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I've left my children with Bucephalus for only a short time. Our agreement is that I shall care for them until they are weaned, and I intend to uphold my end of the bargain. But at the moment I have a job to do. The murmurs of another death are floating in the air and I have taken it upon myself to find out who it is and what clue has been left behind this time. This time, the body is here on the Sky Island, and seems to be guarded by two stout stallions. Do I really know so few in Helovia? I suppose so, since I'm not that great at socializing. (And yet I still managed to get laid, pregnant, and have two children.) A frosty white stallion with leopard spotting guards the dark body (who I wouldn't know even if I could get close), and another stallion stands on the other side, black as night. Both unicorns. It looks like the woman on the ground may also be a unicorn. I don't get too close, not wanting to risk the fury of the guard dogs. Not today. I'm still recovering my energy from the recent birth of the twins. Instead, I observe from afar, green eyes keen on the strange material that surrounds her body. It's pale, and I step a few feet closer to see that it looks like... skin. Like.. molted skin? Interesting....

I take flight, quickly departing in search of Dröm and Panzram. Though I'm not on great terms with Panzram, he is still a member of this group. First he mocks me, then he offers to kill my children? Well, such strange 'friendships' I have... too bad I have decided to let them live. Bucephalus can have them. (Never I will admit that they are awfully good looking, and kinda fun to have around. NEVER.)

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There is no way that Kiara would have the strength to go search for the clue. I'd heard whisper of it, that the latest death is on the island in the sky. Words of death travel so fast - faster than words of new life, I should think. Kiara must care for our child, Vitani. I am loathe to leave them, caring for the safety of my child and her mother. But the child already appears strong, and I know that as long as they are within the realm of the Falls, they will be safe. Ghost.. I do not know where she is at the moment, nor do I know where Vadim is. I must go to the death myself, to gather what information I can and bring clues back to them.

As I approach, I see a few familiar forms. Two, in particular, draw my interest. Mauja and Deimos guard the corpse. It must be someone they knew, though just from a distance I cannot tell who it is. Others are here to observe, though they are mostly unknown to me. I recognize Gaucho, leader of the Throat. Otherwise they are all strange faces. I sneak closer, nodding to Mauja and Deimos. I don't wish to disturb anyone or anything, only to observe. "I am sorry for your loss." I grunt to both of them, and observe the body on the ground. No, she is a stranger to me, just another body. But the strange part of this corpse is the pale reptile skin that lies in pieces around her. Strange, indeed. I nod again to the two guardians and turn to go and return to my home and my family.

There is much to tell, and even among the death, so much life and wonder to look forward to as well. Whomever the murderer is, I'm sure that he or she wouldn't DREAM of coming near my family.

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quote quote quote

Archibald stood in the back of the pack, taking in the evidence only as Ophelia and Mauja and the others spewed it from their mouths. Emotions were raging intensely, crashing over the bodies of all that gathered. The body--who he only knew from battle--lay dead at the Frostheart's hooves, and it was apparent that there was loss. Many were heartbroken at the demise of the Empress, but Archibald was unmoved. The cur at his heels watched the others, ready to jump into the fray, but Archibald held her with an invisible, mental chain leash. This was not their fight, not their argument. He needed to take the evidence and return to his comrades, to decide the killer on their own, and then hunt them down. The mass before the pair now was not running on logic. They were all running on emotion, ready to string a witch up and burn them at the stake. Archibald snorted.

Snake skin. Reptile skin. Dragon. Hmm.

Loretta whined up at Archibald, her body twisting with desire and anticipation to join the others on their rabid goose chase. Stern golden eyes moved down to her briefly before the stallion turned away, a low jog sending him away from the emotionally compromised fray. Loretta followed, angrily, frustration banging into Archibald's mind. She continued to whine until, as he trotted, Archibald rocketed his mouth down and planted a disciplining bite to the scruff of her neck. His ears pinned dangerously and he sent himself into a canter, demanding the bitch to follow.


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And here she was on the island again, surrounded. Another body had fallen. All she had to do now was walk through Helovia and someone had died somewhere, murdered, actually. The small girl frowned and disappeared into the crowd, her small, pale body easily unnoticed as the adults yelled at each other. Torleik, whom she had met once, was shouting at a white stallion, but the smell was overwhelming, and the girl pinched her nostrils tightly.

What was that? Silver eyes scanned until she saw the body, burning. Who would do that?! There was still so much evidence to obtain! What was the clue? Aithniel's jaw opened some, and she angrily searched around the corpse, only able to find snippets of what looked like some sort of snake skin or bark, but she had no way of knowing if it belonged to the body or not. Furiously, she glared at the adults, not caring who they blamed.

She was supposed to report to the God of the Sun! even if she yelled, Aithniel did not believe they would noticed. Instead, she scowled openly and ran away, lion tail twisting behind her in the night sky. Why would they burn the body? What purpose did that server? The fire child grunted, trying to think of who could be responsible and falling up short. The fact was that she didn't really know anyone here. Blame was being placed on the white stallion and on the one with the antlers.

Neither of them had names that meant anything to her either, and she knew that she was failing horribly. Hopefully her father would be proud at least of her attempt. At this point, that was all that she could offer.

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The starkissed mare of day and night opened her wings to the sky, the air caressing her skin and holding her tightly. She glided gently to the sky island, a place in which she had found comfort. Everyone here was so damaged, broken, and she was beginning to wonder if the love of her mother would be worth living as a slave. At least there, she was treated with a modicum of dignity. In this world without rules or laws, the free-for-all had turned into a vicious rat race of power.

And bodies were left in the wake of this decaying society. A gathering below called her attention, and she spiraled to the ground, quickly trotting to join the fray. That was when she noticed what was going on. Serenity felt her heart lurch, legs jerking upward in a startled rear. Why was a dead body burning? Who had done such a thing? From the accusations being delivered back and forth, she had come to the conclusion that the white one had singed the corpse, evidence disappearing from sight.

Was he the killer then? Was he trying to destroy any traces of himself? Who even was this dead one? Serenity stared at the group, admiring the mare who places herself boldly between two stallions and knowing she would never, ever be that strong. Let them work this out. She was done. This madness was irreparable and this place was cursed. So little love and beauty existed between these trees, and the gods were lovers of war and violence.

She did not belong here.

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