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Shy amid the unknown terrain, Satin flicked her ears around nervously in search of other creatures lurking about. The indirect whispers of the trees surrounded her like gossiping fairies as she trotted into the meadow. "What a strange place... how lush and unfocused it seems." Satin appreciated the wild woods around her, the scent of flower and clear water filled the air with heavy pressure. A long tedious journey had awarded her with a haven of sweet grass and sunshine. Her muscles quivered in fatigue, protesting the movement of her neck swiveling to absorb the surreal scenery around her. Breaking into a walk, she dipped her head to nibble some of the juicy grass spread generously between the knotted roots. Her hooves trailing along the ground lightly as she moved onward still, tail gently swinging back and forth in a calm rhythm. This strange land was frightening at first, but now seemed peaceful and tranquil. Was it? Had her mind built a facade transforming peril in to safety just so she could rest? A cold sensation slithered around her heart, wrapping it in silver scales. Satin picked up her pace, and ran at a brisk lope until she shook from exhaustion. Hanging her head, she snatched the air greedily from the shave around her, feeding her malnourished lungs.

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White December

Did she like to torture herself? Was that why she was here back in this forest that brought her hell? Working feathered hooves into the ground swiftly, strongly, December wasted no time in making approach to the wooded clearing. Birdsong made her irritated, for it mean that the cold would soon ebb into warmth, and the snow would melt away into nothingness once again. A bitterness filled her mouth at the thought, but brushed it aside instantly, knowing that it was childish to have such a fondness for frozen water. Grey legs carried her massive bulk onward, and in the peaceful sunshine she found little around; until the scent of mare hit her senses. Pricking ears and letting steel eyes wander, they finally landed upon a gentle frame. She seemed out of breath this girl, her head low and mouth agape to try and swallow up any air it could find.

Attempting to close the gap December let a gruff nicker escape her throat, gentle plodding following in its wake as she stood a few feet from the woman. Her pearly coat glimmered in the sunlight, darker stripes adorning her delicate legs, and December could only look her up and down, before finally speaking in her deep tone,"Are you in search of a place to stay?" She would get to the point as she always did; eyes focused solely on brown ones as she patiently awaited an answer. Formalities were a waste of time, something that only sugared the heart of the matter others tried to convey, and to her that in itself was ridiculous. Lashing dappled hips with two-tone tale, the ivory lass waited, not expecting any certain reaction from the mare, just an answer to her question.


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