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She actually missed the moment of being a family. So quickly both daughters had up and gone about, independent of both their mother and father. Oxy on the other hand she hadn't seen all that much lately either, and so there was nothing to take up her time for the moment. She should be building another wall, but she couldn't bring herself to work on such an imposing structure just yet. She still had time, for Birdsong was just in its full glory now.

So, why not visit some place that at least held some memories? Taking off in flight, her trek time was cut in half. Usually the one to take her time, she was too eager to dive into the past. Why? Even she didn't know. For some reason she thought that it would hold comfort and warmth. Diving down, she landed just outside of the gaping, bubbling hole in the earth. It was easy to spot the hole they had all been forced into at a time that seemed like forever ago.

She crinkled her nose, walking towards the opening with interest. Should she go down there? Just then the pit groaned in its old age, and she took a step away from the path into the depths. Maybe it would be just a little safer to remain up here. Taking a few steps, she retreated back to the fringe of the vast grasslands. Her thoughts deeply rooted into what to do about her family. They had provided a nice boost, but it.. it just went so quickly. She closed her eyes for a moment, the memories in her head gracing her one last time. Eventually she'd have to move on, but now was not the time. Now, she could enjoy the past like it should be.

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