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Chernobyl lets the snowy alps of the north fall behind her, swallowed by the night sky as she plods through the rocks and ice. Her coat is mostly shed out by now, only a few chunks of a goaty looking beard and some underbelly tufts remain. She's as glossy as oil as she slithers under the silvery strands of a bright light cast from a grinning moon, slipping through the trees and their shadows as she trots south. She has never liked to stay on the common roads; the pull of what she wants to find always seems to guide her...that and a healthy sense of the land she inhabits. She stops every so often to find a high perch and look around, for the first leg of her journey the nights are barely lit by the moon and it is mostly the stars that shine, but as she goes on the moon swells each night until she can see mostly everything as if it were daylight even after the sun has faded. The edges of all things in the openness seem to shine a brilliant metallic chrome; her glassy thorns adorning her ebony horn shimmer against the darkness as she keeps her cautious pace through the snow and forest. It takes her days to arrive at the burning pit, she has moved by night and gored and lazed in safe hideouts by day. She was quite a crafty loner.

Finally she arrives under a pregnant, unhindered moon, her cloaking clouds just lying in wait beyond the sharp white peaks of the north. Solitude. The word echoes in her mind as she approaches the warm smoldering embers lacing the edge of the fiery crater. She stands by them for a while, her days and nights have bled together and on this night the moon is full and the air is still chilly from the receding Frostfall. It's the caves she's here to see. Stories of cryptic symbols and ancient story telling runes are the object of her desire tonight...that and her yearning heart.

Where is he? Her questions and musings move quietly around in her mind as her black eyes search the well lit night. He will be here, she assures herself. He always comes. Even if it's days later, he always comes or is already waiting on her. She only just arrived, she gives herself more silent assurance.

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It was a promise that lead him southbound, slipping through cool air away from the comfort of the peaceful forest. The sky was clear, welcoming him with wide open arms as the sea called softly at his back. The journey to the caves was a short one, for him at least. A gentle tailwind aided his journey, carrying him along swiftly overhead the still world below. His thoughts swarmed like hundreds of lazy snowflakes as he soared among the stars, his gaze studying the world below that was soaked in a chalky light.

He had promised her, of course, that they would meet beneath the light of this moon at the caves. And he had promised, so many months ago, that they would go on an adventure together. Tonight, he would finally fulfill that vow he had made to her on the snowy plains beneath some other moon. So much had changed since that night, since their first few meetings in the north, but his feelings for her hadn’t.

They never would. Despite her leaving in search of refuge in another land, despite the crevasse the Basin had forged between them, his love for her remained. It was only her happiness he sought, nothing else. And it was her smile that pushed him onward, gliding on steady, cold winds away from the slumbering Edge toward their meeting place.

It was not long before he passed over the sloping meadow and its softly gurgling stream, beginning his descent toward flatter and rockier terrain at the threshold of the desert. He did not often venture this far south, and though it was an easy flight for him, the journey would not be so swift for Chernobyl. He spotted her quickly, standing near the mouth of the caves where a pit of fire was nestled in the dark earth. The golden flames lit her dark figure, surrounding the edges of her body in a gentle glow.

His landing was soft, iridescent hooves lighting gently upon the sand and stone. He hesitated where he stood behind her, studying her dark silhouette and the faint light of the feathers in her mane. He never imagined that she would be the one his heart always longed for, that she would be the one he’d give his life for. She had seemed an unlikely friend at their first meeting, but now she was so much more. He smiled to himself as he stepped forward finally, pale wings folded against his sides. “Good evening,” he drawled softly, joining her at the fire’s edge.

He stood at the rim, close enough to feel its heat yet still distant so as to space himself from the flames. The crater was not a frightening thing, rather it smoldered softly and quietly, quite in peaceful agreement with its surrounding territory. It was much like a large sleeping cat, purring gently into the thick veil of night until one was so foolish as to prod it with a hoof. Despite its harmless nature, it harbored danger within its glowing depths.

Murdock turned away from the orange flames, watching their dance reflected in Chernobyl’s eyes. He had little experience with the untamable element of fire, but he recognized its beauty and value. “What do you think it means?” He murmured softly, studying the wise expression of his scholar. “What could create such a…strange phenomenon?” And why? he wanted to ask, but, like a child, he was too hurried with his questions. The fire was the least of his interests, after all.

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