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Who: Open to anyone and everyone.
What: A series of games hosted by the Edge.
When: Games will be held once a season.
Where: The Edge!!
Why: To promote relations outside of the Edge.

~~**~~ FROSTFALL, YEAR 5 ~~**~~
Scavenger Hunt

Prizes: One medium item, crafted by the Edge glaziers, to both first and second place.
When: The game will begin January 1, 2015!
Rules: Contestants will be given a list of items to find within or near the borders of the Edge. A total of six items to find will be given, two at a time. After two items are named, you will have one week to reply and describe how your character finds the clues. Points will be awarded to contestants based on creativity in finding the items. 1 or 2 points (decided by dice) will be awarded for any correct answer. 1-4 points (decided by dice) will be awarded if creativity is used in finding the answer. Basically- being creative increases your chances of getting more points, but you still have a chance if you're having an off day or can't think of a way to creatively get to an answer you can still get just as many (or maybe more) points than someone else. Most points wins!
Questions?: ASK!!!!

Permission granted to use magic or physical force with Kahlua at any time
for any reason to any degree, with the exception of killing her.

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Solo? Teams? So excite o:

o. pixel pony credit to tamme
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Me Gusta!
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@[Tandavi] - Solo!

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i vant to pray.

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pixel is by RELI<3

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Sevin the Sucky, I mean are you a # or vacuum? Posts: 161
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