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The Earth God gave out yet another task, my tired mind wondering when we'd be able to actually board the boat and rest. My legs work quickly as I lead Phantom to the sea, carrying a wooden bucket that I'd taken from the ark. I doubt the Earth God will miss it, seeing as how he could easily craft more if he wanted to. With the bucket swinging side to side and Yseult perched on my withers, Phantom at my heels, the dunes of sand come into view. Perking my ears I move forward, quickening my pace. Through gritted teeth I mumble to Phantom, "we'll get sand from here." I slip and scurry down the bank towards the water, cool, humid air from the water blowing over me. I blink as a tear forms, sand hitting it. "Ah fuck." I murmur, winking my eye in an attempt to get the grains of sand and salt out of my eye. Once that's done I march to a random spot in the sand, plopping the bucket onto the ground. "So uh- how're we gonna do this?" I look at the bucket, kicking the sand with my hoof, letting red sparks fly as sand scatters everywhere. I push the bucket on its side and begin kicking sand into it, then watching it all spill out. Giving a huff, I turn to Phantom and raise a brow, wondering if she knew how the hell this was supposed to happen.

I shuffle my way to the area where the sand met the sea, rolling the bucket along with me and pushing wet sand into it. I force it into the back of the bucket, attempting to do that a few times before the bucket's about half full of sand. I eye Phantom with one ear perked up, a smile and invitation falling from my lips. "Wanna collect some rocks or get more sand?"I motion to the many scattered rocks along the way, tail swatting at my thighs as flies and heat overcome me. "talk"
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"C'mon sweetie, let's go help out like darlings." I won't deny that my voice might be a bit on the sickly sweet side. But sometimes that's just how I roll and I kinda want Aaron to cheer up a bit. I see a winged mare ahead on the beaches. Oh these beaches... where Bucephalus took my.. not my innocence, but my... baby virginity. I suppose. He got me pregnant and then I had twins - I'm a 3 year old how am I supposed to deal with that? Well.. four now. I try to push the thought from my mind, and I walk up to the winged one. "Hey let's gather sand together, k? Or some shit. I dunno." I look around and try to figure out how this is gonna work. WELL. Once again I can use my antlers to gather some rocks, bigger rocks that will balance there. Sigh. I feel like a fucking mule. Goddamnit. I hope this pays off somehow.

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The whole thing was beginning to get old. Everytime they returned from having completed a task they were given another one more mundane than the previous. Phantom sighed as she deposited the trap with the raccoon inside. She looked to her partner and watched as the winged mare grabbed for one of the buckets. Phantom did the same and, together, they set off toward the beach. "What purpose does sand have with preserving a boat?" She asked the dark mare as they stood on the beach. She was having a hard time understanding the point behind all of it. Phantom dropped her bucket, which tipped over onto its side as it hit the ground. "How long do you think we will all be on the boat? With everything we're having to gather I would venture to say he expects to keep us there quite a while." If that were the case then Phantom was certainly happy that she'd been partnered with someone who wasn't a total idiot. She found Destry to be quite likable. The pale mare began scraping sand into the bucket with her hoof, all the while keeping one ear tilted toward Destry, should the mare need her for anything. "No." She murmured when the younger girl asked about gathering rocks. "I think sand is good enough."



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Back to the beach and back to gathering some useless object for another useless task. If magic was such a prominent entity in Helovia, then why couldn’t this God of the Earth magically, magic the hell out of the ship? Vacant Eyes had proved efficient during the last task and I’d decided that she was now worthy of sharing a place at my side, especially after spending so much time toiling away in the heat. She was seriously my last resort, but at least she wasn’t a horrendous resort anymore.

With my head low, I trailed the expanse of the shoreline, scouting for some driftwood in order to use just in case the boat was impaled by a tree or whatever. At least we could repair it with the stripped, ocean wood. There were some other natives just down the beach and I thought about joining them, but chose to ignore them and any unnecessary conversation. I wasn’t up for it and I knew that Vacant Eyes probably wasn’t either. I was tired and therefore she was tired too. We’d just gather the driftwood and bring it back to the boat… perhaps we’d take a nap together afterward.

I didn’t care anymore. Her back was wide enough to throw my neck on over… and just sleep.

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She hadn’t thought to return to the Endless Blue in such short order: the instances too soon, the horrors too fresh. Her eyes shuffled from one corridor to the next, uncertain, anxious, a certain restless tandem beating and building between her movements and motions, no smooth conjectures flowing from her effervescent presence. But she didn’t sense any threats, and Imogen concurred, sniffing the air and waving her tails this way and that, testing the sea breeze, amending they’d be fine amongst the waves and shoal. But instead of inclining towards the beach, where a few more souls were pressed into the wake, searching with the same notions in mind, Lena swung along the rocky portions, the dotted edges sprung up from dunes and froth, where she’d have to mind her step, where’d she have to pay attention, and not be soured or scored by past experiences. A humble smile courted her lips while she and Imogen worked, combing through tiny rocks and pebbles, the vixen making herself a little bundle and nest of chosen, desired stones deemed sufficient for the boat, and Lena only lifted her head to regard Roland for a moment. Though she wondered what reeled through his mind at their journey back to the sand and surf, she didn’t pry into the brigand’s sentiments, carefully avoiding the subject altogether as she unwound her gentle aria, nearly muted by the sound of the waves. “We could get rocks and sand here.” She tossed her head a little, then allowed her eyes to dance back over the rippling tides and currents, trying not to get lost in the wide expanse.

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While he would have enjoyed staying in the Heart Caves for longer, the child knew it was time to explore and reach other avenues, other corridors, other fields to complete their tasks. At the Earth God’s insistence, the three comrades set out into the wild world for maintenance items, and much like renewing an old pattern, a sense of excitement wound around the little lad’s movements as he hastened towards their destination. “We could get mud! And sand! Maybe some rocks?” The wild smile hastened around his mouth drew like a gentle fire, chaotic and free, and he nearly danced across the dunes of the Endless Blue, traipsing in damp sand and flicking his hooves into its deep sanctions. At one point he simply threw it around, one extended stride sending it clear into the air, falling like heavy, muddy snowflakes. When it became apparent this wasn’t the best way to collect the stuff (though probably the most fun), he settled for shuffling the sand into a neat pile with his feet. Only occasionally did he become thoroughly distracted and start planting his hoof back into the middle, making wonderful indentations of his presence.

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So after our grand adventure with capturing the raccoons, we get it on home. I try to help Cheska get them back, but I'm not so good with carrying or making sure things run away. Technically I'm still a baby, so not all my muscles are developed. It's a sad truth, but I know that I sometimes have to let others help me. If I don't, then I'll be in all sorts of trouble later. So I follow obediently behind, humming my little made up songs. They aren't good by any stretch of the word, but I like doing it. It's kind of like dancing, both things help me feel free.

Soon enough we made it back to the boat and we have to set our raccoons free into it. I frown, I kind of liked them. "I liked them Cheska. I hope they aren't mad at us. Will we get to see them again?" I look up at her expectantly. I really hope we will. Sometimes I wish I could talk to animals so I knew what they were thinking. Would the raccoons thank us later, or would they not like us no matter what? I'm distracted though by the Earth God's voice again. He has had us do a lot, I'm starting to doubt how many powers he actually has. However, at least this task is kind of fun.

Bounding forward then, I know exactly where I want to go. I want to get the sand from the beach! Then we can scoop them up in the seashells. "Come on! Come on! Come on!" I squeal at Cheska. Even though my exhaustion I'm totally ready to go. I take off in my little, awkward child gallop towards the beach. She'll appreciate it I think, and plus I want to play in the waves one last time before all this happens.

The beach is finally in view and I stop. Turning to Cheska, I run circles around her squealing. "Lets get some shells and saaaaaaaand!" I call over my shoulder, running straight headlong into the waves. I jump around a bit, splashing it all over and ignoring everyone else. I can have all the fun I want here. Especially if my time is short, no one can judge me. Eventually though I come out of the waves and grab a seashell. I find the largest one I can, and scoop up the sand. "Cheska, will the beach be here after the flood?" That realization suddenly hits. I knew time was short, but I thought I could come back after. However, if it's not here.. blinking a few times I try to figure it out. My little brain cannot handle all this big horse stuff.

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with cheska & auriel

She watched the raccoons scamper off with relief. Mission accomplished. "I imagine we'll see them... or their babies," she said, cheerful drawl beginning to drag a bit. She was growing tired. Trekking across the world the last few days had left her hooves sore and her hunger insatiable. Good thing the heat was beginning to desiccate the grass, leaving it void of all nutrition and her without a scrap of satisfaction.

Even as the next task was announced, she found herself staring into space. Maybe he wants us all dead so he doesn't have to worry about repopulating the world. She chided herself for that one, but the little fragment of thought refused to leave her alone.

As they all wandered away, she turned to Auriel, anxiety marring her features and her usually tangled mane obscuring her eyes. Luckily, the filly was two steps ahead of her, already taking off into the great blue yonder. Cheska retrieved their bucket from a previous task and followed, wishing she had as much endurance.

"I must admit, I don't know the first thing bout buildin a ship, miss," she admitted as she closed the distance, tiny ears flicking back to her skull in embarrassment. "Don't know the second thing, either." What "materials?" Why, in her insignificant equine life, would she have need of the knowledge to build a ship? She shook her head, glancing back and forth for a clue from a cleverer horse than she. It was easy to imagine boarding the obscenely large ship and floating peacefully to safety. The reality of leaks and dangers frayed the edges of her pretty little cruise fantasy, and she was left discomfited.

She followed at a wide-stridden trot behind her partner, until once again the earth turned to sand beneath her hooves. She was never getting used to that. It was easy to set aside her sense of duty to join her pearly buckskin partner in the water. She let the cool water soothe her achy muscles and clean her dusty pelt. She splashed as effectively as she could at Auriel, coal black muzzle split in a smile.

But time grew short, and it became difficult to be so frivolous when she could see all the others toiling away in the sun. She couldn't help but draw some strength, if not excitement, from them. She was likewise more than happy to follow Auriel's lead, obediently digging out shells and scooping sand into her bucket. If she was wiser to the ways of Helovia, she'd suggest bringing just materials that the masons could use to patch holes, but those particulars were presently lost on her.

At Auriel's question, she could only shrug. "That I don't know. Guess we're gonna have to find out when we get there. Though... I'm dearly fond of this particular beach, since this is where I met you." She winked at the child, but didn't dwell on the sentimental, instead trying to redirect their efforts. "Now let's go help them fill their bucket, too," she suggested, gesturing to the nearest team. "Only way we're gettin through this is together."

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The half-child follows faithfully, traipsing after his friend. Indeed, they had spent much time in the caves- perhaps it was time to broaden their horizons. Therefore, he followed his friend in a new direction, heading west instead of south, to a new place of adventure and learning. When they arrive at the beach, there is one mare in particular who catches his attention with her words. “The earth god can use magic on the sand,” he suggests, imagining the grainy substances being solidified into something solid. He doesn’t know why he has been so brave as to approach her, but he quickly realizes his folly and retreats nearer to the black prince. Helpfully, he drops his bucket sideways and begins nosing sand and sticks into the container, stopping periodically to have fun pressing his hooves deep into the sand they stood upon. “It’s warm,” he comments, wondering why it is the sand retains heat so much better than grass or stone. A mystery for another day, he has work to do.

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"C'mon sweetie, let's go help out like darlings." My eyes roll at being called sweetie. Alanna is laughing in my mind at the entire thing. This mare was clearly trying to get me to talk to her, but well... She really was going the wrong way about it. Flirt back. What's the harm? Alanna said smoothing in my mind. The harm is the wrong idea. I huff back to her. "Hey let's gather sand together, k? Or some shit. I dunno." To the beach we went.

When we arrive, it seems others had the same idea. But how to collect the sand? Since I have no clue I look for things along the shore. Shells, wood, things of that nature. Hopefully between all the partnerships we would have enough of everything to keep us all safe, happy and healthy for as long as we are on the ship. I finally speak, sarcam laced in my tone. Come on darling, let's get everything back to the ship. He moved off quickly, ready to get everything overwith.

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"Need sand-" Gaucho suggested immediately. "Gaucho's fire can melt to make glass - can fuse into spaces and fix things. Your magic can coat in crystal to make strong, fit into small places."

The dun looked at his white winged partner to see if she had any other ideas. He was certain many would grab rocks and branches and the like, but Gaucho thought this combination of magic and building materials would prove superior to anything that simply involved slapping a band-aid over their problem ...

Speaking of which ... Whatever tension there was between he and the Transcended was oddly relaxed at the moment. Could it really be that both were mature enough and secure in themselves that they could simply push past the grievances of the past few months, and work together to do as the Earth God bid? Or was it something else? Was there simply not enough left between the two to warrant any anger or further conversation?

As the two flew towards the Endless Blue, Gaucho considered these thoughts.

Had they gone too far this time? Was there enough distance between them to engulf whatever feelings they had left for one another?

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The Endless Blue was awash with sunlight, glancing off the waves and pouring like liquid gold over the sand. It was a much different picture than what the Thief had seen when they'd last been on this beach, snow lining the shore and fire crackling through the air. Perhaps he would have been less at ease if it was not so busy, citizens of Helovia congregating along the water's edge to do the God's bidding like obedient ants. Roland kept an eye on Lena rather than searching the crowd, following her lead to the rocky shoal with Imogen bouncing along at their sides. Had his gaze strayed much farther than the path ahead he might have seen the winged stallion that had been responsible for Lena's burns, and there was no telling what he might have done had he noticed. Luckily, he did not.

Instead he scoured the beach, searching around the sand and rocks at his feet. The Thief wasn't entirely sure what they were looking for. In fact, he didn't much like to think about the task at all. What would happen if their ship sprung a leak? What if it were uprooted from its docking in the meadow, or was torn apart beneath the pummelling, violent force of waves against its sides? Could the God of Earth not use his magic to give them peace of mind?

Frowning to himself, the Thief picked up a sea shell between his teeth, glancing up as Lena's voice reached him over the crashing of waves. Right. They weren't looking for decorations with which to line the boat's halls. They needed materials, supplies, in case the ship were to be damaged in the floods. He dropped the shell, casting the Mender a sheepish smile before gathering rocks instead, piling them up at his feet until he decided he had done his share, and was ready to return to the waiting vessel.


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She wonders vaguely if she should be angry, or upset, or something other than relieved - but in truth, she is simply happy to be fighting (metaphorically speaking) beside the WildFire, overjoyed that he has not, apparently, given her up in her absence. Given his greeting in the Meadow, she feels safe to assume that they are at least capable of fixing their relationship - that he is willing to try, to give her a chance to explain herself, to give her a chance to make good on her promise.

That there is nothing left between them is a possibility she cannot comprehend. The chemistry they have always shared is present, she has no doubt about that - but they have grown, in so many ways, and she worries that perhaps he doesn't want to share himself with her anymore. He does not hate her, and for that, she is grateful, but does he love her still?

She nods at his instructions. "I wish I could still work metal," she admits with a grimace. "Iron would hold well, but I suppose glass and crystal will have to do. It is better than wood, at any rate." Her bi-colored gaze lands on his, and she smiles, offering a gentle nudge with her maw. "I should be able to craft a bucket from crystal. We can carry the sand in that."

"Talk talk talk."

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