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"I have not yet named myself." Comes the odd reply, although the girl does not act as though there is anything amiss with her statement. "The female, Kahlua, would like my name to begin with a K. She said all the first born daughters of her family have names that begin with a K." Blinking her golden eyes, she regarded Aithniel with interest, losing herself in memorizing the lines and details of the older girl's face. "But I do not think I like that. I like your name." She concluded with a distant shrug.
The long-legged girl set off, eager to follow her Father's instructions. They had to tell everyone of his task, he had said. Clearly all those around had heard his words, for they scurried off in pairs. Confused, the demi-god child looked towards a small grove of trees. Moving towards it easily, assuming Aithniel would keep up, she halted at the base.
Craning her neck backwards, she tipped her quad-horned skull backwards, narrowing her gaze to peer up into the branches. Spying a squirrel and a few birds, she smiled. "You have to get to the boat. She advised them sternly, in no way understanding that her Father probably meant that they were to notify other horses. But surely that couldn't be the case. Squirrels couldn't fly - how would they escape his waters? And the birds? If they could simply fly away, then why were the pegasi who wandered these lands bothered by her Father's proclamation?

No. She was sure his words were for all.

Iso is notifying the birds and squirrels :D

For team Aithniel/Iso!

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I see this pair stroll off and I immediately take notice. They have wings and horns, just like Auri, so I'm already a bit bitter about them, but as I see this one start warning some fucking critters, I can't help but laugh.

I bound over to the weirder looking one, with Princess easily keeping up, nipping at my hooves. "No dumbass. I scoff, halting a few feet away. "He obviously didn't mean fucking rodents. Flying or otherwise. Besides-" I continue, rather cockily as I back up a few steps. "That isn't even how you do it. This is how you do it-" I focus on the base of the tree, causing the ground below it to explode. Roots and clumps of dirt fall into the air, and as the tree shakes and eventually falls to the ground, the squirrels and birds in question vacate the area. "GET TO THE BOAT." I scream at their retreating forms.

"See? Piece o'cake." I cackle to myself, looking over my shoulder at Da who has caught up. "Later losers!" I call over my shoulder as I bound off into the trees.

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Of course, screaming at the top of a mountain wasn’t enough, so back to the boat you two go. In your opinion, staying on the mountain would have been just fine. It’s not like the Earth God was going to flood the whole earth taller than the mountain. Or was he? Hard to say, actually- weirder things had happened. And, since you think Snowflake would kill you for letting Thing #1 drown, you’ll just let her run back towards the boat. Presuming she doesn’t blow it up, everything she be pretty good. Hopefully you got that lesson into her head…

But maybe not, you decide then, as she explodes the base of a tree that some other child had been talking to. Still, the more chaos the better. Let her wreak havoc. You don’t really have anything to add to Thing #1’s enlightening conversation with the slow child that was talking to the woodland creatures (Isopia). The fact that your skin feels like it is burning with literal fire probably doesn’t help. Still, you walk up behind her and stare down at the other one’s tiny form, being as intimidating as possible on purpose- a reminder that you’re not afraid to stomp on her, should she try to hurt your baby girl. That’s what dads are for, right?

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Aithniel followed her new friend, feeling the fire burning in her soul settle to a dull, morose simmer. If only she had known that the apex of her pain had stood only feet away, doting on another child. She listened, curious about the child naming herself but understanding that she too just sort of knew her name without Illynx prompting. So she was the daughter of Kahlua. Interesting. Her silver orbs met burnished gold, and she walked quietly, nodding.

"I sort of just knew my name," she replied, furrowing her brows. "I don't remember how, but my adoptive mother asked my name, and that is what I answered." Aithniel shrugged her shoulders slightly, ash trailing in her wake. "If you know your name, then you know your name." She didn't want to give too much advice since she burned with jealousy at the fact that this filly had a mother who cared.

The fire child followed the earth girl, stopping at the tree and looking at the squirrels, not overly concerned with their lives. Perhaps she should be, but that seemed to be more in the department of her new friend. Another girl flew by suddenly, and Aithniel felt rage howl in her soul, setting her ears back as her silver eyes burned with anger. She flashed her lion tail angrily around her hocks as the loud one destroyed the tree, and Aithniel snapped one of her hooves to the other.

A tempting flame burned before her eyes, one that she controlled to hover before her eyes. Swiftly, Aithniel stepped in front of her new friend, expanding the orb of flame in front of her face. "Don't you DARE talk to her like that!" she growled angrily, rage vibrating every inch of her tiny body. A gigantic brute followed, but Aithniel stood unafraid. She had yelled at the goddess of the moon - what was a large stallion going to do? The fire child lifted her wings, expanding her orb of flame until it crackled and snapped, only letting it die out once the others had left.

The fire child gave her new friend a quick glance. "I hate bullies."

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The young daughter of Confutatis can't decide if this... aura of excitement is good; all she knows is that it is infectious. It spills out like wildfire through her veins, fuelling her forward, urging her limbs to ever-faster speeds. Her tangled mane dances, snaps, in the brisk breeze, growing with each day into what will be an alluring mass of thick curls; but for now, it is only a bother, tugging in the wind. A pitiful stride lengthens as she plunges through the reek of bodies, hooves snapping a quick tattoo on the soil, lips prying upwards into a reckless grin as she slithers through the tangled of bodies like a knife between the ribs.

She follows her dragon, his glistening black scales shining in the azure light, his nostrils occasionally leaving a trail of smoke (dark grease against a blue dress); she bounces, leaps, frolics with the mindless enthusiasm of a breezy soul.

They head towards a small cluster of packed bodies, towards a palette of earth and ash and mortality. Lil chirps, spiraling downwards, letting lick from his mouth a gout of red flame to spin and spiral over his charcoal bodice; she laughs, giggles, and slows to a delicate trot, hips sashaying and eyes bright, yet unaware to the tension thickening between the group. Audits flick forth, latching onto the croak of unfamiliar voices, before slanting back hesitantly, gaze darting between the two demi-gods and the other youngster (and the big man, whoever he was.)

"C'mon guys!" the skull-crowned girl cries out, worry yanked away by the excitement burning like fireworks through her veins. "The Earth God doesn't want us to fight; he wants us to help each other!" Cue a grin wide and feral.

And then, with a joyous crowhop and a sassy twitch of her tail, she turns and runs, fleeing the scene to catch up to her dragon and see wherever he might lead her next.

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If you know your name, then you know your name. The girl's golden gaze tightened as she contemplated the words. She was immediately tempted to discard her new ally's statement as merely tautologous, and thus providing no substantive information but ... she paused. Maybe it wasn't. She currently didn't know her name, but that didn't necessarily mean she didn't have one. If, once you know your name then you know it well .. You would then know that you know. Currently she didn't know, though. Did she merely have to introspect? Is that what Aithniel had done? Had she looked within herself with enough scrutiny as to discover her own identity? The girl's eyes widened at this conclusion, and a curious feeling of respect blossomed in her tiny chest. Such an ability was surely one to be coveted.
Would she too one day have such an ability? Would she learn who she was? What she was called?
"You must be very wise-" She began, although her words were cut off by a flurry of brown and sarcasm. Behind her came another girl, perhaps not importantly older than herself. Her words were crass and loud, but the demi-child was intrigued. What would cause her to be so bold? So rude? Instinctively, her dark hooves pulled her back as the tree before which she stood erupted with the force of Shida's explosion. Her mouth gaped open, as harsh golden eyes fell to the filly who was already snickering and departing."It wasn't its time!" She cried breathlessly, her muzzle lowering as her eyes scanned the broken roots of the tree. As Aithniel came to her defense, the perceived feeling that a wrong had been done here increased inside of her. Only the wrong that she was concerned about was the one done to the tree, not to herself. She cared little about the girl's words, only her actions. And her actions seemed unjust.

The girl was about to respond to Aithniel's comments about bullies, as another girl-child raced towards them. This new arrival bore a skull marking even more elaborate than her own, and for a moment intrigue once again blossomed in her eyes. Though the creature spoken quickly, and departed immediately after. What was the point of asserting something if you weren't going to stick around to hear a response? Especially when the assertion was incorrect? Her Father had not said that they should help one another. He had said merely that they warn. Perhaps a warning was a certain type of helping, but it wasn't the case that any sort of helping would satisfy his requirements. For instance, should the girl stop and try to rebuild this tree, she would be helping, but still disobeying her Father.

She snorted, looking back to Aithniel as the skull-marked girl and her dragon departed. Her mouth opened slightly, a look of ever widening confusion dawning on her oddly marked face.

"What?!" She asked rather comically, shaking her quad-horned skull. "Does no one around here make any sense other than you?"

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Well it didn’t take long to find others to warn. The golden knew one of them well. Aithniel. The daughter of the flame. He missed seeing her around the Basin, pity. Still she was making quite an interesting friend. Brow raised and attention was caught as her partner began to warn squirrels. Well they were at the risk of drowning too. Still there was something strange about that child. He didn’t have much time to trouble himself with it. A dun bounds in explodes the mess of it. Haldir, having been continuously distracted by Deimos and the ship jumps two feet in the air. Then it gets explained. Oxy follows the kid. And proceeds to use his might. Earth eyes roll of course he would. Ignorant oaf. Then things really get good. Aithniel shows her fire, god the golden liked to see it flare, and another colt yells in. The curious wilderness filly seems to continue to rant.

Shaking his own horned head the golden see Haldir making friends with two squirrels staring dumbfounded at what was their tree. Snickering the gold leans down. “Apparently, you’re to get on the boat.” Nudging the two squirrels off the gold then looks for a place to stash his fawn and move on to other places.

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Slowly drifting, drifting away, wave after wave

"OXY, YOU BASTARD!" Ampere yells out after the long gone form of the brute, her sides heaving as she came to an abrupt halt not far from the ruined tree. She had caught sight of him while airborne, on her way to deliver the message to the areas nearest the boat - lazy perhaps, but she didn't want to go too far given she and her son had just raced there and she didn't think he was up for another sprint back through the wilds. Although worry wrinkled her thoughts of the Throat, she was sure if she had gotten out then others would.

Then she saw Oxy though, an immediate snarl etched onto her lips. He alone wasn't enough to drive her pursuit though, but the ensuing explosion (Shida) and wreath of flame (Aithniel) was. By the time she'd made it here though he'd gone, and she did't have to energy to pick that big of a fight when the world drowning was on the forefront of her conscious.

"By the Sun," she swore under her breath, wings folding at her sides as her blue gaze cast itself dismissively over the two fillies. Her true interest laid in the uprooted tree and the creatures that had resided though. "Is everyone okay?" she asked, and by everyone, she meant everyone. Her head turned faintly, looking at the girls. One was familiar, but she couldn't place it.
"You know about the call to the boat?"


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This is such a noble venture. How could I possibly be embarking on this with any real intention of completing, anything? And yet here I am, tromping along as if this is REALLY want I want to do. Tempe and Breccan ran off in the direction of Bucephalus, their father. At least I don't have to worry about them. (And maybe, just MAYBE I do worry. Sometimes. Fuck you don't look at me like that.) I sigh and pretend like I don't worry, I pretend that I don't care, I pretend that this is quest/task/whatever isn't the last thing I want to be doing. But LO! Something interesting is up ahead, and I stop, perking my ears and antlers up and forward. I murmur something back to Aaron, not actually looking to see if he's following me.

The creatures I stumble upon. WELL! There's at least one sexy, handsome fellow gathered here. Thranduil. The others I have no idea. Their smells are all radically different, but there seems to be a big commotion. What I'm walking up to.. well I'm late on it, and all I can tell is that there is shouting. Hey, bitches, I can shout too. Without even double checking with Aaron on what he wants to do, I begin my own shouting. "HEY! Get your pretty fucking asses to Earthy's boat in the meadow, k?" Nostrils flare and my eyes glitter with amusement. There's already a ruckus here and I want IN!

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they say we are what we are, but we don't have to be

"Yea, th' god said we gots ta go to a boat!"

He piped up from behind his Ma, peering around him to examine the fillies, the wreckage, the tree. Ma'd run ahead and been yelling at another stallion, who Zero could only assume was responsible for the destroyed tree. Sunbeam eyes examined it as the boy stepped forward- why was it broken? Was it really so bad, if everything was gonna drown anyway and they all had to be on boats? What was one tree in the scheme of that?

But Ma had taught him to respect and care for all living things, and now Ma was concerned about the tree, so he figured he'd better be, too. The boy trotted up toward the girls and the animals, nudging at a squirrel with his nose. "You c'n ride on my back," the half-boy declared, "'N your friends too, I guess, 'cus I'm strong n' we gotta go to the boat n' you jus' have tiny legs."

He looked at Ma, grinning, unaware of the irony in his statement. Of those assembled he was certainly smallest, smaller even than the newborn girl. All the girls were very pretty, and he wanted to impress them with his selfless strength. How was he to know his sister was here?

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Everywhere there were voices, Ráeru approached them grinding her teeth. She had lost her partner a while back and only hoped that the mare was able to see Ráeru through the crowds. Her blue eyes studied each figure that stood before her, late to the party she didn't know why they were fighting. It would be okay though, she was here to warn them to get to the boat! Pushing her way forward she only stopped when she was finally upon the group and her quiet voice would be heard over all of the noise they where making. "Come on! You heard each other, lets just move!" She moved behind the group as if she could psychically force them forward.

Ráeru and Muriel

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Regretfully I follow behind her. Maybe picking her as my partner had not been the best choice in the world. She could move faster than I can do to her wings, and her slender frame. Ah well. We're stuck now. Better get used to it because from the sound of things we will be spending a lot of time together once on the boat. It doesn't take long before we run across a group of others. She speaks, and I let her speak for us. I am in no mood to make new friends... Hell I don't want to be with the one I'm with now... But life has funny ways of making you do things you don't want to do. Alanna moves beside me, also silent for now. I was glad, as her constant reminders of me growing older and not settling down yet... Well I had enough of those to last the rest of my life already. I wanted a mate not a fling. Brown eyes look to all those gathered. Best get going to the boat there I spoke. Everyone can be happy now.

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