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Light shines from through the trees on this still-cool spring day. The sun is trying its best, but it cannot fully unfreeze the land from the frozen clutches of winter. The Rotunda doesn’t seem to mind, however, as it has found a friend. On top of the grand structure, how it got up there is unknown to the earth itself, sits a red panda. More interestingly, however, is that between his paws he has an egg settled there. For now, he warms it against his fur, but he knows that he cannot keep it forever. It must go to a different home, though he would wish to love this orphan forever.

As for the Helovians, they will come to him. They always do.

When enough have arrived (and when the panda has finished yawning and stretching), he chatters down to them from atop the structure. “If a window here breaks, and I replace it, the Rotunda remains the Rotunda. But what if I replace every window? Every pillar, the floor, every piece of fabric. When every part of this structure has been replaced, is it still the Rotunda, or is it something different?” A philosophical question for the ages. Many answers have been proposed, some more likely than others, but the Panda cares not what the true answer is. Rather, he cares what the Helovians think the answer is.

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White December

The peaceful atmosphere of the Rotunda had drawn her back. It brought her to the edge of the wooded clearing, taking in the fresh scent of Spring, as a gentle but slightly chilling breeze wafted her tresses behind her. The Shire had encountered another here the last time she had visited, one that she hadn't entirely expected. Her mind flashing back to the man's little pup, who ran about in playfulness, not giving a care about anything else in this world but her companion and the fun she was having in the river. It had made December want something more. The last time she had tried to find an egg, it had made her sing, made her feel, and want something more out of this life here than her own solitude. Despite her being turned away she couldn't help but hope for another chance, another opportunity. What she hadn't thought was that it would literally come and face here right in this moment. The red panda upon the top of the Rotunda looked rather content, cradling something in his clutches. Upon closer inspection, one would realize it was an egg.

The mare's heart lept at the sight, but she only remained quiet, closing in on the structure to hear the furry creature's words. Ivory ears flicked forward at full attention, steel eyes wide and thoughtful as she finally reached a halt. She patiently awaited him to finish his question, before looking down in deep thought. It seemed he wanted her to answer. She would answer, but would it be the right one? To her, questions always had a right answer, and someone always wanted them. What the correct answer to this one though, she wasn't sure. Flummoxed, she only looked up at him, staring intensely at his form and the life he held, heart thudding in anxiety, in worry, hope, longing.

"I do not know the right answer," she began. She wouldn't lie to him, even if he had something she desperately wanted. That wasn't in her nature, and she found it to be frivolous to spin a web of lies for only the benefit of herself. So she paused, letting her thoughts sift in her thick skull, before finally continuing,"All I can say, is that although the entire structure will still be a Rotunda, it will not be the one that was here before. Its presence will remain the same, and if no one was informed then they would simply carry on, but it still would have changed. The wear and tear, the memories it has seen, experienced, created with it simply being here, will be forgotten in this place. Those who experienced them obviously would remember, but who would remember after them? No one, if the Rotunda were to be replaced."

Taking a step back, the mare closed her lips, pressing them in a thing, calm line as she wondered if she had said something right in all of that ramble. Would he be pleased? Amused? Annoyed? These concerns swam through the recesses of her mind and made her heart thump only faster. Her eyes found their way back to the egg, the small thing cradled in his arms that she so badly wanted to cradle against her deep chest. She didn't even know what would come out of it, if she would even like it once she were to see it hatch, but she still wanted to try, to see what would happen if she found someone else to enjoy her life with.


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What is this place of whimsical fuckery? I have no idea, but let me tell you this: I FUCKING LOVE IT.

Look at all these mother fucking rainbows cast by whatever the fuck that thing is. It's a goddamned work of art, and I'll EXPLODE any motherfucker who tries to tell me different.

Rainbows yo. They're the shit.

Lots are here (RAINBOWS), but they all seem to be starring at this big furry rat. It's holding something. Is it a kid? Last time I saw a kid being born, it just popped out of some chick's pooper, all gooey. If there's a kid in that egg, did the egg come out of a pooper? eewww... At the same time I think these thoughts I watch the way the furry rat is rubbing the egg.

So. Gross.

My ears flicker as it asks a seemingly innocuous question. My first response is to shout EXPLOSIONS, and blow out every pane of glass. Then we can talk about window replacement. Is this like ... a test? Or is the window repair rat just being lazy?

Is the answer .. a different Rotunda? I roll my eyes. This game is laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Like, who the fuck cares?

I could leave, but I'm sort of interested to see what the rat is going to do with the pooper-egg, and to know what kind of kid comes out of it. I also like the rainbows, so I stay my exploding abilities (for now).

I look at the big bitch as I've come to think of her, and roll my eyes at her answer. "That is the stupidest shit I ever heard. So if we all forget about you, will you disappear?" I reply with a snort. I certainly hope so. She was the first one to tell me I couldn't do the thing, and let me tell you, I'll hold that grudge for ever.

"The answer is...." I begin, shooting a very sophisticated and not at all shit-eating-smirk towards the furry rat as if I'm about to bestow upon it some mother fucking wisdom (which I am). "IT FUCKING DEPENDS." The volume of my voice raises as my small body dances forward with the force and excitement of my words. "Like, if you're giving a goddamn guider tour and talking about some ancient bull shit, then no, it isn't the same. Those idjits would want to see sweat n'shit from the original mother fucker who made this, not see your grimey paw prints on it." Wait. Does the furry rat have paws? They're sort of like ... clawed ... hands? Fuck it. It doesn't matter. Let me continue. "But if what you want is to be able to say "Listen, meet me by the Rotunda and have my mutherfuckinmoney by 2'oclock, then yeah. It's the damn same."

Ya'll heaaaaard that. Shida FTW. Not just a pretty face, yo.

"Context bitchacho's. That shit matters."

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I still can't get these wings under control. I have noticed that they are getting stronger, but it hasn't helped much. Im just glad that I kind of know what I can do now. Although Shida was much more bold, I had fallen against the background scene. It's not my wish to be in the spotlight, I like to learn, but to not bring a scene. I'd much rather have peace than craziness. Which, in a roundabout way, is why I haven't learned to take to my wings.

I've been to afraid too talk to anyone about it. Mom was always busy, and dad didn't have wings, so who was I supposed to? So instead of wallowing in self pity, it was time to take out to explore more. After meeting Volterra, and him helping me "discover myself" it was probably time for me to go off on my own. I can't rely on everyone to keep me happy.

So here I am, a child still barely able to socialize, wandering off. Up and away from the Falls I'm headed in some weird direction. Things pass by that I haven't seen before, especially the field full of purple flowers. They tangle themselves in my little tail fluff, but other than that, they are just prickly. At least they're pretty!

Now I'm literally headed over the river and through the woods. I splash across the little stream, giggling as the cool water soaks me. Hey, this was fun! Maybe I was wrong, maybe everything outside of the Falls posed a time of grand adventuring! So onward! I must explore this place of fun!

Into a little forest, there is something that is def not what I expected. It's like a huge little pedestal thing. I think for the king thing on the top. He's weird looking. It's like a... I don't even know what it is. I stare up, in awe of him. That's so cool. However, it seems Shida has found it first. I pout, but I'm happy for her. She's getting out there, making friends. The other one I don't know. He starts talking though, and I looked at him with a sly look. How could he not know what the answer is? I cringe though as Shida talks, her voice is so just.. different from me. I swear, if I hadn't shared a womb with her i'd think we were from different words. My ears fall against my head as she becomes loud. Thank goodness I can go after, to salvage some sort of family respect. I call up to him, my voice still a little high-pitched and childlike. "It's just a cooler version! You have to upgrade sometimes. I don't know what a window is, but if it's broken, then obviously they're all old and need a replacement! Then you can enjoy the rotunda thingy for more time before you have to work again." I said with a shrug. How did he not know that? Or did he like working? Either way, newer versions were certainly better. I mean, look at me for an example, by far I am an upgrade from my parents, and horses like me!

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Discoveries laced and lanced the quarters of his bright, willing mind, and they were galvanized into riddles as the world united under schemes and Machiavellian conundrums. Brought and finessed into one of his favored places (because it was so alive and archaic, disastrous and mysterious, a standing enigma basking in its unknown requiems), the lithe lad marched amongst the collected marble garden and the lilting columns, piercing motivations and subterfuge together, pinpointing features and curiosities together: everything was an inquiry. As he stared, lifted his cranium to the stars and false, glass heavens, amongst the kaleidoscope alms and the busy, bustling heights, feasting his eyes on a red panda looking remarkably similar to a companion he’d once seen (perhaps belonging to one of those Throat individuals, all furry and round), listening to the throng as they sang or pieced together their answers. For once, Erebos wished he were older, so he had some chance at possessing the fine wisdom an elder mare spoke, or the brandished gall and guts of the filly nearby, but instead, all he could finesse were the little boughs of his miniscule musings, the earnest sagacity of a childish whim and jubilant mind. With a vibrant crescendo, his voice stirred from the back of the ancient structure, a miniature blue body rising from the rubble. “We all have to grow and change, but we’re still the same soul.” He paused, focused on the query, relishing its quandaries and highlights, the great, grand mysteries. The tiny infidel truly didn’t know how else to guide the nuance of change and regrowth; he’d barely existed more than a year himself, drifting amongst gangly limbs and lanky edges. They all morphed and adjusted in some composition; whether it was from age, from war, from pestilence, from raw, biting hunger, from nestled comfort, or from bristling demands. The young Prince’s eyes glanced over its high walls and majestic glass again, ruminated over the patterns and attempted to focus on the regal stature of what once was, why it’d been built, why it glowed and brightened and failed to collapse after years and years of abominations. How were they to know if this was even the first time it’d been resurrected and finalized, strong and mighty, dominant and supreme, where it had crumpled before? “We all alter, in a way. I think the Rotunda would still be the Rotunda, just reborn and renewed.”

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Why was it that whenever a group began to form she was always suckered into going to see what was going on? Some sort of insane curiosity perhaps or maybe just her unfortunate luck taking a toll once more? Whatever it was she was starting to get tired of being on the losing end of things constantly when others always had the benefit of getting what they sought out. The last episode had left her particularly on edge and hating the world for turning their back on her each and every time that she needed help. She had tried being nice and polite and patient but it only ever backfired so she was done. No more miss nice girl. That part of her had sailed leaving behind her shadow and all the bitterness she had coiled up over the years. It was time to make herself move forward in life and she could rely on nobody but herself to get her there. So what if she stepped on some toes or heads here or there it would be on her path to glory and she would knock down anyone standing in her way.

While the Rotunda was the last place she wanted to be after what happened with that goddamned spider web she arrived amid the commotion. Following the gazes of the other miscreants who had showed up she found a rather odd sight. A red panda sat perched atop the unique structure she had come to call the stone dome. While not really a true dome it was the closest thing she could come up with to describe the thing so therefore it was a stone dome. The question that the creature asks is just as odd as the egg it carries. What does replacing a window have to do with anything? Listening to the others as they responded she raised an eye in speculation. That was hardly the way that she would look at things. What was once the Rotunda may always be called the Rotunda until someone calls it another name.

Staring up to the red bear she decided to voice her own response not caring if others chose to argue its validity. " It is whatever you want it to be." She states firmly before continuing to explain her thought process. "Just because one chooses to call it the Rotunda doesn't mean everyone has to. If you recreate it then you may choose what it would be from this moment forward."

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We all came trickling in, just like the fuzzy red creature probably predicted. The glass still shimmered on the stone below regardless of the lack of sun; I could feel a chill run down my spine as the lingering cold draped over my body. Two children, a teen boy and two grown women - besides myself - stand around to listen to the small red panda/raccoon hybrid to reveal his riddle. While more gather, I can't help but stare at the little egg between his paws; I need that egg. Memory serves me my last encounter with such odd circumstances; once in the face of a primate-like creature with the body of an feline, the next under the watch of The Earth God himself. In fact.. both times had been right here. "Maybe it is magic?" I think to myself, surprised that I had never connected the dots until now.

Finally the riddle is revealed, the striped animal's voice calling down to us from high above on the colorful glass. “If a window here breaks, and I replace it, the Rotunda remains the Rotunda. But what if I replace every window? Every pillar, the floor, every piece of fabric. When every part of this structure has been replaced, is it still the Rotunda, or is it something different?” My brows furrow and a white mare is the quickest to respond, her opinion stretching too far for my attention to keep hold of before I begin pondering myself. "A trick question.. Maybe. Hmmmm-" I think and think, but my thoughts are quickly interrupted by a shrill, annoying voice that comes from a dun girl with horns. She swears and spits out words that no child her size should know, but who am I to judge? If I ever had a child (who had survived), they'd probably be just as much of a shit head as that one. My stomach churns at the thought.

A grim smile creeks over rough lips as I listen to the little one spill her naive opinions into the open, shaking my head at her closing line: "Context bitchacho's. That shit matters." I openly laugh, right ear twitching as I do so. "Little spitfire, aren't you?" The question is rhetorical, as I look back to the other foal who takes her turn. They each chime in, the yearling and the mare, and the only one I can seem to agree with the last two to speak. I nod after Rhea speaks, ears cupping forward and violet eyes once more finding the red panda. "True-" I begin, gruff voice taking the air. "Once it's replaced with anything other than it's original work, it's whatever you want it to be." A brief pause allows me to breath before I come up with another idea. "It can be the Rotunda, but it would no longer be the 'Ancient' Rotunda. " Is that what the fuzzy animal wants to hear?

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When the magic of Helovia calls, the denizens answer. It is as easy and simplistic as that, for they are made of warped greed and desire, and they want what these champions bring. They squabble among one another, a competition of varying degrees, a challenge for the body, the mind, the heart, the soul. Hotaru had answered a thousand calls, and a thousand more she would until her heart was full with love and companionship. Especially after Arya's brush with death, the idea of a companion was only more enticing. Not to mention her own disgust when she'd watched her twin sister appear with a peculiar dear at the borders of her home, as if trying to flaunt it. Well, she'd lost out on that round. And she would continue to, if Hotaru had any say about it.

So she wandered farther in, snorting at the exuberance of one of the children, eyes sparkling with approval. She was an annoying little shit, loud mouthed and idiotic, but Hotaru approved of the rest; the boldness, the haughty behavior. Ah, she couldn't wait to see life rip her apart and bring her down peg by painful peg.

The question posed is far more intriguing, but she doesn't answer immediately. It's a mind challenger, but she had always been a fan of deep thought. Something her twin had never echoed, and perhaps that was why she'd continued to pursue it. Success was often the best revenge, after all.

"Your question can be answered with another question. Are we the sum of our parts, or our inherent wholeness? Is our true nature of being actually our state of not being? It's a paradox, an issue of identity. And identity is in the eye of the beholder." Falling quiet she curled her tail round the slim curve of her ankle, voice leaving a mild echo in the rotunda's spherical form.

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Large teal and silver smudged wings flapped easily pulling his ever growing body through the sky. His flight skills were slowly increasing, he found it easier throw himself skyward. Kaj had taught him to jump from hills, but now he just had to get a good running start. It was awesome to finally soar above everyone that was land bound. Smiling silver eyes gazed carefully below him as he traveled through the air. His birth place was nearing, the Rotunda was slowly rising up below him. Silver eyes fell upon a group clustered around the building. Curiously he swooped around them before descending. Teal covered legs landed with a light thump as the ground sent a reverberation up through his bones. A shiver of joy coursed through his already muscular body. Carefully he pulled the feathered appendages in close not wanting to hit anyone else. Silver orbs looked around closely eyeing everyone there.

A red cat like creature was perched atop the beautiful building. Sharp oculars caught sight of the blue egg resting between it's fore paws. Excitement pricked through the youth, he knew Penna had come from and egg, and how much Parelia and the bird loved each other. Sadness pricked through the anticipation. 'What would I do with love?' it was sad someone so young felt so much pain and emptiness. Shoving the ideas away golden ears pricked catching the words.

Mulling over the ideas he allowed himself to look at everyone again, and got quite a surprise. There was four unicorns, an equine, and two... hybrids! Shock ruffled the teal and silver feathers. The colt had began to think he was the only one graced with wings and a horn, but here stood two mare's with the same. Well, a mare and young foal. 'Where is her mother? Parelia would never have allowed me out so young.' But that wasn't all true either. He remembered sneaking out one time and coming across a blue egg like this one.

Focusing on the questions he wondered what this place would be if it was all replaced. The panda said it like he would make everything the same, so people would never even know. His deep country tinged words rang out eyes on the panda, "This place even if it was all replaced would still be the Rotunda. I say this because the memories of everything that have happened here would be the same. It would still hold the same place in people's hearts." Falling silent he flicked his white tipped black tail listening to what everyone else had to say.

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Time had passed since my arrival to Helovia. While the white veil of powder still clung to the shadows of the earth, it was slowly but surely disappearing. After all, the powers of old man winter remained just that – the powers of old man winter and he was bound to fall to the powers of the summer king. The two seemed to battle constantly. Fall where winter won and Spring where summer won. Hopefully the reliant pattern wouldn't be disrupted here in the near future. Although it did seem like old man winter was putting up a good fight this time around.

My face hardened as I pondered what exactly would happen if either one of those powers won or lost when they shouldn't have. Would there be famine, death, hysteria? Or would there be feasts, life, and partying? No one would know entirely what would happen, but one could hypothesize.

I shook my head lightly as I realized I was beginning to daze off. Which that wasn't exactly a good idea what with a murderer on the loose still. A pain gnawed at me, guilt began to fill within me. Others kept dying because we...I was unable to piece together all the clues and solve the puzzle thus far. If the puzzle could be solved then perhaps the killer would have been caught already and countless lives saved in the process.

Eyes flicked about, desperate to catch sight of something – anything to distract my attention from the aching pain that was emanating from inside of me. And surely enough there was a throng of others gathering about the Rotunda.

“I wonder why everybody seems so interested in the Rotunda? Perhaps something is going on?” I whispered to myself before allowing my legs to propel my body towards the group. Once there though I looked around only to notice that everybody was staring up towards the roof and after following their line of sight did I notice the red, white, and black furred creature that sat atop the Rotunda with some circular white object. An egg? What would a creature like that be doing with an egg?

A few seconds passed by and then the creature quipped a question towards us all. It was an interesting question and my forehead furrowed as I pondered for an answer. After a few others had provided their answers I knew what my own was and so I took a slight step forward and spoke my mind, “It depends upon who's perspective you are talking about, does it not?” I began slowly while still concentrating hard enough to keep my words in line with my train of thought, “If you are asking someone who has barely spent any time in the Rotunda, it will more than likely still be the Rotunda. For someone who hasn't spent long in one place generally doesn't get the opportunity to relish the finer details nor will they have many memories of the place before hand,” I paused and it almost sounded as if I was done but alas I was not, “On the other hand, if you are asking somebody who has been here and knows the place rather well then surely it will be a Rotunda but it won't be the Rotunda. This type of person would surely notice the differences. They would notice that say a squeaky floor board or a drafty window was replaced with a newer and better version. And with realizing that everything they had grown to know and love has been replaced, this place would lose its charm and the memories that it had held within its walls.”

I looked up towards the red creature hoping that that was something along the lines of what he was looking for. If not perhaps he would give us another question to answer? But the biggest question I wondered about was what was the deal with the egg? I guess only time would tell.

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She had taken to nothing more than lurking about Helovia. Like a wayfaring stranger she moved about never remaining for more than a day. It only felt like yesterday she told Rhoa her plans to explore. Apparently her plans were coming into action much sooner than she intended. She couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoyed the freedom about wandering. Arya knew that she would have to face her parents empty caves eventually, no matter how much it might hurt.

Off in the distance Arya could see figures. Both of her ears flicked forward and she lurked back for a moment. When a uestion broke through the air her mind went wild. It ripped apart and analyzed every word. At first she simply wanted to spew out no. Brashness was losing it’s appeal and rather she stood back and listened to others answers. One voice stood out above the rest. One that she hadn’t heard in far too long. Her eyes rested upon Hotaru off in the distance. Any thoughts left her for a long moment as she simply stared at her mother who was not just seemingly well, but free. Maybe Rhoa had tried to keep his promise. Whatever had been the reason for her freedom, she didn’t care. All that mattered was that Gauho wasn’t looming about.

For the moment the panda and his egg was forgotten as she stepped toward her mother and reached out to bury her face into her right shoulder. The huntress wished to feel her mother and ensure that she wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Then she focused upon the question at hand when it seemed silent.

“From a physical standpoint, no it wouldn’t be.” She said. “It may appear the same but it wouldn’t the structure, just a mere replica. From a more emotional perspective I am sure it would be the ‘same’ to other individuals. But if you were to rip the fabric away from this place and put up new ones you can’t say it’s the ‘same’ place. The structure might be identical and the memories still there, but, it’d be a restored structure rather than the original. So, I suppose to me it'd simply be a replica and not the original. It wouldn't make it any less beautiful though.”


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I'm out exploring yet again. This slipping away bit is getting easier and easier the more I try it. It's like, they aren't even focused on me anymore. I need her for milk and milk alone. I've tried to taste the stuff she eats. It's strange and foreign and I don't like it. Maybe I will one day. This time I got a longggggg way from Momma. Like I mean a LONG way. So far I'm not sure how far the Falls is from here. They are out of sight, and out of my hearing range. Wonder if she will worry about me this time? NA.

So I found this strange pretty structure. The glass was amazing! So many different colors and shapes... Oh look! That piece is blue like half my eyes! OH! That one is green like the other half. Maybe i'm not such a strange kid after all. I mean, those colors were other places together other than just my eyes... Maybe it was okay.

That's when I saw them all. A big crowd, more than I've ever seen before. Some smell like me. Like the Falls. Others. Well they just smell funny. I guess that's cause they are from other places. I move through the crowd, taking each one in and looking to see what they were all paying attention to. Some strange thing up in the top holding some kind of egg. That's when I see her. The rude one who was at my birth. The one who wanted to POP my Momma. Wonder what she would of done if I had tried to pop her Momma.

That's when the thing speaks. It doesn't speak in my mind like the Keiran thing Momma had. “If a window here breaks, and I replace it, the Rotunda remains the Rotunda. But what if I replace every window? Every pillar, the floor, every piece of fabric. When every part of this structure has been replaced, is it still the Rotunda, or is it something different?” The hell? So this place, must be called the Rotunda... So.. If one of the pretty glass pieces broke, and he replaced it this place would stay the same.... But what he wants to know is... If every piece broke and he replaced them all... Would it still be the Rotunda... Or something different. Ah well. Let's give my best shot at this. It would be both. The place, this Rotunda will look the same as it always has... But it will not be the original work of the original crafters who made it. So it would be both the same as always, and yet different too. There. I'm getting better with those words too. No more stuttering and stumbling like I used to do. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

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I'll carry you on my shoulders, never set you down.
Ferry you through the coldness, never let you down.
The scent was one that she would remember forever, her small elegant nose pointing towards the sky she inhaled the smell of her mother. It held the crispness of The Basin, yet also the freshness that was her mother. Almost a yearling, Ráeru still remembered the day her mother had found her, abandoned and terrified. It was a beautiful still-cool spring day, the filly practically pranced as she followed the familiar scent of her mother. Little shivers rolled down her spine as she splashes through a particularly cold puddle. Most of the land had remained frozen, yet as her bright blue eyes glanced down towards the freezing puddle the small filly giggles. Pressing on in a cheerful mood, quickly she arrives at the group that has gathered. There she spots her mother, yet something else captures her attention. On top of the grand structure, has to be the most bizarre creature she has ever seen! It is red, furry with rather large eyes that slightly creeped her out. Her eyes traveled towards the object nestled against the bizarre creature fur. Whatever it is, the weird creature is clearly protective of it.

After some frightening movements and sounds, the creature crawls down from the structure. Ráeru slides closer to her mother as she listnes to the question. Tilting her head to the side at the strange words Ráeru does not speak for a while as she thinks about what is being asked of her. The question is tricky, not because she doesn't understand it but because she is not sure which answer correct. A tiny crease forms between her bright eyes as she ponders the question, her sharp mind breaks down the question.
If a window here breaks, and I replace it, the Rotunda remains the Rotunda.
Clue one; even when parts of the Rotunda have been replaced it is still the same structure.
But what if I replace every window? Every pillar, the floor, every piece of fabric.
Well yes? According to the previous line of the riddle.
When every part of this structure has been replaced, is it still the Rotunda, or is it something different?

Her conclusion is not much different from the others being thrown around, although she did think that she saw the question in a more literal sense compared to the others. "If a fish had skin instead of scales would it still be a fish?" Simple answer? Yes. It was still a fish. But what made a fish...well a fish? Was it the scales alone? No, it was the nature, the instinct, it's habitat. "What makes it the Rounda? Why would that purpose change just because it has a new shell?" Her sweet voice fills the chilled air around her. "It would only become something else if you built it differently." Moving to the front of the ground she now stares at the strange creature. "For all intents and purposes it is still the Rotunda."

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With the spring weather all around it was hard to be in a bad mood on days that the sun was shining. Ever since she had been a young filly she had always loved the scent of new spring flowers and the warm rays beating down on her. Oh what she would give to be young and careless forever. Life would never allow something like that to happen though not with all its twists and turns that left you wondering which way was up. Her life had been anything but perfect but she was still alive by some miracle so there must be some purpose to it. Her childhood had ended way too soon but she had the chance to give her son everything that she had never had when she was young. Granted he was almost a year old now but he would always be her baby regardless of how old he got. Her little broken family was all that she had but she was content for the time being until something else decided to pop into their lives. Despite how much she had dreaded her prior pregnancy she was not beyond the point to erase the option from happening again. Time would tell but something like that was not going to happen anytime soon that much was for sure.

Lifting her tail to the clouds the pale girl kicked up her heels playfully as she cantered through the green grasses upsetting the odd butterfly from their flowers. It had taken a long while but she believed that she was finally past the latest tragedy in her life and able to take a step forward. Slowing her pace as a small group came into sight she furrowed her brow wondering what was drawing their attention. Inching closer with some hesitance she looked up to see an adorable red panda perched upon the roof of the stone and glass building. Oh he was adorable! Listening to his comments she thought about it for a couple minutes while others starting shouting their answers aloud. If you were to change something it would in a way still be the same thing unless you completely changed the whole design. Was this what the panda was referring to? " Essentially things will appear the same on the inside but the exterior will have changed. Call it what you wish but deep down it will still be the same thing only with a new face." She comments aloud for once being confident in her answer.

When she had first arrived she had been a disaster but gradually over the years and few months she had morphed into who she was today. Deep inside she was still the same person but she had developed the skills and coping mechanisms to manage her problems so they didn't show as outwardly anymore. You can change something until it is unrecognizable but that doesn't change the heart of the matter and the basics that the change revolved around.

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'Oh man momma's gonna be pissed!' basted in nervous excitement the colt bounded away from the Throat. Man oh man if she found out he was gone he was going to be toast! Shrugging he chuckled mischievously as he slipped over the border. Feeling triumphant the youthful colt squealed his joy before throwing himself into the air. The black and purple spotted boy have no idea what bravery was, if he had known he would have called himself courageous. Smirking as purple feathered legs moved him out towards the wide dangerous world he slowed to a steady trot.

The land shifted quickly from the sand and scrubby bushes he had ever known to trees and thick grass. Steel blue oculars stared in awe at the thick foliage. A breathless whisper slipped over soft purple spotted lips, "Wow..." Trotting enthusiastically the colt gazed around. Ears pricked as voices floated to him, a question was offered. The wheels turned thoughtfully as he neared the group. Eyes widened as they fell upon the horde gathered around a marvelous building. V'What in the world is that thing?!' Curiously he stepped up beside a horned filly about his age, attention fixed upon the red and white creature high above them. Black and purple wings ruffled longing to fly up and explore the animal. Shoving the thoughts away he thought of the question again, as a mare gave forth an answer.

Piping up Aakesh locked his eyes on the creature, "I think it would be different and the same. People might not notice the difference, but some might. That doesn't change the location and the name. Only the Gods have the ability to change this place's name." Confident with his decision the colt smiled at the pretty girl beside him. Maybe if he knew she could blow things up, he would have given her more room, unknown to him the Pegasus colt stood inches from the girl.

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For his own part, the red panda really had no correct answer that he expected from those who gathered around him. He had his own thoughts on the matter, but he would not speak them. He was genuinely interested in their philosophies and did not want to alter their opinions by injecting his own. Instead, he listened to them all with equal interest, smiling when appropriate (for instance, at the loud antics of Shida) and nodding when that seemed to fit the situation better. Occasionally he would shit, rearranging the egg, but otherwise he remained on his perch atop the building.

When they all had been giving time to speak, the red panda smiled and began giving directions. “Pair up as I point to you,” he commanded, and began aiming fuzzy paws towards mares and foals alike. Interesting that no stallions had arrived. Was this a group of babysitters that was keeping watch over the children? Regardless, it would not change his plan. He paired them for a variety of reasons- for familial ties when he could divine them, for similarity or difference of answers, or because a whim aimed him that way. When all was done, he had seven pairs of two.

“The two of you are travelling together and get lost in a desert with no food or water. When neither of you think you can go on any longer, you come upon a genie. She offers to give one of you safe passage through the desert; the other must remain behind and will surely die a slow, agonizing death.” He paints a grim picture indeed, but he must hear their answers to know who is best suited to the task of caring for this lost egg. “He allows the partner to my left to make the selection. The partner to the right has one chance to confirm the selection, or to change the genie’s mind. What do you say?” Carefully he watches, wondering who will decide what.

‘The partner to the left’ is whichever partner posts first. You must decide if you tell the genie to save yourself or your partner, and why you make that choice.
‘The partner to the right’ is whichever partner posts second. If your partner decides to save themselves, you must say why you agree or why you think the genie should save you instead. If your partner decides to save you, you must say why you agree or why you think the genie should save your partner instead.

Pairings are as follows (Again, left or right on this list is not relevant. Whoever is ‘left’ or ‘right’ IC is determined by whoever posts first or second. If your partner has not posted yet, do not wait for them. You post first and they can post second!):

White December & Aakesh
Shida & Auriel
Erebos & Ilios
Rhea & Vitani
Agrona & Astraea
Hotaru & Arya
Raeru & Brisa

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Seeing her daughter again tilted her world on its axis, but instead of leaving her floating and helpless in midair, it instead solidified her entire world. She hadn't anticipated seeing Arya before she'd made it back to the Basin, and yet...there she was. Though Hotaru had been stolen for mere days, it seemed as if Arya had grown all the more in her absence. Beautiful in her solitude, the one Hotaru had never desired to leave her to. "Arya, she breathed, and then her face split into her most brilliant, dazzling smile. Phaedra's beauty shining out of her face, normally so caustic, as she took in her beautiful huntress. Arya was buried in her shoulder within seconds, and Hotaru turned and held her tight with her cheek, breathing in her soft scent and using it to center herself. No matter how this challenge ended, everything would be right with the world, because she had her daughter with her.

Pride was thick in her throat as she reluctantly allowed Arya room to speak and respond, and the intelligence she displayed was as beautiful as any countenance she could have been born with. Hotaru's mother had valued beauty of the body, but the she-wolf favored beauty of the mind. Arya had grown with both, and Hotaru could not have been more proud.

From her left another approaches, tiny as ever, and Hotaru's heart leapt to her throat. Raeru had grown, her name the only reminder of a past Hotaru had tried to keep from her fragile mind. She was soothed to know that her forced abandonment had done the child no harm, only to find herself at a loss. How could she tell Arya? Her huntress at times was rather possessive, as shown by Rhiannon, but surely she would understand after what had happened with her father?

Hotaru tilted her head to nuzzle against Raeru, inhaling her scent as she had Arya, surrounding herself with the love she felt for them. Were it not for the panda speaking, pairing them off, Hotaru would have remained there encased in silent joy forever. She was sour at Raeru being separated from her, but supposed she could not object. Brisa looked at least capable of caring for her daughter, for the time being. Hotaru would nonetheless keep a sharp eye on her, and she glared warningly before shifting closer to Arya. She didn't forget to send an encouraging glance at Raeru, as well, in case the child was unsure of the new face.

The proposed mission was simple, but her motherly instincts jumped immediately to the front. Her answer came from her tongue almost as swiftly as a descending eagle, purposeful and intent. Hardly any time between the panda's words and her own. "My daughter goes forth. There is no contest. I will die in her place, if she is granted safe passage." There is no hesitation, no falter or break in her words. Even in the real situation, Hotaru would make the same decision. She would die for her daughter at any moment. Turning to smile somewhat sadly at her beautiful huntress, she continued. "And I would hope that she would not seek to change the genie's mind, as a life without my huntress would be no life at all. I would be content in the afterlife to see her grow into the fine mare she is destined to become." There was no shame, announcing it to the crowd as she was. Hotaru would never lie in the face of her beloved daughter, as she never would to Raeru or Mirabella.

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The black and purple boy gazed up at the red and white fluffy creature; longing to investigate him. Black and purple speckled nose quivered curiously trying to catch any little whiff of air it could. Sighing he pricked his ears as it spoke and began pointing. Steel orbs followed the red paw pointing from himself to a large white mare. Smiling brightly he wove his way in between young and old bodies to reach his partner. Gazing up at her, his voice was a whisper as to not distract anyone else, "My name is Aakesh, it's nice to meet you." Smiling happily he waited to see if she had anything to say before turning back to the panda.

Black radars pricked excitedly, his smile slowly giving way to a frown. Closing steel eyes the colt thought hard wondering what would be best. It was weird to worry about a desert. His home held the burning sun and rough grains of golden sand. He had his answer but he waited to see what the mare who piped up first had to say. Nodding softly the colt also knew his mother would have said the same thing. Chipping in his own voice the black and purple spotted boy spoke loudly, "I would chose my friend here to make it through the desert." He paused wondering if anyone would bother to say something about this. Continuing he spoke warmly glancing at his alabaster partner, "Everyone deserves a full and happy life, but who am I to pick myself over another. That would be selfish and rude." Nodding proud of himself the colt wondered if the girl would argue or agree.

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Blah, blah, blah. People show up and give their stupid answers. Pffft. Who cares. Listen to them trying to sound clever. Is a fish still a fish without scales? No asshat, then it's called dinner. Memories and bullshit about feeeelings (I swear to the gods, that's an exact quote). Like. Come on. Do they even hear how stupid they sound? Do they think throwing in a few rhetorical questions, some touchy feely crap, or some semantic nitpicking makes them sound any less STOOPID then they clearly are?

Then there was Auri, talking about how it's the same just with a few upgrades. I clench my teeth glaring at her. I'll show you a few upgrades sis. I know what you're talking about. Like "Oh, Shi, we're the same I just have a few more upgrades then you do." ffffffffffffft.

I grunt as the rat-thing pairs me with Auri. As if I don't spend enough time with her. Thanks rat thing. I listen to the question, and then listen as this Ma answers, saying she would let her kid be the one to live. Then there's this other kid who says he would let his friend live.

Like, are you guys RETARDED. You're all such liars! I bet there's lots of kids who would like the shiny shit you're all carrying, or the companions that you have, or the magic, or the food. If you're all so goddamn charitable then you can all fuck right off and give me the thing the rat has. Nah. They're all just saying that because they think it's what the rat wants to hear. But I see how this works. Right, cause if both saves the other one, the genie gets to go WELL YOU'RE UP SHIT CREEK THEN, and dick off cause they'll both just die. womp womp. So sad.

Well. That isn't gonna be my answer.

I bet you think I'll be a selfish asshole and throw Auri to the wolves right?


"She can take it." I begin confidently, looking at Auri with a snort.

"Because I CAN DO THIS!!!

Away from the group (chill, safety first, yo) three bushes suddenly EXPLODE. They shoot into the sky and then daintily fall back to earth. It's sort of pretty really ... and not at all horrific.

"Everyone knows there's water if you dig deep enough. Whoever said there wasn't any was probably just being an asshole so..." I shrug my small shoulders and nose towards Auri. "...she can have it. Besides. If we've already gone that far I'll be even more sick of her than I already am." I stick my tongue out playfully before looking back towards the furry rat.

Solid plan Shida. A+.

Besides. If there's a kid in that egg, why would the rat want to give it to someone who can't even fight for themselves? Or worse, who throws others under the bus?

"Don't be an idiot. Just confirm it Auri." I whisper under my breath.

Shida saves Auri because she can FUCKING TAKE CARE OF HERSELF. WHAT. WHAT.

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Arya relished in her mother’s affection and touch. They were finally reunited. For but a brief moment the egg was forgotten as she was where she belonged, at her mother’s side. Though she wouldn’t be the only one that wandered up to Hotaru, and she couldn’t help but notice the small, pale filly. Really the girl wasn’t much older than herself if she could even be considered older. Arya cocked her head and watched as her mother reached out to embrace the other filly in a similar manner she had previously. Despite the swelling jealousy, Arya simply tried to offer the other filly a smile. Whoever this other girl was, she meant something to her mother and she would accept her presence. The huntress would only strike should the filly try anything. No one would get in between her and her mother, but, she knew now that one could love many. There was time to inquire about the filly at a later date. The egg was on her mind and the young life that lay inside. Arya had seen the bond between companion and helovian first hand. Odette had been a constant friend throughout her childhood and hse longed for such a friend of her own. One day she hoped to explore and see the rest of the world, and she had little desire to do so alone.

When the bear spoke next both of her ears shot up. Arya looked over at her mother with a small smile written across her lips. They were together. Together they could face anything, especially anything such a small furry thing threw at them. When he presented the scenario, she already knew what her mother would say. Hotaru declared just what the huntress expected. That time upon the snow had shown Arya how deeply the love of a mother ran. Once already her mother had to watch as her child nearly died… No should’ve died. Tales of the magic of Helovia had been whispered into her ear since childhood. It potentially could be a quick assumption, but maybe such magic had been gifted to her.

“It comes as no surprise you said that,” Arya said looking up at her mother. Her eyes then drifted to the panda. “And I know she won’t want to hear this, but, I would convince the genie otherwise. There are … Others who evidently depend upon my mother.” Her eyes drifted over to Raeru and she stared at the other filly for a long moment. “I’ve faced death once and it couldn’t take me. I’d tell the genie to send my mother to safety for I would maybe find a way. My body cages my soul it and so there’d be no choice but for me to carry on. I have something that allows me to survive. Fewer lives depend upon me anyways. A hero should always be willing to sacrifice themselves and I’d do so gladly for her... And for those that need her. Besides, there is always a chance I would make it through in the end. For my mother raised me right.” She looked up at her mother and grinned up at her. It might pain her to hear her daughter state such words, but, she knew life could be found. Even if she were to perish upon the sands Hotaru had others to love and be loved by. If she lost her mother there would be no one else. And that frightened her and made the desire for the egg grow inside her. To have a soul mate perhaps would protect her from the


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