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The Lover's are Dead...
Two lovers, drawn together by love now together death.

Nothing but silence heralds the deaths of two lovers in the frozen walls of the ice cave. The first body faintly shimmers, as if starlight was once a fixture of the sooty coat. Broken wings cover a definitively feminine body, that could only belong to the former spy of the Grey and lead of the Foothills: Phaedra the Opulent. Across her body are evenly spaced puncture wounds. Although blood has drained from her body, she appears as beautiful in death as she did in life.

At her side, a white-masked hero also lays, although his body betrays his downfall: his death was not quick. Large gashes, the result of multiple blows with a bluntish-point cover his body. The snow and ice around him was broken and damaged. There was clearly a struggle - one that was tragically lost.

Laying between them was a single, white feather, tainted with the blood from the pair.

Had Romeo, unable to save his Juliet tried to take on her attacker?

I. The fourth clue, revealed from the death of TOLIO AND PHAEDRA is a white feather.
HOTARU HAS STOLEN THE CLUE! All that remains are pieces of white, downy feather

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Had the goddess known what would await the young maiden when she sent her on her quest? Was she aware somehow that in her attentive waiting she would find the bodies she now stared down upon? She was never one for tears. But they welled painfully at the sight of her parents, bloodied and cruelly broken upon the snow. Perhaps she had hated her mother, and her father was a blank unknown canvas despite living in the same herd.

But it still hurt.

To know she was so utterly alone now in a way that hadn't seemed to matter before. It tore at her heartstrings and sent tears cascading down pink cheeks. Should she tell her twin? Did Raeden even care either? Surely she must if even the cold hearted youngest was swept to tears. Then again she was there to see their mangled bodies.

What memories she had of the two were scarce and tattered with rage. She realized then, staring down at their bodies, that she'd never had the chance to make amends. Perhaps they didn't deserve her forgiveness. But maybe she should have tried? Knowing her thoughts were useless hurt the most. She didn't even have the chance anymore. Her tiny chest heaved with the force of her sudden, unexpected sorrow. Yet still she stood in heartbroken awe over the clear strength of love the two displayed even in death.

Maybe soulmates really did exist.

Even so she could not remain. And beyond the secret task the goddess had posed she had her own reasonings for what she did next. She darted for the feather, swept it in her teeth. Took another from her mother's lax wing and ripped a clump of her father's hair free. The evidence removed as the goddess had commanded. But more than that, the heroine was determined to get her vengeance. Only she would hold this clue. And she would put it to use even if she stole the information from the others.

Ever aware of her persistent tears she turned and fled.

Hotaru has stolen the clue!!
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All that is left is are pieces of white, downy feather!

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i am the vanguard of your destruction
"Tolio," whispers the wraith, cold breath steaming into cold air.

There were only two sounds in the frozen corridor: the rustle of his hair, and the pulse throbbing in his ears. His breathing was quiet, almost too quiet, but the rhythmic clouds of white rising in front of his face betrayed him as still alive, and not a third corpse to join in the macabre display—for wasn't it so, that when his solitude was finally broken by a familiar face, it was one trapped in death's cold grasp? He had seen death before, had handed it out like some kind of god and felt its fingers tracing chills down his spine; he'd seen it and maybe he'd pretended not to care.. but no matter how hard he bit down and lied to himself—

he had always cared.

A third sound—a sigh—and then a fourth joined the first two, echoes ringing around the abandoned tunnel as he ambled closer. The perfect walls had been shattered, splinters, like of the lives laid out before him, arranged with a careless kind of perfection, simply laying where they had fallen. Ice was kin to him, and something in the depths of his mind snarled at the ruination of this sanctuary—but Tolio was kin also, and where ice would melt and reform, a heart that had gone out would not pick up its pace ever again.

He wasn't sure if he knew the mare. Frost and starlight had wrapped itself around her, as if to preserve her body and keep her perfect even in death—his blue eyes swept over her once, blinked as saline crystals froze around the rim of his gaze, and then settled on the chestnut. How long ago had it been? Too long answered the black and bitter voice in his heart. Too long ago, just like everything else. And now, he'd been too late. Too late to save someone who had worshiped him—someone he ought to have sheltered, protected, guided and helped. Absently he gazed at the grisly wounds and the fractured walls, wondering, thinking, musing, but what would ever come of what if's?

In the end, he just sighed again, two sets of talon resting comfortingly against his spine. And with another rustle of his long white tail, Mauja passed the dead couple and disappeared into the frigid darkness once more.

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Weakly a cry reaches out, but Hotaru has already gone.

Her heart breaks further.

The sky is darkening, her world is collapsing, and she knows that she cannot fly away from this. Everything is cold. It burns, but it burns her very soul. Even that doesn't seem right, because as the pain ebbs away it is only because her soul is depleting, departing, and disintegrating.

Her heart breaks further.

She wants to speak, but knows that it's impossible. The time for speech is gone, but nevertheless she tries. Nothing happens. Get up she wants to scream. You saved me once, now let me save you. But the words die in her own mind, and slowly they fade away as if they had never existed. Language is losing its meaning as her mind fades along with her soul.

Her heart breaks further.

She never wanted this. It was never meant to be this. Her wings gently fall upon the ground, she can't struggle any longer. Her eyes open one last time, but all she can see is blood. She doesn't want her last thoughts to be of blood. Withdrawing the last of her strength, she recreates her first memory: bright green eyes, soothing words, and the love that can only come from the bonding of souls. She had not been alive until she saw those eyes, and now they would be the last thing she saw. Sadness was an emotion she couldn't feel any longer; she was too weak. That was a gift, one that hadn't been taken away, even if everything else had.

Stella the Secretary Bird is dead.

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I walk through the caves, just having finished meeting with my, uh, team. A bunch of fuckers. The only one with any real potential was the strangely decorated stallion. I stomp through the caves, huffing and puffing for no real reason. I hear a commotion in one of the other rooms, and I stop, posing like a show pony as I listen with ears pointed forward and nostrils flaring. It takes a second for me to jump into action, but when I do my hooves are clattering noisily as I try to get a grip, running toward the sounds that I'd heard. When I arrive, I think I see a mare running from the scene - OF THE CRIME. I can't get a good look at her, but I wonder what exactly she was doing. Especially with two bodies left behind - WAS THAT THE KILLER?! Thoughts bang around noisily and unproductively in my brain. I step toward the two bodies, green eyes wide and a strange little smile creeping upon my lips. Two pale bodies, neither familiar to me, and what I see is the shredded remains of a white feather between the bodies. A struggle happened, clearly, though the story of it all is lost to me. What is the clue here - a feather? It's not even in one piece, only the tiny pieces of it. I look toward the direction of the fleeing mare and wonder if she stole the evidence of the murderer, or if she IS the murderer. I snort, questions filling my already busy mind, and turn to go find my fellow crime stoppers. Do they know we just missed this?!

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d'Artagnan the Nightshade</style>
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As the Nightshade wanders closer to the Frozen Arch he couldn’t help but remember each memory he had with Kou here. There weren’t many and yet it seemed wherever he went there was something, even if just a little, that reminded him of her. Every little memory was a might blow to his chest as the loss of someone who had been so very close made him realize what it was like to hurt again. What it was like to feel the searing pain of loss and heartache. When his mismatched gaze cast upwards to the sky his thoughts were contemplative and, sometimes, bordering on pleading. Why her? Wasn’t he the monster murderer who had taken lives of innocents? Or was this the price of his wrongdoings? If so, then fate had dealt its worse blow and the Doctor was convinced there was nothing else that could bring him possibly lower than this. Death would be a release right now. His name some years ago had become a legend, Nightshade, even that was a failure of Kou on his behalf.

The forever-eclipsed d’Artagnan stared out across the snowy landscape until finally his haunted eyes caught the gathering and he pushed aside despairing thoughts to wander over alongside his hound, Aramis.

Stalking forwards, the pair arrive a little after some had departed and stare at the two dead bodies that litter the ground. Tolio. He recognised his chestnut brethren with a grimace, he’d not known this one well, but knew enough to know that he had been apart of the Basin for a while. The Mender paused for a moment to offer a thought to his kin before noting the fallen pegasus and then back to Tolio. There had been struggle here. It was clear by the stallion’s injuries. Had he been defending the winged rat? d’Artagnan shook his head and sighed, ”fool” was all he uttered.

Lastly, he surveyed the scene once again, noticing the white downy feathers and logging them into his memory bank. Perhaps Deimos and the others would like to know of this, they may have more clues to share and piece by piece solve the mystery that had captured the minds of so many.

With a quick glance to Aramis, hound and horse make their way back north, towards the wintry Basin.

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There had been more killings. I frowned over yet another body, this time two had gone on to meet their maker; my comrades had begun their search in other places - they also found wide eye corpses whose signs of struggle and strife where evident. Yar, I thought grimly while gazing sadly at the pair. Did we have more than one murderer loose?

White downy is scattered on the frosty floor, there are streaks of blood also. But no scent, no tracks or other markable evidence. What mortal could leave such little evidence behind? I sighed and turned away, Neve chortled sadly from my nape. Fina was watching coolly, but her stare had a mark of disappointment. How many more would fall before this felon was nabbed? I was beginning to think more and more that the killer wasn't of this world. He/she had struck thrice already and there were no witnesses, no gods peering from their heavenly position to take note of yet another soul being sprung early.

I moved away. Time to find my partners and settle this, there was a name in my mind. Though I didn't truly believe this individual was capable of such malicious intent. "Anyone can kill," Fina whispered through our bond; her tone sent a chill down my spine. "Aye, but there are those more suited to the task."

Surely... this would be would resolved sooner rather than later. The whole of Helovia was searching, he/she/it couldn't stay hidden forever.
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So yeah, it happened again. Aithniel landed after gliding over the unchanging, pristine landscape that framed her home. She did not know where Illynx went, and she felt inklings of concern start to crawl up her spine. Without Erebos, would she be welcome anymore? Rikyn must have left with his mother, somewhere... She dearly missed her brother. Out here, the wind whistled harshly, crashing against her thick fur, and dark lashes kept snowflakes from being blinding.

The ice cave ahead was a reprieve from the vast landscape, and she pushed harder with her wings, arriving quickly. Once inside, she trotted quickly, stumbling on the slick rock and seeing a strange, painted stallion leaving. Aithniel furrowed her brows over her molten, silver eyes and then stopped in her tracks, glancing at the death. More death.

Her father was right to worry. This was getting excessive. Two bodies laid side by side, one a mare and the other a stallion. From the looks of the struggle, he had been trying to protect this one, and that made her secretly long for romance. Though, she would tell anyone else that love was a silly idea, especially if it would get you killed. Big, gashes were on his and her body, and there was a light dusting of white downy feather.

She looked down at herself. Well that didn't make much sense. Surely she couldn't be the killer? She didn't even know who these two were.

Aithniel would have to go tell Erebos.

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It kept happening. One murder after another, more and more creatures slain, shown no mercy, shown no compassion, leniency, or clemency; brutal monsters heaving subsequent onslaughts, harpooning innocent droves and throngs. Uncaring, defiant against their opportunities, their chances, to capture this heathen, this bestial flame, it tore, ripped, shorn, and pummeled individuals, leaving behind morsels, tidbits, as if amused, uncaring, disinterested and apathetic towards potential seizure. Her eyes focused upon the fallen bodies, pressed deep into the cavern, mired in a lover’s embrace, intending to save one another until both were taken, bludgeoned, destroyed. She gave a silent prayer towards their frames, both so gilded, so golden, so bright, so luminescent, had they been alive they would’ve inspired the sun to posture sonnets, hanging their head in rapt honor, morality, and grace. The same was given to the perished bird close by, the last watchful eye given to their bonded in a final requiem, in a dashed lament. The Mender closed her eyes and forged one massive breath, a weary sigh, tried to tie it towards solutions, towards justice, towards finding the mastermind and ensuring they were punished for their Tartarean upheaval. Only when she reopened them, glanced down at the cold, damp, cave floor, did she notice the small, white, downy feather tickled by the wind, frail and delicate, hastened in death’s everlasting grasp. Was this another signature of the killer, trapped and fostered from their greedy hands, descended and plunged from their frame? Her lips pressed into a firm line, stalwart missions casting a tenacious glow throughout her sanctum: like a swallow, like a dove, like a nightingale, she hovered and chased through the scenery, intending to announce the findings to her group, taking one more step towards discovering the guilty party.

Lena the Songbird

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it's what you feel but can't articulate outloud

Something seemed off today. Really off. Her body was acting strange. A tingling feeling, one of the darkness that easily enveloped her. Shuffling limbs moved toward the border of her garden as Valiance took to the skies. Unease had become a daily part of her life, but she had been trying to ignore the prickly feeling she had every time she heard the branches rustle in the wind.

No. This was a different feeling. In fact, it was even worse. But, of course, what happened next she didn't expect. Her entire body was enveloped in smoke... and then her body began to dissolve into this smoke as well. Darkness. Her death. She accepted it so willingly. Alas, as her eyes opened she was only shown a scene of death that she hadn't expected.

That bitch... is dead... she nearly hisses, stumbling back a few feet as her ear pins and her eyes narrow. The broken pegasus in this... this place of ice... she was dead. It did little to ease her mind, though. She knew that winged creature - she had been the one who had fought her in the invasion. The one whose bird scratched her up. The one who refused to fight fairly and stayed in the skies instead. She had been afraid, or vain, or heartless. Resplendence didn't know. But maybe the bird had been a mixture of all three. She didn't know, and she wasn't sure she cared - no one deserved these kinds of death.

Alas, as she surveyed the scene once more - looking past the blood and bruises of both victims, she noticed the white feather with blood between them. What had happened here? Why would someone do this. "Murder." Valiance hisses, pressing himself upon her withers and curling up in a pile of her hair. "Home," he finishes, clinging to her pelt as she turned to leave. Valiance was right. She needed to tell the others before something else happened.

And so, she trotted out of the cave, repeating the words "go home, go home" over and over until her body disappeared into black smoke once more and arrived back at her garden to search and find the other mares.

There was just... so much pain the world. Pain for those who probably didn't deserve it...

Used the herd champ magic which allowed her to arrive at the murder scene first. Which, should mean, that she got to see the feather before it was stolen.
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Torleik the Bloodskald

I breathe violence and love

His mood souring as of late, Torleik had wandered away from the Basin by himself yet again. Solitude seemed apt, now, like a tailored coat that had been gifted to him, one which he wore with sullen pride. So he made his way towards the Frozen Arch, wanting to see the sparkling ice and his distorted reflection within - to see if he felt the picture matched how he seemed inside.

But there would be no solitude for long, as some gathering of Helovians had begun to take place. A chill colder than anything nature could offer crawled up his spine and gripped his insides.

Was another one dead?

Was it Phi?

His heart drowned out all noise and the world drained of all color, desaturated hues of white and grey and black all that his brain registered. And like he'd been the one that sucked all the air out of the cave and suddenly let it all back in, everything came crashing back with a roar. The howl of the wind through the icy protrusions sounded so loud and the mare encased in ice had color once again.

For it was not Ophelia, and his heart could beat easier. Still, it ached every time it slammed against his ribs for these two. They looked so...young; so full of life - taken from them so suddenly. The puncture wounds on the female pegasus were strange and did not match the wounds on the male on the floor. And Torleik almost missed the bits of downy white feather on the ground, close as they were to the color of ice and snow.

What did they have so far? Black feather, sand, black hair, white feather? They did not match anyone he knew...but then again he didn't often associated with the feathered kind. With a sigh and a heavy countenance, the Bloodskald took his leave. He would need to tell Ophelia about this. They needed to discuss what they knew so far.

"talk talk talk"

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Death after death, the bodies are piled high. Fear is free… I think. The deaths were in no particular order nor did they appear to hold any relevance to one another- at least not yet. Upon finding myself at the doorstep of the Frozen Arch, I could sense the heavy hands of loss wrapping around my heart once more. I wasn’t sure what had drawn me to the cold land but upon crossing the threshold, I let my senses guide me to the lovers. Hidden away beneath the arching heights of a nearby cavern lie two perfectly composed corpses that told a story of love that had ended all too abruptly. One stunning lady with the stars of heaven strewn across her porcelain hide and her mate, a white-masked stallion who had taken the brunt of their cruelty, slept peacefully side by side. I shuddered at the image of death because I had not seen it so up close and personal before… it was an inspiring and frightful thing.

Stepping closer, in spite of an irrational fear that they might suddenly gasp back into the land of the living, I bent low to inspect their collapsed forms. Little evidence was left behind by whoever had stolen the breath from their lips, but a small trail of downy, white feathers led away from the bodies like a ghost in the night. There was truly nothing else we could go on for our team –Archibald, Ktulu, Astraea, and I- and I worried that we would never find the murderer in time. We didn’t know who would be next nor did we know where to go in light of the things we’d found… but at least I would be able to present them with something new, something definitive. We would search endlessly for the killer… or at least until our own lives were stolen from beneath us.

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One day, when the light disappears...

The darkness will prevail

He'd followed the man who was the Basin's General, intrigued by how often he'd seen the male go off alone. Did he find himself strong? Was being confronted by a single other not a threat? Varath was tempted to rush this larger stallion and try to take him by surprise just for the fuck of it.

But, as amusing as that would be, it would also be immensely foolish.

So the young male hung back, watching, learning, calculating what he believed the Bloodskald's weaknesses to be. Likely that tiny bird creature that was always with him. He had yet to learn her name, or what she was, exactly, but she was small, and small things were weak. Or so he presumed.

This self-appointed recon mission was aborted when the dark-hearted half-blood saw, like Torliek, those who were...nearby. There were only a few, some passing through, others lingering for a moment, but it was still suspicious. Given that they were all different species Varath imagined - or did he? - that he smelled blood in the air.

That was what drew them all, wasn't it? The stench of sickly sweet, saccharine-sticky mortality?

Silently, the young male entered the cavern and gazed around. One pegasus dead, covered in ice. A male at her feet. Traveling companion? Lover? Varath didn't know and didn't care. His only desire was to catch this killer and then kill him - such an act would bring him prestige and respect.

Little tufts of white downfeather clung to the ice around the bodies and Varath leaned down, nares wide, trying to recognize a scent. Nothing. Of course. He didn't know any vile winged ones - save for maybe that fucking abomination of a filly that he saw flitting around here or there. From what he understood she was the offspring of a god.

Wasn't that special.

Frown on his lips, he turned and left. The others would want to know of this. For now, sizing up the Basin's General could wait.

"blah blah blah."

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I don't know what to say about the bodies that lay before me. I assume they are just sleeping, but how come they got this...Red gooey stuff on them? I do not understand this weird and different scenario. There was a lot of things in this new world of Helovia and the land she once lived in.
My old life, bleak and barren. Hot and boring. Days filled with education and learning. I was fine with it then, because I didn't know there was another life that I could have had. I hadn't known that there was any others, other than the stories I had been told from my Mother at night. I feel like I don't know much, learning little every day. Only learning the real reality of life only by the stories at night before bed.

I know, during the day I would be educated by my Mother. Well, that was on edict. Not what to do if I encountered something like this. She had told me about death, I wasn't ready for it. I told her I was, though. I promise you. But I didn't push her because she wasn't feeling her best that day and frankly, I felt too young for it as well.
So, I didn't push her and I wish I had so I would understand what I was seeing before me. Two equines, laying before me on the icy ground. I had made my way form the Frostbreath Steppe as the other unicorn I had met. He seemed interesting as ever, that little stick on his head. It was interesting because this horse lying on the ground beside the mare, a pegasus. He was a unicorn the same as the one she had met on the Steppe. I wished that I could understand this version of magic. A word I had learned from a good friend, Rhoa. I wonder if anyone else had seen these two, laying on the ground silent and cold. I had nudged the lighter one softly, my muzzle warm on the cold skin of the other. I didn't want to expect the worse. Maybe it was just the cold silencing them for a while. They didn't really seem like the right pair for each other, but he seemed to get hurt trying to save her. Who knew? And who would ever know if they where really and truly dead? I wondered if I should clean the wound, stretching my neck out to examine them. The large gashes seemed to pierce me differently, leaving a scar that I could not cure. I had chosen to leave Rhoa before we could even...Even anything. And I felt sad, because this was not something I had expected to happen. I just needed an adventure and this was what had come of it.

Witnessing the murder scene of this sad double. The Arc above me fascinated me but I did not speak a word on the scene, standing in wait of something. Anything. In silence. In wait. I truly did not want to be here seeing these things. But I had and I would take the scars.
I sniff a few of this wounds, cleaning them with my Mother's techniques. I was quiet while I did this, and it was hard to imagine anyone talking (to themselves, mind you. Who else would be here?) while trying to help the wounds of this red stallion.

I looked to the wounds, as cleaned up as they could be I then turned away, catching only a few whips of white down feather lay between their dead bodies out of the corner of my eye. I didn't see it as something particularly interesting or eye-catching. But I kept in mind to let Rhoa know of this. I was sure he would be questioning of what was to be of this short trip over the land of Helovia.

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Elsa is tired cold, and frankly just done with all this murder nonsense. It seems at every turn the good is the bad, and the bad is always just bad. Nothing is ever just good anymore, face value is a lie. This is the last time she trusts some damned floating island and smelly fruits. I mean seriously, flies coming out of her butt was not exactly how she anticipated spending the "best season of her life".

Her grumbling, muttering body brought her next to a whole new set of problems. There, laid out before her was a shiny dead mare, her companion, and what looked to be a lover. Elsa scoffed, circling around the bodies before noticing a white down feather which was softly placed between the two like a sick memorial. Elsa frowned, this was a tragic scene, even if it was interrupting her otherwise preferred season. Who could have done this? Thoughts crossed her mind, but none that she should speak of here. It would not be wise to accuse unless the whole group agreed.

Turning ion her heel, she left the arch, returning to her group. What would they think of this? Would there be an obvious answer, or would everything be as cryptic as it was when it started. Edgar, who was also ruffled by this, stored the memories away in his little brain. It was awful to see his companion in such distress lately. It wasn't the greatest way to start off their relationship.

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Dead men tell no tales.

There were scents of many here. Some she knew faintly and others were completely new. The Cadaverous wasn’t entirely sure why she’d ventured so far into the north. It was quite rare these days that Ghost ever travelled into the cold snow and bitter winds of the mountains. Her only connection to this land was family. Some might see that as a strong tie, but the young banshee was fairly sure than none of her extended blood that dwelt in these parts even remembered or knew her at all. Her so-called mighty heritage had been lost on her ever since the day she realized what a waste of life her own mother had been. Perhaps her cousins had faired better in life, not that they would even know her name.

As her cloven hooves echoed through the frozen hallway, the scent of death and ripped up flesh caught her attention immediately. She slowed her pace and fell to a halt beside the two carcasses, remains of souls she had never met before. One shimmered as if she was caught between two worlds, a strange way for a body to decay, but much prettier than that of rotting flesh. The other was a chestnut stallion who had gone to his grave fighting, the tell tale gashes and the ground around him was shattered in a way that could have only of been a scuffle that had broken out. Whomever the killer was they were getting sloppier with their murders. You’d think after one blotched scene that they would at least get the next one right, but no.

Littered around them were white downy feathers. The Cadaverous ruffled her own wings subconsciously and made a quick mental note of the clue. Black hair, sand, a black feather and now white ones. The puzzle was slowly knitting itself together and she was getting more and more excited the closer she got.

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The strength of a demi-god is proving to be weak. I stumble forward, through the icy tundra of the North, my eyes seeking out the tattered flesh of new bodies. Despite all our efforts, Tandavi, Caneo, and I were unable to find the murderer, to put a stop to these senseless killings. Now, frozen blood and chilled bones embrace the cold air, bodies twisted in a semblance of love. Looking from the slightly gleaming body of the mare, I know instantly. They were lovers, whatever else they were in life.

A single tear creeps from my eyes as my solid bronze hooves gently step over the snow. The hoofprints of many other tell of just how many are struggling to find the assassin. The dusting of fresh powder speaks of how late I am to arrive.

Amid the blood, I see tiny specklings of a different texture than snow. The glitter of icy flakes shimmers in the sunlight, but the soft pillowy flecks are... feathers? I drop my face closer to see the branches of the soft plumage. White feathers, sand, and black hair.

In my chest, my heart clutches. I know someone who fits that description well.
Too well.

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Lost and disorientated...

Her arrival in the north upon the frostbitten tundra was not at all planned. Perhaps stopping to speak with the rather shy pine of the northern Threshold about the murmured secrets of the wind was not such a fine thing. She had wandered between them four hours, trying in earnest to stimulate any sort of conversation, but alas they were not so forthcoming like the old woods of Prim’sylva. Then, when she had wandered much too far through snow and rubble, she had not been able to find a path back! She hummed her dismay quietly and glumly, though only the whispering icy breath of late winter answered.

To the west, sheer jagged cliffs rose – the face of a mountain that offered little comfort, and still less sunlight to warm her. Fig felt the chill of the tundra soak between the thick coat of roots, and though her skin was warm, her heart shivered with eerie discontent. As she dithered between directions, yearning only to be back amongst the trees, she heard the soft echo of voices nearby – as though stone was built around. That was the direction she began in, wishful that the owner might be able to perhaps lend their knowledge of the area or better still guide her to safety.

It was not to be though, and only the grim scene of death greeted her.

She held her breath and dared not enter the ice tomb. Other’s had been recently, the scuff of many hooves riddled the doorway, but alas Fig had been too late. It seemed she had a tendency for finding these murders and the lives of the fallen couple here, she mourned sadly with clenched eyes. She and three others had been trying in earnest to find the criminal (a task most apart from the truth of her Helovian journey), and she knew again she would need to assess the scene for evidence. After a deep gasp, she stepped forward with a lowered face to investigate. There was a mare who looked beautiful even in death – though wounded she was, with painful punctures all over. Beside her lay a stallion, a lover perhaps whose frozen pelt bore sign of their struggle; Fig thought, to protect the owner of his heart.

There was white downy feathers strewn around, and not much else. Reluctantly the tree-girl took one and buried it safely beneath the roots draped heavily down her left shoulder.

All she needed to do was find her way back south...

Four Strangers

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Are you ready for
The perfect storm

Ampere circled overhead like an overgrown vulture. It was not flesh she sought though, not exactly. Yet flesh there was to be had, and that realization sat heavily in Ampere. Still she flew though, gliding on her wings in a circle as she watched the goings and comings below. Some words passed that she could hear, but few were said at all.

When she could stand it no longer, her mind an erratic fray of thoughts and outrages, she landed among the snow and the corpses.

What struck her immediately was the bird near the pale mare. Ampere walked towards it, her nose reaching out, gently blowing on and touching the companion. She seemed...fresh, and lacked any of the wounds the other two did, an assessment Ampere made with a few more feet shuffles and some flicks of her eyes. She saw the white feathers too, but they seemed less important in this moment.

Stella was dead.

Ampere cast her blue gaze around accusingly. Her energy, hot and unforgiving, burned up nearby snowflakes into distraught sparks of blue that sputtered with her rising voice.
"Does no one care?" she asked loudly, purposefully trying to draw attention. Irate, she stamped a hoof and flicked her wings pen and shut.

"No one cares about the third body? About the bird?" She sneered. Her sparks snarled. "What does a companion matter, right? Who gives a shit that it died because of a stupid fucking BOND that brought her down even if her heart was strong." Ampere's teeth clicked, biting the cold air with ill contained fury.

"Selfish," she seethed then took off into the sky, more motivated than ever to find the killer. White feathers she thought under the boiling wrath.

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