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[Art] Marking Removal Help

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I found this stock image that I'm really wanting to use, but the markings have to go for me to use it like I'd like to.
My prepping style is paint over, and I would paint over it, but I use colours from the body and then paint, not to mention I've only done it twice.

DeviantART was no help with tutorials, and since there's a bunch of amazing artists around Helovia, I'm asking for help from y'all.

I use Photoshop CS2, by the way.

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I would 100% just use the clone tool on this, you can get a really awesome result and if you want to you can always do a bit of painting over the top to give it that painted feel ^^

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Clone tool is cool like Neaq said :D Otherwise, if it was me, I would probably paint over the face. Just use colours from the dark side of the face. You can sometimes cheat and use the spot healing brush too rofl sometimes it works like a charm sometimes it doesn't work at all. Or you could, if you're desperate, try copying part of the dark side of the face and pasting it over the top of the marking and attempt to blend it that way.

Keep fiddling ^^

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