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Has anyone here had experience with Huion tablets? I got one for Christmas but playing about with it and I can't get the pen pressure right :/ About 50% of the time it's OK but doesn't pick it up the rest of the time >_<

I'm assuming it's a driver problem, acting up because of my wacom drivers still being on the computer :/ And after plugging my wacom back in the pen sensitivity doesn't work >_< I'm going to try manually enabling/disabling the drivers on my next try after reading some things online - just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and might be able to help me fix it :)

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Is pen pressure correctly set up in your program you use (I'm not sure whether you use Photoshop, Gimp, or whatever else there is).

But I know I had this problem until I realized I did not have it set up properly within the program (its generally just a little button at the top somewhere you click that refers to pen sensitivity). (It can also be the specific brush used as well, some of them (especially downloaded ones) don't always work with pen pressure, or that's a problem I've had before).

Though if that is all correctly set up you may need to un-install wacom and then un-install and reinstall your Huion program for the tablet. Sometimes the programs don't always install correctly and I've found that every now and then I have to re-install mine just because it wants to be a poop head and not work lol.

If none of that does the trick, that's about as far as my knowledge goes, so I'm not extremely much help lol.
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Hmm thank you, I'm pretty sure it's set up properly in photoshop, as it does work but not all the time >_< Like one stroke is and the next isn't >_< I will try your suggestion and uninstall both then reinstall - it's a bit late here now so I will in the morning and I'll update after ^^ Fingers crossed it works ^^

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So unfortunately I've made it worse >_<

I uninstalled both tablets, and reinstalled my new one - now it works about the same as last time but it's too jittery to keep a straight line :/

So I've contacted the company in hopes we can get it sorted :(

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