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[OPEN] All Roads Lead to Rome [Herd Meeting]
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The Gods had exonerated the Wildfire of the horrible actions committed without his knowledge. That his body had been used to murder 10 Helovians was almost as unthinkable as the Earth God's unshakable albeit surprising forgiveness. Perhaps the most surprising however, had been the unprecedented amount of support he had received from all of those around him. Cera, Meg, Amani, Ophelia ... that those of his herd who had arrived had remained so steadfast in a time when losing all faith in their leader and ally would have been all too easy, brought a warmth to Gaucho's soul and a brief respite from the weight of what the Moon Goddess had done through him. Still, it was a burden that the dun would not be able to throw off so easily. That many still blamed him, however wrongly, was obvious. Archibald's ignorant and passion fueled words were a testament to the stupidity of some, but that did not burden Gaucho. That those too ignorant to be guided by reason felt him culpable was not worth mulling over. However his herd was an entirely different matter ...

Unlike what Archibald thought of him, what his family thought of him was of the utmost importance. Many were not present to witness the events, and the Wildfire would not have them hear it from any but himself. There were many reasons to call this meeting - the announce promotions within the herd, to have Amani call down the Sun God so that they might satisfy their quest - and yet surely the proclaimation that Gaucho had been the murderer would darken the tone considerably.

Still. They deserved to know.

From his wings a flaming trio of fiery arcs shot up into the sky. They were following by 5 large flaming eagles that glided in a lazy circle above Gaucho's position. It was a signal that they were all aware of by now - a signal that meant come here, and whose caller was unmistakable.

"Khalasar!" He called to them, his voice powerful and booming as it resonated out across the sands. A khalasar in his native language, meant the family grouping loyal to their khal, or here, their Sultan. He chose the word specifically, for loyalty Gaucho had learned, was a commodity he valued highly.

Herd meeting!

Things happening in this meeting
1. Gaucho as murderer :|
2. Promotions
3. Calling Sunny and completing our quest!

No set posting order. Feel free to post once saying your character has shown up so that you can be privy to all of the information, but you do not need to post each round!

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Rumors, wisps of a tale, of the identity of the murderer, had reached my attentive ears by this point. So it is with questions I fly towards Gaucho when I see him, intending to speak privately to the stud, but he calls for 'Khalasar', from what I knew of his tongue meant 'family', or something roughly akin to it. Seems I would not get a private talk this day. His summoning of the fire-birds, creatures I was intimately familiar with, only solidified my suspicion that this was, indeed, a meeting.

Since I was already there, I descend to land beside the dun, my gaze landing curiously on the dun as I approach his side, wings folding across my back with a whisper of feathers. "Gaucho." I dip my head to the man, then turn to stand beside him, a hind foot cocked. It felt weird, honestly, standing beside the Sultan, but I had been named Chancellor, and figured this was where I belonged. If not, eh, I would let him correct it.

I glance at him out of the corner of my eye, then subtly turn my head towards him, voice low enough for only him to hear. "Are you...alright?" I wasn't deaf. I listened. I heard the whispers of shock that rippled through the heard a while prior. However my concern was with the Sultan; If he was well to keep leading the herd. From my short time here, he seemed, and proved, a capable, even natural leader. Tandavi... I wasn't sure of her.

If I was to be honest with myself, I wasn't quite sure what would happen to the Throat if the dun ever was not our leader. He had given me an opportunity of a lifetime, and I wanted to repay him, by being Chancellor as best as I could, and by being a support for the dun if he needed it. Even though I had not been there for the reveal, to stand by him before the gods themselves, he still held my loyalty tightly... even though he sometimes seemed to test that.

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I was just returning home from my freezing and uneventful patrol when the call rang out. The word was not one I knew, but the voice most certainly was. How was I to face our Sultan, even while I stood behind him, knowing he had been used to murder so many... Well none of that matters. Not if the Gods of the Sun, Earth and Spark could forgive him.... Specially the God of the Earth... That last one, was his son... Cera's brother of some sort.

My mind wanders to Cera. I hope he is alright. I haven't seen him since we left the meadow. I wish I could be with him, to comfort him... But that is not my place. I doubt he will ever see me as more than a herd mate and a herd sister. I sigh softly as I land, the second to arrive. The Chancellor had been the only other to arrive ahead of me. I stop a short distance off, nodding to the leading duo. It was not my place to get close or interfere in their conversation. My golden eyes look around for the others, knowing they should be arriving quickly. After all if they had not understood the call, the shooting fire should of told them it was important.

I wonder what all he will announce at this meeting. Is he going to tell those who were not there what had happened.... That he, controlled by the Moon bitch had killed so many? That may not change her outlook on her Sultan, but for others including Cera it might... But if the Gods could forgive... Then could not the rest of the herd?

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She had been waiting for the call. Ever since that moment, she had been waiting. He had not let it lay still long - he was always brave like that, rising up to whatever challenge faced him with vigor. "Gaucho..." she whispered gently, his name so weighted on her lips. Whatever existed between them slipped off the table, shaken free by the rumble of the destroyed island. She had never trusted it, but if it had stood as a symbol of peace for the land, what must it mean now that it had been dispersed as monuments to the dead?

Whatever time was drawing upon them now, Ampere did not look forward to it. Shuddering, she pressed the thoughts from her mind at the sight of the flaming eagles. With a serious tone she called to her son, urging him to speed with nips at his hide as they moved across the sands towards their sultan.

As they crested a dune he lay before them in all his splendor. He had never looked more appropriate than today. He belonged here, the recent question of that only confirming it for Ampere. The Dragon's Throat would be so different without him she didn't dare attempt to think of it.

Though few had gathered, the mood already felt somber. Ampere snorted at the thickness of it, feeling the tension like a liquid air leaning in her lungs. She wanted to go to him, but now was not the time. If she was to help him, it was as part of the herd, not as Ampere. "What a good day!" she greeted cheerily, brusquely dispelling the weighted feeling that she felt collecting. "By the Sun God's light, you look well Amani." Ampere proffered a smile to the mare, eyes fleeting past her, remembering her presence before the gods. A short laugh, pushing away that imagery. "Buce, the sands have made your coat shinier than I remember." She tossed her head playfully, though it lacked her prior invitations. This was not a move based on passion, at least, not for him.

Lastly, her attention seated on her sultan. She stopped beside Amani, lips pursed with quiet questions. "Gaucho," came her breathy greeting. His name struck a chord in her, and in response her eyes streaked with the myriad of emotions which played. "The Wildfire of the burnt lands, the Sultan in the endless sands, the brother of the Sun, the stallion which mounts the world." She smiled, genuine and wide. "Hail."
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The fire Eagles drew both of their eyes, Alija knew what it meant, but Aakesh had no idea. She smiled softly lowering her head and speaking loud enough for both of her sons to hear. "That is our Sultan, Gaucho, calling to all of the herd. If you're to tired to go, stay hidden here." She nuzzled the black and purple colt then reached for Hertz trying to lick his forehead playfully. "If you're coming with me, stay close until we get there then you're free to mingle with everyone." Steel blue eyes sparkled warmly to her babes. "Now, Aakesh let me fix your mane." He squealed indignantly as her rough tongue fell upon his forelock flattening the wild black hair. Bouncing away from her the colt snorted in mock anger.

Laughing the mare trotted slow enough for the boys to keep up. Luckily it didn't look like Gaucho was to far away from their position. She arrived soon after Ampere catching her words. Aakesh trotted, head and tail high, towards his black and gold father. His bright childish smile turned up proudly towards his father. "Hello Father." Standing tall the colt tried to touch his father's hide with his tiny muzzle, before turning to gaze curiously towards his brown leader. Dipping his head low Aakesh smiled boldly at the winged stallion. Alija watched his son almost sadly as he joined his father. Would she always hold second best in her son's heart? Shoving the horrible thought away she looked down at Hertz, if he had followed that is.

She bobbed her antlered head toward Gaucho first, Buce, Ampere, and Amani. "Greetings family." Her voice was warm as she gazed softly at each of her brothers and sisters in turn. "Praise the Sun for this amazing day, and great family!" Steel blue eyes turned up towards the sky smiling imagining their God smiling back upon them. Aakesh swelled with pride as his brightly colored mother spoke so boldly to everyone. In his young mind he was the luckiest colt ever. He had two amazing parents. A kind loving mother, and bold and respected father. Looking between the two lifted his dome high enjoying his place within the herd.

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" Seeing shadows in the room
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Of the young and the wise. "


She had been in the dunes, wrestling trees and bushes. Her ivory mane and tail left tangled and twisted. Her halo had softly glimmered in the shadows of the leaves, spraying droplets of lights around her when a fire blazed in the sky. For a moment she had stared in confusion, for she was all but yet unacquainted to the ways of the herd. Then she remembered this was Gaucho's way of saying that he had announcements to make, a meeting for the whole herd. She had swiftly pulled her body from the ground and had made her way out of the shadows, into the sun and into the eyes of her fellow members.

Her stare had been on the circling birds, wondering what their purpose was beside dizzying her. Blinking she turned her gaze to the crowd that had already amassed around Gaucho. She walked straight to them, most of who where still strangers to her. She mixed herself among them, for she would only attract more attention if she would have kept herself in the back. She did not even mind attention, but she was here not for that, but for whatever was going to be said. She was already astonished by the members that were already here. "Hello", she greeted with a solid voice, accompanied with a nod in the direction of the Sultan. Than she made herself comfortable in the sand, putting her back-hoof on rest and kept her head peacefully lowered. She now seemed so tranquil, serene. Truth was that clouds of thoughts had curled themselves up in her brooding mind, getting comfortable to knot beginnings and ends together.

Lately, the words that followed him that had been bold and eulogizing, had now become whispers of a lesser kind, whispers formed of doubt. Besides the fire that bloomed in the depths of this brotherhood, one simple voice could burn holes, too. The kind that was now easy to doctor. Still, she was somehow getting the feeling that whoever tried to lay a finger on Gaucho, would be burned by the wild fire that was his family. A family that now included her, too, because she was part of this now. The moment she had become part of the Throat, his enemies had become her enemies. She would bite, crawl out their eyes and punch them in their ugly faces with her so-told useless wings. For God of the Sun, be my witness.

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The call came, and for a long moment Cera did not so much as twitch a muscle towards the call he would have normally leaped for. Only when Ilaria whined and pulled on his mane did he move listlessly towards the flaming birds on the horizon. He didn't care enough to fly, to make his appearance post-haste. He was broken, shattered into unrecognizable pieces. Faithless, fatherless, brotherless...even he and Ranjiri had not managed to make up. Not that Cera had cared to return to their magnolia after Hototo's death. His doubts had consumed him, broken apart what little spirit and soul he had left to give to the Gods, to his people, to himself.

Sand crunched beneath his hooves as he approached the mass of horses gathered beneath his Sultan's gaze, shoulders drooped like broken wings, flight feathers dragging carelessly on the ground. Death would be a kinder fate than what had happened to the poor young bastard. For a moment he considered asking Gaucho to do just that, and though Cera did not dismiss it, he bitterly told himself that it was a question better asked in private. Ilaria whined helplessly from his shoulder, her heart breaking as she panicked, and were she capable of shedding tears they would be matting her fur to hear Cera speak so seriously about ending his own life.

For a moment, the Prince wished he had arrived sooner, if only to bask in Ampere's kindly greetings. The smallest of kindness was all he desired, but he did not deserve it. Besides, she likely wouldn't have deigned to say anything to him, not with Ilaria present on his nape. Cera snorted to himself, feeling suddenly like crying with that realization. Was his only saving grace also a deterrent, a curse, when it came to the Mother's kindness?

He stands apart, at the back of everything, staring into space. He does not deem to lift his eyes to Gaucho, for the strength it would take would surely break him. For a moment he entertains the idea that he will be demoted, if only because the moment Gaucho gazed upon him he would see how useless and broken up the youth was. Didn't he see that Cera was going to be of no use in the future? That he would sooner plummet to his own death than craft something?

And so he remained, silent and still, as easily overlooked as a ghost.

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No Time for Lies and Empty Fights

Though Hector had heard a little of the murders occurring with unsettling frequency throughout the Helovian landscape – no corner it seemed, was spared – he had returned late from an offshore assignment and had ever since been well caught up in the business of blowing up the land-bridge and preparing for the Sun’s festival. He was none the wiser about the Wildfire, the Sultan he revered and his crimes; even if the accusation had touched his ears at some point, the loyal giant would have laughed fiercely in response... What time did Gaucho have spare to cut throats, honestly?

Gliding high above the northern border of Dragon’s Throat, hunting eyes grazed the scorched surface of the desert beneath. He was looking for any bodies that did not belong, or signs that something was amiss. For the better part of his shift, there had been nothing out of the ordinary and so he had indulged in a little vigorous exercise. Sweat lathered into thick foam wherever skin rubbed together, and bright copper was stained murky brown as the blazing sun belted harshly all over him. What little breeze his journey roused, cooled him enough to avoid otherwise certain heat-stroke.

A flash of light towards the south, intense like the golden orb of their land’s patron, snagged his perceptive eye, and twice horned skull swung swiftly around. Birds alight and circling were summoning the herd together, and Hector turned his bulk from duty to answer; swooping though a long, slow descend, until hard hooves collided with gravel. A rhythmic trot carried him to the place where many had already gathered, and as he slowed, his sweeping gaze noted a few important things.

Gaucho stood before them – an unwavering and ambitious leader, no matter the barriers in his path. The antlered stallion drew forth a faithful salute, wings lifted slightly and throat bared. Beside him was the femininely built Chancellor - weedy in comparison - who the Dragon Warrior still watched warily. His rise to power, to the throne of their proud home, had been an unexpected whirlwind, undeniably, and too little was known about him and his purpose to offer the same trust. To Bruce was given a nod, barely brushing chivalry (he would not forsake the laws of the land for the sake of his own baseless suspicion).

Then there was the fair mare, with the wings beneath ear slim ear. Well this is awkward... Eyes glanced by her briefly, uncomfortably, because embarrassment still tarnished his view after the unfortunate misunderstanding during their first meeting. He scowled internally, shifting a bitter glance by the Boggart who floated unenthusiastically to the side.

Veci saw her suddenly too, interest stirred by the flat-line of his thoughts, and grinned wickedly – there was little more damage to do there.

Behind them all, lingering like Hector could never recall him doing before, stood Cera. The hefty stallion slid nearer in a show of support and camaraderie – still oblivious to the cause of such tension. He paid the others before them silent greeting whenever they turned, before settling at last with a mannish space between he and the child of fire. Eyes scanned the crowd for the splashed skin of his child, and then switched again to the front, with ears pricked forward to note the messages proffered.

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The inky stallion did not need the call to meet with his leader, for he was already in search of the khal. Massive wings beat in tandem to the other, his speed bringing him over the sands of his new home with ease. His shadow was a blurred figure on the ground, dancing over the sands that burned with the height of the sun. Tallsun had arrived, and Einarr welcomed it with a stone pinched between his teeth. The stone was odd, colored like freshly spilled blood upon the first snow, and it glinted darkly as the sun's rays tapped against its surface. It was smooth, rubbed carefully so by the waters it resided in before the extraction. The mares--unwinged mares--that had retrieved it had done so well, with skill and dedication, and Einarr admired that in them. Their part of the task, however, was over, and getting this back to his herd was fully on his shoulders.

In the distance, Einarr could see figures congregating together, and he was delighted to see his herd moving together. They had been called, he assumed, and as he descended at the back of the pack, Einarr looked around. He recognized some of the faces from the warrior's meeting, but their names escaped him. The dark titan moved forward, shoulders square and his head held high, the best military posture that had ever been seen, surely. At Gaucho's hooves, Einarr dropped the crimson stone, lifting his eyes to lock with his khal. "Einarr bring stone, mares coming behind." The stallion stepped back three steps, meeting shoulder to shoulder with the closest in line before the leaders. Einar moved his eyes to look towards Bucephalus, the stallion whom had accepted him into the herd, and he nodded his head respectfully. He then waited, silent, for those before him to speak.

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Even if Megaera could take comfort in knowing that the murders were at an end, the warrior still worried over the aftermath. The Gods had not taken the life Gaucho offered, but she did not know if the rest of Helovia would understand that her Kahl was blameless. Ampere and Amani had not abandoned him, and Cera… Meg knew nothing more of him that what she had seen in the meadow but his actions there had earned him a place in her high opinion. Those three had been with Meg to see all that unfold but how would the rest of the heard react.

How would Gaucho react? Meg knew the cost of killing. Even the murder of one who’d wronged you wore heavy on a heart but what was the weight of ten innocents, even with a forced hand? With all this in mind, Meg did not stray far from the stallion on their return to the Throat and was not surprised by his summons. The warrior did not have far to go when she saw the eagles in the sky. A few quick strides and flap of wings and she was in the air and racing toward them on deft wings.

Gaucho was the first she saw, the first she looked for. A spray of san heralded her landing and the bay mare cantered swiftly to take her place with the growing gathering. She settled herself in the place she was growing to think of as hers; behind the Sultan and off to one side. From there she could see most of those that had answered the call. Some exchanged pleasant greetings, and even the blue Gladiator was in a more cheerful mood than Meg had ever seen.

Being here, surrounded by the smiles and warm welcomes of a family, of her family, did wonders in relaxing away some of the tension and anger that had knotted inside of her in the recent weeks. Though she still waited for Gaucho’s purpose with some anxious fervor, hope began to rise. This was the herd at Dragon’s Throat, they would not be torn asunder. She smiled, then, reaching for her jovial self when met with the possibility that all could be well and sent a nod to her fiends: to Alija and her new babe, to Hector, her battle-brother. And Einarr…. The stallion brought a slight frown to Meg as he strode into the meeting so proud and tall. There it was again, that weird…pull…and annoyance flared again.

Then she caught sight of Cera, the young gold stallion whom she had stood in defiance with in the face of Gods (wasn’t that Ilaria, the little red creature she had seen with Ryuu?) and he looked miserable. In the meadow, Meg had been to driven by her own fury that she had not recognized that where Cera had shared that, he had had grief in his voice as well. She saw it now. While the greeting continued, the mare pulled back and circled around to the back of the gathering, taking up a spot at his side. She didn’t know him, not really, but it didn’t sit well to see anyone standing as alone as he had been. Eyes still watching the movements of the herd in front of them, she released a dark wing from its tight tuck and reached out the nudge his softly in a gesture of support. Gaucho had taught her was these small reassurances could mean.

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Einarr had flown the coop without warning, speeding away with the crimson stone once she'd passed it off to him. Her gaze checked over Morrigan and made sure that the mare was okay and free from the horrors of that wretched water, and then made her exit with a kind good-bye along the matters that she wished to spend time about the trees to herself. Sunburns left her in fear of the sands, therefore spending time away from the violent heat was a gift from the Gods.
She stayed only for a short amount of time before home pulled the heart strings hard enough to go back. Amara had kissed her soul and she wanted more of her best friend, just knowing that she was okay. Wings weren't ever supposed to be in that position. The sight of them now made her stomach hurt. Living within a sea of wings would bring no good for her skills in the medical profession, but it was a dream. She came to the Throat to learn and now she was sitting depressed, tired, and wounded at her throne. Her lips drew themselves shut with stitches and remained unspoken for days.
Their gathering gave her a reason to check up on others. Children filled the Throat with new life, and while her womb lacked a purpose without a male to offer her young, their very presence was enough to fill the hole. A smile coats her face with a weak pull of her facial muscles. Tiredness dances in her eyes but she doesn't let it show, stepping into the show with a slow walk that suits her.
The whole herd probably knows her as a quiet mare now who spends the majority of the time to herself, appearing to assure that each duty is done right. A hermit, in other words.
Wings, Wings, a pair of antlers, more wings, not everyone was there but she knew enough that she could add names to various colours and shapes. Cera, of all of them, catches her eye above all else.
Any rumours surfacing about Gaucho had failed to reach her during her extended absence. She saw him as the same proud(though he didn't look so proud as of the moment) leader as she had always seen him. The air was heavy with something with a strong bitter taste that made her wonder if it was the funeral of a dear family member.
Cera seems the worst of them all, but he's coffined by Hector and another whose name is still foreign to her. It would be rude to intrude upon them no matter how she felt about him.
Keeping her gaze on him for a short time, she slips to the sidelines, calming herself into accepting there is nothing amiss and that all is well.

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As I made my return to the Dragon's Throat, my coat was already completely dry from the swim I had taken in the lake in the middle of the Deep Forest. The winged stallion had taken the stone back for us, his wings granting him the fastest way to return to our home. My mane and tail were still damp in sections, but thankfully the ends were dry enough to prevent sand from clumping into them. As I crossed over the land bridge, my hooves flicked on the stone and my steps gradually became muffled by the sand. Up ahead, five eagles of fire were circling overhead. Gaucho was calling for us.

It didn't take much too much longer before I was able to find the herd beginning to collect before Gaucho. My eyes flickered through both familiar and unfamiliar faces, lingering slightly longer on those that I either knew personally or herd about. When my eyes crossed by Ampere and Alija, a sense of unease built up on my shoulders and I quickly averted my eyes to avoid letting the nausea I had felt before return. I couldn't even allow myself to study the foal that had joined the Chancellor's side, instead approaching the group from behind to stand off to the side awkwardly. Though I had grown to love living in the desert, and used to minding my own business...There were times like this were I felt quite detached from the rest of the herd. We were supposed to be a family, but I felt like we were dysfunctional every now and then. The large frame of Einarr caught my attention, lips pulling back slightly into a soft smile with relief knowing he was able to get the stone back safely. It seemed Sikeax was also there,

Quietly, I settled off to the side from the herd, continuing what I had always done as the rest of the so called family gathered in their own intimate cliques and families. I would mind my own business, do as I was told by my leaders, and watch as though I was standing on the outside looking in. That's exactly what I was, that one girl that everyone forgets about unless someone deliberately asks about her. The woman that could vanish from the herd without notice, the one that did what she could to help but was otherwise overlooked, the one that would be gone for a while before anyone asked 'Hey, remember that one mare? Where do you think she went? Oh well...' I had grown so used to this role by now that I wasn't even aware that it could be considered unusual, it was simply the way things were. Perhaps over time, I could make a better impression upon the ones that I was supposed to be able to trust above all, make a few friends and such. Until then, I returned my gaze to the Sultan, auds pricked forward to listen to his announcements.

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I was alone...Hector was out doing some sort of patrol thing. Apparently it was his job to do those every once in a while. I wondered what my job would be? Would I want to heal people, tell stories like the one mare, fight and protect like Hector? Or would I choose something entirely different when the time came? I didn't know. I didn't even know what skills I had that would indicate that I should go a certain way yet. Maybe Hector could help me figure all that out someday? Yeah, I'm sure he would.

Anyways, since Hector was busy I took it upon myself to do some exploring provided I didn't leave the oasis. Tree. Tree. Tree. Bush. Tree. I rattled names of the things in my head when I passed them as a way to remind myself what they were. It was almost like I feared that I would forget their names when obviously I wouldn't. A sigh escaped my lungs as I soon began to grow bored. Rock. Another rock. Another tree.

Then a noise rang out across the still air. I looked around to try and find the source but I only managed to find some sort of display in the sky. What in the world was it? Being new here, I didn't exactly know what everything was and what the rules were, but this...this seemed interesting. My eyes darted around looking to see if Hector was anywhere nearby and when I realized he wasn't I took off towards the fire in the sky.

Obviously that wasn't exactly the smartest decision I've made.

After some time of traveling, I came across what seemed to be a growing hoard of equines. Most of them looked sad to some extent and others looked like they were bitter about something. Then my eyes fell on Hector. Was I supposed to be here? Was this some sort of secret meeting of some sort? I didn't see any other foals about. Not Hertz, not a single foal. Why was I the only foal here? I mean there were A LOT of people here. There was this guy who had some sort of yellow marks around his eye. There was some lady who was bluish in Hertz...maybe his mum I don't know. There was the lady who told the stories and the other lady that was there as well with the wings by her ears. There were lots of winged....

I paused as my eyes fell upon a mare that was staring in Hector's direction. Teal eyes grew wide as I noticed something very...wrong about her. wings.

Panic began to grow within me. They were here. They...they have come for me. As quickly as I could I stumbled over to Hector's side opposite of the wingless mare as a way to try to hide myself. Though it really didn't do me all that much good because shortly after I noticed two other wingless mares one who was purple in color and the other black and white.


Why wasn't everybody freaking out? Why did everybody just stand here? Why in the hell wasn't Hector protecting me and the rest of us winged?! Frightened eyes looked up to him hoping, wishing, willing for him to do something...anything. But my silent pleas seemed to be useless against him. What the hell was going on here?!

"Isara's speech"|"Isara's thoughts"

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It seems that he is just very late all the time. The moment he heard the call, he really thought nothing of it. What would he be needed for anyways? Maybe Gaucho was doing something important. Probably, considering every passing body he saw seemed to be heading in the direction of the call. He probably should go, that would be a great idea.

Picking up a swift trot he moved towards the group. Immediately it was evident that whatever it was, it was important. This being because there were a lot of bodies. That was an understatement. There were more than ten, so that was a very, very crowded area. Taking up a post on the edge of the group he sat quietly. What else was he to do? The sole purpose for him being here was to just know what was going on. It's important to know what's going on within a herd if you expect to live in it.

Watching silently he picked out some of the horses here in detail. Gaucho was obviously the most identifiable, with his large antlered horns and such. The other guy was a sparkly pegasus, the one who had been on patrol with him a while back. Cerin never really bonded with him. Then a blue female pegasus who seemed to know everyone. And then a bunch of others. It was really hard to keep track. Maybe one day he would learn all the names, but for now, everyone was the same nameless face.

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The girl was ignorant to the happenings of Helovia, the murders having flown by her like a speck of dust on the wind. Too caught up in her own world, her own life, too busy grieving and adjusting to herd life, responsibility, however small it may be. The girl was young still, unexposed to much in the way of herd drama - times when her father was General and she a mere filly amidst the crowd had long since passed. Times when she was a healer, with her beloved Sitka by her side, had also passed. Now she stood amongst her peers as a Warrior, a member of the fleet she had always admired, always yearned to be a part of, despite her father's urgings to do otherwise. Recklessness and foolhardy stubbornness had driven her to this path; and it was unlikely that she would be swayed from it again.

Fire was a common theme in the Dragon's Throat. Cirrus had wielded it before, the healing flames, the soothing light that filled one's body and burned out the insults and injuries taken upon another's body. She had seen it at work too many ties to count. Though she was a creature mostly carved of wind and weather, she did reside within a herd that worshipped a pillar of flames after all - seeing the flares sent into the sky were nothing foreign to her, even though she had never seen those particular flames before. Magic, mystery and the 'strangeness' that was Helovia naturally fell into stride for her, and like the rest of the herd, the girl followed the beacons, heeding the call that could come from none other than the Sultan, the Khal, the leader of their mighty herd.

A meeting was a good opportunity for her to learn faces. Tender from her clash with Hector, she hung back from the crowd, nodding her tiara to any who might catch her eye, training her focus mostly to the dark form of Ampere - her Gladiator, her master. A sneer crossed her maw as her gaze happened upon Bucephalus; her opinion as yet remaining unchanged on the steed who, from her point of view, had very few 'people skills', despite holding a rank that required specifically that. But the girl hung back, silent, learning, observing, absorbing all that she could. Now was not the time for her to be rash; bumps and bruises from recent scrapes had tempered her, the wind dancer would be silent and listen to the happenings before acting, today.
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    I had hung back a little when my mother and brother had raced off at the sound of our leader's call. There would be no way to misbehave during this shindig if I remained by Alija's side for the whole thing, and there was no way I was going to race over to Bucephalus' side to listen to him whine about being tired. Or watch him shoot evil glances at the cloudy mare, Cirrus, while we stood there. So I voted for the third option, stand here and nibble on a few blades of grass, that I wasn't quite ready to eat yet, but it gave me something to do to kill time until I had to go to the meeting. Navy ears slammed back against the slowly growing, already tangled mass of hair that formed along my spinal cord when more and more members of the herd breezed easily past me in the direction Alija and Aakesh had gone.
    Sighing irritably I moved away from the half chewed, mostly destroyed patch of grass I had been standing in before moving to follow after the masses. Ears remained pressed back, just not quite as buried in the tangled mess as I stepped into the meeting area trying to remain in the back so I could still hear what all was needed to be heard then I could disappear and do whatever it was I wanted to do with the day.
    Darkly clouded eyes shifted between the different members of the herd, many of which I hadn't met yet, and wouldn't be meeting today. Cirrus stood there, so did Hector and Isara (who looked terrified for some reason and had it been any other day I would have strutted over there to comfort her), my family, and that was about it that I knew. But I didn't really care, all I wanted to do was nap in the shade until this headache went away and I could play again.

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    I wish mother was here. Or Ivezho. I've tried to block them from my thoughts, tell myself that I am the orphan son of a distant Father, but I can't seem to. I am no orphan. Father is here, as much as I almost wish he weren't. Then perhaps I would have a legitimate claim to the angst that I feel swelling inside of me at all times.

    Am I simply a selfish child? Am I naively allowing myself to be sucked into the blackness of youthful hate for the world? I don't know. Maybe I am, but what of it? It isn't easy being a prince. My sister is gone, my twin is gone, and my mother is gone.

    All I have is my Father but ... But what does that even mean? He is a distant figure, appearing to have more time for everyone else than he does for me. Yet I am still here. I've come, as is my duty. When is it his turn, to feel the pull of obligation and responsibility so strongly that he cares for me ?

    I moved near him, if only so that he knows that I am here. I don't want him to think that I haven't come when I have, and I know he would approve of me standing nearer to the front of our family, than lost at the back. I have grown, I am already taller now than I was last meeting, and I do not look quite so gangly. I am growing long and lean, the perfect combination of he and mother, coated in a soft gray. My wings burn with heatless embers, although I keep them tucked to my sides, holding the light in against my flanks.

    "Father." I mumble softly, respectfully. If there is one thing I will not do, it's show disrespect to him in front of our family. I don't know why appearances mean so much to me, but somehow they do. Even if my life is falling apart, I will appear the strong prince that I'm sure Father expects me to be.

    Even if it's breaking me inside.

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    She couldn't explain it, only that the sensation both alarmed and shook her.
    "Khalasar! A booming voice in her head that interrupted her thoughts and startled her awake. Yet she was alone, breaking the wind with her wing beats and kicking out her back legs with each forceful thrust. Her body pivoted as she turned around to fly in the direction of the summoner.

    The location wasn't to difficult for Astrasza to find. From the distance she could see a collection of horse's gathering she could only assume were her herd mates. The wind howled as she descended for a landing. Her wings tilted forward to slow her, legs extended to land gracefully in the sand behind the crowd.

    She felt the presence of the summoner. She squeezed her way into the circle of eyes to avoid feeling out of place, and her icy eyes settled on a dun winged who stood under the spotlight of the herd's watchful eyes. Astrasza could feel his very authority, his posture, his energy told her he's probably the king of her territory. She dazed from one face to another, she only recognized one. The stallion dressed in a black tuxedo with gold speckles splattered across his sides.
    Astrasza moved like a shadow through the mumbling mouths to Bucephalus' side, checking him over twice to make sure she wasn't mistaking his form for someone else. No, it's him. Astra opened her wing closest to him to give him a friendly nudge on the shoulder "Oi, remember me?" She mumbled to him. He might not, it's been forever since that day. She hoped he did, but he might not. "Wha's goin' on here, Buce?" She asked him in her common slang tongue.

    She looked over each new face, all these horses are her family? Wicked cool. It made her smile to think these strangers would likely fight for her as they would expect her to do the same. And she would, of course.

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    @[Rhoa] spoke directly to, but feel no obligation.

    I can't find your silver lining. . .

    I find it fun to wind my way back to the Throat in a sloppy way, I was about no where and everywhere at the same time and I felt like time held me back on many occasions. But the stories I was told made me want to be like the characters in them and how could I do that when I was busy being myself?

    I felt a tug to the Throat, though, and when I'd decided to leave Cheska and find the Throat once again, it was then I realized that I always went back. I would never stray. I didn't want to stray too far from a home I had always wanted. I had friends, and I had hope and love and it felt too perfect to leave behind. That was why I always went back.
    I had duties as well. Responsibilities that I had to attend to, and lucky for me I understood them and got them done attentively. Unlike how my Mother described herself when she was young. It was a father gene, I know for sure.

    A call rises up above the wind and when I enter the territory in flight I realize that there is a meeting going on. And I want to see that bird-winged man again. He seemed interesting, although he ignored me. I wonder if he will again...if I try again, that is. As I swoop forward, I notice others doing so as well, maybe not on wings, but sure, swooping forward on desert hooves sounds cool as well...I shake my head. What am I thinking? Swooping is for wings!

    I leave those thoughts and enter new ones. Is Rhoa going to be there? Well of course he is! Cerin? I hoped so. What about Megaera and Alija and Hector? I wanted to see that beautiful bunch again. Much fun, they'd had. But then again, I had always been the optimist.

    When I land, I see that there are many I still do not know here. I swallow as I head forward on desert hooves, feeling the heat of the sand engulfing them. I scan the crowd that has gathered, and I am right about Rhoa being here. I am so right. He speaks an inaudible word from where I am standing, and if he says more I do not see because I am busy scanning the crowd for more I know.
    The look on his face still catches me though, holds me in thoughts of him as I see more I know.







    and Cerin.

    There are others that I don't know and if I didn't see one of my many Throat-friends (Oh! That sounds funny!) then I guessed they where not to attend or did not hear the call. Good thing I had been heading back now!

    My gaze returns to my first younger friend I'd made here in Helovia. Rhoa. I make my way towards the front so that he would see me. I stood in the line of horses gathered there, and I don't move. I don't really want Gaucho to see me as of now. Although I am oblivious to what he did. Or was supposedly forced to do, I still smile his way, then Rhoa's, scanning his face in the process.

    It seemed like he didn't want to be here, it seemed like he didn't have that proud aura as he had before on the beach and in the Heart Caves. I wondered about his wings and if the embers where still there and pulsing. I wondered if he would speak to me today or ever again for that matter because I was missing him.
    Though, I didn't miss my Mother like I was missing him. And for some odd reason, I felt responsible for keeping that in line. I don't really want to see my mother again, and that is final.
    I'd been having mixed feelings about her before, but now I am decided: I will not tolerate feeling guilty of leaving her. Not anymore. A face set in stone, grim and silent I wait for more words, my eyes scanning the crowd again. So many horses...I wonder if I should make my way back to where Cerin is sitting. He is a friend...but there are so many others! I hold my ground in the spot I am in, scared that if I move again someone will get their hooves stepped on.

    I look to Rhoa one last time to see if he noticed me, and if he does, I mouth "Are you okay?" silently.

    "Talk Talk Talk"
    She's going to be so scared when she finds out about him...

    I don't mean to judge...
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    I walk without reason, no destination in mind as I trek across the thin stretch separating the oasis from the sea. From my withers the world is admired through vibrantly blue eyes, wide at the sight of every passing object, from rocks to small shrubbery that stick out against the dry landscape. Her tiny squeaks and shrill chirps make me smile as her four wings flap excitedly as the sky is illuminated by flaming birds, each of their wings spreading out to imitate flight, rising into the sky as a signal. Wondering what such a sign meant, I angle my body in the way of which they came from.

    My gaze is met with clumps of sweaty skin and colourful feathers, an array of pegasi standing before an antlered stallion. Surely there were some who lacked wings thrown into the group, but my eyes do not want anyone but one, a familiar cremello body who had yet to surface. My expression shifts to dismay as I sink back, listening to everyone else exchange greetings with one another. All the emotions that bubbled and brewed, the heavy weight of a lingering, sour thought pulling at the back of everyone's minds. I could feel the tension, tight enough you could easily bite through it. Something was off putting, even through the false smiles I could tell everyone had something on their mind, even I had something dragging behind me.

    My quest.

    I still had to stop being an antisocial hermit and actually talk to someone. But where in the world would I find myself someone who understands me or can relate to me? I'm not a humorous mare, nor am I wise or entertaining. I am bland, simple as can be. I think the only thing that is even remotely interesting about me is the fact that I have with me a baby zephyr with two sets of wings.

    I swing my gaze back and forth, a slow pendulum dancing to the rhythm of my heart, which beat swiftly at the sight of so many horses gathered up in one place. Stepping forward, I smile and offer nods and offer simple "hellos," to everyone. This was my first big step in learning how to a normal, social mare. Which means that maybe sometime soon I could gain a friend and Aurelia and I could finally earn the little family we both dreamed of.
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