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What she should do is head to the Throat, take up the mantle of the sun in all it's majesty; but she cannot. How can she face her parents when time and time again, she has so gleefully abandoned them to their fates in dust and ash? Perhaps it was not exactly like that... in her absence from Helovia, she had not wasted idle time. No! She had met Hrathnør, shining blade of the mountain men; watched him battle arrogant champions, break foes beneath his hooves, sweep away soldiers with a single thundrous clap of his wings. And even better, she had been taught by him, sculpted into a spearhead, a dagger blade, a shield; maiden of war, combat lass with voltaic eyes.

And yet she had been drawn back into the contemptuous mountains of the land of her birth, the place where the sun glittered brightly and the presence of the gods were undeniably true.

Nostrils quiver as she exhales, wings stretching wide -- feathers shuddering ever-so-slightly as the wind picks up, it's incessent moans a symphony of dismal tunes. Eyes squint, dark lashes fanning together against the bright eye of the sun; ears flicker back to her tangled mane, a momentary expression of her growing uncerrtainty. Here, far above the lands, it would be deliciously easy to soar around a wing-tip and head towards the mountains far beyond the border of Helovian -- to go back to the place she had called home for over a year. Back to Hrathnør; back to the Queen; back to friends and loyal allies, forged in the flames of war... but she could not. Promises had been made, even as oaths were forsaken. Vows -- vows to return! To serve and to protect, as was her sacred duty, to take up the ways of the Sun Lord and his figurehead in mortal flesh (her mighty father, warlord!)

Once, twice, mighty wings beat, bringing her ever higher. Down she looks upon the peaks of the mountains, wraiths veiled in thick mist and of perplexing nature.

Long is her exhale, her sweetly harmonious sigh.

And down, down she goes. Wings angle, primaries flush, and she begins to circle idly, allowing the freedom of the wind to chase away her worries and petty woes. The sky is painfully bright today, the breeze a joyous thing tugging at her mane and tail; how she would love to remain dancing in this blue yonder! It would not be so. She is bound by a mortal flesh, and no matter where her spirit might roam, her wings did stiffen and tire after arduous hours of flight through headwinds and tailwinds both. The trees, outlined in verdant brightness, sharpen in her sapphire retinas, each detail becoming more precise; and then she's past the trees, into the mighty meadows blushing green in the spring sun. Appendages cup (the wind caressing each delicate bone and anatomical flaw) and muscles work, pumping back. Hind hooves alight first, heavily, and then forward she tips onto her forelegs.

A faintly bemused smile wrinkles her ashen muzzle.
Once she had struggled with landings; and if not for the teachings she had experienced (and they had been brutal in their rigorous ways) perhaps she would still be that clumsy girl.

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Beginning, middle, end… there was always something shifting, moving, fissuring and exploding in time with her heartbeat. Away from the Falls Essetia found reprieve from whatever entities haunted her waking thoughts. Images, both soothing and frightful, often moved the mare from sense and sent her wayward, spiraling down through the boughs of unease and ignorance. Her life had been pleasant enough since returning to Helovia, bountiful at that. But it did not settle her; if anything it only proved to disarm her and fetter her to the past she fought so hard to purge.

Essetia had yet to travel to fields so well regarded by friends and family. But with a spirited Romul in tow, the pair set foot to task. Chorded muscle opened wide above the greening expanse of earth and both equine and wolf faded from sight of their humble home and into the wilds just beyond. With each mile come and gone, Essetia began to relax. Her legs were no longer tense and heavy and her cloudy eyes were given light. At times she missed the freedom of choice, of survival at its highest peak… she missed life without responsibility.

Becoming Sleuth had done wonderful things for both Essetia and Romul but it had robbed them of the life they knew. She did not regret her return, but everything had changed, becoming foreign and strange.

Upon reaching the Heavenly Fields, the pair slowed to a lazy, placid walk. Essetia would drop her head from time to time to nibble contentedly at the long grasses. Romul wandered ahead, his nose never truly leaving the path in favor of scenting out fellow beast. He had yet to come across another wolven companion, but his hopes were not yet dashed on such opportunities.

The wildflowers were in full bloom now as Birdsong flourished throughout Helovia. They grew up around Essetia’s hooves, dotting the emerald sea with various spring colors. Red was the most prominent of all the hues painted into the landscape and when Essetia came upon a particularly large-faced blossom, she bent to grasp it between black lips. Hurriedly, the mare picked her way after Romul only to stoop alongside him to tuck the bud behind one white, wolfish ear. He huffed slightly before carrying on, glancing back once to fix the mare with a heavy stare.
Essetia only smiled in return.

Just as Romul weaved off to the left, a resounding thud pounded in just behind Essetia. She whirled around on long, thick legs to find another in attendance. The mare was winged, a pale sister unfamiliar to the big bay, but certainly not one of threatening nature. “Hello!” Essetia called, her lips parted with a small, jovial smile. Romul came bounding back to his bonded, tongue lapping heavily from between glistening teeth. He too appeared quite jubilant in spite of his callous nature.

The day had only just begun and with the sun beaming down upon the three, Essetia hoped it would only breed euphoria for each in turn.


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