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No Time for Lies and Empty Fights

Setting: It is dawn, temperate, with light spilling slowly across Dragon’s Throat. The sky is clear and there is no wind. Hector asked Sikeax previously to meet him at this time, by the north-eastern edge of the oasis, desert side.

Light was melting slowly across the shadowy blue horizon, and Hector watched with baited breath as it signalled the final moments of another early morning shift. Sound, brawny legs were straddled atop a jagged tumble of golden rock – weathered sandstone that had long ago been laden by a towering iron bulwark and up until very recently, helped root the desert to the baked-clay Heart of Helovia. Rich, copper-dyed wings were apart, suspended low and loose like balancing props beside him, and thick sweat stained the trim barrel beneath, murky-black.

Come, Veci! he commanded at last.

The Sun’s warrior bid fond farewell to his favourite hour of the day with a powerful thrust of his giant wingspan. In simultaneous motion, he threw his whiskered chin high into the mild air to honour the patron-God of the desert. Hail, father!... Thighs - as tight as wound springs - released their fraught energy and he plunged rapidly to the gravel earth, limbs already swinging into a brisk gallop.

The oasis - as he drove vigorously south - was but a dim blur in the distance. Hector pushed harder, chanting to the tempo of drumming hooves as he went- faster, faster, FASTER, "FASTER!" Sweat lathered across his rusty-red neck and across each flank as it wrenched to close the distance; he was physical perfection, primed to fight, to defend. He had a point to prove. But such fitness was not gained so easily. It took a good length of each day, straining, stretching and sweating – and he did each with a disciplined, determined heart, drawing satisfaction from success alone.

It was his hope that Sikeax was waiting as planned by the rim of oasis vegetation. They were to spar and he had promised to help her, coach her - and definitely not maim her. Blazing eyes scanned the dawn-washed area ahead and ears were tipped eagerly forward. Every inch of him was zoned in, focusing all effort into locating her delicious champagne frame if it were there, in his path.

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Sleep had been broken and loose, shattered while she pushed herself further into the barrel and beneath the wing of her love. They never sturred once regardless of the champagne's uncomfortableness. Sparring brought a bit of uncertainty to her veins. Hector was a good man that she could place trust in, and through her previous embarrassment of having stuttered through her request for teachings, she had a grip of what was to come. Nothing cured the nervousness, though.
When the Moon sunk low and dipped behind the towers of distance rock cliffs, she had known it was time to go. Pulling free from beneath the wing, she cantered slowly to their agreed location. The air had yet to set itself on fire, luckily, and while her burns had been temporarily soothed by Aloe Vera, the spar was sure to end with her cringing through the pain.
Why had she asked for in a bad time?
Their place was empty when she arrived, much to her displeasure. She wanted to get it over with and take a chance to know that she might triumph through this ordeal. Then again, it was Hector, and no matter how much she dreamed, he was larger, more powerful, and for sure, better looking(not that that even mattered in terms of fighting), he could still crush her in battle.
His arrival is a signal that makes her heart recoil and knot itself. Her ears fall flat in fear in his glistening body, coated in sweat, primed for battle while she is nothing more than an awkward healer standing some good inches feet below him, fat and not pregnant no matter what any rumours and appearances from last season might of thought.
She attempts a look of preparation, standing tall with a hope that this will end well. "Are you ready?" spills from her lips with a not-very-real looking smirk, taunting him in hopes that he'll overlook her obvious fears.

OOC: God, I love their relationship. xD

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No Time for Lies and Empty Fights

Hector’s pace slowed the second her attractive, lean-legged silhouette slipped within range of his eager eyes. Her horn glistened in the demure light of dawn, soft cyan blue – the day’s premature glow captured her exquisitely – and he followed a direct line towards her like a moth to the flame. The stallion’s knees lifted brazenly for her benefit alone, and each powerful leg was thrust in swinging succession beneath his ripping barrel, elegant and proud. He was tall, athletic, and covered the sandy distance between them in good time. Wings lifted ever higher in showy fashion to exaggerate his size – perhaps still more his appeal. The sweat darkening his rich copper pelt rippled as the rhythm of his gait beat like war drums in the quiet early morning.

He neared Sikeax’s position, slowing steadily to a smooth walk (which would cease altogether by the time he was a few lengths away) and offered rare warmth through a brief smile. He could see the unmasked fear written through her body language, and lessened his own stance rapidly when he realised the effect. In a respectful gesture his large horned skull dipped and soon enough she was stiffening before him; perhaps in effort to display instead her readiness. "Good morning Sikeax. I am," his rumbling, resonating tone answered her pleasantly.

He recognized the bold taunt of her voice of course, and offered a brief smirk in return – her humour was another of the qualities that he found undeniably appealing. "…may the Sun bless our lesson, though, this will not work if you hold back. Pray, strike me as though I am an enemy you have defeated many times before… please." Of course the lovely Sun Physician was in safe company. Hector had no wish whatsoever to injure her (his eye-candy), beyond repair and he thought himself battle-hardy enough to weather any wounds she dealt him. They were brother and sister of the sand; united for a common interest – serving their home, Dragon’s Throat.

Bright, tangerine-tinged eyes melted from the vicinity of her charming blue gaze and he bristled visibly so that she might realise his preparation in good time.

It was Hector’s intention to launch into a curved path around to her right (location permitting), and then feint suddenly in towards her hindquarters. With luck he would be able to angle his right shoulder towards her nearest thigh and collide with it – experience suggested that the manoeuvre might shock the smaller mare’s balance, at least. In turn, he hoped that she would be staggering to resume lost composure by the time the low kick to follow reached the area around her hind legs; that the impact of his half-strength, second assault, would be enough to only bruise if it connected with her at all. This was no battle to the death, nor was he particularly overwhelmed by the testosterone coursing through his veins (well, not for the sake of the spar at least).

The skilled warrior knew well his strengths – speed and agility – and that endurance was perhaps his greatest weakness; he used this to his advantage whenever he was able, ensuring that the first attacks he made would potentially slow his opponent physically so that their stamina might in the end, be better matched.

When it came time for execution, the sinew rolled beneath his rippling taut skin before hocks unleashed their pent up power and propelled him forward around to Sikeax’s right. His expression hardened as he centred a glare upon her – attempting to portray the adversary he had proposed, honestly. It was only meant thoughtfully as a means to motivate her; give the pretty healer something to work with. His legs were long – as was his considerably larger body in comparison to the plump mare’s – and as his neck drew roughly parallel with her hocks, Hector swung suddenly right. Focused upon her thigh, his shoulder dared closer; driven fearlessly by ambitious, agile legs. But he did not slow, regardless of the result…

Artfully, the stallion lunged left away from her. Dust rose above his switching hooves as they assembled themselves upon the parched, fragile terrain, and the strapping legs above gathered momentum enough to kick out – though of course, he did so without the intent to strike hard. The stallion lingered where he landed in the end, so that she might find retaliation easier; but he turned partly towards her so that he might view her reaction and assess the extent of any injuries she had thus far suffered.

"Don’t hesitate," he whispered, loud enough though that she might hear if she was not already descending upon him. "Take me while I dally…" Lean, silk lined tail snapped eagerly, enthusiastically, through the air behind him in anticipation.

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