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[OPEN] You Can Be A Big-Pig Too! OY!

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“C’mon, babe!" I spat at the boar, a huge, tusked, tawny thing that was snorting with almost as much energy and rage that sparked in my own eyes. It was swinging it’s head and I was doing the same, and we were both pawing the ground and snorting like the wild animals we were. “I go harder bro, trust me! I growled, showing my teeth a little in myh sneer. My own threat was fake, of course--I don’t think the Earth God would appreciate us pummelling his creatures or whatever before capture--but all I needed was a taunt, and it was working.

The boar snorted and squealed something high-pitched and awful, and suddenly it was flinging itself at me, tusks thrusting--and I was hauling ass away from it, not out of any fear (though I didn’t want those tusks getting anywhere close to my asshole), but because the trap was right over somewhere near them bushes there.

There, there it was! I sped as fast as I could, and I could hear pig breath way too close behind me--and I was shouting at Leos from where he was hiding “CLOSE IT CLOSE IT CLOSE IT” and I was leaping over the bushes and the open gates of the trap, hoping to the dear gods above and below that the boar was too much of a fat-ass to duplicate my move and jump over the shit too.


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She had planned the next task with precision, so much so that it might scare her new partner… maybe. Ghost had gone back to the Falls in order to tend to needs far superior to the tasks set forth by the God of the Earth, but Essetia had wanted to continue with or without her. She was determined to please her Patron and sought no other way to serve him than to complete every task to the fullest. Call it puppy love, call it whatever you like, but Essetia was the great God’s faithful servant, a true believer in his power.

With Romul leading the group, Essetia felt confident that they would be able to capture something worthwhile, even if she couldn’t quite figure out what that might be. Her eyes were narrowed and sharp and her ears were bent low, a true hunter in every meaning of the word. However, before she could even begin the task, a child-like wailing echoed across the fields. The Sleuth couldn’t figure out where the sound had come from, but she was certainly bitter that she’d heard it at all. Not only had the culprit scared off nearly every animal for miles, but now Essetia and Romul had to work twice as hard to capture anything.

Slowly, the mare moved away from the violent cajoling of her fellow Helovian and moved toward the outskirts of the Meadow in order to stalk her prey. Romul was quick to find fresh tracks and a scent in which to follow and his companion was hot on his heels as he trailed into the tall grasses just ahead.

A small, white rabbit jumped up from the underbrush when Romul came bounding through and the wolf chased it down, saliva coating his jowls when he finally pinned the creature gently between his teeth. Essetia hated to hear the terrified shreiks of the vermin, but bent low to collect him anyways. He would be safe to repopulate Helovia… he just didn’t know it yet.
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Despite the feelings she had felt, she was glad they had cleared the air between them. It had all been a misunderstanding of course, but the filly still couldn't help but be worried about her friend. Her side never stopped touching his, she wouldn't let it, that would be too much pain to put upon herself by now. Instead she matched his pace however she could, returning to the meadow and finally relinquishing the flowers that were entangled in her manes. She would miss them, for they held a special place in her heart, something more than just plants they were saving from a flood. She bowed deeply to the God, kindness in her eyes as she backed away, waiting patiently for him to command the next task. Spotted ears flickered to listen, before the traps of various sizes approached, causing her to step back in slight surprise, before quickly pressing closer to Cerin. She would not leave him, never hurt him like everyone else had, and she would make sure she made it clear with everything she did.

Soon she was moving, waiting only when he was moving with her before grabbing one of the smaller traps, looking to see if he could handle one of the bigger ones. She didn't know what kind of animals they would encounter, but she had to make sure that they had different sizes just in case they found different animals. Soon they were off, meandering the meadows and searching for any sign of any creature. Soon the thistles faded into soft heathers, and the filly couldn't help but smile fondly as she remembered the location rather well. It was where Cerin and her had met, and she couldn't help but look longingly in the direction of her soft heather bed, the one they fell asleep in together that night.

She didn't let the smile leave her as they continued their journey, before a little chirp caught her attention. Eyes widened suddenly and she was turning, looking for the noise, to find a poor little chick chirping for its mother, crying and uncertain about where to get to next. Eyes softened, and for the first time since leaving the throat the spotted girl left her companion's side, tentatively approaching the small creature. Keeping the soft smile on she cooed, ears splayed softly to the sides of her face, and voice barely a whisper,"There, there little one. I won't hurt you, come, we'll take you somewhere safe. The Earth God shall care for you." The little chick started at first, attempting to flutter off on its useless wings, before tripping over and laying in a heap of terror.

Myrrine didn't dare move closer, only remain where she was, soft air blowing from her nares in an attempt to soothe, before she was collapsing in the lush grasses, resting her head down flatly, to make herself much smaller than she was. The chick only stared, eyes wide in fear as it didn't know what to do, before it finally took the chance and hopped over two steps. The filly waited, smiling softly and staring with those kind eyes, letting as much time pass as needed. Before she knew it the little chick was right in her face, staring into one large eyeball, before turning to her mane and beginning to tug at it. The laugh that escaped her scared the chick at first, before it chirped and snuggled into the crook of her neck and cheek. Smiling she accepted the embrace, before gently pushing the fluffy creature into her hair, where it happily nestled itself. Feeling satisfied, the girl turned back to her companion smiling, ready to go whenever he was.


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She harbours a sword within her unquiet roaring heart,

Arya had set up her trap. Now it was time for find her prey. A hulking black cat lurked and she felt a massive grin pass over her face. Yes, there was her victim. Any true swift footed warrior could catch a cat. She thought of Lysippe, who formed the realm of the amazons, Boadicea, who rallied her people together to vanquish their oppressors. If these women could vanquish armies, Arya could catch a goddamn cat.

Without even waiting to see if Rhoa were near, she charged into the fray. The huntress gave out a loud shriek and she watched the cat’s head shoot up. It bolted with her in hot pursuit. The cat swerved to the left and so she followed. “I’M TRYING TO SAVE YOU!” She shrieked as she wet. A determined expression passed over her face. She went faster and slowly watched as her fluffy friend swerved out “That’s the wrong way gods damn it!” She forced herself to a stop and felt her breaths coming in ragged. When she looked around she noticed others. A bit of an embarrassed expression passed over her face and she smiled awkwardly. “Cats are hard to catch.” And with that she resumed her chase of her feline friend.

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“You can’t blow the animals up, you know,” you advise to T1, unsure how she’s going to take the news. “Well, you can… but I think they need to be alive,” you add later. Looking around to make sure that T2 isn’t nearby (it wouldn’t due to have her running and telling Snowflake that you’re playing favorites, would it?), you lean down to whisper into T1’s ear. “Of course, if we hadn’t have been ambushed we could have killed two birds with one stone. I’m pretty sure there were some funky bugs in that tree.” Smirking in amusement, you snatch up one of the largest containers there are. Seriously, it looks like it could hold a whole bear. Setting it down and opening the door, you add as you step backwards. “Of course, if you blow up the ground you might leave a few earthworms intact.” Nobody said you had to bring useful animals.

Unknowingly, you lead her towards a group of horses that have already gathered. Well, you’re sure that more chaos was never a bad thing, although there seemed to be plenty here. Keeping well out of the boar’s reach, you look longingly towards the loud-mouth’s tentacles, wishing for just one more go with them.

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Back in the fields that I feel like I know so well. Where I was born, where I've romped. Still a little tyke but I'm growing every day and I know I'm getting stronger AND smarter. I won't be a runt of the herd for long! I beckon to Breccan, motioning that he should come forward and follow. It's hard to do, because I have the trap the Earth God gave us between my teeth. Hard enough to carry, being small. Luckily he took pity on my brother and I, giving us a small trap so we could manage alright. I follow voices that lead me to... no familiar faces, but I'm little surprised. That's why helping the Earth God is such a good idea! I get to meet so many new people, make new friends. I set my trap down near the others, and look up at them. "Hi guys, I'm Tempe! This is Breccan." I look back behind me and motion to him. Then I jump away, running to hide behind some bushes. I try to crouch behind, but it doesn't work very well. So I lie down, and watch my trap with my nose peaking out from the brush. A little rabbit comes out and looks at my trap. Curiosity killed the... rabbit? No we aren't killing anything, just catching. The rabbit hops in, and is caught! I jump up back onto all four hooves and do a little leap of joy. "We did it Breccan! EEE!!" Now how to get it back to the Earth God...


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She had already set up the box close to the other horses that were now gathered. Lucky for her and Maren, all the noise they had been making scared a small cotton tail towards the cage, which in turn had scared up to other rabbits along with it. Watching quietly from the trees the purple mare pleaded silently with the furry creatures to run into it's waiting safety. 'Come one! Go in the box so you can be safe!' She smiled brightly as all three of them bolted into the confines. The cage door slammed shut quickly behind them. Feeling bad for the poor rabbits she trotted quickly over to the cage. Stopping next to the terrified creatures she dug out some poppy seeds from her shoulder bag before carefully depositing them into the box. That would help them stay calm and relax. Sighing softly she relaxed. Picking up the bunnies she carefully held it out and away from her moving towards the group she could hear, hoping Maren would be with them. Gently setting them down she smiled at everyone else. "What all have you guys gathered up?"

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You're doing it wrong.

I already don't like this. Demolitions expert? Yep, I'm your gal. Fucking Steve Irwin? I don't think so. This Doctor Doolittle shit is not for me.

As I stand next to Da thinking and watching the boygirl kid flail around, I feel this ... itching on my leg. Looking down I see one giant ass motherfucker of a spider just creepy crawling up to my knee. Leaping backwards, I shake and shimmy in the air to eradicate myself from the 8 legged freak, before stomping my hooves into the ground to ensure I've killed it.

Oh wait.

Fuck. I guess that could have been our animal. I chew my lip for a moment, feeling no apprehension of guilt but wondering if I should before I decide Nahhhhhhhhh. Spiders are assholes anyway. I don't want one in the Earth God's Brave New World if I can help it.

At my side Princess whines and sits down, looking at the trap skeptically.

"Can't Princess just be our animal? She's a mythical fucking creature." I offer, laziness pretty much oozing from my pores.

If I can't blow it up, I don't wanna do it. Fuck this game, I wanna go home.

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I want to suggest that instead we try and catch .. oh I don't know. A bird maybe? A little squirrel or a rabbit? After all, they can re-populate quickly and are, well. They're fluffy and nice to be around.

But the thing Arya was currently chasing did not appear nice at all. I grimace, standing behind the cage she had set up (a lot of help I've been), watching the black feline elude my partner. It's such a shame we can't communicate with them, to let them know that we're here to help. That all of this is for their own good.

With a gulp, I spread my embered wings from my flanks and wave them from side to side. I hope that it will catch the cat's attention, likely to draw it forwards and, should it try to attack me, will find itself in the cage instead. I want Arya to think that I'm helping - that I'm not just a useless partner unless there are apples to be plucked from way up high - but she seems to have taken the lead on every activity so far. Don't get me wrong, I like her take charge attitude I just ... I hope she's okay with having a dutiful follower rather than another leader at her side.


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There was much chaos and confusion occurring all around them, but the dun only had eyes for Sohalia. Landing at the opposite ends of the field he didn't see his son and partner as they raced about, which likely was for the best. Arya wanted his head, and Rhoa would likely spontaneously-combust should he see his Mother and Father together, out on an adventure, without telling him.

Gaucho laid their trap onto the ground, looking at Sohalia gently. There were so many unspoken words between the two, and yet the Earth God's tasks kept coming and coming. There was no time, but soon he hoped, there would be.

"Mara go-" He urged his companion, who slithered down to his hooves disappearing in the long blades of grass. His plan was to have the snake chase out a fox or some other large rodent, running it right into the trap. If it worked, and worked quickly, perhaps he and Soh could return to the Earth God and have a few moments to themselves before the next task was given.

S.S Gauchalia ! (Aka @[Sohalia] and Gaucho)

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There is a certain revelation in having someone you can count on. There were no more excuses of pent up feelings. It was a nice relief, like a weight that had been pressing upon his chest was lifted. He felt so light, and airy. The walk back from the Throat was both exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time.

Having her by his side made everything a little bit better. Especially with the flowers all tied up still in his mane. He'd keep them there as long as he could, and wouldn't let it go unless they decided to fall off naturally. Crossing back into the meadow, they laid out their wondrous collection of flowers and grasses. It was nice to be rid of the stringy grass, after having it sit in his mouth for a while, it tasted a lot worse than usual.

Attention was momentarily diverted back to the Earth God who had yet another task. Good thing they had left when they did, otherwise they may have been behind. The last thing he wanted to do was get themselves killed because they were late making it to the boat. That would be tragic. The next task was to collect the animals. There were a number of little critters that needed to be saved. The crabs on the shore, the fishes in the sea. Although, he hoped that they could both survive the coming rains. It was only water right?

He followed next to Myrrine to retrieve their traps. She chose a smaller one, so he took a larger one. Who knew what would cross their path on the way. They may find all sorts of creatures. It would be bad to leave them behind.

They followed behind a group, up into a relatively familiar place. Cerin smiled when he realized where they were headed. The Heavenly Fields was the very first place they had met. It seemed forever ago, but it really had only been a few months. How far they had come since then. Nudging her shoulder slightly, he acknowledged her little thing. It was a sweet gesture to come here, even if she did not mean it.

She however, quickly was under the spell of something else. A small peeping noise resonated from within the tall grasses. He felt her leave his side before he saw her, but let it happen. Whatever was making the noise was in danger, and it was their duty to help the creature. It immediately took a liking to her, and Cerin smiled. He reached out his own muzzle to nudge the tiny fluff ball. It was in good hands, and speaking of which..

Another set of peeping crashed into his thoughts, turning around a pair of ducklings were waddling about in the tall grass. Cerin smiled, nudging them into his open crate. Good thing he had taken a large one, so they bother fit.

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Close by to her partner, Kiara and Keiran worked on finding a lady for the rabbit Romul had just captured. This, was where Keiran truly excelled. He was a hunter by nature, and it made it so much more easy for him to track while Kiara stayed quiet close by. Many others were darting around and making noise. This also worked to their advantage... As Keiran was about to prove.

A white and brown rabbit darted from her hiding place that one of the others had gotten to close for her comfort. Kiara spotted it first. There Keiran. The panther used his bond's senses to see how close. He moved into action quickly, stalking the fleeing rabbit at first, then quickly but gently pouncing and catching her carefully in his jaws. Female rabbit in tow, the pair quietly moved to where Essetia now stood. That's two. The roan smiled softly, glad to feel of some use.

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I cheer with Sis as the rabbit hops right into the trap, dropping my head to study it. How were we gonna get it back... I mean that cage was pretty big. I turned and looked around at the other people, then spot this really big guy with me!

"Hold on Sis!" I chirped, then turned and trotted towards the big guy, craning my head back to look waaaaaay up at him. And I thought Da was tall... this guy was huge! "Can you help my Sis and I carry our cage? Rabbits are heavy." I frowned faintly. Rabbits shouldn't be that big... what if we caught a Jackaloopy?

Was it a Jackaloopy? I turned my head, looking back at Sis. "Yuh sure we got a bunny and not a Jackaloopy?" I asked, trotting back over to Tempe, looking back at the big antlere- HOLY SHIT HIS WINGS WERE ON FIAH. How did I not notice that? Well...Guess it was like Sis's misty legs. That decided, I looked down at the rabbit in the cage, prodding it with a wing. "Think Mum would eat this one too?"

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SWith the grip of the water bucket still in between her teeth she fast-paced past some of their colleague 'hunters', one of them attempting to catch a freaking boar. It didn't seem as fun as what she had just done, though, for she had gone fishing. And now there was a gold flecked Koi worming against the wooden walls in the clean schoon light of her halo. If the world would be drowned by seawater, didn't they need to also save the creatures that would drown in the poison that the salt was for them?

Some hoping minutes later she finally found Alija, her purple body standing beside a bunny-filled cage. Maren put her wooden one down on the grass, kept it save and steady between her hooves and then did a little happy dance with her heavenly white wings. "YESH", she screamed. "Ours are definititely the cutest" - then her head turned to the place where the boar-catching had been going on - "...And AT LEAST WON'T TRY TO KILL US IN MID-CUDDLE. WILL BE A FUN BOAT RIDE." The last bit being her main point. She wasn't looking forward to surprise-smooch with a beast like that. Although did she really care? For the God would just be happy with as many different kinds of animals possible. Then she turned her forever-unwavering gaze back to Alija. "We're unstoppable! The great team of Maren and Alija; the two that ruled them all." Yes, they would turn into legends of old, their heads crafted into mountains high.

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Time. It is perhaps the most abundant of all the elements they are faced with in this land, but it is also the most limited, for all one can do with it is lose it.

She craves his touch, his words - everything about him, everything about them. As they land in the Heavenly Fields, she watches him, no longer particularly caring if he catches her looking. She loves him - wholly, unconditionally, without question - regardless of their histories, of his mistakes and hers, of his actions while under the influence of the Moon Goddess. All of it was in their past, a part of their history, never to be repeated. She can and will have her vengeance for her daughter's death, but it will not be today, nor will it be on his head.

"Astraeus," she murmurs, nodding to Mara. The wakiya chirps softly and takes off from his perch on her back, following the snake into the woods. The dove takes a moment to bind the name of Gaucho's companion to her memory - she does not think he has ever spoken the Black Mamba's name before. In any case, her lightning-bird enters the woods, hoping to find some manner of winger creature to chase into one of the traps set up in the Fields.

"Talk talk talk."

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