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d'Arcy Posts: 21
Outcast atk: 4 | def: 8.5 | dam: 6.5
Mare :: Unicorn :: 16.3 :: 2 years :: Tallsun HP: 63 | Buff: NOVICE

[Magic :: DarkxLight (U) | Can cause a strong flood of dopamine to illicit terror or anxiety.]

[Magic :: Dark U | Can change the size and shape of shadows around her.]


[Boggart :: Royal or Common :: Haunt]


[Item :: Poisoned Kondakoora Hairpin : Silver and black enamel hair pin in the shape of a Double Black Hellebore flower with a sharpened dagger-like point that is kept coated in a poison of the same plant. If cut or stabbed with the blade poison causes tinnitus, vertigo, stupor and a feeling of suffocation via swelling of the tongue and throat.]
Hairpin Reference-Flower-Hellebore Toxicity Info

Please let me know if this world have to be custom item also if the side effects seem appropriate..

smitty the swift Posts: 22
Mare :: Other :: 1 :: 1
Dopamine is associated with learning and 'rewards' so causing terror or anxiety doesn't go with that neurotransmitter. Serotonin might be a better option!
The item would have to be custom, and it will be greatly shortened for records when added :)

[Magic :: Dark U | Can change the size and shape/shadows around her to cause blindness.]
:: [ Restrictions | Shadows must already exist and can blind one at a time for 30 seconds. ]
[Item :: Poisoned Kondakoora Hairpin :: Double Black Hellebore flower shaped hairpin with sharp point coated in flower's poison.]

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