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UNICORNS :: Swimming the Coast, Round TWO (fixed)

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The first round takes place off the coast of the VEINS of the GODs, and will last 72 HOURS. Please be sure to note the description of the land, as follows:

The coast of the Dragon's Throat leads to the mouth of the river that leads to the Thistle Meadow, but above your heads a few miles off is a massive, rocky land bridge. Molten, blue lava tumbles over the sides of the Veins of the Gods and hisses as it hits the water, steam rising and obscuring vision. The water here is much warmer, and there is no coast line to save exhausted swimmers while under the massive, rock formation.

Your character will be heading WEST underneath the rocky land bridge of the Veins of the Gods and along the coast just beyond the rock formation.

Here are some rules to note:
  • You may only post if you previously signed up to compete in the Swimming Race.
  • You must post in every round to gain ground.
  • Failure to post in a round will result in a rank drop of 2 positions, unless you are on a valid absence.
  • The order of the second round will be determined by posting order of this first round!!
  • An RE will be posting a minimum of 2 times in each round, dealing out malevolent or benevolent effects to the person who posted prior. RE post order will be determined by a die roll to ensure fairness.

You may post sabotaging other characters, but this will not affect the official rankings.

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Chastity - 2
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Ricciardo -2
Leyra -2

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He fought the waves, pushing behind him as much water as he could with his slender legs. His dirty hide had been washed rather clean by the sea and he didn’t like the feel of it. He held his head as high above the surface as he could manage, sleek, now salt dotted, horn pointing towards the sky. He followed the bobbing antlers of the bay and tried to ignore the splashing sounds behind him.

Then suddenly a jerk at the rope made him gasp. For a moment his head was pulled under water and he felt a slight panic. Master! his head screamed, but then he managed to get his nostrils above the waves again. He snorted and finally air rushed to his lungs. It felt much harder to swim now and he couldn’t figure out why. Desperately he cast his head around and that was when he saw her - the hitchhiker! She was holding his rope and got dragged by him. He was afraid to lose sight of Korra and pissed that this mare would hold his rope - only Master was allowed to hold his rope!

The beast stopped swimming and kicked out with his hind legs as hard as he could. He hit her right in the stomach and she dropped his rope. Franticly the black beast resumed his swimming, trying to catch up to the bay ahead of him.

As he neared her they also swam away from the coast, the water became warmer and fear forced the Monster to paddle harder and faster. Behind him some shifts of the order they swam in were made, but the Monster stayed in place as they closed in on a very scary land bridge under which the leading horses swam. His breath and the splashes echoed as they entered under the bridge and the black beast was eager to get out on the other side. However he couldn’t help but playing with the strange place. "Echo!" he chimed and the echo answered “Echo, echo”. The Monster smiled a pleased smile and before he swam out of the cave he called: "Drip, drop". The sound of his voice echoed back to those behind him as the black stallion pressed on through the waves.

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There is love in your body but you can't hold it in,
It pours from your eyes and spills from your skin,
Tenderest touch leaves the darkest of marks,
And the kindest of kisses break the hardest of hearts

She glided along, dancing in the surging touch of the ample tide, limbs pulsing, churning amongst the ebb and flow, the turbulent bracken or the soft, serene waves. Her soft gaze stole upon the individuals still gracing the same race as she, maneuvering and swindling, teasing, chortling, enjoying the salty air along the brink of competition. She immersed herself within the challenge; boldly clambering onwards as the scenery altered, signaling how much closer they were to the end, to the finish, to an audacious, valiant effort completed and triumphed. The horizon changed, Thistle Meadow and its serene essence, to the rocky bridge promised overhead, dark and shadowed while she paddled beneath its massive formation. The temperature of the water altered as she and the others tread closer, she felt the warmth of the Veins’ bubbling lava as it treated the coast with its own murky, molten breath. Lena continued on, noting the wary lack of a sandy beach, a nurturing rest area for the weary.

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Doing her best to keep Cineviam in sight, she had a good start of keeping ahead of the pack, and preffered it that way. It was hard enough to continue to paddle without someone trying to knock her off coarse or drown her. Once she would look behind her, seeing a black sinewy mare following in her wake, but she made herself look forward again. It would be best not to be distracted by who else was behind her, though she had seen flashes of Unicorns she did know. Thick legs pumping, she felt much lighter in the water's grip, and took the waves by silent counts. She did not go quick nor slow, just kept a rhythem.

Sweet relief the water started to warm, up ahead she saw the looming bridge she had crossed not so long ago. It seemed huge, and she small in the place she was now. She kept her eyes on it for a time, letting it be her guide. Times she would let her hind legs, while her front continued to work knowing they had many more miles to go. Continuing on she could see that if something bad happened out here, there was no chance to venture to land. It was an eerie thought, and she hoped no one would be needing solid ground beneath their feet. Off to her right she could faintly see the mouth of a river, and placed it mind to visit sometime.

Points there was stretches of her muscles being used that had not been, and she could feel the hints of their pulling. It only made her want to keep up the pace, for it meant she was merely building more muscle and further testing herself.

The bridge became overhead, it was a bit shadowed, and it was here she worried any poor sports might try something stupid. The red maned mare took a look to watch out she was not too close to any outsiders. When she looked she saw the King's Monster, chirping echo to the bridge. It bounced around the cave, so strange was his voice. Inwardly she smiled, though already looking to the light on the other side wondering when the water would chill again or if it did not. And what would be the next objective.

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Theatricality and deception are powerful agents.
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in the mind of your opponent

Faelene wasn’t far behind him.

He had heard her throaty, encouraging wuffle shortly after he had taken to the briny water but he didn’t dare return it and waste a valuable breath needed to fuel his muscles. Nor did he turn his head to see just how close she tailed him. After a while he had gotten into a rhythm of paddling harder on the upward side of the wave and easing up on the downward. Since he was in the best position, he meant to stay up front in the pack but coast when he could, so he could save energy for a hard push at the end.

Just ahead of him, the dark silhouette of the rocky bridge hung menacingly. He needed a moment to dissuade the thought that only darkness, alive and observant, waited for them under that dark overhang of rock, waiting for the opportunity to drop down, drown him, and feed on his bones. It didn’t help that blue lava fell from the Veins of Gods with a splash and a hiss. White-rimmed eyes flashed to his left every time it happened and sweat darkened patches behind his ears. He felt as if he was in the Sun God’s cooking pot and his legs began to pump more furiously, determined to get past this hurdle and on to whatever other obstacles ahead.

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"You lack the requisite spine and testicular fortitude to study under me"

Water uninvitingly made it's way into the lobes of d'Artagnan who grumbled and cursed at it's audacity. This was just water?! It was no match for the likes of the merlot beast who kicked his legs out harder in vein protest, surely he must be nearing the leaders by now. Just ahead of him was Lena, the bay femme whom he'd rarely spoken with. However it wasn't comradely that the Doctor felt, instead it was sheer annoyance and anger that he was behind a mare. A MARE?! He blew bubbles in the water as he mulled over the best route to take or if there even was one.

The Nightshade snorted, dispersing the water into the air, slowly beginning to see the advantages of patrolling on a regular basis. The first wave of his stamina began to kick in as the red one swam under the bridge, feeling slightly claustrophobic under the boiling structure. The water was hot now and did little to help the steed as he felt like it was snapping at his sooty legs that kicked hard beneath the surface. This is stupid. An angered looking d'Art emerged from under the bridge, the light dazzling against his glass horn that now shone many different colours under the glare.

He continued westward and welcomed the burn from his legs. The pain was rather joyous and sent mad trilling into the vaults of his mind. Slowly, a smile appeared on grey lips that transformed into something more crazy and wild. Laughter rippled, so morbid and silly, a mind so profoundly lost. His laughs became louder, wilder and madder before a shout knocked on his maw that had a morbid rhythm to it.


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She starts great, with a position of third in the row of bobbing heads as they paddle through the sea. Fighting to keep her head as far above water as possible, she steers after the black and red mare just in front of her, yet making sure not to get within reach of the kicking hooves under water. The cold of the water was the worst, making her muscles ache, but soon she has adjusted and her skin has gone numb. Keahi does not look back, just pushes on and away from the shore. The huge rock of the Vein of the Gods towered ahead, but what worries her most is the absence of a beach here. There is no stopping here, no resting whatsoever, her stomach turning into a tight knot.

The sudden warming of the water both surprises and pleases her, giving her an extra motivation to keep moving. Keahi is a child of the desert, and she far favors the warmer climate over the colder months that she is facing. She passes under the bridge with ease, steam engulfing her figure and the ones in front of her. No longer can she steer after the black mare in front of her; she will have to follow her instinct. Emerging on the other side, she is pleased to see that she is indeed still headed in the right direction.

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The short stallion got the full use of his stamina as the race continued, the current from the river flowing into the ocean pushing him a little out of course. He attempted to fall in behind the black mare who had at one point set the Edge on fire; he held absolutely no dear emotion toward her, but he could use her to break the waters in front of him, so he could float along in her wake. He was eyeing the waves that crashed up on the raw cliffs, the beach disappearing and leaving him at a point of no return.

Aurelius steered clear of the rocks and placed himself somewhere in the middle of the waters, where the waters were not too hot. He could hear the sizzling of the lava as it turned water to steam, and he felt a sweat break on his soaked body. This was not a place he wanted to stay for long, the bridge of the VotG looming overhead . A cloud of steam billowed over the waters, veiling his competitors in white obscurity, but the dwarven steed kept his course clear. Emerging on the other side, he was still placed firmly in the middle of the waters, small limbs kicking furiously to try and gain some momentum on the others in this moment of confusion.

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The savage held a stern expression on her face as she pushed on, paddling furiously below the surface of the water. With her low percentage of body fat, she had to work that much harder to stay afloat, but luckily she also had strength and stamina like few others. Nares flared widely for air as the waves got a bit unsteady, the river mouthing into the ocean and stirring the waters. She grumbled in her throat, keeping her sights on Cineviam, the leader of the race. The competitive spirit within her forced her to continue, even though she felt a certain bitterness when the coastline turned from sandy beach to rocky cliffs. There was no resting here, and she hoped to pass this point as quickly as possible.

Steam and smoke from the lava flowing into the water obscured her view, causing her to cough roughly. Her frame dipped considerably as she lost focus for a second, but with a reserve of powers and surge of adrenaline she pushed herself back up and on. The waters were uncomfortably hot here, Korra snarled in distaste and felt overheated in her shaggy fur. Clenching her teeth tightly, she soldiered on as she had of habit, one minute feeling like she was gaining ground, the other feeling like she was falling behind.

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The current takes hold of your swimming body, Monster, and propels you past two individuals.

A dolphin is intrigued by your tail, Cineviam. It grabs it in its mouth while it swims, but it's pulling you in the opposite direction! By the time it lets go one individual has passed you.

Another dolphin approaches you, Aurelius. It pushes you past one individual before swimming away.

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Sifting through the seen debris
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Give me up I did my best
Chalk this system full of shit
Lock this fucker lost in it

Bulky was a good thing in water. Or so Descaro believed. Not even close to tired the immensely muscular body of the dark steed powered through the ocean, not at all happy with his position. d'Artagnan swam just ahead and seemed to be losing his head again. This was no matter as Descaro set his goal to get past the idiot Doctor. There weren't many behind him and being so close to last place was chaffing at his competitive spirit. His snip had now almost turned pink from being drenched in water, the pale skin underneath glinting in the sun as he swam westward. The rocky land bridge of the Veins drawing ever closer.

Just like Monster's crazy voice, Descaro's splashes seemed to echo across the natural walls giving the whole bridge an eerie sort of feel. Light temporally filtered away and the steed swam fast for the light at the end. Tail soaked to the bone he emerged at the end and set his course alongside the coast and past the rocky formations. The further they went the more he relished it.

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The scholar found himself a little nervous in the middle of all these unknown unicorns. Only one had smelt of the Foothills and he didn't know the guy. It worried him further that the majority seemed to be Edge unicorns. Evers was only small after all and was by no means a fighter. Suddenly he found himself missing Archibald as every fibre in his body shied away from the other competitors. However, he seemed to be making quick progress for his rather short stature when a gust of wind helped his progress. Although it would be safe to say he rather cringed when passing a rather mad looking brute and a bay femme who both smelt of the Edge. Let's hope they don't remember me. Just keep swimming!

The blue swam swiftly under the bridge, not caring to take note of his surroundings and focussing on getting away from those other unicorns as fast as he could. All six of his horns were now fully drenched in water as the sea lapped up the side of him. Evers kept on swimming west along the coast, hoping for more luck with the wind. | |

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((OOC- I am pulling both Irene and Chastity from the race. Good luck everyone))

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The cherry stallion stained dark by the sea, keeps his legs churning in desperate circles against the acrid currents. They slosh and slap at his face as if he were a boulder that crept too close to the angry coast, except he was not quite as strong as a boulder. He swallowed and gulped down mouthfuls of water, and he felt crawling shock sink into his legs. He hadn't realized he'd moved at all. But the stallion was indeed whizzing down the Throat's curved shore. He had no memory of anyone else there but him. The other unicorns, the herdlands they represented, none of it mattered now, it was just a struggle to keep your heads above ravenous waves.

The first thing he noticed was that the temperature was warmer. At first thought, Validino mistook himself overheating. But as his teal eyes absorbed the narrowing river he pushed himself into the line of swimmers and he finally noticed his opponents. They were ahead of him and both of them were bay and he knew them to the World's Edge.

He quickly and cautiously found himself under the landbridge and the world just then felt ridiculously small. Bodies twisted and fought the water with some hope of pushing themselves ahead, but Validino was primarily focused on breathing and the steadiness of his leg thrusts. The awkward mixture of the current and sullen leg thrusts somehow saw him blasting out of the dim cavern and raging into the bright lights. He waved his horn slightly, and threw his weight into his shoulders that were beginning to burn. The army of swimmers continued westward.

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A bird swoops down and yanks out some of Ever's mane! But, he keeps on and manages to maintain his position.

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