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The BOY is DEAD...

The boy had gotten very close, his efforts to catch this foul killer nearing a close. He was wise beyond his years, able to see patterns more easily than even some of his adult counterparts. Unfortunately, this would be his undoing, the moment when intellect met brute force and lost. His body lay in the crystal cavern, the black and red beauty of his pelt scattered on the many faceted surfaces of the stones. Similar gashes and wounds suffered by the others littered his body, but only the keen of eyes would see this next clue. In a room full of crystal, little shards of crystal were broken, shattered around his mane. This crystal shone a little differently as it was of a different make, not native to this bright room.

I. The SEVENTH clue, revealed from the death of ÖDE is a fragments of crystal

Miss the previous clues?
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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

She wasn't sure she wanted to go back to these caves. All that she knew was that it didn't feel right. But, still, there was a calling. Perhaps she would find herbs in the glowing room. So she trekked downward, with Valiance in tow. And when she finally started to trek down there it was a young one who was on the ground completely covered in glass shards. But, alas, she was so torn by the young creature's death that it took her a minute to actually take in the scene before her.

Valiance was the first to move. His body hovering over the young one's frame until he found the shard of crystal that was different from the rest. It was shining differently. No. It was different. Res shuddered, finally forcing her limbs to start to move in closer to the young one.

Gashes. Wounds. Pain. The young one had gone through pain. The young one had fought valiantly, just not valiantly enough. Perhaps if he hadn't been alone he might have made it. And that hurts her soul. That hurts her in ways she couldn't have expected. It was like seeing her twins dead again. And so, she forced herself to leave with the image of the different fragment of crystal in her mind. She ran back to the Edge, gaze hazy from the tears that were falling as she galloped back to the Edge with no herbs in tow.

The world... it just wasn't fair anymore. It wasn't fair at all.

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Even after nearly being spotted by her former leader Ktulu, Hotaru had no intention of stopping. She was so close to her prize she could almost taste it, taste the power in her veins and the spark of magic on her tongue. Surely her goddess would be pleased. Hotaru's feelings for the dead had lessened as she furthered her quest. As Ophelia had stated, they were mere bodies now.

Still, it was difficult to venture into the caves and find the body of yet another child. It reminded her this time of the little newborn in the meadow. How was any of this fair? Why would somebody do this to a child?

The Edge mare does nothing to stop her either. Truly she has ceased caring what others think of her. They do not know her, nor her quest, nor her reasonings. Not that they ever seem to care. They holler and point the finger at her, and she had stopped caring that they demonized her. Let the mare think whatever she wanted. Hotaru was not capable of such magnitude of evil. Was anyone?

Her mind wandered to Confutatis, and with a harsh snort realized that maybe people really could be that depraved.

It is harder to know the boy, even in passing, lingering in the North as he had after Lena healed him. She did not allow that to give her pause. Breaking off the tip of his horn and placing it into her bag, she stared down at him trying not to feel anything. Crystals found their way betwixt her lips, and like a shadow of guilt she sped back out into the sunlight.
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Hotaru has stolen the clue!

All that remains are very small crystal fragments.

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Power was a lure and the downfall of hundreds. To seek magic from heaven was almost always a curse when gifted due to false actions that are born from a selfish heart. Contacts, an exchange for samples of energy for services. Power matured naturally within our fragile bodies as well; it was often the purest form of will which nurtured it.

I often walked the heart caverns, patrolling. Today seemed like any other, until of course it wasn't. Yet another lay dead, fallen against the cold, uncaring floor. My crown sunk as if the weight of my skull was suddenly weighted or being pressed upon. Dark lids shut themselves from the dim glow of crystal and firelight. Why? I whispered inside. Shutters slide open, noting that yon murderous marks are similar to all the rest, no scent, no trail. I see a shadow disappear into the darkness, a female shape -- the lasting stench of Basin trails behind her. For a moment I linger, debating on following this rushed individual. Only someone with a guilty heart would flee a crime. By the time a decision is reached the fleeing form is likely well beyond my reach.

Instead of dwelling, I move toward the body. Lowering muzzle low to inspect. Tiny bits of gem and crystal litter the floor, shards small enough to go unnoticed if one were to simply glance at this fallen child and walk away. Another to fall and in the sacred cave no less, our foe wasn't a wraith. The doorway was barred against such beasts.

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The adventure was becoming more traumatic, more demeaning, than enlightening: death in swarms, in fumes, in brambles and thorns, corroding, condemning, and suffocating. Seemingly everywhere they looked was one more body, one more frame, one more structure demolished and destroyed, and his inquisitive mind couldn’t understand to what end, to what purpose. His father forged demise and quietus to protect his herd, to defend himself, to be a beast, a monster, an ogre, and each triumphant glimmer of his power was awe-inspiring in its pernicious assaults; but this, piles of the forgotten, the damned, the dismayed, felt utterly meaningless. As he wandered amidst the wavering crowd, along the stoked, refined shadows, the motive was even more defeating and aimless; for there, laying amidst stones and pebbles, rubble and ruin, crystals and shards, was a boy. Though he dared not to tread any closer, the lad couldn’t have been much older than himself, aloof, forlorn, abandoned in the grottos and catacombs of the unwinding caves, left to fester, rot and wither in the shades of despair. For once, he didn’t give in to the alms and balms of curiosity, and simply stewed, brooded, quiet and composed, in the still of the blundered oils. Someone had failed this child, someone had ripped him from a livelihood of contentment and potential, someone had taken, stolen, and absconded the future of the colt, and drilling, deep in the fathoms of Erebos’ mind, he became even more fueled and stoked. He clenched his jaw, chilled his machinations, toiled and foiled his movements into slinking, stalking ridges (saw the crystals, lying nearby, shattered, a clue, a salvation in fiend declarations?). They’d find this killer, this murderer, this demon, if only to salvage and save what little remnants and remains the boy had been forced to leave behind.

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The gold had kept a careful eye on his little pink spy since she had returned to the Basin. He was not entirely sure he trusted her. She was incredibly skilled for someone so low in her rank, and the gold was unsure of where her loyalties lay. Of course she seemed very bound to the Basin, but to be so skilled, and loyal? It seemed unusual, so until he knew with more certainty the gold would keep an eye on her. This of course was far too much work for the little fawn the gold now had to lug around, so he had been left, once more in the cave in the Basin. The gold had seen her dash into the Heart Caves, but now saw her running out. Those earth eyes narrow most curiously as he sees several others come and go. Coming in he stepped around with caution. Not all seemed well, and soon he knew why. Another body lay dead and broken upon the stone floor. A long sigh runs out. This was not the work of that pink spy, not considering all the other dead around this land lately. Still, like the other bodies his little group had found, perhaps there clues about his body as to who the culprit might be. There! A few crystal rocks, foreign to this cave lay around the dead creature’s mane. The actual horse was hard to recognize. A scent of the Basin barely clung to him, but barely. Shifting uneasily the gold moved back. Time to tell the others.

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You’re kind of over this murder stuff. It’s actually not really a big deal to you. Who the fuck cares if horses are dying. It’s kind of like… well… so what? Except somebody cares, because your bestie seems really intent on solving the problem, and Snowflake obviously cares about the babies being safe. And since your best friend beat you up once already, and since Snowflake threatened to kill you if either of the babies were hurt, you’re pretty sure you should just play along. But, just for the record, you really don’t care. Like… at all.

Anyways, so you’re just walking around, trying to take a break from babies and Snowflake and herd stuff and pretending you even give a fuck about protecting the Falls anymore, when all of the sudden you happen upon a large gathering. And, since you don’t see any magical idiots descending from the heavens, you’re pretty sure you know what the problem is. Nobody ever gathers unless something important is going on.

Tromping over, making no attempt to hide the fact that you’re coming through (because everything seriously hurts worse than it has ever hurt before), you look down. The pain is almost blinding, the way it seeps through your body, tearing at your skin and burning your insides. You want to vomit. You want to lay down and die. You want to do a lot of things, and do them you will, just as soon as you get one… small… look… Crystals. That’s all you need. You use your drug magic, and everything disappears into the weirdest hallucination you’ve ever seen before in your life. Awesome.
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She regretted coming here as soon as they were underground. This place had not held evil for her for a long time. Even when they were staying here, forced underground, so much good had come from this place. Here, Alysanne had met a good number of her friends. Here, she had discovered Miykael after his disappearance. She was trying, trying so hard, not to remember more of that day than the good part.

Hemlock had stayed on the surface, the little owl had started freaking out as soon as they got close to the underground caves. Had he known? But she had gone down, she had found him.

Every part of her wanted to turn around and get out of there as soon as she entered the crystal-riddled cavern, the very same one where she had reunited with Kahlua and Brisa. But she wanted to help stop these, didn’t she? She should look for clues…

She was a healer! She could handle some wounds, she could pretend that he was just hurt… not dead. The pegasus was able to push herself to get within a foot before it became too much. Even in the low light she could see that he had suffered. Hemlock’s worry for her flooded her mind but his fear of the caves wouldn’t enable him to come after her. Her heart was absolutely racing as she tried to search for anything that stood out - eyes catching on a couple tiny fragments of crystal but she dismissed them as from something inside this room. Nothing, then.

There wasn't anything else for her to do so she turned to leave. Perhaps one of the others could figure this one out.
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A lifeless face that you'll soon forget

Ophelia had visited the Heart Caves with Kahlua and decided to stay around just for a little while. Down here, beneath the earth, was like being held. A constant temperature was a comfort as was the darkness that hid her within their shadows like a seductive embrace. She felt as if she could breath, hidden away from the painfully glaring bright of light. Light exposed all faults, every nook and cranny that was oddly shaped or disfigured.

Darkness whispered 'it's okay' while greeting you as an old lover. With this relationship, there was no need to expose faults. You could run into the abyss, no chains of right and wrong fettering you to the mortal coil. She looked up at the crystals overhead, sighing. So much to do. So little time. Keeping busy was nice, but the loneliness, as always, was wearing her down.

Being alone around a crowd was much harder than being alone in the mountains.

As her gaze swept the room, they fell upon a body in the distance, and she hitched in a breath, narrowing her gaze. Another death. She trotted quickly to ensure that the boy was not breathing. He wasn't. Another lay lifeless on the ground, surrounded by rock that mirrored his reflection a thousand times over. Little pieces of the stones were scattered about him, and she frowned, shaking her head. When would this be over?

What could they even do against such a destructive force?

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Life could be rewarding and wonderful, then crude and cruel the next. This was another one of those callous moments, sprinkled amongst the serene nuptials and gallant endeavors, to engulf, to dissuade, to ensue and instigate the paradoxes of virtue into assembled nefariousness. While they moved through the caves, while they peered at the gleaming varnish and the glimmering jewels, another body was found, and her heart sunk, plunged. She hadn’t yet become used to the decaying corpses or the fallen comrades buried in clues and mysteries, hadn’t become immune to the promises their lives had kept, then sundered, then ruined, then tossed out into the void with one perilous motion. Perhaps, what was worst of all, what rooted and withered, festered and brooded, amongst her serpentine soul, one day waxing poetical, the next, traipsing in hollowed cores, was that she clearly recognized the tiny soul bludgeoned, beaten, and battered upon the cavern floor. Öde, a child once immersed in demonic tracings, in pestilent chords, in the hours of devils and fiends, collapsed upon their wintry doorstep, and she’d healed him, brought him back from the brink of chaos, of anarchy, of destruction, only to have him meet this disturbing end. The guilt ate away at her as she stared, wide-eyed and unbelieving, towards the gathering crowd, towards the boy who’d been so close, and then so far. She ignored Imogen’s comforting chirp, the swallowing dovetails of charity and benevolence, because she hadn’t bestowed enough on this lad, hadn’t kept him safe, hadn’t protected him from the dangerous, treacherous entities carving their niche in the brutal waves of Helovia. She closed her eyes, breathed, felt the pain arch and slide through her frame, attempted to bestow the beautiful serenade of Time and all of its whittling components, desperation clawing and biting, scratching and rasping - trying to undo what had been done. The Mender poured her concentration through songbird requiems and passionate whispers of I’m sorry, little one, beat moments and hours and junctures against the cave walls, but when she opened her eyes once more, naught had changed. The child still remained in repose, in quietus, and the forlorn etching of her failure rang against the drumming echoes and the inept granules. Each beat of her heart was one he would never have again. The Songbird lowered her head, ashamed to glance upon him any longer, and stayed, reciting silent prayers, practicing vigilant alms.

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Ampere eyed the opening to the caves wearily. She had no intention of ever returning to this god forsaken pit of hell, certainly not willingly, yet she had to. Word had already spread, like wildfire on the wind. Another body was down there.

That fact only added another stone to the heavy pile that hung in her gut, making her sick. She'd take the freaky fucking floating island over this dark abyss of torturous memories any day. The body was not on the island though. Of course it's not.

Swallowing her bitterness and disgust Ampere plunged into the caves, her pace increasing as anxiety thrummed with each stride she took. The faster in, the faster out she thought decisively, tempted even to close her eyes (it was dark enough anyway it didn't make much difference...) if only to pretend she was elsewhere. Arguably pegasus were already innately claustrophobic, but added to her wings limited nature she also had a shitload of the most horrible memories of her life. Seriously, fuck this place. Some sanctuary.

She came upon the scene at a near gallop, halting and sliding over rocks and stones when gasping, she saw the body. Her wings naturally flared to help slow her, and the caverns were big enough - they had held all of Helovia after all. Well, not all, just everyone who wasn't sick.

Still, Ampere's halt was sloppy and painful, her hooves tender by the time she drew beside the boy. Her breaths were shaky, whether from her sprint, the caves, or the corpse, she couldn't be sure. Not surprisingly he had many of the same wounds as the others. The only unique thing was a few scraps of crystals near him, which at first glance didn't seem too odd, given this was the crystal cavern of the cave. Ampere would have left just then if not for the burning need of justice driving off the darkness. There had to be something more. These murders couldn't just keep happening, damnit!

That's when she noticed how odd the crystals near him were.
Could it be? Ampere thought in horror, backing away and fleeing the caves faster than she'd come in. This clue only solidified what she'd been fearing to consider. She had to tell the others.

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Dead men tell no tales.

I fly at speed, dipping and diving, challenging the wind to a game of tug o’ war as it runs its gusty fingers through my murky mane. I probably have things to tend to; matters that needed addressing or perhaps I should bite the bullet and go find Midas. There were many things I wish to speak with the Gallant about, why he does what he does, what spurs his decisions? Because he never made one with a stutter or a doubt, at least, it seemed that way to me. Why were we trying to bargain an alliance with the Worlds Edge? It was times like this that I felt vulnerable in my position, I hadn’t seen a battlefield strewn with injured kin and I knew very little of inter-herd tactics. If it was just me then I know we would live out our lives by our own means instead of pandering to other foreign herds to just feel safe. What was Midas afraid of? Surely it would be greater for us to not be in debt nor be burdened down with promises, oaths. I’m sure, as well, that our ascended hero would honour each oath he made, because, wasn’t that the kind of stallion he was? I take my air acrobatics elsewhere, crossing the Falls border and away, I haven’t been to the caves for some time perhaps I shall go there.

My thoughts ravage me still as I travel, I fear my mind is becoming my greatest enemy, always so many questions and yet so little answers. It was like I was missing something big and it was staring at me in the face. No, that couldn’t be it. There was no way that I, Ghost, could miss something if it was so obvious. The shadows missed nothing and no matter how arrogant I may sound; I missed very little too. The crashing water, the vibrant green, the rolling hills, it was all mine to watch and protect; I knew every inch of my land. The wicked coils of my selfish pride wouldn’t allow me to think any less of myself; I am what I am, but you may challenge me if you wish.

Time passed, I took shelter where I could and journeyed on short rests until finally my wings carried me to the caves entrance where the scent of many lingered. The smell was still fresh, was there really that many horses nearby?! What on earth was going on! I move swiftly down into Sanctuary and my gaze snaps to the focus of attention, another dead body. How many had she seen now? This time it was that of a boy with the same trademark gashes across his body and, by his mane, were fragments of crystal. However, this was a different kind of precious stone to that which glowed in the cave. Why would the killer leave something so precious? Was whatever it was close to being caught or did such trinkets mean nothing? Perhaps this killer was only in it for the blood and the thrill.

With a grimace, I survey the scene once again, taking in each detail before fleeing the cave and its inhabitants; my team must know of this.

[The Unorthodox Four]

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You can't just not know about the deaths in Helovia. As each one comes by, word travels quickly. If not detailed information, the news that there is a body lying around is certainly available. So, having heard that someone has dying in Helovia's Heart, here I am following the breadcrumbs and searching for some poor fool's dead body. It doesn't take long in the caves before I see the gathering. A few are departing, having already come and seen what they need to see. I clip clop toward them and weasel my way toward the front, antlers helping to butt out a few on the way.

What I see is a body, already decaying, of a boy, black and red. I didn't know him, but that's not surprising. I don't know many Helovians. His wounds like others, but what stands out is hard to see. Bits of crystal around his body. No one says anything, but they all seem to notice what I do. I step closer to examine the crystal. No, it isn't the same as the crystal around us. I don't know where it might have come from, or from whom. I turn and nudge my way past the bystanders again, seeking out Panzram and Dröm to tell them of my findings. We have gathered the previous clues, examined them, trying to figure them out and figure out who the murderer is. Sand, black hair, black feather, white feather, bone fragment, charred body, and now crystal fragments. I have an idea, but we have yet to figure it out for sure. I don't think about the body that lies behind me. I didn't know him, and it's too bad for him that he was murdered, but that isn't my problem. I run out of the caves and spread my wings, taking flight to find my two 'companions'. We'll find that murdering fucktard.

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The day was pleasant enough, warm, blue sky. But I could feel it fading, feel it in my bones. They were not old, at all. But I could feel the strain in them, the years adding up. Sometimes they ached, up to the tips of my horns. I didn't know why, but it was as if the strain was becoming too much; the strain was simply loneliness, I guessed. I filled my days exploring, hiding, sometimes stumbling upon someone new, and I'd have company for a while, but it never lasted. For example, I haven't found Elsa since the day in the threshold.

I was planning on returning there soon, but for now I was content with just wandering the vast expanse of Helovia. It was huge, honestly. My mane had grown out too, it now tumbled just past my shoulder, often draped over my horn, but my tail remained above the ground, hanging by my fetlock. It was then that me senses started running, seeming more alert. Death. I could smell it, feel it.

I started trotting, into a cave. There were equines everywhere, of all shapes and colours. Some arriving, some leaving, some just standing. It was a young child...a boy I supposed. Only then did I notice the crystal, everywhere, lighting up the room. It was breath-taking in the least. But there were different crystals, of a different sort. They were scattered around the black and red of the crumpled figure. Littered in cuts and gashes.

Four strangers;
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