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[OPEN] Down and Dirty - Task 5

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and Alice

The buckets had been a rather interesting experience. But after they had returned to the Earth God, he was sending them out on yet another task, the list never ending. Hotaru sighed and turned to shrug at her beautiful warrior, at a loss for what to say or do. At least it was something to do. Yet still, Hotaru found herself tiring of the menial tasks, for she certainly didn't care whether the others lived or died so long as she was comfortable and...well, not drowning. Turning, she decided not to go too far, remaining in the meadow. Hotaru wasn't going to waste her time running all about the major continent, wearing herself out and traveling long distances for things that could be found close by.

"Lets go gather some silt, darling," she cooed easily, turning and swaying across the meadow with all the careless grace she possessed. With all the Helovians running about like beheaded chickens, surely the jobs would still be done even without Hotaru and Rhiannon's efforts aiding them.

The river was a familiar sight, and the strawberry maiden waded in, dragging along a deeply bowed piece of driftwood. It wasn't as good as the bucket, but still, it was workable. She pushed it down into the soft silt of the bank, gathering it in the bowl of the wood before dragging it right back out onto the grass, filled with watery silt. Turning to look over her shoulder she shrugged at Rhiannon. "Good enough," she purred.

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Hearing her interjections and questions made Elsa perk up, like, a lot. Having something to talk about always took her mind of things, not to mention brought her closer to those around her. So all these responses and positive body movements had put her even more at ease, they were working pretty well as a team in her mind. Hopefully all this hard work would pay off eventually and they would get to rest in a really nice room. Elsa's version of "really nice room" included soft pillows and blankets. They were things she hadn't even seen since she was in her homeland, but dang that stuff was wonderful to sleep on. Especially when it was particularly bitter outside with the wind. "The wraith infection was pretty intense. Some horses get a little crazy though when cooped up underground." She laughed lightly, trying to cover up the fact that she was one that about lost it. Numerous times her mood swings had either put her alone in a pity-party corner, or rubbing others the wrong way. Both literally and figuratively of course. However, what Elsa really wanted to do was get to the comment about snow. Not many others preferred the winter season over the others. Elsa had been one of few and those in her mindset were rarer than any magic here. "Well, should you ever need a friend to frolic with in the snow, you can always find me in the Falls." She said with a wink. There were rarely any visitors from outside, but it was always a party when they did arrive.

They needed to get to work though, and so Edgar did his thing. After sending out the pair of red birds to Elsa, he sent another pair out to Dovahkiin. He didn't pay attention to what they were so he kind of hoped he hadn't sent hawks with their sharp talons out to her. That would kind of suck. Turning then, they began their trek back to the meadow and Elsa listened to what Dovahkiin had to say about her family. They were all dead, and she didn't remember. Elsa couldn't weigh what was worse, knowing before death or never knowing at all? Sighing she shrugged, not sure of how to respond. "So then have you been a traveler your entire life?" It was a question that walked the line of her response to the last one. You couldn't just ask why others parents were dead. That wasn't really a fun conversation to happen with a near-friend thats not quite a friend. "You talked to dragons?" Suddenly that realization hit. Dovahkiin had just said it moments ago, yes? Either way, talking to dragons was much more badass than having a bird. Hearing his bonded's thoughts Edgar pecked her right on the head. Elsa just rolled her eyes.

The meadow was quickly within sight as the two pairs of birds flew off to join their brethren on the boat. They would at least survive another day. Exhausted, Elsa turned to Dovahkiin ready to rest. Yet again, the Earth God's voice boomed out another request. Elsa shot him an icy stare. "You have got to be kidding me." She muttered, turning to Dovahkiin. They were not about to travel out to the far lands for this one. They would stay right here in the meadow and... what?

Looking around, she spotted a small but mature tree. It sat squat, and nearly bare for it looked to be slowly dying. Perfect, Elsa could crack that in half and make a smooth icy path to the boat. With Dovah's help, they could get it there in no time flat. Motioning to the tree, Elsa wandered over to it and looked up at it. This would be an easy one to get through. "Well. I can pretty easily get this back to them with your help, but you're gonna have to stay out of the way for a moment." Waiting for Dovahkiin to move, Elsa began to summon her "magical" idea. A small, but hardy layer of ice peered up from the ground. It snaked up about an inch above the base. Mentally, this was taking a lot of effort, but it would be worth it. There probably wasn't going to be much raw wood sitting around, so, yeah. Eventually Elsa got it to push through the bark and cut cleanly beneath the tree. The tree itself teetered a moment, then fell over. It crashed, and she looked over to make sure the other pair who had stayed behind had not been scared off. Or hit by it for that matter. Looking to Dovahkiin she smiled, all they had to do now was remove the branches and push it back. "We just got to get these branches off, and then ill make an icy path back to the boat so we can push it a little easier." She said, and began to then grip the hardy branches between her teeth. Elsa was able to pull most off, but some of the larger ones needed a little more help. Ice was pretty useful now.

Once all that was done, Elsa made a thin icy path starting underneath the tree to nearby the boat. They could get it there, but they sure as hell weren't getting on the boat. Getting behind the tree, she began to push with her chest. The dark rubbed uncomfortably against her skin, but she wanted to live through this flood. Plus, if the boat ever sprang a leak, they'd be heroes.

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This is certainly the trickiest of the tasks so far. Gathering materials to fix the boat is pretty damn vague, and the colossal colt has little idea where to even start. He moves aimlessly through the meadow, poking and prodding at bits of wood. Vérzés holds part of a fallen tree in his paws as he soars overhead, and Volterra can feel the strain the movement puts on his muscles. It is a good thing, though - the red needs to strengthen up ready for the future, because the earth-child will not be bonded to weakness. The colt assumes the boat is made of wood, and thus the tree may come in useful for healing any holes that might appear during the trek. It doesn't seem particularly adequate, though, and the beastling drags his heels sadly as he makes his way back to the beach.

Ears flap and he grimaces as he hears the grating sound of wood dragging against the ground, and he looks to see a unicorn mare hauling a piece of bowed driftwood filled with silt. Admiration coats the boy's features as he meanders closer, Vérzés circling around him and landing atop the wood he holds so he can have a sneaky rest whilst Volterra is occupied. "That's a good idea," points out the titanic youngling, peering at the silt curiously.

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Well… this was going to be awkward.

You saw Snowflake in the distance and had decided you would follow her, because you had only seen her for a moment before T1 had drug you off some other location. Wavering somewhere between high and hallucinating, and sober and painful, you make your way towards her, a pressing question on your mind. You don’t even worry about following the Earth God’s instructions, because something far more interesting has happened. “Can you change shapes?” you ask her, brow furrowed as you try to remember the way Thranduil’s body had turned into Elsa’s body, body twisting and morphing in front of you and you weren’t really sure if it was Snowflake or Thranduil himself.

Anyways, the awkward part- it’s because as you stumble up alongside of Snowflake and press your nose into her neck, you see that Pastel is nearby as well. You can only pray to the gods that she doesn’t say anything stupid right now. This is the wrong company.

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Ughghghghhghghghghgghhgg another quest or challenge or some shit that I give zero fucks about. First critters, then some plants, and now fucking repair materials? The fuck is this? Do I look like Tim the Tool Man Taylor to you? No I do not.

Dear Earth God.

Here's a thought. If you don't make a fucking flood, we won't need shit to fucking repair your stank ass boat.


Gossip Girl Shida.

Whatevs. Da is over with Ma, and I let them do their grown up thing. Instead, I focus on Princess who is taking a MASSIVE dump near a tree. I frown and think nothing of it until I see a leaf fall into his mountainous pile of excrement and stick there.


Princesses' shit is basically like super glue! Since he's young and still has thought marvelous watery puppy-shits every 5 minutes (especially when he's excited), there will be no shortage of bonding agents on boat, should something crack or break (or you know, get exploded).

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaailed it.

I trot over to Da, confident and arrogant as always.

"I found our shit." I offer, literally meaning the words I say.


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and who shall I say

is calling?

Four trips across the length and breadth of Helovia and all the horses under the Sun and Moon still weren't enough to satisfy the Earth God's need for tasks. For all that she could understand the concept of 'work before you feast', Shadow couldn't help but silently agree with the mutters, groans and general dissent that whispered through the crowds as a fifth task was handed out.

All the running around and carrying was taking a toll on the skinny mare. Carrying her bucketfull of fish had sapped what little reserves she had (mostly because she had refused to ask Bolverik for help even when the burden really grew too heavy to handle) and by now even the pretense of strength, health and fitness was cracking. Head hanging limp just like the raven-black wings from the stocky torso, the Blackbird heaved a mournful sigh as the pairs scattered once more, glaring at the magnificent ship with a fair amount of loathing in her pretty eyes. If it weren't for that oversized canoe she would be able to hide away in the shade beneath the red oaks, graze or perhaps bathe in the cool waters of the river. But no, she was forced to run this way and that to earn a spot on a boat she didn't particularly wished to enter, just because her bloody wings weren't strong enough to carry her to better lands before the flood came...

...and because maybe, just maybe, despite what Ampere had said, her son would be there too, ready to be swallowed by wood and branch like a whale swallows krill.

So she sighed and went for a bucket again, returning to Bolverik's side without outward complaint. The stallion was growing on her, truth be told. For all that he looked like a spoiled, pampered prince, so far he hadn't been averse to any of the menial and often rather taxing tasks. She had expected him to complain at every turn, skive off the tasks and leave her to do the job herself - but instead the man appeared completely unperturbed, like he was doing this kind of thing every day.

A tired, cunning smile spread across the lips of the mare as she eyed the glittering line that was the river some distance away, sudden mischievous playfulness creating a stark, startling contrast to the otherwise chaotic torrent of emotions that was dragging through her lately.

"Let's not go too far this time, please?" she part asked, part pleaded and looked up at her partner, putting on the most despairing and suffering look of exhaustion she could muster (it wasn't very hard, Shadow was barely able to lift her feet off the ground already). Others seemed to have decided to stay close by as well, she payed them little heed aside from noting their presence on the meadow. "Maybe we can find something by the river..."

Something easily gathered, like mud perhaps? Quivering inwardly with excited expectation Shadow waddled towards the sloping banks of the waterway, bucket in hand, and began an arduous task of shuffling clay from the edges into her bucket - somehow managing to cover herself as well as splashing a good amount of the sticky, smelling substance in the direction of her neat and tidy partner as well. Crystalline eyes glittered as she threw him a teasing glance, solid hooves carving deep trenches in the slippery slope as the mare skidded down into the river; she shuddered from the pleasurable sensation of clean, fresh water against her skin and felt a smile return onto the lips. Invigorated the pegasus pawed the surface with her legs, wings and tail slapping in turn to send the glittering droplets high in the air, only to crash back down over her back until every last bit of her was soaked, the coat gleaming like wet ink, the deepest shade of midnight black imaginable.

"Ah, much better!" she sighed delightedly. "Bolverik, do you think... maybe... you could help me? I can't reach between the wings..." She gave him a slightly awkward smile, not entirely sure it was okay to ask. The shadow-mare had already tested the boundaries by trying to dirty him down, and now this rather intimate request... But heck, why not? The worst thing that could happen would be sulking, refusals and a termination of the partnership, and she was already prepared for that. And since when was she one to care what others thought?

Time, it would seem, changed more than the outward workings of the world.

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Bolverik walked dutifully beside, his countenance quiet and subdued. Together, they accomplished the fourth task without much fuss, but he couldn't help but agree when she asked to stay close. He too did not want to be sent across Helovia for this task, and the stallion nodded strongly in agreement. "Yes, please," he mused, walking with her to the sparkling, blue stream that looked very inviting. The stallion loathed the idea of getting his coat covered in dirt - again - but he sighed and moved forward, taking the bucket and dragging it through the clay.

He raised a brow, irritation and ire clouding his golden orbs when his charge sprayed mud in his direction, the offending blots of filth staining his otherwise perfect coat. A breath pushed out of his nose angrily, and he furrowed his brows, not understanding why she would want to tarnish anything else, but her movements into the stream dispelled any tension he might have been feeling. She cleaned herself in the stream, finally, and he felt please that, at the very least, she was removing whatever grime had covered her sides.

Tigers did not change their flawless, golden stripes. He was a leader, and part of being a leader was being a servant. The goodness was intimately entwined with the unsavory, nearly impossible to untangle. But - that did not make him inherently bad or good. Rather, he was just himself, and that is who he would always be. Bolverik raised a brow at her request, not hesitating to come over and groom between her wings with his teeth. This was normal for the stallion. Often, the clan would take turns ensuring they were clean before battle.

His entire people were clean - except Ulrik. But he was raised by a rowdy band of travelers. Once thoroughly cleaned, he stepped back, carefully blotting away the mud on his hide with water and his muzzle and smirking, ever so slightly. She looked much better like this. Less homeless. More starving princess. The coat she held was inky black with a raven-like sheen. "Much better," he praised. "Shall we return?"

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Fanning himself after lugging his less than amused opossum friend back to the boat he awaited Morrigan to join him before heading out once more. The sweat was beading upon his pelt faster than he could brush it away at some points during the day making working less than desirable. If only this so called rain would start so that they may all cool down before boarding an enclosed area. Trapping them all on the boat would likely only make things hotter and stink beyond belief. The Earth God better have thought this all through before deciding to cram them all on a ship so they could flood the world. He could just imagine the smell being a hundred times worse than a boys locker room. That was definitely not something he wanted to be thinking about.

When his partner finally arrived back from their hunting trip they set off in search of items to assist in repairing the boat should they need it. Instead of traveling far it made more sense to stick to the closest area around the vessel so more could be gathered in a shorter period of time. "Grasses and branches should be useful, don't you think?" He asked turning his head so that he could see where his partner had gotten to.

Moving along the edges of the meadow at a slow methodical pace he started pulling up the longer thick grasses and brush to make a pile. If a leak should happen it would be easy to stuff some of this in the hole and pack it on with some mud. Surely someone else would be able to take care of the mud. Being hot, sticky and covered in mud was so not pleasant and he would like to avoid it at all costs. Once satisfied with the size of his pile he began gathering it together in bunches with the help of his wings to take it back to their ship. Hopefully they would never have to use it but it was there in case the worst happened. If they all somehow managed to capsize and drown he was sure as hell coming back to haunt the god's ass for the rest of his miserable life.

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