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Aisling the Fae Posts: 112
Absent Abyss atk: 5.5 | def: 9.0 | dam: 4.5
Mare :: Equine :: 13.1 :: 6 :: Birdsong HP: 63 | Buff: NOVICE
Sorcha :: Common Green Dragon :: Fire Breath Laine
:: [ Item: Genetic Mutation | Ability to have 3 active magics ]

:: [ Magic: LightxDark | Able to control another's physical action with a command that the are compelled to follow, does not effect their thoughts or emotions ]

:: [ Magic: LightxDark | Uses a chant to pull a wound from another's body that will emerge in the same place on her own. Once on her body, it will heal quickly and leave no scar.]

:: [ Magic: Light (P) | Tiny faerie lights glow in her mane and tail, seem brighter when she's in a good mood. ]

:: [Item: Scrying Crystal | Will point in the direction of a person or object it's owner is seeking. Worn on a silver chain around the neck.]

:: [Item: Cloak | Defensive. Hooded cloak made of dark green crushed velvet, gold clasp. ]

:: [Item: Jewelry | Winged ear cuff, gold with emeralds. ]

::[Item: Leather Satchel | Medium size leather bag with strip. ] Reference image
[now come the days of the dreamer and they are filled with wonder and light ]
:: permission given for use of magic and force :: please tag Aisling in all posts ::

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