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[OPEN] the edge games, an invitation

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She was not original by any means, but she was capable of copying what she had seen before. An invitation to the Edge, a drawing upon a shard of glass pulled from the shattered wall, made of crushed berries collected by herself and Khan. The red juices streamed across the glass, an image of a cliff with a few coniferous trees upon its ledge. Then below, several crude stick horses in something of a race, galloping towards a line. A finish line? It was not exactly a race that was proposed, but something similar and something rather difficult to convey in a picture. Finally, a moon- an indication that any who wanted to arrive should come in one month’s time. Whatever would make them come, Kahlua only wanted to help her herd. The idea had been a good one, birthed from the womb of her council, and she would make it work.

Three stones remained on the bottom of her basket, one having been delivered to the Basin and another left at the border of the Falls. Watchful as ever, her mecha scorpion maintained his residence in her forelock as the queen continued on her journey, this time to the Throat. She had a planned route. Basin first, then Falls, then Throat. Then, for the last two stones, one settled upon the ground of the beautiful Rotunda building and one settled beneath a tree in the Thistle Meadow.

Upon arrival at the border of the Thorat, the Sunshower was reminded of many things. Onni, first and foremost, whom had been one of her earliest interactions here in Helovia, a friend that had let her stay in the sands when there was so much else troubling the world. It was a happier memory than many she had been thinking about. Whinnying out, though staying back from what she remembered to be the border, Kahlua took one of the glass message boards from her basket and settled it onto the sandy ground. In the open, with the sunlight shining upon it, it would be easy enough to find. Waiting just a moment then, she and Khan retreated from this place. There was much more to be done, they could not linger long.

Kahlua out. This is an invitation to the edge games. Any and all are encouraged to participate!
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It was the first thought that crossed Ampere's mind as the sunlight glinted off the transparent shard below. The glint reminded her of metal, which she had the most experience with in regards to armor or jewelry. Curious she swung around on her right wing, circling a few more times, hoping to catch the right angle to once more see that glitter in the sand beneath. When she did she smiled and dove.

The wind cut around her hard and sharp, but its pressure was like an embrace she craved, so she laughed into it, head tossing with pure joy as her mane scattered in her trail. Steadily she pulled up as she neared the ground, her muscles well practiced with all her training as of late - a steady residence helps in that respect, though winter was the poorest of seasons. Still, she had the athleticism to pull out of the descent, wings flaring eagerly, cupping the wind and holding it like a precious thing before finally settling down with a puft of sand around her hooves.

Down here she couldn't see the shine as well, so she wandered for a while in various circles and shapes, nosing the sands which were gradually warming under the daylight. When at last she found the fragment of glass she was elated, and then swiftly confused.

This was no plating or trinket. It wasn't even metal. She snorted, deceived, and pawed a bit carelessly at it. Things were scribbled along it, more words, she thought grumpily. Though with closer inspection she was able to decipher the red line. Not strange characters, like in the caves or on those bloody signs. Pictures she was familiar with, in a way.

"Are those horses?" she mused aloud, peering down at the thing. "They're so skinny... is it a warning?" She glanced around furtively, her flesh twitching despite the absence of flies. "Does this mean... we're going to starve?"

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