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[OPEN] Out with the old... [Task 5]

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Ampere moved quietly onto their next task, only pausing and glancing back to ensure her son was still with her. Other than that she lost herself to her thoughts, haunted by Shadow's reaction to her explanation (or was it a confession?) of Kari's disappearance. In an instant their friendship seemed to shrivel, which was especially crushing to Ampere given that it had blossomed in mere seconds prior, even after Ampere had thought the relationship dead, or more accurately, that Shadow had been.

Whether it was these thoughts that drove Ampere to the Ancient Rotunda, the patrol she and Kari were supposed to do, or others, the Mother wasn't sure. She stopped before the structure of stone and glass, glancing up at it with a dreamy sort of look. She had often found peace here, transported by the serenity and the beauty of this seemingly abnormal thing amid the wilderness. Even on that same day, she had forged friendships she'd never had before, had danced with the Morningstar under the rainbowlight... but now she loathed to look at him, and Serenity was as vanished as Kari was.

"I wonder if the Earth is going to save this in his flood..." she murmured aloud, reaching out a wing to gently caress the pillar by the opening. She reached down to grab part of it that was crumbling away into rocks, wanting it as a memento as well as a resource for the task.


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Pride filled me as Hector and I returned to the meadow with our catch. A mum and her babies. For a while I felt sad for killing the dad but Hector explained to me how he would provide sustenance to others and continue to be a part of the cycle of life. I guess when he put it that way, I felt a little better.

“Bye,” I call out to the little family as we hand them over to the organizer guy and then he handed us yet another task. Just how many things did this guy want us all to do? First we warned others, then we gathered water, then plants, then animals, and now stuff to fix the wooden thing if it needed to be fixed at all. What more could there be to do besides actually board the thing and wait out the coming storm?

I looked to Hector with a smile and started us off in a direction that we had already gone for one of the previous tasks. Towards the fancy place. I knew exactly what I wanted to get.

Keeping up with Hector this time wasn't so hard, even though my muscles were a little sore from my little spill earlier. But that little bit of air time had seemed to fill me with a new sort of energy. A gleeful energy. A boundless energy. Even if I did technically fall, I was still in the air and I loved being there. I couldn't wait until could actually fly.

My wings shuffled around as I anxiously moved them around, gently flapping them as if I was swimming in the air. I imagined that while I was doing this I was going much faster than I actually was and little frets of giggles managed to escape my lips every now and then. And even though it felt a little awkward to feel like this for a little while, eventually it felt like it should be natural. But I still tried to contain myself somewhat. I didn't want to find out about any more dangerous magics on accident like with my current one.

“Come on Hector,” I called out to him settling down while we entered our destined place. Surprisingly there was already another group here, and I recognized them from the herd meeting. The mare I had only seen in the herd meeting. I remembered her because I thought she was Hertz's mum, but she seemed to have a different foal in tow with her. I remembered him from the foal meeting we had earlier, but I couldn't remember his name. That is, if he had even said his name.

“I know exactly what we should get,” I whispered loud enough for Hector to hear and strolled off towards the small body of water that was here. It probably seemed weird for me to head towards the water, but once I got there and did a little bit of searching I found what I was looking for. Long grass with some brown things at the tops of them.

Carefully, I crept closer to the edge of the water and used my teeth to cut down the tall plants near the ground. It took me a little to gather a sufficient amount for Hector and I to bring back, but once I had what I deemed enough I began to drag them all back towards Hector.

“He could braid these together and make rope out of them,” I remark as I bring over the last bunch and then stand by his side with the pile of reeds, “What are you guys nabbing?” I ask the colt and the blue mare without any restraint. Curiosity began to eat at me and I began to wiggle and squirm as I waited for some sort of answer or for Hector to say something but then I decided I could at least introduce myself so I quick added that in before anybody else decided to speak up.

“I'm Isara by the way.”

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Boats were made of wood... Thus they should find a place with trees. Boats might spring a leak or something right? Arya wandered aimlessly, finding more than her fair share of wood, but none of it suitable supplies. She stopped at the Rotunda. This was where Hotaru had won the egg. It was then she realized that she hadn't met her mother's companion. A frown passed over her lips and she shook her head. That could wait.

Arya noticed another mare standing there. For once she was relatively stumped as to what to do. Wood might be a bit trickier than she had anticipated truly. She looked at the dark mare and walked toward her, and she watched the mare grab some stone. "How will stone help?" Genuine curiosity crossed her face and she looked at the mare. "I was thinking wood in case something breaks." She looked about her and eyed the fabric. Would it hurt to pull off but a chunk?


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I snorted, trying to piece my thoughts together as we traveled. My mind was a complete jumble of ideas, constantly thinking and re-thinking different ways the boat might break. But ... given that I hadn't had a very good look at the boat initially, I found none of my thoughts to be particularly helpful. Did the boat have a mast? Did it have a sail? What was the inner construction like? Without knowing the answers to these questions, how was the Prince meant to offer any helpful suggestions or solutions to our current problem?

As Arya asked the mare for her input - or rather, her justification for picking up stones - I sighed to myself. Why wasn't she asking me?

"Extra lumber might be good but .. .what about tree sap? In case something needs to merely me mended instead of reconstructed or repaired?" I offer somewhat hesitantly.

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"I hope that the Rotunda is okay during all of the flooding! I just love the glass!" Walking under the Ancient Rotunda I craned my neck to watch the rainbow of colors that paraded across my coat. It made me feel vibrant and exotic like some of the others that call Helovia home. I was taken from ordinary black and white and made into something new. "How do you like the new look?" Turning in a circle I showed myself from every angle. It made me wonder, if I had the chance to change my coloring; would I?

"Back to business I suppose! How is Elodin faring with all of this traveling?" I felt concern for Kvothe's young companion, but my friend was a careful care taker. It amazed my how well he took care of his bonded. I couldn't help but picture what he could be like as a father. It left my gaze on him for too long and I tossed my head, shaking the thoughts from my mind.

Turning and walking to where another gathering had formed I introduced myself. "Hey there! I am Rei, and my friend is Kvothe." It felt nice to introduce us as a pair. I had spent so much of my time introducing myself, announcing my herdland to take the place of announcing a companion. "What have you all gathered, is there anything that you also need for us to help gather from this area? Or do you need any help carrying anything?"
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Though her tenderness struck a chord deep beneath his stalwart exterior, Hector offered no trace of its existence to the ever fluctuating crowd around the God of the Earth; around them. He was a Dragon soldier, tried and tested, and would show no emotional weakness in their face – no matter the measure of their acquaintance. Isara however was the key to his soul, she knew better than even lovers of old how tenderly the deepest blood pulsed; his affections belong to her after all (there would be no other dame to tempt him).

Bright orange gaze trained to her dutifully, watching as she strode alongside with large-sized wings flailing around clumsily – there was a pattern developing though, he noticed, but let her play without interfering. His own parental assertiveness was mellowing the more they talked, bonded and more often he was finding himself able to watch and not rescue (so quickly anyway). It was a fine thing, because hovering around and orchestrating Isara’s activities constantly, would in the end give her no confidence or sound experience.

She was coming out of her shell beautifully - a winter bud opening its vivid hues in the face of hardship dealt.

They fell into the region of the rotunda - a landscape only recently discovered after an eon spent like moles living underground - and there were a few already gathered beneath the wandering shade. He passed an attentive eye through the tangled grove, finding Ampere and the cripple child she had birthed close by. Instead of bristling though, smirking at her body’s faulty craft like once he had, the stalwart stallion lessened his posture (his conceit) in their presence, and touched whiskered nose to Isara’s painted shoulder. The filly’s dependence had stirred within him new compassion, and there seemed little reason to mask it from the eyes of family.

The young voice of the girl pulled his attention home however, and large horned skull tipped curiously to the side as he regarded her. "Oh?" he answered, also quietly, having noted the sudden streak of subtlety with an amused smirk. Almost as suddenly Isara was dancing off through the undergrowth, and though he slackened the reigns, he turned his thoughts promptly to Veci - keep her safe...

The Boggart had not paid off his service each for terrorizing the girl in the Threshold, nor making a complete fool of him at the Storytelling by old Dragon’s Blood. Sullenly, the creature sailed after her.

Patiently he waited on the spot, biding time; watching the striking splash of her coat moving between the cluttering shrubs which leeched shrewdly from the endless supply of lake water. She returned at last, dragging with some effort, lithe reeds from their bed and explained the purpose she intended for them. He nodded, impressing his approval, and as she turned to speak to the one-winged boy, Hector began pulling the long plants up and over his back (doggedly forcing his body to contort). Content with his child in the company of the Gladiator for a moment, Hector moved to tear bark from weathered tree trunks – his contribution to the task.

Many were collecting around them as time passed by, and he was pleasantly surprised to find most were Dragon kin.


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Elodin is tired by now, and he rests upon my snowy back as I walk beside Rei in deer form. There are others there, as there always seemed to be. How odd that prior to this i met few wandering the land, and now suddenly there were dozens. I gave upon the Rotunda, feeling my large ears flick back. What a waste...what a shame, that this place would be washed away, its presence only a memory. "Yes, if we can be of any help, we would do so gladly."

Elodin raised his head, looking around at all the faces in tired boredom, before deciding they were not worthy of notice and laid his head back down. I turn and nuzzle the child, rumbling wordlessly to him before looking down to Rei. "We could bring a tree for lumber. Or branches..." Yet that wouldean killing a tree, even if it was to save our lives should the hull break.

"Unless anyone else has other ideas?"

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As the day progressed the temperature only seemed to increase making everyone uncomfortable and irritable. The usual energy that he had met the last tasks with was fading fast and all he wanted to do at this point was curl up in the shade and go to sleep. Pausing to rub at the sore patch on his nose he silently cursed the stupid crab for not knowing better than to bite the saviour. They were only trying to help and this was the thanks that they seemed to receive? Now that the crab was packed away with the other various critters that others had captured it was thankfully not his problem anymore. Half dragging his heels the pair slowly made their way over to the Rotunda to try and find something useful for the ship.

"We can use a branch or two maybe? There were trees on the boat already." He commented with a shrug not knowing what else might be useful. Whatever they found needed to be small enough for the two of them to drag back to the boat so a tree was most certainly out of the question. Poking around in the brush the colt eventually managed to find something that might work and clamped his teeth onto it and pulled. "Look, this will work." He commented having to try and yank the rather large fallen branch out of between all the shrubbery. "Come help me!"

It took a bit of effort to finally drag the limb free but in the end they managed to successfully begin to drag the thing back towards the boat. There were many others seemingly wandering the area as well but from the looks of it not too many had found stuff yet. The sooner they got this thing back the sooner they could rest and cool down.

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Why were we doing this again?
Oh right, yes, that was it: to help a god who could most certainly do it for himself. It was hot today, and I was getting more and more tired by the minute. Though followed Aeolus to a place I found familiar, though I couldn't picture it all that well...I might have gotten stuck in a web here before.
It was probably only a dream. I carry on as he digs around, looking for some sort of branch. I look up, my nose pointed to the sky, I hear the voices of others not too far off. Sighing, I look to where the sounds are coming from. Rhoa, Kvothe, Ampere. They were all helping the Earth god too. I nod to them, though I don't care if they see because I plan on meeting up with the two later on.

I help Aeolus out as he calls, pulling with all my might...when we finally get the stick thing out, it also takes us a while to get it back to the boat. But we were successful in out mission. "We did it! We got it here!" She exclaimed in an excitement horrible hard to keep contained.

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