her best not to frown when Hector was not among them.

"Has anyone seen Hector?" she asked quietly, her thoughts turning with his absence. This patrol she was coming off was her second in a row, taking his place when he didn't show. "Most of you should know Cirrus by now, who has joined our ranks." Ampere nodded to the cloudy girl. "We can always use more though, so be alert, both in the herd and without, for able bodies."

"None have come for Gaucho, so our patrols will return to normal. Guard the bridge with greater fervor than the western rim where few could creep." They hadn't the horse power to maintain the rigorous patrols as they had been. She'd wear them all out if they kept it up, so it was best to return to two horses on patrol at once. Still, it was a lot of ground to cover.

"Tallsun leaves us once more," she commented casually, her nose pointed to the east where a slower sun crept forth into an Orangemoon day. Orangemoon she thought idly, wondering if there'd be a moon at all to guide it. For nights past only starlight lit the darkened heavens. "Orangemoon is due to reign, but the moon continues to walk among us." Ampere grimaced, more unsettled by how imbalanced the heavens were, and remained, than any singular damage the Moon herself would do with the mortals now. It was a worry of her's, among others, that she intended to speak to the Sun about with Maren, next time she called to their fires.

"With Tallsun's final days, what have you done and learned about survival, as we last discussed?"

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He was not a morning person. In fact, he was the kind who didn't seem to fully wake up until the sun stood high in the sky and who managed to remain awake and alert throughout the night, annoying anyone who tried to sleep. Morning patrols were the bane of his soul and it was with utmost reluctance that Cathun dragged himself off to the meeting place. He only increased the listless pace of his stride a fraction when he noticed the sizzling, crackling bird that summoned the warriors, yet despite dragging his feet he still managed to be first to arrive.

"'Mornin..." he mumbled, struggling to stifle a yawn as he squinted against the bright morning sun to regard the silhouette of the Gladiator. Compared to her fresh, spry, energetic figure he was a mess, bead-headed and bleary-eyed with none of the usual swagger to the stride, and the tail he usually held as high as a banner dragged limp and lack-luster across the red sand. It irked him slightly to someone so chipper when he was ready to head back to the Oasis and more sleep, but as Cathun wasn't addressed (not directly at least) he eventually settled in to watch the others arrive and listen to the talk of the veterans, doing his best to keep the yawns at bay and keep himself awake. Wouldn't do to snore in the ears of your commanders, right?

* * *

Once everyone seemed to have reported he'd had time to wake up a bit more. A question had been gnawing at him for a while, so as conversation momentarily dropped the colt perked up and took the chance to ask directly.

"Ma'am, about that bridge. Are we supposed to keep everyone out? How do I know who can come here and who can't? The relations between the herds were a mystery to him still. Oh, Cathun had heard bits and pieces from Amaris and stray bits of conversation from more senior herd members, but so far he just hadn't had time to ask anyone directly about how everything worked.

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Megaera was already waiting at the warriors post for the changing of the guard, ready to set out on the morning patrol. Mordecai was growing fast and meg was confident that she would be just fine exploring the oasis on her own for a few hours. The filly was already rather independent, and Gwaihir would, as always keep a close eye on her while Meg could not. The mare was thankful her companion didn’t mind helping keep tabs on the girl. He eyes were helpful, and he seemed even more strict with the little princess than Meg and Einarr were, though Meg could feel that his disapproval of shenanigans sprung from affection for Mordecai.

When she saw Ampere approach, the bay warrior flashed a grin. “Good morning, Gladiator!” Joined by the blue and eventually the others, Megaera waited to hear what Ampere had in mind to discuss. The first order of business, put a worried crease in the mare’s brow. So distracted had she been by the task of raising Mordecai, that it ha not occurred to Meg that she had not seen Hector in several days. She shook her head in response and the Gladiator moved on, leaving that mystery to be solved later. The sky clad mare was introduced and Meg gave her a grin and a nod in greeting before speaking. “The ashen filly, Aithniel. She is young yet, but seems to have an instinct for combat. She’s keen for training and will be one to watch.”

Eventually, the conversation was steered to touch upon the topics Ampere had put forth at their last meeting. Meg remained silent then. In truth she had been focusing on the survival of the daughter she had been surprised with and hadn’t spared a moment for Ampere’s challenge. Black eyes glanced at Einarr. Survival was a topic he was much concerned with, and Meg wondered how he fared with the tasks the Earth God had set him. They didn’t talk much, and when they did, it seemed to alway focus on the daughter they shared. perhaps she’d have to carve out time to ask him when they were both off patrol.
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"If you don't know someone, you stop them and you ask them."

The girl's blunt words rolled off her tongue in response to the grulla's query. It seemed like an obvious question to her, one that made her think he was a few screws short of a complete toolbox. She had nodded amiably enough when Ampere introduced her, settling into her position of warrior beneath the more-than worthy Gladiator with ease. The electric mare who had called them here was still something of a mystery to the belle - there was a tug, a pull, a familiarity Cirrus could not define about her, and before her attention had been pulled aside by Cathun's query, she had been peering curiously at the collection of feathers Ampere had gathered upon her nape.

"I sparred with Hector upon my return to the ranks, but I've seen naught of him since then," she answered quietly, solemnly, to Ampere's enquiry on his whereabouts. Her own posture went slightly stiff as she recalled the fight, the illusion he had constructed to torture and cripple her, the complete and utter devastation it had wrought upon her - it had lost her the spar, and maybe she was still a little bitter about it.

"Aithniel?" The cloud questioned Megaera's words, a hopeful smile upon her lips. "Aye, she'll be a fine warrior with guidance." Enthusiasm had lit her features as she remembered the fiery little filly she had met on the Steppe. So, the girl had joined the Throat? It seemed fitting - what better place to learn how to control one's flames than in the home of the Lord of Fire? Cirrus chuckled inwardly to herself, pleased by this development more than anything else. She would have to seek out the youth, soon, and test how well her flying was going.

With nothing much more to add, the girl resumed her quiet observation of the lot, flicking her tail and twitching her muscles every now and then, ever alert and ready for action.

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