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[DROP] Healing, Learning, and Heat [SUN DROP]

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The GOD of the SUN

Burn the whole world down

The God's power, like the sun during this season, was at its zenith. All had gone remarkably well since his sister had been banished - the herds for once seemed to be getting alone, his Sultan had been raised to ascended, and murder-rates had plummeted. All was well. And so, during the heat of high noon, the God descended to what was once known as Helovia's heart. During the wraith invasion this land had been opened into a series of caves, no longer the site of boiling lava pits, but instead of crystalline caverns.

His liquid-golden body materialized above the caves, on the rocky outcropping. From here, he could see the Throat in the distance, wavering in the ocean. Inhaling the salty air, the God looked down into the caves. A smile pulled at his lips as a beam of fire ignited above his body, flaring high into the sky.

"Speak not a word." He commanded those who had arrived before any could say anything. "Instead, peer downwards. Tell me what you see." The entrance to the caves - the opening in the earth - had been covered with a semi-transparent sort of film. It glimmered and sparkled from the light of the sun and the light of the God. It was the purest illusion magic that any could conjure. What would those who looked into it see? That was hard to tell, but he would require that they do so anyways.

"Speak only three sentences."

- This is a God of the Sun quest drop. That means you can quest for light or fire magic (or a hybrid of those), regular companions, and items.

- You have 72 hours to respond.

- Please post your wishlist and any extra rolls you will be using in your first post.

- Posts must be under 600 words and include a summary.

Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification.


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The call of her patron God was something she would never ignore. Too long she had been a part of his lands, felt his fire burn through her body as she directed it to heal others, used his light to guide her home, warm her in the midst of winter, light the way through her darkened soul. Though the burden of her memories had recently been altered somewhat, the gaping hole within her soul was still there - and would always be there. The girl would never fill it, never bond to another soul the same way she had held Sitka's soul within her own. It defied the metaphysics of the realm, and the girl knew it was never to be resolved by seeking another companion.

But the brilliant light of the Sun Lord could illuminate that darkness within her, it could burn it away, offer her something else to focus on, to hold and love and worship. As his pillar of flames ascended into the skies above, the girl winged her way north from her home, urging the winds to push her faster, higher, towards the beacon that was her Lord. Cerulean pools alighted upon him and she called a joyful song, greeting him as one would greet a friend and comrade. Her hooves touched upon the rocky land that existed above the Caves, and before she could truly voice her greeting she was hushed by his titanic voice, his swift and just command - and the girl would not disobey.

Quietly she leaned forward, peering into the illusion crafted by his magic - an illusion, she might have realised had she been thinking of it, that was similar to the one that crawled across her hide. The girl was the colour of the Sun, rimmed by the deep blue-black that stained her legs and hair, a brilliant golden glow that encompassed (nearly) everything the Sun Lord embodied. As her eyes touched upon the illusion, she gasped a sudden intake of breath, and almost pulled back with fear at what she saw, but her resolve to not waver before her mighty Lord held her fast to her position. How was this possible?

"I see him, smiling at me. I see myself, and the vacant darkness that is within me. And now, he is changing and the darkness is lifting, but I…?" Her final sentence trails off, the question left unspoken. The girl saw her Sitka, his smile warming her in ways she had not felt since his departure. Then she had recognised herself beside him, shaded by the abyss that existed within her heart. Then, Sitka had changed, transforming into a stallion with broad wings and sapphire pools - but it was not possible, what she had seen after that, surely? A question behind her eyes, she looked at her Lord, wondering at what it all meant, tremoring from the potential, the possibility of it all.

487 words
Cirrus looks into the illusion and sees Sitka smiling at her. Then she sees herself, as she is, broken and filled with darkness in Sitka's absence. Then Sitka transforms into the image of Kaj, and she sees Kaj's light illuminate herself, but does not know how to explain this to the Sun God in just 3 sentences as she is too full of questions herself.
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    And oh there is more to this life
    It was all the stallion felt this crisp morn. The birdsong sent his garnet pelt to a twitch and the clement winds impelled a lofty swing in his step. Tilney felt the gods presence today. There was a tightness in the breeze, a tense heat. Although he had never beheld a creature of such divinity as the gods it was an unmistakable sensation.
    Cloven clefts strode from under the trees, now rid of the green canopy he was free to view the sky. There in his view he caught the image of something so unseen and wondrous to him, he was frozen in his place. The god of light had lit his flare, was shining his beacon.
    Verdent eyes glazed as he stared, only to come unstuck after an ashen pegasi swooping ahead startled his gaze.
    Back haunches drove his bodice forward and he leapt his way further from his home. A gallop towards the caves took time, a place he had never been.
    The quatro of marble cloven hooves reached the rocks at a silent walk and he saw him. The God of the Sun. Tilney stepped softly forwards but made no sound, just timidly smiled. He wished terribly that he could speak to him, even just to say good morning or ask him how he was. He was but a humble stag who knew he was but a weed presented by a rose while standing by this creature of ultimate divinity.
    Then spoke he, his voice like thunder. They were to look upon the pool and reveal what was seen within. There was another here. The ashen-blue pegasi took first to gazing deep into a pool which Tilney did not dare look upon just yet.
    The grey fae quit the pool and she seemed to tremble. What had she seen? He had not even seen what she had witnessed but he was still afraid. Fear blocked the young stallion, it paralysed him. It was the unknown that frightened this young stallion almost most of all. Shaky steps took him to the edge of the filmy transparent pool and he peered down.
    he watched carefully the illusion that was presented to him, but also watched in horror. Presented to him first was his mother, other mares and fillies from his past home. Soon acquaintances from his present filled the illusion and tok their place with those of the past. Africa, the starry eyed mare who lead him to his new home in the threshold. Spice, a Dragons Throat filly he had had met in his new home arose next to the starry eyed and his mother. Thorns twined around each mares locks and roses began to sprout at their heels. Some white, some yellow and even some pale blue. But the vision grew horrific.
    The thorns began to crawl up the faes legs, pulling them to their knees, to their hocks and into the earth. He watched helplessly as the roses began to entomb his mother, his friends and acquaintances.
    He leapt away from the pool with a frightened, gasping murmur leaving his maw. He flicked his flaxen tail and shook his crown.
    Viridescent gaze turned to the lord and he fearfully spoke of what he had seen. "I saw my mother, friends from my past home and Africa and Spice... they were being pulled to the earth by thorns and choked by roses... entombed in them"
    These images didn't tell the future did they? He understood now why the unfamiliar roaned pegasi was so shaken. He too was tremulous after seeing such a vision.

    597 words (I had to cut so much out :O)
    Tilney first wishes he could speak to the god but sheepishly keep his mouth shut. He looks into the film, sees his mother, mares and fillies from his pre-helovian life, Africa and Spice (who are just acquaintances) start to be dragged to the earth by thorns which then grow exotic roses. The roses and thorns begin to entomb and choke them.
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    The storm filly had been out exploring the southern lands curiously looking for anything of interest. A sudden column of fire drew her different colored eyes around. The girl paused for a moment wondering if it was something she shouldn't get herself into. Laughter bellowed from her young lunges causing her body to quiver with the force of it. As the hysterical moment passed, her laughter faded to a small chuckle. Shaking her dual horned head she moved her mismatched legs into a trot. Everything going on in Helovia needed a little trouble in it. Who gave a crap if she got in trouble for being nosy? Snorting happily, in a strangely good mood she pressed herself into a ground eating canter.

    It didn't take long to find the source of fire; the sun God. Gold and green brightened as she turned to watch the other mare gaze with a gaze as something shimmering before her. Moving forward slowly the yearling squinted suspiciously before peering into the filmy substance. Her heart leaped and broke at the same time. Her whisper dripped with emotion, ""I see my myself, Adelric, and your father. Father is teaching us how to fight together. We are happy together..." Tearing her damp eyes away the girl backed up allowing any others to step forward. Once out of the way Zunden turned quietly to gaze up at the golden lord. What did this mean? Was this what her heart desired most, or was this a cruel joke? She hoped the first was true. The girl could have lived her whole life happily oblivious to the longing in her heart. Tears fought for release burning and blurring her orbs. Sighing softly she blinked a few times hoping the two that fell would be all that escaped.

    Words: 298
    Notes: Wishlist
    Wants: [Companion: Manned Wolf]
    Companion Companion 2
    Summary: She sees herself, Krieger, and Adelric. Krieger is teaching them how to fight together. They are all happy as a small family. I would like to use both of my extra rolls please!

    "Talking" 'Thinking'

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    "I'm gazing upward, a world I can't embrace..."

    Ilios had never seen such a thing like the flames rising high into the air. Silver eyes watched the flickering flames thoughtfully for a moment. Large teal and silver streaked wings were thrown wide as the gold and teal dipped body took off running. 'One day I wont have to run before I can fly!' He grumbled in satisfaction when strong hooves lifted easily off the ground. It was already getting easier for the young colt to take off. It used to be he had to run forever or jump off a hill or something, but now he only needed to run a few steps. Flapping powerfully the boy took off towards the inferno.

    It wasn't long before he reached the small gathering. Carefully the colt dropped to the ground behind everyone, but near enough to hear their words. The sun God stood at the helm of the meeting, instructing everyone to be silent and look into a hole. As a grey filly stepped back Ilios took his turn to gaze into the... portal? He wasn't sure what it was, but he liked what he saw. "I see myself; free from emotional pain. I'm surrounded by close friends, and we're all laughing. I see myself being happy." What a strange concept for the youngster. It was hard to be happy when your own father never even wanted you. It didn't matter what lies Ciceron spilled forth. Lies of love and seeking forgiveness. Silently he turned to look at the fiery God curiously wondering what else he would have them do.

    I L I O S
    My heart's an endless winter filled with rage...
    image credit

    Words; 260
    OOC; [Magic: FirexLight | Can create a hoard of fire scarab beetles that land on his enemies and leave mild burns where they touch]
    :: [Restrictions | Can only make 15 beetles]
    Summary; Ilios sees himself free of the depression he feels now, sees himself with friends, and he is happy
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    . . . so i go growing roses in the disarray.

    A speck. A tiny little speck - A speck that wondered the world for a lifetime to be gone again. It was the most beautiful thing - the last part, that was. Somehow she disliked the first, for no reason she could think of, but nevertheless had made peace with it a long time ago, when she joined her Church. For even in the darkness of doubt, she knew there would be liberating light at the end: The Light that was not of The Tree, but flared from the Sun. And so; ancient mysteries, carried by Almighty Branches of her religion, had been revealed.

    Maren was happy as she lay belly-up in the dead-ish grass. Eyes were closed, but her retina pinched stark white by the strong sunlight that had nevertheless drilled its way through - had swallowed the darkness that normally was when one closed their eyes. But she didn't care. She didn't care for a long time, while laying there, about anything but the relief of her earlier oh so aching heart. Then, suddenly, a shiver ran over her spine.

    Maren got up, opening her eyes, which saw only dots of the whitest of white for a moment, then she began to walk; frowning while pacing around. This warmth... It was so unfamiliar, and yet felt so familiar. It feels like the Diviner's Fire. With a jerk her head turned, and somehow keeping her brain empty, she ran. Just ran.

    ...Until she saw it; Him; THE. The tigermare, who had slowed down her pace as she neared, looked up, gazing bewildered with big golden eyes at His Holyness, the Lord, the Patron - The God. One of them who are not suppose to be, but still are; standing before me. For all religions had its mysteries, including the Helovian: The Gods that Were - really... were. She stared into the light with her mouth slightly open. Then she, the mortal worshiper, lowered her head and bowed.
    She wanted to talk to him.

    But the God had used His voice to tell those that had gathered not to. Instead, He wished for something else.

    So, with heavy heart and aching throat, Maren's gaze moved away from the Sun, instead looking at the entrance to the cave that was covered by a blurry cloud of tissue. She did it along with the rest of the crowd; feeling one of them, but not wanting to. She clenched her teeth, helpless. Were any of these His worshippers? Were any of these here for their own gain alone? Maren bit her lip. Not that I am not selfish and greedy and a hypocrite. She just wasn't in the presence of a God; her God. But then her stare got caught into the layer of mist and visions began to form.

    She saw the Garden, Quiet that rushed boldly through the Medium. "I see bright light coming from the dandelions' seeds, blowing through the Gardens and floating like fireflies.” Her voice said in a whisper, shocked, but not by the dandelions. Even the boat, that soundlessly glided through the heavenly liquid, wasn't the reason. “They cast their light over the shadowed roses.” Even if this was why they had bloomed, it was, once again, not why she was shocked. She tried to swallow. “But I don't see myself.” That. She felt like an untrue reflection in the water. Denied, once again. The Almighty Oak stood in the middle of the Medium, like always, reaching out to skies as the wooden container sailed past. Then she saw herself: Napping in the boat.

    20 - 1- 2015 [UPGRADE | Creating lively entities from the mists/clouds that may swirl around enemies, blocking their vision]
    Summary: First flabbergasted by the Sun God, disappointed that she can't speak with him. Through the film Maren sees the Gardens of her Mind (the place where she 'finds' her faith) where little fluffy seeds of a dandelion hoover above the heavenly surface, giving off light. She sees them casting their light on the shadowed roses under the Oak. Then she says that she doesn't see herself, as she usually does. A moment after she sees herself in a boat.
    Words: 594
    Image Credit
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    The lanky, growing scion was led once more by the molten interludes of fire and brimstone, spellbound by the warren of flames, by the infernal entanglement of the Sun God’s prowess. Instead of staring openly, with a loose, slackened jaw, or an unhindered, widened gaze, he stood resolutely to the side, studying, examining, scrutinizing. He’d come before the deity several times before, enchanted, beguiled, ensorcelled by the unburdened, broiling infernos, by the lava and embers, by the coiled, curling ashes and fallen bits of coal. The divine being represented power, like so many careening and tumbling throughout the world, and all the lithe lad had ever yearned, had ever craved, were for those raw sentiments of potency. They were embedded within his own soul, fighting for moments of supremacy, tangling in seditious splendor when his emotions indulged, when his anger quivered, when his rage surged; and even one, the grand, pulsing beat of fire, managed to emerge through sheer force of will. The miniature beast loved knowing he had the potential, but relished in the notion that it could become stronger, grander, richer, much more devastating, a heathenous, fervent ruin, a rapturous incantation of chaos, of bedlam, of mayhem, and who better to serve than the embodiment of fire itself. Erebos’ stare peered towards the illusion, listened adequately to the directions, and wondered what he’d see in the veil, angling himself closer to see into its depths, bear witness to whatever delights, invocations, or disregards pummeled him from the murky brine.

    Figures appeared, one right after the other, all recognizable forms galloping through the haze. He saw spotted Adelric, followed closely by Tobias, and then sparks and flickers of Aithniel, grand and potent, soaring along the skies. Rikyn meandered nearby, snickering and smirking, maybe at their latest joke or adventure, and Asch and Arwen, both so golden, so gilded, were tucked along the shadows, inviting and beckoning him into their sanction, into their sector – and for those few glorious moments he was reunited with all of his friends again. No one had disappeared. No one had wandered off to a new world. No one had met their demise by a cruel fiend. A piece of time long since past, dwindling as the days stretched into seasons, and seasons into cycles, the illustrious, woebegone instances where all their potential had meant something to the ice, to the snow, to the mountain tops, before everything broke away, fractured. The boy smiled, brought into listless euphoria, becoming lost in the refuge of olden days, when the world was theirs, promising everything and nothing all at once. He didn’t want to look away, didn’t want the vision, the hallucination to fade, so he continued to stare, yielding to its potency, as his vocals churned through the mist and fog and catacombs. “I see my friends. We’re all gathered together again, like we used to be.” He took a deep, raucous breath, tried to ignore the quaking, shuttering, saddening sound it made. “I miss them.”

    OOC :: Erebos sees his friends, even those murdered, gathered all together again.

    Questing for upgrade to fire magic.

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    Aithniel stumbled into the caves below, feeling the safety of dark oppression well beneath the skies and the ground on which she walked. Here was another world, one wet, dripping and cool. She gazed around, seeing a light in the darkness, and like a moth to the flame, she followed. Silver, awed eyes landed on her father, seeing his power and glorious light, and she approached softly, heart beating fast. How did she say 'I love you' when what she felt was so much more? How did she tell him that he had put her on a path of purpose instead of self destruction?

    Fortunately, he commanded them not to speak, and she nodded to Cirrus before striding up to Erebos, hoping to let her shoulder touch his stronger one. She had grown, the long-gangly days of adolescence being forcibly replaced with muscle and power. Quietly she waited, but she did not yet look into the pool. For that she was glad, since she was able to hear Erebos' words, heart touched. Aithniel looked at him strangely, a small smile curving her lips. In response, she tried to touch his neck with her muzzle; she wondered if he would let her? Would he be angry that she left?

    Sighing, the fire child looked down at the surface, and she was drawn into the vision. The world was on fire, and at the apex of a mountain she stood with silver gavel and shadows of judgment. Bodies burned, gasping final breaths as ash rained from the darkened skies, collecting in throats. What did it mean? Her heart pounded, blood racing through her ears as she craved and feared the vision. Aithniel furrowed her brows, looking up at her father. Three sentences. "I see fires of justice burning the unrighteous. Ash rains from the sky, and I preside over courts, condemning the unfaithful and traitorous fools."

    Aithniel's expression hardened, silver eyes glinting sharply like a double-edged blade. "I see my dreams and nightmares."

    Wanting: :: [Magic: FirexLight | Immune to fire ]
    -- approaches Erebos
    -- Sees the world on fire, criminals dying and her presiding over the courts as the world burns

    A i t h n i e l

    Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the
    other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice.

    But burn down our home
    I won't leave alive

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    Najya had been exploring when the flames had captured her attention. The decision to find the source had not been a conscious decision. Her legs were moving before she even realized she had made up her mind to follow the fire. She made her way carefully, still unfamiliar with so much regarding this place. Gold disks tinkled like bells as she drew herself back down to a walk before the Sun God and those who had been called. A sense of profound awe washed over her. Never did she imagine that she would set eyes on one of the Gods. And yet, here she was, standing before him.

    Najya said nothing and, instead, waited her turn to peer into the illusion the Sun God had created. It seemed the images that it conjured varied greatly. Would she see something from her past? A manipulation of the present? A vision of the future? After only a moment she decided it was better just to clear her mind and allow herself to live in this moment without theorizing about the outcome.

    She stepped forward when it was her turn and offered a small dip of her head to the Sun God before staring down into the illusion. For a moment the image burned her eyes before settling into a distinct picture. It was so clear – so pristine – clearer than any dream.

    “I see a strange mist rolling over an unfamiliar desert in the early hours of dawn. The mist is comprised equines, familiar shapes from legends and history…and from my own life,” she hesitates, for the briefest of moments, as she struggles to process what it is she is seeing. She sees the legendary figures she has heard so much about. She sees her ancestors amongst them. And she sees…her own family. All figures made of the morning mist, but the shapes that have been produced by this fog are unmistakable. “I think that the shapes are of those that have departed, and that it means that my family,” she pauses as the hurt rolls through her but she has known from the beginning this was a very real possibility, “is gone.” The image was a combination of Najya’s greatest love and greatest fear – having the opportunity to see the creatures of legend she’s learned so much about and confirmation of what she feared most. The invaders had taken her family before they had come for her in the foothills. They were the first line of defense…and they had fallen before she had any inkling of trouble.

    She was uncertain if what she was seeing was some reflection of reality, or if it was just an illusion. Regardless, the pain was real. The fear was real. Yet she was determined not to let these feelings overwhelm her.

    All of her energy went into holding the pieces together; keeping her composure in the company of the Sun God and the others that had come to stare into the illusion pool. She could not break. She would not break. She repeated it in her head like a mantra as she stepped back from the edge and allowed the next to take their place and stare down the sun.


    Word count: 534
    Summary: Najya sees a misty, pre-dawn desert. The mist forms the shape of deceased horses – both those of legend as well as her ancestors. Among the shapes, she sees her family, who were left behind in her homeland when she fled to Helovia. This combines Najya's greatest love (legends, stories) and her greatest fear (losing those she loves).
    Wishlist: link
    Seeking: Magic: Light x Time - Ability to create scenes and figures made entirely of light in order to physically project stories and legends.
    No prior refusals (also new :3)

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    Megaera & Gwaihir
    they fought as legends

    Megaera and Gwaihir cut through the sky together. Wave upon wave of joy and excitement passed between their connection, stemming from both of the intertwined souls and building in each other. Though the young eagle was free now of the fluffy white down he had hatched in and had emerged in feathers of glossy dark brown; he had been practicing for some time, but this was their first true flight together. They soared, two creatures of the sky, cementing their bond in the exhilaration of flight. “Free! Sky!” Meg heard his words in her mind and she laughed in delighted agreement. The positively danced through the sky, circling and weaving around each other as they moved north over sands and finally over water. As little as Meg liked to leave Mordecai, this was something that they needed to do together, just the two of them. Her daughter would be safe and happy with Einarr for a short while, and shoe could take this moment with her bonded.

    As they coursed over the stretch of water that separated the Throat from the rest of Helovia, a beam of fire, so akin to Megaera’s own light, beckoned from the Heart. The pair kicked up their speeds and in a matter of short minutes Meg’s hooves were touching down expertly near the cavern’s entrance where her most honored God had gathered a crowd to him. The mare was forestalled in a praising call by the God’s call for silence, so she sunk into a deep bow before moving forward to place herself amongst the gathered. Gwaihir had circled the area, and when Meg had settled, landed to take his usual place perched upon her withers. From that vantage point, his golden eyes glared with haughty disapproval at all these strangers and he punctuated his agitation to his Meg with a subdued call and a gentle peck at her neck. “Hush Gwaihir, we must listen.” Meg instructed through their bond, and both fixed their gaze on the fiery immortal.

    At the Sun’s instruction, Megaera peered curiously down at the shimmering screen. Upon a stretch of shimmering sand stood a laughing Mordecai, happy and safe, with Gwaihir perched protectively upon her shoulders. Behind them stood Einarr, his protective gaze upon their daughter. Beside the black stallion stood three more: Gaucho, Hector and Cera. Beyond them stood the rest of Dragon’s Throat: Amprere and the warriors, the hoard of playful foals and the rest of their desert nation. Meg smiled down, warmed at the sight of all those that gave her life purpose and meaning; at her family. But something else crept into the vision, unbidden and unwanted. In the far distance, behind where her family stood happy and safe in the light of the Sun, dark clouds loomed upon the horizon. They were a whispered threat against the ones she loved. Meg wanted to yell, but they would not hear her warning. Only her dark eyes could see the threat, and so it was only Meg who could stand against it.

    Around her, others told her bright God what they had seen and Meg lifted her gaze from the disturbinh scene and added her voice in response. “I see a threat upon my family. Though they are safe and happy now, they might not always be so if I cannot protect them.” Fear only drove her determination, for Megaera there would never be a course of action where she failed to protect those she loved. “I must guard them.” Her words were punctuated by a fierce scream from Gwaihir. “I protect. My Meg.”

    Words: 598
    Summary: Meg lands, bows to the Sun God and Gwaihir joins her. She sees her family and herd, shadowed by distant threats that only she can see. Expresses her desire and determination to protect them.
    Wishlist: Here
    Seeking: :: [Magic: ShockxFire | Can shoot a jet of fiery red lightening from her eyes, the energy comes out in a constant steam causing severe burns and gouging to organic material.]
    Other: Will be using my 3 extra rolls if they are needed – No Prior Refusals

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    Scream for Me

    Of course I can follow Colt all day long, but what fun is that? None at all, and I tire of company that I cannot torture. So I left her side and have stumbled off... elsewhere. My wanderings - slow, meandering, but unrelenting - are leading me to somewhere.. hot. Sweat starts to accumulate on my coat and a shine takes over. I wish perhaps that I were shaved bare so that I may avoid the sun's hot gaze. With each step I take I get hotter, and soon it becomes apparent that it's not just the sun, but the ground that heats me as well. Lava rock and steam surround me, but I am not quite sure what to call the area that I am.

    Suddenly a burst of light, no, flame, spirals up into the sky. My ears tip forward and head bobs with intrigue. I increase my pace, striding toward what appears to be a gathering around... a God. This should be interesting. He commands that none should speak, and instead peer down into a hole covered with some strange film. I move forward with the others and rich green eyes look at the membrane. I glance at the others and listen quietly as they speak. Each of them has some sort of great emotional response. Most seem to be in pain, at odds with what they see. There are a few, however, who view something joyful.

    At first I am not sure what I see, with ambiguous shapes moving but not forming. An emotion takes hold: it is like a torrent of power and energy surging through me, and there is no way to stop it even if I wanted to - an adrenaline rush. The shapes merge to one. A unicorn screaming, falling to its knees in pain. It bears wounds of all kinds: burn marks, deep puncture wounds, lacerations, bruises. Suddenly I am in pain, but it only brings me higher, so high that I cannot see the bottom where I started. I am peaking, and I feel pain and power and ALIVE. The unicorn is sliced open along the gut, its insides beginning to pool beside it. It is dying where it lies and I cannot help but want it to live. I want it to live so its suffering goes on.

    Suddenly the image is gone. There are no shapes and the emotions I feel are only what remain from the vision. I step back, realizing that the sweat I wear has only increased, soaking me through, and I am gasping for air. My nostrils flare as my lungs expand almost to bursting. A strange sensation runs through me and I look down to see a drop of blood on the ground - it has fallen from my own muzzle, a nose bleed. I look to the God, my eyes wide and wild. "I have seen the suffering of the impure, of the wicked." Colt would be proud as I recite what must be her mantra. It is a good shroud with which to hide my true intentions. "I have reveled in this suffering and become more alive than I thought possible. If I had ever maintained a doubt, such misgivings have been thoroughly and violently swept from my mind." And it has left me thirsty for the things that are taboo, forbidden in respectful company. I want to see the suffering, but even more so, I want to be the conductor orchestrating it with every small twitch of my baton. It is my symphony and I am desperate, frantic to hear the music.

    598 words
    Summary: Diesel sees a unicorn being tortured, then dying. He gets an adrenaline rush from it and starts to experience psychosomatic pain, which sends him even higher like a drug rush. When he steps back he only wants to go torment innocent little children. (Or anyone really.)
    Wishlist with one extra VOTG roll from my prize list.
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    There is an audible sound as I clamp my mouth shut and bite off the greetings that were quick to form on my tongue.

    I watch those before me quake at what they see then I see others react in a positive light. Before stepping forward I look to the God of the Sun the events before me leave me puzzled. What should I expect? Should I even dare to peer to see for myself? Curiosity wins out and I slowly step forward to look.

    "I see my time in Helovia. I see the memories that I have made while here." The memories start off speeding by and slow as they come to those that are more recent. I see Africa leading me to the Dragon's Throat for the first time. I cheer myself on as. Then my breath stills as I witness myself meeting Kvothe for the first time. I watch as Elodin parades into the world. "I see myself in times of both happiness and in loneliness."

    I quiver as the others did, perhaps even more than they did, but my tremors are set into motion by laughter. The happiness that I see, the laughter shared with friends, outweighs the loneliness that I have felt.

    Thank you. I wish that I could extend my heartfelt thanks to the god but I am careful to adhere to his command. Instead I show my gratitude. Drooping onto my knees I spread both wings across the ground and lower my head. For a pegasus to allow their wings to touch the ground whilst in a bow is he highest show of respect. Few in their lifetime are shown such a display. I hope that the God of the Sun recognizes my gesture for the intense respect it shows.


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    Summary: Rei sees a play through of her life in Helovia. She sees herself in times of happiness and in loneliness. Through what she saw she is refreshed from her recent feelings of being lost and without purpose and realizes that what she has gained in Helovia is worth more than whatever troubles she has seen.
    Word Count:297

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    The God watches as they arrive. He is mildly surprised that they listen so well. In the past, haste has often given rise to a violation of his rules, and yet all do precisely as they are asked. The liquid fire that drips from the God's molten body hisses as it touches the ground, and he smiles.

    "You are changing too." The God replies warmly to Cirrus, as the illusion that she sees dances before his eyes.

    To Tilney the fire stag merely shrugs, although the idea of being swallowed up by the earth sounds more horrifying than the God lets on.

    "Then stay happy with them." The God replies, almost dismissively to the hybrid filly.

    It is the turn of another hybrid to speak, envisioning a happy scene as well. "Then be happy.".

    "Perhaps you see yourself more clearly than you think." The God replies to Maren, a beautiful smile upon his lips.

    "Do your thoughts always linger on what you cannot have?" The God asked rhetorically, viewing Erebos' illusions as the dark child spoke.

    As his child approaches, the God leaned forward with interest to share in her vision. What he saw made him smile. His offspring had a powerful sense of her own future, and the fires that burned in her mind bled away pain and unrighteousness. "Those often come together far more than we might expect them to, Aithniel." He whispered softly, his voice holding a warmth meant only for her.

    The God listened as Najya spoke, his great horned head nodding gently. "I see.." He rumbled ambiguously.

    The God listened to Meg, watching in her mind the threat that she perceived. "But who will guard you?" The God asked with a small smile, his molten gaze falling upon her eagle.

    As Diesel spoke, the Gods ears flickered backwards for a moment as his lips straightened into a thin line. He remained silent.

    Again, without comment he listens to the words of Rei, nodding his golden head but remaining silent.

    Cirrus - Only one of your prior refusals counts. The TimexWind magic drop does not.

    Random List, Dice.


    The God silently considered the visions and words of those who stood around him. His molten stare fell upon his child, a somber smile upon his lips. It would take more than magic to achieve the fiery vision that Aithniel saw. Silently, he told her as much. I would help you fulfill what it is you seek. But it requires more than magic to tip the scales of justice and to burn the world into righteousness. He said soothingly to her mind.

    Turning to the dark unicorn, the God sighed softly. "You cannot linger in the past, if you hope to achieve anything in the future." He began, his fiery eyes bleeding over Erebos. "You must learn to let go of what you cannot have, if you wish to do those of your past justice. Prove to me that you can move forward. Using the magic you have now, you must demonstrate your ability in three ways: forge a new relationship from the flames you possess, aid someone in need, and discover something new. Return to me then."

    Turning to Meg, the God smiled as he looked upon the fierce warrior and her new companion. "The magic you seek has the capacity to destroy. But all warriors but learn that destruction is not the only means by which one can conquer and protect. Show me that this magic will not merely be a crutch, and you shall have what you seek."

    Erebos must use his current magic to do three things: (1) Create a new relationship, (2) Help someone in need and (3) Discover something new. It is up to you how you interpret these things, but they must be with three different characters!

    Meg must show she understands the destruction is not the only way to protect. She must prove this in three different ways, which are up to you. Some suggestions might be: To talk her way out of a situation instead of fighting, to help someone in need without resorting to violence, to use passive resistance in the face of conflict, etc.


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    Surprises were abound with Aithniel’s appearance (had one of his illusions come true?), and the Sun God actually turning to him, talking to him, and granting him a task. He’d somehow, out of all the figures, been chosen for this particular quest, and the lad’s heart soared. A fervent energy ricocheted throughout the growing, lithe frame, the chaotic shamble of sorrow, melancholy, and fortune favoring the bold churned in a wild crescendo, and he took in every word, every nuance, every sentiment made by the deity. You cannot linger in the past… - should he forget all the things he learned? Should he forgo all his companions, all his brethren, to truly reach for the stars? Or did the fiery being simply mean not to wallow in the sharpening angst, in the keen desolation, to branch out, to leap, to soar, without binding himself down into all the annals of consternation and regret? He couldn’t go back to what they’d had before; Arwen was dead, Aithniel, despite her appearance now, had left for another realm, Rikyn had disappeared, and the world was swiftly changing around him. The urgency in which he had to adapt, had to mold, had to alter himself was a precious thing, and the bright beacon was reaching out to him, allowing him the opportunity for success. The colt bowed, long and low, obliging and appreciative, listening to the burning enticement, to the ember ministrations, to the manifestations of impending, augured prowess – if he wrenched away the bits and pieces of tribulations, he could become anything. Why drown in the murk? Why sway in the breeze? The things he couldn’t have were a collective horde, an unholy magnitude, and even the most polished, avaricious, greedy of cretins wouldn’t be able to grasp, clench, and hold anything and everything, but to a youthful mind, the concept was difficult to understand, to comprehend. If the world wasn’t in his hands, what was? Strength, dominion, capability? How far could he go? How long was his reach? Prove to me you can move forward. The deep rumble of the divine being’s chords scorched against his mind, and he nodded, a solid, stoic affirmation, a lad presented with all the tools, all the methods, all the abilities, and now willing to undertake them. “I’ll try not to disappoint you.” He bowed again, a slight tremor in his wake, a slight glimmer of sedition and upheaval, awaiting the moment to embark upon his newfound ambition, upon his aspirations, to wind and siege and revel in the rapture of his potential. “Thank you for the opportunity.” He turned, winking at Aithniel for a fraction of a second, before yielding into the abyss.

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    Meg listened closely to the words of the others gathered before the god. Three sentences each, as the Sun commanded, but each set told such a different story. Four of her herdmates were present, and each had such differing visions it seemed… The sky-clad warrior spoke of herself, some dark introspection that trailed off unfinished. Maren was far more cryptic in her words, an abstract blend of images that made no sense to Megaera. Aithniel, with whom Meg had sparred, spoke of a vision as fierce as the young mare seemed to be. She had seen the potential for a good fighter but here was a fire that burned hotter than even Meg had within herself. The spotted mare that spoke after Meg was unknown as well, but if irked Meg that one of her home might have found loneliness there and she made a mental note to know the mare better.

    There was another though, that disturbed the bay warrior: the tall chestnut stallion. His first words had not been so different on their face from Aithniel’s but he seemed to take a sadistic pleasure in what he saw that had a warning siren blaring in her heart. Carefully, Megaera raked her eyes across him committing his form to memory, and determined to not let him any nearer her home. Alerted by his bonded’s alarm, Gwaihir shifted around the fix his golden glare upon the equine.

    The Sun God was not finished, after his small acknowledgements to all those gathered. Meg watch as he gaxed silently at Aithniel, and wondered if there was something more to the young mare than she had seen before. He blessed the unicorn that had spoken of lost friends and then turned his blazing eyes upon Meg.

    The smile from her God would have been blessing enough for the bay warrior. It filled her, fed her. Mind now always partially on her daughter, Meg hoped that it would not be long until she could share the warmth of their fiery patron with Mordecai. She listened lovingly as he spoke, though not all he said made sense to her. Militant as she was, a fight had always been her first instinct, but she took the words to heart none the less. “I will try to learn and walk forever in your light, thank you.” Spreading his dark wings, Gwaihir launched himself into the skies, and Megaera sunk into another low bow. If the Sun God had anything else to say, she would hear it, and then she and the young windlord would fly home together.

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